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Digital skills learning , Graphics, Web design Mission is to bridge the digital skills gap among youths in our community

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[07/28/21]   test


British Council Uganda


The case for creative innovation, disability arts and inclusive approaches in the Creative Industry. We aim to shine a proactive light on the area of disability arts best practice and ways forward to make the arts industry an inclusive disability friendly space.

The event will showcase fashion creations from Malengo Foundation , a practical open access workshop led by Tuzinne Festival: Where Human Rights Dance: practitioners to open up access to all and improvisational dance from members of @UnSeen Dreams Inclusive Dance Art Fest

Please show your support on social media using the hashtags #IDPWD2019 #TheFutureIsAccessible #EastAfricaArts


Technical Jokes

Only 90's kids will get it 😂😂😂

[01/12/17]   From kids learning computer games, teens surfing and learning digital skills, to senior learning how to connect with their families & friends on Emails and social media, to professionals brushing up on Microsoft office Applications. Graphics and the web, everyone can find something useful at Woke One Hub.

[07/12/16]   ICT TUTORING
WokeOne Hub brings you another new programme for learning computing Lesson.
We have designed a Mobile Learning Program in the following:
- Microsoft Office- Word, Excel and Powerpoint Levels 1-3
- Adobe Photoshop Lessons
- Adobe Illustrator Lessons
- Introduction to Computers
- Internet Browsing and Emailing

All these course available just call us on 0787780011, 0752328741 or message us on facebook today!


Mozilla Uganda Community

why not be part of the #mozillaUgCommunity

Support us as we bring you the biggest Tech event in East Africa on 17-19th July 2015 at Victoria University. Join the campaign

yahoo.com 01/06/2015

Woman tosses $200,000 Apple 1 computer into recycling

Its amazing how technology has transpired for all this time, take alook at this PC from #apple

yahoo.com A recycling center in Silicon Valley is amazed that someone would toss out a rare first-generation Apple computer

tcrn.ch 01/06/2015

Seacrest Out: The Typo iPhone Keyboard Is Dead

This seems cool on iphone

tcrn.ch BlackBerry has successfully ended the short but dazzling life of Typo, the hardware keyboard for iPhone spearheaded by longtime BlackBerry user and iPhone..

softekware.blogspot.com 29/04/2015

Softek IT Consult: How To Install Windows 7 (Step-By-Step Tutorial With Screenshots)

Do it yourself test and learn how to install windows 7 with guiding screenshots

softekware.blogspot.com We Provide 100% Free, Tested and Trusted Windows and Android Software. No Trial, Demo or Shareware Programs on this Page. All the Software Provided here has been Tested and is 100% Working.

lifehac.kr 01/04/2015

There's No Excuse for Not Backing Up Your Computer. Do It Now.

Do not forget to do backup your computer. Its crucial

lifehac.kr At least once a month, some friend or family member asks me how to recover data from a failed hard drive. I help them as best I can, but in my head, my answer is always the same: “go back in time and back up your computer like you know you should’ve.”

techradar.com 01/04/2015

Microsoft aiming to kill the Chromebook


www.omgubuntu.co.uk 01/04/2015

Firefox 37 Released With Native HTML5 YouTube Playback

Embrace the new firefox 37

www.omgubuntu.co.uk Mozilla has released Firefox 37, the latest stable release of their web browser, with support for HTML5 YouTube and a new feedback feature.

techradar.com 27/03/2015

Android apps coming to Windows Phone?

Do want to install your android apps on windows phones


lifehac.kr 27/03/2015

Hyperpolyglot Is a Side-by-Side Reference Sheet for Programming

lifehac.kr Once you've learned one programming language or programming tool, it's pretty easy to get into another similar one. Sometimes, though, the fine differences are hard to remember. Hyperpolyglot is an awesome tool for looking up the differences and similarities between programming languages and tools.

www.omgubuntu.co.uk 27/03/2015

Ubuntu 15.04 Beta 2 Released, Ready for Download

www.omgubuntu.co.uk You can now Download Ubuntu 15.04 Beta 2, the latest release in the Vivid Vervet release cycle, offering app menu improvements and Systemd.

socialmediaexaminer.com 14/03/2015

8 Types of Rich Media to Share on Google+ |

Do you use Google+ think

socialmediaexaminer.com Want new ways to benefit from Google+? Here are eight types of rich media content to share on Google+.

lifehac.kr 14/03/2015

Fluency with Excel and Word Are Key to Getting a Higher-Paying Job

Did you know that

lifehac.kr Finding a good paying job with just a few college courses (or less) under your belt can be daunting. Even so, you may be surprised to hear that employers still want basics like Excel and Word before other, more advanced skills. Land those and your chances of scoring a gig with a living wage rise sig…

www.businessinsider.com 14/03/2015

Cuba now has free, public Wi-Fi

www.businessinsider.com A local artist who opened up the hotspot wanted to encourage Cubans to connect and familiarize themselves with the Internet.

twitter.com 12/03/2015

Afrinnovator på Twitter

twitter.com “Botswana Innovation Hub launches new TV white spaces pilot project http://t.co/nS5XAZ4t9m #Africa #tech #news”

tcrn.ch 11/03/2015

The Equil Smart Marker Records Everything You Write

The looks too Smart. Check this smart marker for taking notes

tcrn.ch It's been just over five months since we checked out the Equil Smartpen, a gadget that let you record your notes and doodles to the cloud and even convert them to text. Today we're checking out their new Smart Marker, which does the same thing but on any erasable surface.Out of the box, the two most important gadgets are the plastic body that holds your marker and the base station that records your work. It can "see" what you're working on for eight feet to the left and to the right, giving you plenty of space to work in knowing it'll all be saved for later.Writing with the Smart Marker feels like working with any other erasable marker because that's exactly what you're doing — instead of including in a proprietary ink cartridge you have to swap out every few weeks, the Equil lets you drop in any marker you'd ...

omgubuntu.co.uk 02/03/2015

Here's How To Install VLC 2.2 In Ubuntu - OMG! Ubuntu!

How to install Vlc in ubuntu

omgubuntu.co.uk The go-to media player of millions, VLC 2.2 'Weathermax' was released this weekend and brings some nifty new features to the desktop.

www.businessinsider.com 01/03/2015

These are the Android apps that drain your battery the most

Is your battery always running low

www.businessinsider.com Do you use any apps on the list?

www.businessinsider.com 01/03/2015

The internet is about to get faster — here's why

www.businessinsider.com It's time.

lifehac.kr 01/03/2015

Microsoft Now Lets You Download Windows 7 ISOs with a Valid License

Win 7 iso will now with license

lifehac.kr If you don't have your Windows 7 disc handy--but want to create a custom installation, run Windows from a USB drive, or just do a fresh install--you'll need an ISO file of the disc. You used to be able to download them from Digital River's servers, but those links no longer work. Now, Microsoft has a Software Recovery Center where you can download those ISOs for free.

www.androidauthority.com 24/01/2015

Google addresses WebView security concerns, makes recommendations on how to stay safe

www.androidauthority.com Google has officially addressed the known WebView security bugs we've been hearing about lately on older versions of Android. No fix is coming, here is how you protect yourself.



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