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•For relaxation- prevention is always best so regularly scheduled massages.

•For pain- at least 3 days in between to allow muscles to recover. Weekly sessions are best.

•Relief of tight contracted muscles (knots)- weekly is best for 4 weeks then monthly to keep them from reoccurring.



😍Spinalis muscles are my favorite muscle on the body to work. They are a powerful deep muscle group responsible for movement.

➡️When working on these muscles if over worked can feel like a tight rope.😟

Spinalis muscle group, assist in bending backward, bending to the side, and rotation of the spine.

These muscles also help head and neck motion. I wrote about that in an earlier post.👇🏻


Not all post have to be about massage😉 …and I secretly wish I could be him right now🤷🏼‍♀️😅


Trapezius muscle⬇️

If you have a desk job🖥this muscle may be sore, stiff, achy, similar to a pulled muscle. Upper and mid back pain can also feel sharp, numbness, tingling, burning, similar to a pinched nerve.

Best thing to do is take 5-10 minute breaks and walk🚶‍♀️or stretch. If that doesn’t bring any relief your massage therapist can help with trying to get your muscles to relax to take the pressure off the pinched nerves.

You would want to avoid🚫 deep tissue massage it would have the opposite outcome making your muscles tense causing more pain.

🤓fun fact: Your muscles in your back work harder when your slouching.😮


T R O P I C A L S A L T S C R U B S🌴🌊



🙌🏻Your body has the power to heal itself, if you let it. 🌊💕


How can I help myself relax before my massage appointment?

You can train your brain🧠
Try to only focus on what you can control and let the rest go!

🚘For example when driving to your massage appointment you can say to yourself “I am going to be fully present this is my time to relax” (At least for an hour or so😉) you can control that because your in control of yourself.

The more you practice this saying on your way to get a massage the more it becomes a habit. After a while you won’t have to tell your brain to have your body relax. Your habit of being in the car and driving to get a massage kick starts your brain to it’s time for➡️ My Wellness⬅️ because your brain built more mental muscle and actually made a physical change which can permanently help you think differently.😱

No more thinking about what happened at work, the kids, or the million other things.

“wherever you go, there you are”

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S A L T F U S I O N- is moving to 1204 Main St. Sanford-STE 2- Inside needs a little love💕but my sign went up today! I will post before and after pictures along with the opening date as I get closer!

I will also be able to take on more clients and offer a variety of Salt Therapy choices you can add to your wellness routine.💆🏼‍♀️

Can’t wait to open and share the knew space with all of you! Thank you for your continued support🌊



Energy can be used to our advantage if we become aware of our surroundings and who we show up as everyday. ✌🏻

➡️Himalayan Salt Stone Massage emit negative ions which assist in neutralizing positively charged free radicals that can be responsible for chronic inflammation in the body. Himalayan Salt Stone massage can help in balancing the body’s electromagnetic field. Every day we are exposed to electronic devices, cellphones, TV’s, computers, and microwaves, which can disrupt the natural energy flow within our bodies. Stress, fatigue, and a suppressed immune system can result from constant exposure to this electromagnetic radiation.


➡️Studies have shown that regular massage can increase white blood cell count, these cells fight off disease, and lower stress hormone levels and lower levels of molecules that promote inflammation. All these factors combined helps boost your immune system to fight off infections.

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➡️The sternocleidomastoid muscle is one of the largest and most superficial neck muscle.

Actions of the muscle are rotation of the head to the opposite side and flexion of the neck.

Causes of pain in this area include acute respiratory infections, such as sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, and the flu.

Other causes of pain include injuries such as whiplash or falls.

Massage techniques can ease tension to increase your mobility and help relieve your pain symptoms.






Your skin is the largest organ exposed to the outside world.💛🌊



Merry Christmas! To you and your families!🌲🐚🌊


As a message therapist I have the ability to stretch the muscles causing dysfunction. If seen regularly you can avoid permanent structural changes to soft tissue due to stress.

Some of the causes➡️ repetitive movements at work, same routine at the gym, sitting for long periods of time is even a repetitive stress. This is all treated by the body as an injury.

The result the body will start the repair process

➡️trauma to the tissue
➡️body creates inflammation
➡️pain receptors
➡️protective mechanism increases muscle tension which causes muscles spasms
➡️result adhesions form or (knots) in the soft tissue
➡️end result will effect joint motion


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Phone information and some of the effects it has on your body 📱➡️ if your always going into a hunched over position, your muscles will get trained to encourage that position.




Photos from Salt Fusion Massage's post 10/31/2021

Photos from Salt Fusion Massage's post 09/10/2021

Sometimes doing nothing is doing something💛



➡️When muscles are tight they increase there resistance to blood🩸 flow.

Even a small misalignment can be the start of major problems. When contracted muscles knot up in your neck, they reduce blood and oxygen circulation to your brain.
Could lead to loss of balance
partial or double vision.
numbness or tingling feeling.

Pressure created by the massage techniques used moves blood through the tight areas. This causes new blood to flow in by increasing circulation.



➡️Muscle imbalances effect the whole body, causing stress and fatigue that tighten the muscles and limit oxygen to the cells. Poor posture can limit our body’s potential range of motion creating stress on the musculoskeletal system.

The result is chronic pain caused by the weak underused muscles being pushed to their limit.

Eventually, the nervous system builds a network of neurons to fire the incorrect muscle leaving the right muscle as if it wasn’t there at all.

Through different massage techniques I can get the tight muscle to relax. This makes it easier to stretch out the muscle so it can lengthen and get back to doing its job.



Without good alignment, your head could be producing unnecessary strain on your neck.

These imbalances lead to chronic strain patterns that often affect the neck, shoulders, arms, and hands.

By releasing chronic tension in the deep spinal muscles it can help restore this imbalance and help the joints have more motion.

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