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Kalasco Savings & Loans 05/02/2022

Kalasco Savings & Loans

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Please work smart. If you are broke nobody will answer your calls. Comment or Send me your State and WhatsApp number, if you want to learn a side hustle business.

Free Report on a side hustle business is available for the first 50 early responders.

I know you are tired of giving excuses about: How slow Business has been.
How you are not making sales.
How clients are not coming forth.
How people are only commenting 'I am interested,' But never show commitment, to take up the offer.

The truth is, you are not alone.
You should be interested in how to grow your business.

I want to teach 50 people how to commence side hustle business.

For Free Report: Comment or Send your State and Phone number or WhatsApp number via WhatsApp: +2348188029847

Acquiring 1000 Customers 04/11/2021

Acquiring 1000 Customers

Here is the game changer eBook for you FREE.
A business owner gets a customer to make a sale.
A business builder makes a sale to start a relationship.
That is exactly what I'm doing here to start a relationship. By giving you this value for free.
And maybe just maybe, you will check out my other stuff: Affiliate Marketing, Digital Business, Website Design and Building, Crypto Training and Trading, RoyalQ Trading Bot.

In any case you can take the information in this eBook and 10x -exponential- your customer acquisition.


Grab your free copy of eBook now.
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Kalasco Digital Business 02/11/2021

Kalasco Digital Business

*_3 Digital Skills for Smart income_*
Please read all....

Thank you for your interest in learning digital skills that will earn you 7-figures to 9-figures income monthly.

My name is Okala Kalasco, a coach and mentor in *digital skills* and *blockchain technology.*

You have contacted us from Radio or social media to learn digital skills.

The secret of greatness lays in learning, please take your time to learn. At the end of this article is will drop our contact and address in case you want to see us one-on-one.

The 3Digital Skills you need to make ₦1million to ₦10million income monthly.

Before we go deep into this, this not finance or legal advice. This is just for educational purpose. I have used same skills to make ₦1million monthly but it is not a guarantee you will make it if all things are not in place. The Internet is highly dynamic and things changes per second.

What are the requirements for the smart Digital lifestyle:

1.*Smartphone* ...good space, good speed, recent Android or Apple.
2.*Smart internet* ...good speed and always active
3. *Smart thinking* ....ready to take action on a viable opportunity...not negative to innovation
4. *Smart products* ...especially digital products like software or Apps
5. *Sales Funnel* ....systematic process of converting prospects to customers.

With the above 5 requirements you are set for this business and get ready for 7-figures income monthly.

Now, what are the 3Digitals skills required for this 7-figures income monthly. This is not money you make going to one office as employee. This is money you make at your own time as a free person.

*1. Digital Commerce*
E-commerce is the largest digital industry right now with $.....trillion revenue. You can key easily by taking any business or service you are doing right now to e-commerce. Steps: 1. Locate a hot selling product. 2. Create the product webpage 3. Send traffic to it from social media or mass media...if the profit is ₦1000, you just need 1000people to buy every month to make the ₦1million monthly income. More to learn in our Academy....

*2. Digital Currency*
The blockchain technology and cryptocurrency has made money purely digital and easy to flow. This is the fastest growing industry with $2.8trillion market capitalization. The most viable ways of making money here is trading Crypto and selling crypto related software. You can buy cryptos as an assets sell them when price appreciate. It can be for a long term or for short term. Bitcoin was the first crypto created in 2009. Late 2009/early 2010 1Bitcoin was sold for ₦1 but today 1Bitcoin is ₦26million. A good Crypto trader trading with $1000 can make $2000 on it every month. Converting $2000 with exchange rate of 500 you get ₦1million profit every month. Those selling trading robot earns between $2000(₦1m) to $15,000(₦7.5m) monthly. That is massive money.
More to learn in our Academy....

3. Digital Marketing
This is the king of marketing in the world. There's is nothing on earth now that can not be sold via digital marketing. Name it. The digital marketing is the way of selling your products or services using digital means like: Television, Radio, Website, Email, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Blogs, name them....whatever ever you are selling, take profit of ₦1000 and 10,000buyers monthly from these medium. You have ₦1000 x 10,000 = ₦10million monthly.

I want to end this article in this note, learn how to use these 3Digital Skills. Take courses on any of them.

Our 1year 3D Academy is flagging up this November. Key in and learn.

Join Us Via Any of these Channels:
*1. Digital Skills WhatsApp Group:*

*2. Zoom Meeting, every Sunday 3pm*

Meeting ID: 81504141907
Passcode: 036368

Invited by: Okala Kalasco

3. *Free Seminar* every Saturday 10:30am to 12pm

*Paid Masterclass* every Saturday 12pm to 4pm

*Venue:* Suite D51, Asokoro Modern Market, by Mogadishu Cantonment, Asokoro Abuja

*For One-On-One* consulting from any of our Advisors, Check on Us Monday to Saturday at:
*_Suite D51, Asokoro Modern Market, by Mogadishu Cantonment, Asokoro Abuja._*

We will be happy you learn. We have both free consultation and premium training.

Invited by:

*_Okala Kalasco* _

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Kalasco Digital Business 28/10/2021

Kalasco Digital Business

Free Seminar Invitation
Learn 3 Digital Skills & Crypto Trading. This Saturday 23rd October, 2021 By 10:00am - 1:00pm
Venue: D51 Asokoro Modern Market. By Mogadishu Cantonment. Asokoro Abuja
Something Big is happening, don't be left out. Invited by Kalasco

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Kalasco Digital Business 15/10/2021

Kalasco Digital Business


ROYAL Q 👉🏻 Is a software robot created to read and trade on update world's largest EXCHANGER, BINANCE or HUOBI EXCHANGE ✅

👉🏻 Many crypto fans choose ROYAL Q to do AUTO TRADE IN BINANCE because ROYAL Q ROBOT rental is *cheap at $120 per year*; it automates your trading, ensures proper risk management and consistent gains. ✅

👉🏻 Capital is safe because the client does not need to deposit the trade CAPITAL to ROYAL Q.

*You only deposit your money in your Binance account(usdt wallet) and then link the bot to your binance account*

👉🏻 ROYAL Q trade is able to make a trading profit of *0.1% - 5% per day* on a beautiful market you can make 10% a day profit from your capital 😎

👉🏻 BINANCE allows ROYAL Q to connect to the API to read and make a trade. The BINANCE exit API is blocked.
So ROYAL Q can't steal your assets that is in your Binance account.

Profitable buying and selling dollars in your Binance.

*This is what we all want, a system which can trade and make consistent profit while we go on our daily activity without been distracted.*


Kalasco Digital Business WhatsApp Group Invite

Photos from Kalasco FEC's post 22/09/2020

Your phone is your office. Pls, ask me how.



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