Waxination Uganda

Waxination Uganda


Your lips cover me with kisses; your love is better than wine - Song of Songs 1:2😍
CLASS: Enjoy your marriage/relatiobship. Enjoy your husband/wife. Have fun together in your own way consistently, Laugh. Romance. Embrace. Respond. & Inspire.......
Waxination Uganda 💑
Omu'Yira Athi Omulimu Paku-Paku......?
Plan carefully and you will have plenty; if you act too quickly, you will never have enough(Psalms 21:5)...reading down this verse tells you well that wealth is not easily achieved and easy come easy go😂 so it depends on your styles and formats....

Nahabwekyo, don't kill yourself or feeling jealous wen you see it to your colleague or neighbour,just know that's their time and yours will definitely come but depending on how you LEVEL yourself in front of GOD...
Waxination Uganda
☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕
Wax Mbusa Johnson
Waxination Uganda

We are located in Ibanda-Kyanya Town Council via Nkenda street alongside Fortportal Road and in Kasese Municipality.We are gratitude to shop,deliver,host and serve you allover Kasese & tour "The colobus travel & safaris Uganda".we value and thank you!

Operating as usual


We all need to stand up Bakonzo & all Ugandans😓


Waye - Kanyere Ka Mama


Cheers☕ ❤

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1st & 2nd Love❤

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My 2nd love😍☕


Paper(Money) Tune🔥Rocking...
A.D Vybz Still at it
Da Valley Boy


New Vibe...New Tune!!
Coming Soon....
AD Vybz Music
The Valley Boy



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It's this Saturday people of Kasese and Western Uganda at large to witness the GREAT MUZZ JOE's 10 Years Of Good Music, let's be there to support him and our own as we remember and enjoy the old & new tunes in the likes of to 😂



This tune is now a hit just in 1week, it's a must download and listen to bunger around K-Town and western Uganda in large, Go subscribe to Doreen Black DB on YouTube and follow on other social medias to feel the L.E.V.E.L too😂


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Konzo Music on another 'LEVEL'
Let's support our own
Tune in and feel the vibe


Focus, no matter how long the journey maybe.


Let's Educate Our Children to pave simple ways than ours for them....

Talent at The hunters kasese is lit👌
Follow their page, subscribe to their YouTube to be the first to enjoy Konzo Music Covers and more.

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Where will you catch your Celebs from this Valentines week

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God makes away to his people

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When you believe, God opens for you.


The 'Body Color' Hit Maker A.D Vybz will be representing @Celebrity Service Kse on 5th February for the 'Arise & Shine' Prayers at Grace Cathedral Church with may more Celebrities like Heli Baibe, ShyK, VanG etc

Don't Miss More & Whatsapp to get A.D Vybz Hits.



How to grow in the industry as an artist!!
1) you have to find out, if you're really musically talented before taking decisions.
2) Start up by listening to popular music artists
3) Choose your favorite kind of music artist
4) Dont imitate any artist, but learn from them.!
5) Create your own idea of singing.
6) Learn how to write your songs your self!
7) Create your song beat on your mind before going to a producer for work.
8) Dont depend on producers to direct you, also learn how to put your craft to your test.
9) Don't use another artist beat tone, create your own pattern so others can relate.
10) Sometimes try nd stay in a lonely place..for your inspiration nd avoid too much noise.
11) Before you go to a studio for recording, give your song like a week gap to get more inspiration. because you may like to change some words.
12) Music comes through AIR, RELATIONSHIP, and BIBLE.
13) Try to know the direction you get your inspirations from and hold on it.
14) Avoid always eating fried food becox it affects your voice.
15) The last but not the least, avoid sexual imorality IT KILLS DREAMS.

☆Have Tipped you freely😂 muve muzalawo mukole!

Waxination Uganda updated their business hours. 02/01/2022

Waxination Uganda updated their business hours.

Waxination Uganda updated their business hours.

Waxination Uganda is now on WhatsApp. 01/01/2022

Waxination Uganda is now on WhatsApp.

Waxination Uganda is now on WhatsApp.

Waxination Uganda is now on WhatsApp. 01/01/2022

Waxination Uganda is now on WhatsApp.

Waxination Uganda is now on WhatsApp.


Happy New Year Everyone
Don't miss Arsenal Vs Manchester City 2nite




Merry Christmas 🎄 All


We're open every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday nights then Saturday & Sunday for sports shows in Nyakabugha Upper zone, Ibanda-Kyanya Town council.

Come on, Come all!

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Without a sip I feel headache
Totally Caffeineted like being always with her😂

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Nkenda Street, Kasese - Fortportal Road

Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 19:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 19:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 19:00
Thursday 09:00 - 19:00
Friday 09:00 - 19:00
Saturday 09:00 - 19:00
Sunday 12:00 - 19:00

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GPS: 0.010778, 29.999973 Fortportal - Mbondwe Road, Near Queen Elizabeth National Park On Fortportal Mbondwe Road
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