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Yough Lake Marina


Current water level: 1420.39
The projected water level is 1422.63
Private dock owners…. We got 2.5” of rain on already saturated grounds. The current water level is 1414.21 and will continue to rise.
Tomorrow is 12/1/2021 - The DEADLINE to take advantage of the early pay discount on dock rent. If you misplaced your 2022 Dock Contract please email us at [email protected] so we can email one to you. This will allow you to get the fully paid contract in the mail today (NO later than tomorrow). All customer contracts that come in post dated 12/2/2022 and later will owe the difference if an early pay-rate payment is submitted.

Those who held a space with us in 2021 have until 2/1/2022 to retain a space.

We are still operating with a waiting list for 2023. We ask you to use the same email as above with subject 2023 waiting list to be added to our waiting list.

We currently have contracts that still have to be processed that have been received over the past 10 days. These contracts will be processed the end of this week following completion of some year end accounting work. If you want to verify that we received your payment please email us and we’ll check to make sure it was delivered
This weekend…

Discover Yough Lake ~ where simplicity is always beautiful! Yough Lake Marina is located in the heart of the Laurel Highlands on the Youghiogheny River Lake.

In operation since 1969, our 340 boat slip accommodations offer customers direct access to the lake throughout the season. Yough Lake Marina is conveniently located a half an hour from other popular Laurel Highlands attractions like, Nemacolin Woodlands, Ohiopyle State Park, and Falling Water. Youghiogheny River Lake, a 16 mile project of the US Army Corps of Engineers, is commonly referred to as

Operating as usual


We have five boats that sustain damage. Those customers are being contacted right now. All other boats and jet skis appear safe based on dock inspections. We are beginning to get docks back into place and tightened down. Boats with damage are only on docks 1/2/7 at the outer ends. Again, boat owners are being contacted and all other vessels appear to be ok. Getting docks in place and tightened down will take some time - please allow us this time to secure things.


Attention Boaters

We sustained damage in last nights storms. Although a crew was here until after midnight to secure things. We are here this morning to better asses the situation.
Dock 7 is blocked off to customer traffic due to the dock breaking,.
Dock 1 (right side) and dock 2 (left side) made contact during the storm as well.
We had two shoreline cables pull out and are being secured by three instead of four cables right now.
All customers who need to be contacted will be hearing from us. Please allow us time to make sure the docks are fixed and secured for everyone’s safety.

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Follow your local weather ⚓️


BREAKING: The average price for a gallon of gas in Pennsylvania has crossed the $5.00 mark for the first time in history, with average prices at $5.03 this morning.

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Good Afternoon Boaters!

Looks like we’re not starting the summer kickoff well with all the rain, but it looks like we will end it with hot temps and clear skies!

Although we are quite full already, several boaters have not launched their boats. Everyone is reminded to prep their boats before backing down the ramp and if you need assistance please ask us for help. When entering the marina please enter passing by the office with your parking permit displayed.

We’d like to address assignments, refunds and storage. All refund check and dock assignment verifications were sent in March. If you submitted a paid contract you should have received one or the other. Same with winter storage that was sent in October & April before we pulled boats out out of storage for this summer, these bills should be fully paid. Please email us if you need any of this information.

We will be selling three of our rental boats with or without a trailer. We DO NOT have the space to accommodate them for docking, we have new coming in. They are being sold as is with no warranties. They were bought & serviced through Lakeside Marine and are 2015/2016’s. They are the 500 series South Bays with SS tow bars and have 60 hp four stroke Mercury engines. They are 25’ in length and have a capacity plate of 13 passengers. The seats are the main area that need attention and they each have a canopy and a full boat cover. Questions will not be addressed on FB, if you are in the area they will be sitting along Rt 40 above the marina.

We are also selling our old Sport Port jetski docks for $300, they are older and are in need of repairs. Those that require more repair work will sell for $200. This is just the jetski dock without L-brackets, 4” pipe and Ubolts like we use to secure ours, we do not have extra available to sell hardware. We also have a black set we’re selling similar to jet port pwc docks (double set $1,000). They are all on the property behind the marina for customers to look at if interested.

We will be available for towing but those fees have gone up. We only send someone out if it’s not past 4:00pm - Especially if your at the Dam or on the Maryland end. Towing from those areas are extremely time consuming and after 4:00 pm cause our employees to stay late. Those tows will increase the tow fee if it’s a must after the 4:00 time frame. We will ask someone to tow you but will not make it mandatory for employees to stay. Credit card payments will be processed before we send someone out. Over the years we’ve had to many that say they’ll call or stop in and they don’t. Be prepared to pay the initial minimum tow fee of $125 when the request is made.

With the Allegheny River closed off to recreational boating we’re expecting more visitors. Please be sure all safety guidelines are met before launching and please be considerate of other boaters who are waiting to launch at the public launch areas.

We hope all of you have a Safe & Happy Memorial Day weekend here on the Yough.



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We have a milestone birthday to celebrate today…

Happy 30th Birthday Nate!

Gas prices are headed to $6 a gallon in the US as the summer driving season kicks off, JPMorgan says 05/19/2022

Gas prices are headed to $6 a gallon in the US as the summer driving season kicks off, JPMorgan says

Regular Gas prices are headed to $6 a gallon in the US as the summer driving season kicks off.
- JP Morgan

Gas prices are headed to $6 a gallon in the US as the summer driving season kicks off, JPMorgan says Drivers in California are already paying more than $6 a gallon for gas, according to AAA, and just three states are paying under $4.

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If you haven’t read, watched or heard all the news today - Gas price is definitely the hot topic today.
Everyone may wish the marine industry is the exception to the rule but we’re most definitely not. All marinas across the states that carry recreational gas for their customers are facing cost that are record high, nearing that of diesel.
This is a situation where one may consider the ethanol blends vs the recreational fuel, but ultimately the ethanol is not good for marine engines. Despite the excessive costs we will continue to carry NON ETHANOL FUEL ONLY.


: On the 18th of May 1754, the regiment arrives at the Great Crossing on the Youghiogheny River. Spring runoff from the mountains has swollen the river to a point that makes passage across impossible. Washington makes camp and is forced to wait for the waters to subside. While encamped there and realizing that the remaining 40 miles would be exceedingly difficult to traverse, Washington explores the river by boat to locate a new route. Washington writes to Gov Dinwiddie:"The Water is now so high, that we cannot possible cross over with our Men, which likewise secures us from any imediate attacks of the Enemy: therefore, I have Resolv’d to go down the River to this Fall, which is at the Turkey foot to inform myself concerning the Nature and difficulty attending this Fall". Finding impassable rapids and a 20 foot falls in the river below Turkey Foot (now Confluence), with no way to portage around, Washington returned to Great Crossing and continued overland westward. The Virginia soldiers cross the "Yough" on May 24 and march toward the Great Meadow.
Photo: Great Crossing (NPS Photo)


Showers and thunderstorms are expected to move into the area this morning ahead of a cold front. With the daytime heating, instability will increase. Strong to severe storms will then be possible from mid-morning into the early afternoon. The main threat will be wind gusts, but large hail is also possible.


Today is the official start date for the 2022 Boating Season!! We wish all of you a happy and safe season, we look forward to working with all of you!

Lunar eclipse & Full “Flower” moon tonight ~ don’t forget to enjoy the little things ⚓️⚓️

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PARKING PERMITS ARE GOING OUT IN THE MAIL. All contracted customers are welcome to launch whenever they’re ready.

Tomorrow, Sunday, May 15th is opening day. After such a beautiful week of weather, we open to the weather conditions below. Next week offers a few clear days before they are calling for rain again over the weekend.

The gas dock is open but there is a problem with the credit card line that we’re working on. We will be calling the office for all card payments to be processed until it’s fixed.

If anyone is docking this weekend and needs assistance, please stop in the office. As with every year and every storm system (Sunday’s calling for storms) we shut down the gas dock during storms with lightning. This keeps you and our employees safe, they will be off the dock and away from the gas system.

Gas price is currently set at $5.599 and based on projections and reports this too will change. We know gas prices have had a huge impact on everything, the pay to play is just another area added to that list.

PLEASE REMEMBER: no one is permitted to pack gas cans on our docks to fuel boats. Keep your trailer close if you’re wanting to purchase cheaper gas. We also sell additives for those who choose to pull their boats and fuel with gasoline that contains ethanol. We simply don’t want to void contracts, please pull your boat if you’re wanting to get fuel elsewhere.


All docks - except dock 3 & the gas dock - are now to shore. The gas dock is open for fuel.


Grounds will be saturated, please be careful.

They’ve dropped a considerable amount of water. All docks should be accessible by the end of the day today. Power will be serviced and turned on by the end of the day as well.

By tomorrow morning we will be down to safe enough levels for full operations, just in time for the official opening day this weekend - May 15, 2022 ⚓️

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The water level is starting to go down. We’ve had several calls asking about being able to get on/off the docks. It will take a couple days for all docks to be fully accessible. Power won’t be back on for the shoreline and docks 1 & 2 until the level drops below 1444. We will shuttle if needed during regular business hours.

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We are currently under flood conditions due to all the rain. Docks will continue to be a hazard to get on and off due to the rising water levels. Although we will work on bringing them in, we can only bring them in so far. With limited hours over this weekend some may want to hold off on launching boats if that’s part of your plans.
We will need to power down the shoreline due to electric which means there will be no dusk to dawn lights on the grounds. If you intend to visit and/or launch please be extremely careful on the grounds because they are saturated and use extreme caution getting on and off the docks. We strongly advise boat owners wait until the weather clears. We do not have a full staff to assist with shuttling customers back and forth as we would normally during the regular boating season. This also means the gas station will not be open until further notice.
Jockey Hollow is currently under water and Somerfield North’s courtesy dock is not accessible. Private dock owners should check their docks - especially if there are boats on them.

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ADDITIONAL DETAILS... - Forecast rainfall totals of 2 to 3.5 inches combined with wet preceding conditions in some areas will contribute to an elevated risk of flooding.

Fire Extinguishers 05/05/2022

Fire Extinguishers

Please make sure all fire extinguishers meet the new guidelines.

The new fire extinguisher regulations effective on April 20, 2022 may seem a little confusing, but if you know the model year of your boat, they boil down to two simple points.

Fire Extinguishers We know we need them on board, but how many do we need and how do they work?



Boat Rentals, Charter Boats Near Me, Yacht Rentals & More | Boatsetter 05/01/2022

Boat Rentals, Charter Boats Near Me, Yacht Rentals & More | Boatsetter


Private boat rentals are not permitted at the Marina. One violation will result in permanent expulsion.

All of you have signed a contract to occupy a slip at our facility. Contracts are done so we know who’s to be there which helps keep track and protect our boat owners. The site will be monitored along with another one that’s been mentioned.

Your neighbors on the docks become familiar with who they’re next to and are strongly encouraged to report any such activity. There are rules our dock renters are to follow and commercial use of your boat IS NOT PERMITTED. Other customers do not want to risk damage to their boats due to another owners decision. There are so many different scenario’s that this poor decision can lead to.

We can not answer questions when it comes to private dock permit holders with the Corps of Engineers. We are well aware that the slip spaces granted to you must have the proper boat listed and the private slips are not to be rented out. How they will handle boat rentals of these said boats are not known - please direct those question by calling 815-395-3242 (Corps office in Confluence).

Please, we have so many who are looking to enjoy the beauty of the Yough Lake, if you plan on breaking the rules - request your refund and take this decision and other practices not permitted elsewhere.

Boat Rentals, Charter Boats Near Me, Yacht Rentals & More | Boatsetter Rent a boat today, with or without a boat captain, and get out on the water! Browse our huge selection of boat rentals near you including yachts, pontoons, sailboats, fishing boats, wakeboarding boats, Catamarans & more!

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No one is permitted to dock at our facility until May 2, 2022. May 2nd is when we will have the docks ready & equipped for customers boats to be docked.

Photos from US National Weather Service Pittsburgh PA's post 04/26/2022

Photos from US National Weather Service Pittsburgh PA's post

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Good Morning Boaters,

Looks like we will possibly have another small batch of snow next week. We don’t know about all of you, but it just can’t go away soon enough.

Contract holders have another week before prorating of refunds will begin. If you’re trying to decide and want a full refund please email by May 1, 2022 so we have time to fill the space with someone who is waiting.

Boaters who docked with us last year, please DO NOT send in a contract if you forgot. We’ve had to return several contracts/payments because our docks are full. There is already a waiting list for those who submitted a contract by February 1, 2022 (which was the final deadline for contracts to be submitted).

To our current contracted customers: Despite the weather we are on schedule to permit early launching. Boats will be permitted to launch - weather permitting - Monday May 2, 2022 after we bring the docks in to shore. No contract holder is permitted to dock before then - please do not ask. Anyone who docks a vessel prior to May 2nd will be requires to pull and will receive a refund. Again, early launch date is May 2, 2022. Both Lakeside Marine and Caney Valley will get a list of dock assignments for them to refer to.

Parking passes will be mailed before the season starts. The official date for the beginning of the boating season is May 15, 2022.


A winter weather advisory has been issued for higher elevations tomorrow due to the potential for freezing rain. Slow down and use caution while traveling. For more updates on tomorrow's winter weather, visit

In an exception to the Clean Air Act, Biden will allow E15 gas to be sold this summer 04/12/2022

In an exception to the Clean Air Act, Biden will allow E15 gas to be sold this summer

Please don’t make this a political argument!

This is important information for those who buy gas at a local gas station vs recreational gas sold at specific locations for boats. Ethanol is known to cause damage to marine engines, small engine, carburetors, fuel tanks and fuel lines. The repair cost will be significant compared to the cost of ethanol free gas.
Summer always seems to come and go, down time due to repairs is not what any boater wants to deal with. Gas additives are available to help treat the breakdown of the gasoline content if you choose to fuel up prior to launching. Knowing the risks is something every boater needs to be educated on.
Over the past few years numerous consumers have turned to marine recreation, buying boats and jet skis as their get away due to the pandemic. Knowledge in this area can save a boat owner what can become very costly repairs. This, combined with all the issues with parts and accessories shortages is an area consumers need to seriously consider when fueling any vessel, mower, chainsaws, generators, blowers and so on.

There is an app that will show locations that sell recreational gas - Pure Gas - that can be downloaded for those who fill up before launching.

Links are provided in the comments.

In an exception to the Clean Air Act, Biden will allow E15 gas to be sold this summer The fuel is normally banned from sale in the summer to combat smog. Trump also allowed summer sales of the 15-percent ethanol blend in 2019 after U.S. farmers were hurt by his trade war with China.

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They did a drive by to let everyone know... be safe & enjoy!
1449.1 (6:30am reading)
The winds picked up significantly at the end of the work day today and the temps were dropping. We ask that if anyone de...
Getting ready to pull the boat... One last glimpse for now 😉
A little dose of clearer skies.... May be short lived, so we're sharing it!





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