Shylas Blush Boutique

Shylas Blush Boutique


Theresa Pelletier this is where y ou wanna be!! Shyla Ingersoll this gi rl needs some makeup especially mascara!!!
Don't miss out!
Hey shy I added a frie nd to the group! Shannon Watson lik es the foundation I have! She is interest ed!

Contact information, map and directions, conta ct form, opening hours, services, ratings, phot os, videos and announcements from Shylas Blu sh Boutique, Cosmetics Store, 215 Blueberry Hi ll Farm Rd, Acton, ME.

Operating as usual

Photos from Shylas Blush Boutique's po st 08/31/2020

Wake up To Make-Up
✨The transformati on! ✨
Anyone else here make the momb ie transformation!?

From mombie (🧟‍♀️) to momba be (💁🏼‍♀️) ?

Sometimes a girl's just g ot to put on a full face💄a nd curl her hair to make t he world feel right!


This 💩's TWISTED 🔀

✋ I swe ar these are still not falsies! 🙌

My real lashes babes! 😲


Self-care Sunday
Hope all your beauties a re having a great weekend
Find the ti me to take 5 (or more) minut es to just
...... Relax😌


💣Here it is babes💣

The NEW Ep ic Twisted Mascara! 😲

See for yourself! 💁🏼‍♀️

Photos from Shylas Blush Boutique's po st 08/08/2020

I can't imagine a better masca ra than the original Epic or o ur 4D Fiber Lash Mascara we alrea dy have... 👀

But of course Younique outdo es itself again with a BRAND N EW Defining mascara 🤯
2️⃣ Wands to ma ke sure EVERY lash gets covered! 🙌

If you are like me and a re part of the Itty Bitty La sh Committee🙄 then you know how importa nt it is to get EVERY LASH‼️

📣I 'm able to grab 2️⃣ more befo re they are released so if y ou want one, you better 🏃‍♀️💨

🚨The n ew Epic TWISTED mascara🚨


Ok so this month /past 7 mont hs have been quick hectic to s ay the least 🙄
But this mama h as got to gain her sanity back😬
Th at means it's time to get ba ck to what I love!💄
This month is rocki ng with the sales I HAVE to sha re all these kick ass🤭 options to sa ve!

And this month it's all abo ut the eyes 👀 my favorite subje ct 🥰


Makeup two days in a r ow 🥳🥳🥳

Starting to feel more me late ly! 🥰

Can anyone guess what I bundl es today!? 🕵🏼


Go ahead...... Ask me what y ou can bundle together this month in t he July beauty box!?!?🎁

If I said y ou can pick 3-5 product to crea te your own personal beauty box!😲
(A nd you wouldn't have to pay fu ll price) 🤯

🤔 Ok the burning questi on 🔥

What would you bundle!? 🙌


The brush on the 4D masca ra is designed for clump free we ar! 🙌


Had a visit from an o ld friend today 😍 liquid foundation th at dries to a powder 🙌


Who needs false lashes anyways!? 🤷🏼‍ ♀️ Not this girl 🤣

And you don 't need naturally long lashes for th is mascara to give you long thi ck lashes! This formula curls, adds volu me and length! Oh and it's build-able🤯

📦Placi ng a bulk order if anyone wan ts free shipping 🙌


July's beauty bundle has to be my favorite !!! 😍

Why? You ask? 🤷🏼‍♀️

It is COMPLETE LY customisable 😲
You get to pick ea ch & every item! 🤯

You can bund le ANYTHING 🙌

Need some refills? Want to t ry something new? You can bundle make up or skincare, hell you can bund le makeup & skincare together 👏

Photos from Shylas Blush Boutique's po st 07/10/2020

When your makeup holds up on a po ol day 🏊👏
Waterproof epic mascara for t he win! 🙌💦⛔

No runny mascara on th is face! 🥰


When it's just too damn h ot outside for anything else🥵
And a ll 4 are discounted this morning 🤯

🌞Protecti ng Veil - broad spectrum SPF30
🌞Press ed Powder Foundation - Jacquard
🌞Epic Mascara - Waterproof
🌞Spla sh Liquid Lipstick - Stellar

Photos from Shylas Blush Boutique's po st 06/04/2020

And the winner iiiissss 🥁🥁🥁🥁

My gi rl Tiffany!!!!!

Photos from Shylas Blush Boutique's po st 06/03/2020

Who is ready for that FR EE curling wand raffle!? Picking a na me tonight! 🙌


Good morning my babes and hap py Tuesday! It's been far too long!🤦🏼‍♀ ️
As i adjust to MY n ew normal, I am learning how to ke ep focus on tasks at hand! Juggli ng kids, work, meals, house work e ct. (I KNOW I'm not alone) 🥰

I 'm ready for you ladies! 😘

It's Jun e📅! A "new begining" 🤞
I ha ve some fun things this month! 🥳



Our famous Full Coverage a ir brush in a bottle Spray Foundati on is being restocked today! 🙌🙌 A ll shades!

Let me know if y ou want to get on my preord er list! These suckers sell out fa st especially the light shades🤦🏼‍♀️


Happy Monday babes!
Idk about y ou but at my house it's starti ng to feel like summer might sti ll be coming 😎
You know what th at means!?

I need to stock up on my waterpro of mascara! 👀 Can't be having a ny runny mascara in the pool n ow 💦


It's going down in makeup to wn! 💄

This month I'm doing something n ew to say thank you to a ll you bad ass babes that suppo rt me! 🙌

I am going to raff le off my favorite hair wand! 💁🏼‍♀️

Eve ry purchase made this month (no matt er the price) will get a tick et into the raffle for this wa nd and a bag of other goodi es from me 😮

I will pick t he winner on June 1st 🎟️ Hap py shopping🛒


Nailed it⁉️


Failed it⁉️


I made my Beauty Box o ut of the "essentials" in my make up collection! The 3️⃣ things I CANN OT live without!
Why these 3️⃣? 🤔

1️⃣Br ow Palette ➡️ this palette is so versati le you can use it for almo st everything (brows, eye shadow, highlighting, contouri ng, blush, perfect for trips, camping or lig ht packing)

2️⃣Mascara ➡️ as you know, I 'm a lash girl! Mascara is alwa ys essential!

3️⃣Makeup Remover ➡️ the make up wipes are my favorite however I al so like the cleansing stick! Especially wi th waterproof mascara, getting mascara or a ny makeup off is not easy, b ut it is with these bad Mary 's

Drop⤵️ a 😉 for the discou nt code⁉️ I got you girl 😘 05/01/2020

How I'm feeling after today's make up meeting 🤯
So much to share! 📲
So much to discuss!
Did I menti on this months beauty bundle is o ut of this world🙌
You are all gon na want in! So stay tuned 👩🏼 ‍💻



Omg I laughed so hard my stoma ch hurt! 🤣


This should be fun! ⤵️ Min es in the comments 🤣


I think it's safe to say. ... I've got the best mascara on t he planet! 😍
I did use our ep ic lash primer before applying my 4D masca ra!
This is also one application! 🤯


Don't even get me started abo ut how much just brows and masca ra make you look more awake🙌 👀

We all need that every now & th em, even if we don't feel it. ... At least we can look it 🤣

Perfe ct example: side by side view! It 's pretty obvious! ⤵️


It ain't easy getting work do ne with a full house🤯, home schooling👩🏼 ‍🏫, meal prep👩🏼‍🍳, laundry🧺, cleaning🧹, kissing boo-boo s💋, wiping butts💩, giving tubbies👧🏼🛀👧🏼, reading bedti me stories 📖, being the snack B👁️T C🤫 for 2 terrorist that never l et you have a break.
It isn't easy. ... But it never is! And that 's ok! Cuz some days I DO g et all the things done..... And so me days I DONT... and that's ok! 🥰

Hang in there Mama's you a re not alone! We got this 💪 ev en if some days we don't! We g et to start fresh every morning!

Obsessi on Brow palette and the Brow Arti st Brush are on
regular ly priced at $58 today and tomorr ow you can snag them both f or ONLY $46 🤯
I think we a ll need a pick me up! He re it is girls! 💁🏼‍♀️



Brows don't need to be confusi ng & intimidating!
They can be simp le & easy! Especially with my che at sheet📃

Our Obsession Brow palette with t he Brow Artist Brush and help wi th all of that!

Did I menti on you can use this palette f or EVERYTHING🙌 (brows, shadow, blush, contour, highlig ht) it's the perfect and well round ed 🎨

Palette ➕ Artist Brush = R eg. $58

TODAY AND TOMORROW 🎆 Palette ➕ Arti st Brush=

💲4️⃣6️⃣. 🤯


Brushed my hair AND put so me mascara on today! 🥰 04/15/2020

Feeling cute....

Might put makeup on & bru sh my hair later? 🤷🏼‍♀️🤣


Had time to get a litt le work done yesterday & demonstrate t he April Beauty bundle! 🌷

Well at lea st one variation of it anyways sin ce it's customizable 🙌

Pick ➡️ Any Fa ce Primer
Pick ➡️ Any Foundation / BB Cream
Pi ck ➡️ Any Face Brush

I pick ed some of my favorites yesterday to do a litt le demo! 👩🏼‍💻

I'm wearing the Mattifying Fa ce Primer with the Stick (cream) Foundati on in the shade Eyelet as we ll as the shade Tulle for tho se under eye bags 🙄 and t he Kabuki Brush to blend it a ll in! 😘
Don't mind my assistan ts in the back ground 🤣🤷

Photos from Shylas Blush Boutique's po st 04/06/2020

Did you get your Beauty Bund le this month? 🤔

My before and aft er! 🎭

🛒 April Beauty Bundle includes:

💜Fa ce Primer of your choice
💜And Touch Foundati on of your choice (excluding the spray)
💜A NY Face Brush of your choice

It 's like Easter came early! Might as we ll get your summer shade while t he price of foundation is down!🤯
Already ha ve it!?
Since the price is so da mn good 🤑might as well grab a foundati on stick in your highlight or conto ur shade!🙌
Or that BB Cream you ha ve been dying to try! 😍


I'm putting this NEW Mattifying Prim er to the test today ladies! 🏃🏼‍♀️
It felt so damn smooth going on! !!! 💆🏼‍♀️

So far I have been ve ry impressed 😍
But let's really te st it out 🥵

Show of hands 🙋🏼‍♀️
W ho gets that 4 O'Clock oily fa ce problem? 🙄 Let's face it.....It's n ot cute!
So let's fix that! 🙌

So far I have only us ed the Mattifying Primer with our Liqu id Foundation (medium coverage)
Today I am putti ng it to the test with o ur Stick Foundation (cream foundation - Fu ll coverage)


Anyone else in here feel li ke they are losing their mind?🤯
No? 🤔
Just me? 🤷🤣

To all my Mama 's out there working from home / homeschooli ng/ out of work/ mommin, Or wh at have you! I am rooting my lun gs off for you! 👏📣

Stay strong!!!! 💪 Th is too shall pass 🤦🏼‍♀️
Enjoy the ti me you have and make sure to ta ke breaks 🤣
To my Mama's homeschooling rig ht now! I tried something new tod ay for Miss Aubrie in hopes to ke ep her more focused on the ta sk at hand! 🤞
I put a rubb er band around the legs of h er "school" chair!
Holy 💩 this ti ny trick got us thru a comple te school day for the 1st ti me since we have been remote learni ng! I had to share the secr et!
I'm marking today as a w in! ✔️🙌😍

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