God's Community Food Pantry

God's Community Food Pantry


Is this for anyone? What do you need to get it? Location and times?
We were blessed to be able to donate the following items today to God's Community Food Pantry:
125 Canned Goods
200 Onions (Lbs)
4 Sweet Potatoes (Cases)
3 Cabbage (3/4 Bushels each)
24 Potato Chips
Assorted Breads/Buns

We were blessed to be able to donate the following today to God's Community Food Pantry:
100 Soups
20 Jelly
20 Peanut Butter
15 Rice
15 Red Kidney Beans
20 Dry Cereal
40 Pinto Beans
30 Canned Goods
10 Spaghetti
5 Mac & Cheese
10 Oatmeal
30 Dozen Eggs
1 Case of Onions
2 Cases of Bananas
1 Case of Peaches
23 Loaves of Bread
7 Packs of Muffins
10 Packs of Buns
31 Mangos


A food pantry to help the people in need in our community. And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst.

John 6:35

We are donation based. We are accepting and non-perishable and perishable items at our location in Adelphi. Please contact Mary at 740-601-8756

Operating as usual


The food pantry date for the month of March is the 24th from 1-3.


Pantry is closed tomorrow Jan. 20th. If you have a need please contact me on here and I will get with you. We will be open Feb. 17th unless weather and sickness comes our way. God bless you all


Pantry day is switched to the 23rd


Pantry will be closed for the month of July. If you need anything it is still available. Please message


The food pantry will be April 22nd.


Pantry date for March is the 25th sorry for any inconvenience.


We have decided to cancel the pantry for the month of February because of the weather. Everyone be safe and stay warm. Always remember just cause we close it doesn't mean we still can't help. Let us know if you need anything.


We will be open for drive-thru pantry Nov. 19th 1-3


The pantry date will be the 22nd of October. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Food Pantry will be Aug. 20th 1-3


Since there is 5 Thursday's this month we are having the pantry on the 23rd @ 1:00


Food Pantry Thursday, June 18th 1-3. Same rules apply. Please stay in your cars. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you for all of your cooperation!


I want to thank everyone for there work and cooperation today!


The pantry will be open on May 21st 1-3. Please stay in your cars we will bring your food to you.


The pantry is closed until further notice but will meet for emergency need. Please private message on here and i will contact you.


Pantry day will be January 23rd this month


Remember Pantry Day is the 16th 1-3


The pantry will be changing the time from 10-12 on the third Thursday to 1-3. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but it will be better for the pantry!


The pantry will be open on March 21st 10-12


Pantry is closed today January 24th due to weather


Pantry is being changed to January 24th


Pantry day is Thursday December 20 10-12


Pantry Day is November 15th
Cant wait to see everyone!!!


Food pantry will be Thursday, Sept. 20th


I have sweet corn if anyone wants any. Please come by tomorrow July 25th 9-1


The pantry will be next Thursday June 28th.


The date of the pantry is being changed to May 24th. Sorry for any inconvenience

Photos from God's Community Food Pantry's post 04/25/2018

Thank you again John Ramey and Walk the Talk Outreach Ministries for all you do in our community as well as yours.

Photos from God's Community Food Pantry's post 03/24/2018

John Ramey sorry I am late posting this but I want to thank you, Walk the Talk Outreach Ministries, and anyone else involved in being able to receive the many blessings that you give to us.


Pantry for March is the 15th! Come out and see us!!!!!


Come out and see us today!!




11759 Market St
Adelphi, OH

General information

Open every 4th Wednesday of the month from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.