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Custom Collagen


I have ordered the 5lb bag on Amazon for years. I just went to place an order. I cant find the 5lb bag anywhere. Can you explain?
We work to heal the body as well as the mind in our fosters, and one of the things our fosters get is collagen peptides. It helps the skin, hair, gut health, joint health, just to name a few. Some of our fosters want to send a huge “thank you” to Custom Collagen for helping keep our pups (and kitties!) healthy.
Congratulations, Custom Collagen!
Delicious E breakfast this morning. Oatmeal made with an apple, sacha inchi powder, doTERRA fiber, collagen, and drop of cinnamon EO
The powder is for an added protein boost. It is low fat, and is THM approved. I bought mine off of Amazon. The collagen is Custom Collagen brand. I buy it both in bulk, and in single serve packets. I need to use up some of my packets, otherwise I would have just used the scoop here at home.
(Have enough for tomorrow’s breakfast too!)
Made this once before and really liked them. Inside my coaching group, the ladies were challenged to prep a Deep S snack or dish this weekend. This was mine. NOW Foods whey protein isolate Custom Collagen powder Pyure Organic sweetener
Protein bars on a budget? Make them! These ones are all in my freezer now for easy grab n go. The Thin Mint ones are probably my favorite. I’m a chocolate mint girl though. If you left the chocolate chips out, these would be a Deep S.

Pink lemonade Baobars are good. My husband says they smell like taffy. I told him they kind of taste like it too.
*They are FP, so a bonus there!

These Apricot Lemon Baobab Protein bars are also FP.

These bars all so take special ingredients, so not for everyone. However, it is cheaper to make them yourself than purchase ready made bars. I decided to try several recipes to see if I could find some to make and keep on hand in the freezer for busy days. I love THM products, but I do buy Custom Collagen in 5 lb bags for the best price. You can find it here: and use NOW Foods whey isolate, which I also purchase in a 5 lb tub for best pricing. You came find the link for that here:
I purchase both off am Amazon. It helps those special ingredients be just a bit more affordable. I am an Amazon affiliate, so any purchased made through my link does give me a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you!
I take the Beef collagen Peptides. What type of collagen, as in I, II, III, IV, or V, does it have in it?
Cannot rave enough about Hydrolyzed Gelatin Beef Collagen Peptides! I started putting it in my morning coffee 90 days ago. My right knee is bone on bone and the pain was debilitating. My cousin encouraged me to try this product and I am so happy I did. It has enabled me to do my physical therapy with less pain and my other joint issued have decreased. My daily walks have resumed! I am also sleeping better and noticed my skin has really benefitted too. Thank you so much for this life changing product.
Just received my shipment of the Unflavorered Collagen Peptides, which I ordered online at Amazon. I'm very pleased with the product, it does not change the flavor or consistency of my coffee, which is how I use it. I decided to give your product a try, because the price was reasonable for the 2 lb container, when comparing to the usual brands I buy. The one issue I have though, which was a bit of a frustration, is that the container "does not contain a scoop". I've dug through the powder with a long knife twice, trying to locate one, and a second person in the home also tried to find one using another long utensil to feel around in the powder. We found none. Does your product actually ship without a scoop? The instructions do say to use - 1 scoop, or, 11 grams of powder per serving. Which, usually from previous purchasing experience of other companies collagen peptides, always come with a scoop to be used for their product. :| Bonnie Le
. "I love my freedom. I love my America." - Jessi Lane Adams
I'm about two weeks into using your product and already see a LOT of new hair growth on my head - I'm shocked and amazed
Time to stock up!

Custom Collagen is a highly specialized collagen company. We are able to draw on over 80 years of knowledge and experience in the collagen industry.


Easy as (pumpkin) pie! 🎃
Try out this delicious Pumpkin Spice Collagen Latte recipe using our collagen peptide powder. Enjoy! 😋

Shop here 👇

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🔥 We don't want you to miss this chance - all of our plant based products including 'That Good Sh*t' Prebiotic Powder are Buy One Get One Free now through October 31st! 🔥

Nourishing our gut’s good bacteria results in a more balanced internal environment which can boost immune function and gut health. This digestive balance leads to boosted overall well-being and allows our body to more easily maintain good health. 🌱

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The October BOGO sale is HOT and you don’t want to miss it! All of our quality plant based products are buy one, get one free on the site so head over and shop - now is a great time to stock up for the holidays! 🌿

Sale includes That Good Sh*t Prebiotic Powder, Electrolyte Balance, Red Reishi Powder, Gym & Tonic Collagen Protein, Beauty Tonic Collagen Peptides, and Traditional Tonic Collagen Peptides. 🔥

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Marine Collagen: A Promising Biomaterial for Wound Healing, Skin Anti-Aging, and Bone Regeneration - PubMed 10/04/2022

Marine Collagen: A Promising Biomaterial for Wound Healing, Skin Anti-Aging, and Bone Regeneration - PubMed

Did you know the science is IN on collagen? There are countless studies proving the effectiveness of a daily collagen supplement to improve health. We love this one we found about marine collagen recently! 🐟

Shop Marine Collagen here 👉

Marine Collagen: A Promising Biomaterial for Wound Healing, Skin Anti-Aging, and Bone Regeneration - PubMed Marine organisms harbor numerous bioactive substances that can be utilized in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Scientific research on various applications of collagen extracted from these organisms has become increasingly prevalent. Marine collagen can be used as a biomaterial because it....

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Did you know this about Gym & Tonic?

💪 20g protein per serving
💪 18 essential amino acids that our bodies cannot produce on their own
💪 Dairy free
💪 Soy Free
💪 Gluten Free
💪 Sourced from grass fed, pasture raised cattle
💪 Currently 50% OFF on our site! 🔥

Run and grab it on sale while supplies last - you'll wonder how you ever recovered from your workouts without it.

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QUICK - shop while you can, Multi Collagen is still 25% off through tomorrow 9/22! 🔥

Multi Collagen is your all-in-one solution for health and beauty. Each scoop contains 5 types of collagen: 1, 2, 3 , 5 and 10. 🙌
(PLUS now available in a 2lb pouch!)

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With school back in session we're on the go, and sickness is never far away. Did you know taking collagen peptides daily can boost the immune system? 🦠

Stock up on Multi Collagen now through 9/22 and take 25% off your purchase! 🙌

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Pssssst! We're letting you in on a SECRET sale coming soon - but it's only for our email subscribers. 🤫

Just click the link below and scroll down to "Join our Newsletter" and enter your email. You'll be notified as soon as the secret sale goes live on Tuesday. 🎉


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Hydration affects so many things - from workout recovery to dry eyes. 👀 Make it easy to stay hydrated with our Tonic Electrolyte Balance. Refreshing Watermelon Limeade flavor, in convenient individual packets. 🍉
Not sure yet? Our Tonic sample pack is on sale right now for $2.50 (a $20 value!)

Shop our Tonic sample pack below 👇

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Hot girl summer is coming to an end, but you'll still find Gym & Tonic Collagen Protein in our bag every day! 💪

Gym & Tonic is often used as an alternative to whey protein as collagen is dairy free, soy free, gluten free and sourced from grass fed, pasture raised cattle. This flavorless, odorless powder can define muscle, reduce recovery time after physical activity, and improve joint function.
🔥 P.S. - it's on SALE right now through the link below, but not for much longer... RUN!

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Summer may be coming to an end, but it's the beginning of something new around here. We're excited to bring you Tonic, our new line of high-quality products to help you thrive and achieve your goals. 🙌

For generations, our family business has been providing quality collagen at affordable prices. You'll find the same dedication to excellence with a fresh vibe and more options, including vegan and gluten-free. 🌱

Which Tonic product are you most excited to try? 🤔
Let us know in a comment below!

Shop the Tonic line here 👇

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Everyone say hi to Bob! 👋
Bob is the son of our president, Gary, and big brother to Sheila and Taylor. He's the sibling who has been working here the longest. He keeps all office and IT equipment running smoothly and maintains all company software. He enjoys landscaping and snow removal.❄️ Rather than reading or watching TV, he prefers to listen to the radio and podcasts. If he could go anywhere in the world, he would like to stay home and sit by the pool. 🌊

Timeline photos 08/24/2022

We are SO EXCITED to announce that we are merging with Tonic Products to bring you even more quality health supplements with a purpose! 🙌 🌱

From the start, Tonic Products has been woman created, owned, and operated. We are thrilled to partner with them and can't wait to introduce you to each incredible product - from their best selling Beauty Tonic, to an Electrolyte Hydration Drink mix we know you'll love. ❤️

Let us know which product you'd like to hear more about in a comment below! 👇

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Did you know working out with friends increases your rate of success in reaching your fitness goals? Friends keep each other accountable when laziness might otherwise win. Call a friend and plan to get together to work out - you'll enjoy the company AND be more motivated to make it happen! 👍

Tag a friend below who you'd like to work out with! 👇

Timeline photos 08/21/2022

The limit does not exist! Okay maybe it does, but we haven't found it... How many scoops of collagen do you take per day? 🤔
Let us know in the comments below! 👇

Timeline photos 08/19/2022

🏫 School started this week and that means Miss Pennelope graduated from worker baby to kindergarten. We will miss her spunky personality and dramatic stories here in the office, but she's having a great time making new friends and learning how to read! We love you Penny!

Timeline photos 08/18/2022

Very soon we will be announcing a merger with another dietary supplement brand, and we think you're going to love the new options it will bring! 🙌

We've been providing quality collagen and wellness products for more than 20 years, but that doesn't mean we don't like to mix things up sometimes. We are excited to introduce you to some new products that are sure to become favorites! ❤️

As always, these additions to our lineup are responsibly sourced and formulated with a variety of lifestyles in mind. It is our goal to expand our product offerings including multiple vegan options. 🌱

Stay tuned for more info - we can't wait to share it with you....


New (school) year, new YOU, right?! 📚 To celebrate, take $10 off your order of any of these best selling products:

👉 Beef Collagen Peptides
👉 Multi Collagen Peptides
👉 Prebiotic Powder
👉 Type II Collagen Capsules

Use code: "BACKTOSCHOOL". One use per customer. Sale ends 8/22/22!

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Good morning! Happy Monday - make it a great one with a filling, healthy breakfast by adding a scoop of Multi Collagen to your oatmeal. You won't notice the difference, but you'll be boosting your hair, skin, and nails, as well as your gut health, digestion, energy, endurance, and more! 💪

What is your favorite way to enjoy collagen with your breakfast? 🤔

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We believe small improvements every day lead to meaningful results over time for our health and lives.
Making a batch of brownies? Add in a scoop or two of collagen for an added boost! Or try this delicious healthy(er) recipe for collagen brownies and enjoy a treat - and all the amazing benefits of collagen peptides. 🍫

Shop Collagen Peptide powder here 👇

Timeline photos 08/12/2022

Being a family business makes it difficult to go on family vacations! We are lucky to get 1 trip in a year and it's usually to Florida. Here are the Custom Collagen kids having a blast this summer during sunset on Naples beach. They collected 5 bags of seashells! 🏖️🐚

Timeline photos 08/11/2022

Panna cotta? Sounds delicious! 😋 Thanks for the great review Susan - our customers are the absolute best!
There are so many great ways to use our Unflavored Gelatin powder. PLUS you get the amazing health benefits as well.

Shop via the link below, and don't forget to sign up for our email list to get $10 off your first order. 👍

Timeline photos 08/09/2022

If you're not adding a scoop of collagen to your morning coffee, you're doing it wrong! Better yet - add a scoop of our new CHOCOLATE collagen powder and enjoy a mocha coffee delight to start your day off right. 😋


Timeline photos 08/05/2022

Penny had a meeting with some very important guests to discuss some big additions coming to Custom Collagen! Stay tuned for more details coming later this month 🎉🙌

Timeline photos 08/04/2022

If you know, you know. 😁 It's the Razr phone for me...

Shop Custom Collagen here 👇

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It's summertime and everyone is ON THE GO! 🏃‍♀️
Don't worry, you can still get your daily collagen boost with our Beef Collagen Peptide stick packs! We took our #1 best selling collagen and made it easy to take and go, adding to any drink, smoothie, soup, or more - wherever you are.

Where are you taking your collagen this summer? 🤔

Shop stick packs here 👇


Head over to our Instagram to enter to win a 1 lb. Beef Collagen Peptides and 1 lb. Unflavored Beef Gelatin! 🎉


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Have you tried making your own DIY gummies? Perfect for ALL ages to enjoy and make your own with your favorite juice flavors! 🍇
Here is our favorite tried and true recipe:

Homemade DIY Gummies 😋
1/2 C. Juice
1 T. Honey (optional)
2 T. Custom Collagen Unflavored Beef or Fish Gelatin

Pour 1/2 cup juice into a saucepan and set on low heat. Add honey and gelatin. Mix until dissolved and remove from heat. Using a dropper or spoon, pour into a mold. Refrigerate for 30 minutes or until solidified. Enjoy!

Shop Custom Collagen Gelatin here 👇

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Talk about a SUPER POWERED combination! 👏
We love mixing our Multi Collagen Peptide Powder with our Prebiotic Powder in smoothies especially. 🍌
It couldn't be easier to throw in a scoop of each and get on with your day - while reaping the benefits of better hair, skin and nails, energy and endurance, healthy digestion, gut friendly bacteria, and more! 🙌

Shop Prebiotic Powder here:

Shop Multi Collagen here:

Timeline photos 07/26/2022

Last week we talked about the differences between collagen and gelatin, but what are the BENEFITS of gelatin? Not only is it delicious when made into gummies or gelatin desserts, but it's good for you as well. 🙌

Gelatin improves gut health and digestion, protects joints and improves joint health, improves mood and cognitive function, helps relieve anxiety and depression, helps increase satiety and control hunger hormones. 👍👍

Shop our unflavored fish or beef gelatin here 👇

Timeline photos 07/23/2022

Today we celebrate all women of a certain age, grandmas or not! ❤️ Did you know collagen is AMAZING for joints and health as we age? A scoop a day is all you need - added to smoothies, soups, coffee, and more! Collagen peptides are a great gift for those amazing Grandmas and Grandpas in our lives. 🙌

Timeline photos 07/20/2022

Sure you've heard about our collagen peptides by now, but what about the amazing health benefits of gelatin? 🙌 Not only is it fun to make into delicious DIY gummies and gelatin desserts, but it's great for your health too:

👉 Improves gut health and digestion by improving the lining of the digestive tract. A healthy digestive tract lining keeps food, bacteria and yeast inside the digestive system and prevents leakage into the bloodstream, which triggers inflammation. 70-80% of your immune system is in your gut!

👉 Protects joints and improves joint health.

👉 Improves mood and cognitive function. Gelatin contains high amounts of the amino acid glycine which can act similar some anti-anxiety or antidepressant medications – without the unwanted side effects.

👉 Helps you feel full. Like other protein supplements, gelatin helps increase satiety and control hunger hormones.

We manufacture both beef and fish gelatin from the highest quality ingredients.

Learn more and shop here! 👇

Timeline photos 07/16/2022

Gelatin and collagen are often confused because they are derived from the same sources and offer many of the same benefits. So what’s the difference? 🤔

The short answer is – there are differences in their chemical properties. Both are proteins made of amino acid chains, but the amino chains of collagen peptides have been cut into smaller pieces through a specific hydrolysis process. This process allows collagen to dissolve in cold or hot liquids and it eliminates its gelling ability. Gelatin will only dissolve in hot liquids and it will form a gel once cooled.

Due to their chemical property differences, gelatin and collagen often have different applications. Gelatin is used far more in food applications because of its gelling and stabilizing properties. Collagen is often found as a dietary supplement because it is more user-friendly - doesn’t gel or get clumpy and can dissolve in any temperature liquid. ☕️

Gelatin is more popular for its use in gut-healing protocols like Autoimmune Paleo or Leaky Gut Syndrome due to the fact that gelatin dissolves more slowly and coats the small intestine which can help heal the gut. Collagen is more popularly used as a protein supplement since it is a pure protein and can be added to protein shakes and smoothies without clumping. 👍

TL:DR: Both are great for your health, but used in different applications!

Shop our unflavored gelatin here 👇

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With school back in session we're on the go, and sickness is never far away. Did you know taking collagen peptides daily...
New (school) year, new YOU, right?! 📚 To celebrate, take $10 off your order of any of these best selling products: 👉 Bee...
Head over to our Instagram to enter to win a 1 lb. Beef Collagen Peptides and 1 lb. Unflavored Beef Gelatin! 🎉👉 https://...
Our amazing Memorial Day sale ENDS SOON! 🇺🇸Save 40% off sitewide with code 'MD2022' - but hurry hurry because it ends to...
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🤔 Q: So what IS Multi Collagen? 💡 A: Collagen is vital for joint function and flexibility, muscle tone, energy and endur...
Penny would like to remind everyone to meditate and take collagen 😉


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