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Folks I have some more shirts, stickers, posters, and general band merchandise that iam willing to sell!!!!!!!!!! Lamb of God shirts, Insane Clown Posse shirts, Marilyn Manson stuff, along with many others!!! Who is out there and sees this message? Please comment below

614 Villainz - Super High (Music Video) 09/07/2016

614 Villainz - Super High (Music Video)

614 Villainz - Super High (Music Video) Super High Music Video

(Hed)p.e. - Pay Me - Official HD Music Video - 'Forever' New CD In Stores & Online Now! 08/29/2016

(Hed)p.e. - Pay Me - Official HD Music Video - 'Forever' New CD In Stores & Online Now!

(Hed)p.e. - Pay Me - Official HD Music Video - 'Forever' New CD In Stores & Online Now! HED PE 'Pay Me' Music Video Directed by Eric Richter ( (Hed)p.e. 'Forever!' CD In FYE, Best Buy, And All Sweet Ass Record Stores...

Jesse Royal - Royally Speaking Mixtape | Major Lazer's Walshy Fire Presents | Reggae 2014 08/25/2016

Jesse Royal - Royally Speaking Mixtape | Major Lazer's Walshy Fire Presents | Reggae 2014

Jesse Royal - Royally Speaking Mixtape | Major Lazer's Walshy Fire Presents | Reggae 2014 Major Lazer's Walshy Fire presents new roots reggae music for 2014 with Jesse Royal's "Royally Speaking Mixtape" Make sure and subscribe to keep up with Wals...

Timeline photos 08/19/2016

please spread the virus folks

Timeline photos 08/17/2016

who gonna come see this one

Who's comin out? Merciless Assault Tour with the homie SCUM is booking now!!!! See the flyer for details!


what is some of the shows people been going to see who are you excited to see?


who is some of your favorite local bands or artists? who really does it for you locally with their music who do you go see religiously



in all reality this guy is one of the hardest workers i know all around great guy and appreciates everything he has i can wait for tymework vs the dark and bleak

tYmework Underground Hip Hop artist from Columbus, OH


ZTP Magazine

take a look at jeremeys work and tell me he cant shoot some killer shots he like a sniper with a camera and thats no joke as he def shoots killer shots and he does family portraits also so either way gets some of his work in your life

ZTP Magazine Local business


A Scarred Existence

yes most of these guys are personal friends of mine but thing is they still write some killer f**king metal old school thrash metal up your ass like a size 13 boot which btw i wear grinder brand boots but if your looking for some awesome local metal then look no further this name has been around since the 90s and i seen them even in the day rolling around in the grinder van and being the definition of metal esp around here

A Scarred Existence A Scarred Existence is a True American Metal band. 5 men with 1 common goal.


Columbus Events Group LLC

if you have ever been to a show put on by this operation then you know these guys and gals do shows how it should be done with all they do from making sure the fans have a great time to making sure every artist from opener to headliner gets a hot meal and a cold drink they treat there staff like they should be treated and are very appreciative of all they have as i have seen it with my own eyes what they as a business have done for their workers and its amazing so glad to be part of them in even the smallest way

Columbus Events Group LLC Columbus Events Group has been providing Columbus, Ohio with premier live music acts for 29+ years.

There is only ONE Columbus Events Group!


Regardless of Consequence

another awesome local band i got to see them once and i wish we could have them again as they def brought it

Regardless of Consequence Nu-Thrash-Groove Metal that's motivated by faith and life!


Dread Engine

seen these guys so much lately and i love it each time gets bigger and better i cant wait to see these guys headlining some shows at the venue real soon

Dread Engine Electronica / Rock / Metal Hybrid. We are Dread Engine.


Menace 2 Sobriety

done so many shows for these guys there as dedicated as it gets they are another great group of guys who have a message to spread they play so many shows i wouldnt know how you have not seen them

Menace 2 Sobriety Menace 2 Sobriety was formed in the winter of 2004.Their unique sound is best described as a crossover blend that mixes Hardcore, Hip-Hop and Punk Rock.


The Last Rise

i have seen these guys come along way as well they are an awesome band with lots of talent if your not familiar with them i suggest you get as they are def a band to see esp locally

The Last Rise Metal band from Southeastern, Ohio.



who here has seen EVIL X i had the pleasure twice last week and a few times before as well and it does not get anymore dedicated or professional then these guys they are the definition of living breathing rock n roll machine best wishes guys if i can ever help i be here



614 Villainz

yes once again more friends of mine i know but there also signed to ABK label they also just played the gathering of the juggalos they do all kinds of good things for people from giveaways to food at shows ther ea great group of guys and glad to be part of them as well

614 Villainz


Godz Of Kaos

Godz Of Kaos be real see what happen is their motto as well it going full throttle and never leaving a drop in the bottle they also never leave a crumb in a sack and got beats that will break a f**king back these guys will be on tour with Twiztid and my friends in Menace 2 Sobriety as well as the whole mne family but so glad to see you guys make your dream come true glad to be even the small part of it that i am just wish i was closer as i would do so much more for you personally

Godz Of Kaos For booking email: [email protected]

Grindhouse Merchandise 08/16/2016

Grindhouse Merchandise

i cant say enough about these guys i can honestly say there amazing to see live i know seven is my friend but i never had the chance to watch an entire show and i tell you they do it from the music to the look and all that is in between they give it to the crowd hard and mean with a sound so clean these guys are a machine

Grindhouse Merchandise Welcome to Grindhouse Merchandise

Timeline photos 08/16/2016

good to see them still doing it any fans on this page?

SEE YOU IN HELL MY FRIENDS! Columbus Events Group LLC Presents: Steve Grimmett's Grim Reaper wsg War Curse / Rat Bastard Syndicate / Managed Chaos / TOMB

$17 ADV / $22 DOS / DOORS 6 / ALL AGES



Totally forgot about this page guys we need to be doing something with this give me some ideas who gots some new Merch lately they wanna show off I am sorting shirts now so I will post some pics soon tonight


guys who is going to some shows and where

Timeline photos 03/23/2015

who going

Who wants to see The Lacs this Saturday!?

For your chance to get a spot on the Columbus Events Group LLCguest list for yourself and a friend -LIKE- this picture and --TAG the friend that you would like to bring INTO THE COMMENTS below!

Winner will be selected at random on Thursday afternoon! Open to ages 18+, and winner will need to provide a picture i.d. at the door to claim their prize. GOOD Luck!


guys lets get some buy sell trade going on on some music merchandise what you think if you have a shirt video audio poster whatever it might be music related lets get this site going again with this and concert info iam ready to get back into it again and want more than concert info we cane eventually start doing giveaways all kinds of stuff but we gotta get active i will post some stuff for sale here later when i sort some stuff who has stuff to post now?

Get Me High 01/18/2015

Get Me High

Get Me High The Villainz have returned!!! Get Me High off of King Sh*t dropping later this year!!!!! Shot by Josh Ulrich and CJ from

Jackyl - February 27, 2015 7:00 PM - Oddbody's 01/17/2015

Jackyl - February 27, 2015 7:00 PM - Oddbody's

Jackyl - February 27, 2015 7:00 PM - Oddbody's Buy tickets for Jackyl at Oddbody's from Etix

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