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JK  Events & Promotion

We organise events ,promotions,Marketing and Branding. We offer quality services at affordable prices. Clients are our number one priority jk events incorporation is a company that your can trust with organizing your event with the best venue ,decoration ,P.A system ,luxury cars.

if you book us for all the services catering services ,and others. please contact us.

Operating as usual


Events planning helps you have a great event. We offer offer sound system, ushers and do events managament.
Hire us now for smooth running of your event.


Okay if we can share this everywhere I know for a fact it's premier will be a blast. Very soon.

@Producer #ViobDrey, #Levixone, @Jonah Kalungi,


Gosple revolution taking over @nbs youth voice @zabuli_ @coopybly


Zabuli is one of the greatest Gosple artist in Uganda. New song #Pull Up to be premiered on NBS.


Premiering Pull Up on NBS


Zabuli premiering Pull Up


Zabuli live on NTV The BEAT


Tune in NTV the BEAT


2020 we have all your events Equippments covered.
Chairs , Tents, Tables , music system, and a music band.


Event of the year ... must attend ... only for the big spenders ... exclusively for abakolamu


Event of the year ... must attend


We are looking for experts, are you interested send us a message


We are Hiring Marketers who will kick with us 2020.
For more information call 0705905215


Bimm!! Hype dreams records along side Bimm Enerje have released another single from Yami J!! Link below for free download here


Rest in Power Uncle Dick on Friday At Club Obligato during Stabua Natooro Ug show he was attacked by pressure which led to blood clot into his brains. He battled with life util the last hour. Sad news is one of his cars is missing Toyota Rav 4.
We lost a humble and respectful person in business.


We bring to you an event that will focus on Business , Relationship and Family. This therefore serves to encourage those who are in Business, Relationships, Family or starting out of the three to build them on the right foundations.

We therefore believe that the life and Career testimonies of the amazing Speakers we have lined up for this very 1st REALITY SERIES one day summit will show the youth , and adults that it is indeed possible for us to bring change wherever we are and God is able to protect, promote and bless us when we boldly stand for Him.

These speakers include:
Amy Shepley from Canada (Editor in Chief & International tour coordinator Milele , Blogger and Writer) ,and Zabuli Gospel Artist the Summit will be hosted by Ronnie Habbasa From 104.1 Power FM.

Therefore with only 10 days to go to our upcoming 1st REALITY SERIES one day summit under the theme ‘Light up your candle’, we urge everyone to share out and invite others to be apart of this amazing program.

For those in the business world , here is an opportunity to share to people about your business. Come and exhibit for FREE and connect with 🌎 world.

Dates: Saturday 28th September 2019
Times: 5:00pm to 9:00 pm
Venue: Kyebando Baptist Church.

For more information
Contact Ronnie on +256 779 / 070 2 27 27 82.
[email protected]

God’s blessings


It was massive at record t.v. today #thanks# goes to every supporter out there maximum respect. #Bimm music. #promotions


Premiering brand new #tonight by @yamij_


Premiering tonight @urbantvuganda by @yamij_ @jk_promoter


Live @urbantvuganda premiering tonight @yamij_


Catch him live on magic 100 from 12-2pm and Urban Tv at night @10: 00 pm while premiering tonight ! Full video below .


Yami J - Tonight (Official Video)

New piece from Yami Bwoy Ug , a Ugandan signed by hype records from Australia.
First Ugandan to be managed by an Australia record label.
Video shoot by DIGO


#HypeDreamsRecords https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/tonight-single/1455169804?ls=1&app=itunes http://vevo.ly/yDiEJ2


New project loading with our own @yamij_ tonight new single @douglaslwanga @mckatsug @nbsafter5 @ntvthebeat @judithiana @mary_flaviakubula @jonathan_jaxta @magic1hd_tv @dj_fikie_256


He is one of the Uganda's exports to South America and Australia

Start today and discover the power in you!!;
#Tonight audio out


Re-branded 3D logo what do you have to say about it.


Yami J

Don't joke with my music can make you jump up and down gwe !!!
#Tonight audio out !!
@Magic 100Fm


Stream our new project coming soon from the fresh talent Yami Bwoy Ug


Lwanga Douglas

You know we had to meet several times and talk about this but somehow all meetings failed. I know your such a determined soul and once you put ur mind to something you go for it. Iam not as close to you as iam to Mc Kats but atleast iam not here to judge you or Back up my bro. Am only here to say we can have a better way to solve this. People fall in and out of love on a daily so its not new.

I have interacted with Kats on a daily i know he has failed you many times but you too have failed him many times. If its soccer its a draw.
Lets all get that quiet time and remember the sacrifices that took to build that brand and the happy moments you two shared. Unless you say there was no impact he had in your life but i know you have confessed he has been instrumental to your career.

Fille had sleepless nights in studio making music while Kats spent equally more sleepless nights in bars not hosting events but rather promoting Fille music and making sure she gets airplay. One would think because Kats is an Mc it was automatic the music had to play but NO the industry doesn’t work like that’ you have to kiss peoples feet to get to the Top and Kats did that.That effort is worth much more than money, he needed love in exchange.

Honestly i know he hurt you in many ways, you had a right to go mad but remember you too did the same to him in equal measure. No one can forget 8years of working together and just drop the ball. No one can take that in easily and i don’t judge Kats for any actions i see him take. You built the Beast Fille and its you to come back and Tame it. He is super mad at what is happening and i know you can calm this situation. On the other side i know you were also so tired of all that was going on and was waiting to exit. Question was how

Every friend of Kats wants the best for him and we also want the best for you Fille. You may seem happy right now but am sure there times you sit and think about the father of your child and whatever memories you too shared. Am not saying for both of you to get back together but rather for you to have just one more conversation. People always move on but Question is how. Kats can still pick up himself but he wont let another man dis respect all his years efforts. He is a very stubborn human being.I know you know him so well. I also know you have a stubborn determined side on you.

You know i have reached out to you since. We failed to meet. The things going on are no longer funny anymore. No one can calm this situation except you and Kats alone. You both deserve peace. Singing about these things makes the situation much worse. I wish you well but asking lets all calm down our egos before it gets to a worse situation we all will regret. Just know Kats only wishes well, the world might judge him right now for the decisions he takes but he wishes well. Fille come settle things bambi so we can have this brother Back in one piece. Tukwegayilide. I LOVE YOU BOTH.

Thank you


Purple Party Uganda

Kampala Uganda, East Africa Are You ready for the #BigAnnouncement.. 2019 Brand Purple (U) Ltd just became bigger n better.
#PurplePartyTour #PurpleXperience Loading... #NewDistricts wats your #AreaCode?


NBS Television

The Goodlyfe management was set to release some of the new songs on January 29 but according to the Administrator General, this has been halted.

Our Story

JK Events & Promotions is an operating name for Joshua K Events and Promotions Ltd. It does Events, Promotions, Marketing and Branding. We connect brands to the youth (aged 13+), for the mutual benefit of both; we aim at making meaningful, memorable, measurable differences in the lives and fortunes of youth. We do this through a medium that both educates and entertains and translates into average brand visibility in the schools, streets, malls, stores, and communities of urban and rural Uganda. We have been at the center of organizing events, but mostly we build platforms. These are media - and other connection and give more to both youth and brands in the short, medium and long-term. We offer a full range of through-the-line services in the insight and ex*****on spaces this will be a high school event.

we do event conduct, full-service event management agency with interests in event planning, product launches, corporate functions and conferences, experiential marketing and private functions. Regardless of whether it's diplomatic mission, Blue Chip Company, corporate entity or private individuals, we'll put in all it takes to make your events a memorable one.

We do a fully integrate creative events into their marketing and communications strategy.

We deliver highly effective events, inspirational communications and innovative live experiences for leading corporations and discerning private clients.


Our conference knowledge comes from all sectors and this event knowledge can be shared with you to create a more impact experience. By utilizing our expertise in events management and logistics, along with our brand values, we will deliver the best conference solutions.

If you’re struggling to find the right Presenter or need some help drafting powerful content we can set you up with professional speechwriters . We can recommend energizers and ice-breakers to set the tone. And if you want to create the right atmosphere we have lighting, backdrops designed to stimulate your audience in line with their attention.


The calendar year offers a wealth of opportunity to spoil clients. But finding something that’s truly different, engaging and more importantly of interest can be tricky.

We’ve become experts at putting Companies in the driving seat to build better relationships with their clients. Every industry and every client is different but generally the best results are achieved through experiences with close links to your customers’ wants, needs & desires.

Our skilled and knowledgeable project managers and event planners will work with you to understand your goals, your requirements and establish how we can work with your own event team. You may only require the use of our delegate registration system, or room lighting for a reception, or the creation of a graphic for your exhibition stand.

We provide services ranging from conference management, providing audio, visual and lighting solutions, as well as exhibition stand design, planning and organizing parties and award ceremonies, organizing team building events, incentives and of course, Event Management and Logistics.


When it comes to private events you are the focus. If you need help we can provide it but your input is just as important. We’ll show you what we’ve done and how we can make it distinctly yours. Our venues, lighting, bespoke bars, mouth-watering caterers, talented performers and professional staff will bring your special occasion to life. We can even do the invites and get a photographer to capture it all, so all that’s left is for you to simply turn up and party.

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Zabuli live on NTV The BEAT
New project loading with our own @yamij_  tonight new single @douglaslwanga @mckatsug @nbsafter5 @ntvthebeat @judithiana...
#promotion of fame
Promotional recruitment hire us to find the best people for your brand promotions and a great promotional staffing.
Zari Dancers Soon Signed by Mgt


decoration ,P.A system,luxury cars,tents, all events facilities.