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Training those that need to learn more about money lending and banking.Help those who have challenges with bank loans.Financial literacy in general.

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People are talking all they want about CryptoCurrency but do you have what to say about it before you invest in it?
My friend invest in Cryptocurrency today and thank me later.

5 Billion Sales - 5BillionSales 16/09/2021

5 Billion Sales - 5BillionSales

What if it becomes real?

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Go and give 10% of your earnings to God now you christians.
God bless you.


Hello, Hello!!
Happy New Year.
This is a year for for us to make money
The best Bitcoin mining center

Delivering Mobile Top-up, Bill Payments, Goods and Services from Anywhere to Anyone Anytime. Be Global. Be Limitless. Be Agile 21/12/2018

Delivering Mobile Top-up, Bill Payments, Goods and Services from Anywhere to Anyone Anytime. Be Global. Be Limitless. Be Agile

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This Agile network is amazing. Sending airtime to all networks in the whole world. If you are in UK or UAE or South Africa, Whatsapp +256772592702 and test Agile

Delivering Mobile Top-up, Bill Payments, Goods and Services from Anywhere to Anyone Anytime. Be Global. Be Limitless. Be Agile after entering your phone number in an international format e.g +12345678, choose a service from the list of available services in your country displayed to you


Morning friends. Borrowing money, to believers, is a manifestation that your God has failed to work so you have to look for a manly solution. in fact if you are a true christian, do not borrow.


Africa is the richest continent on earth but its riches are still untapped!


Good morning Entrepreneurs. Never invest in many ventures at the same time. Paradoxically, to money lenders spread your risk.




Never give up!


You shouldn't forget the following if you wanna do a successful business.
= Get Organized
= Keep Detailed Records
= Analyze Your Competition
= Understand the Risks and Rewards
= Be Creative
= Stay Focused
= Prepare to Make Sacrifices
= Provide Great Service
= Be Consistent
= Treat your employees fairly
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Money is magnetic. It is attracted by people who are magnetic. It remains with people who remain magnetic. You lose your magnetism, you lose money. Work hard to be magnetic and remain with your magnetism.


Am happy when i see Honourables liking my page. #Hon Isaac Lulaba


Innovation is the key to prosper.


Do you know more taxes on people cannot bring development of a country.


Good morning people of God. He is the owner of silver and gold. He owns all the cattle on a thousand hills. You cant lack if He is your Father!


Good morning friends. Never rely on one source of income (salary) it will make you embezzle, swindle, forge to meet ends. Diversify in farming, and call me for more


Friends, I have taken time without greeting you, I have been engaged in a humanitarian work of rescuing domestic workers who are being mistreated in Oman. I learnt that to achieve what you have never achieved, you have to do what you have never done.
(If you get time you can like our page, Domestic Workers and Family Justice Alliance)


Good morning friends. Men you are losing grip on money matters and its not your problem. Women you are gaining monetary power and don't misuse it.
All is Gods ordained. Men don't fuel domestic violence because you are losing control of the family, put it in Gods hands, He will pave a way for you to restore your manhood. Women also try to understand that a mans attitude is influenced by the lack to provide to his family. LOVE EACH OTHER, THINGS WILL NORMALIZE.


Money has energy. Money is a living thing! Money has love! Money can hate! So try to handle it with that information.


The speed of your success is limited only by your dedication and what you are willing to sacrifice.


My friends, if Christmas is a time to celebrate then it must be related to God. Let us stop wasting money in luxurious spending. If at all it necessitates, this is time to furnish churches, do everything that will edify the church and glorify God.


Never mix business with faith too much. They are different with few intersections.


Sometimes the businesses people start without thorough research is like sowing the wind and reaping the whirlwinds. Research


You cant be successful by yourself


Money is like a girl or a lady. When you treat her in a good way according to her, she will love you more. She will even produce for you. Money needs to be cared for, once well looked after it will multiply in your life.
Treat money like your sweetheart you will see what happens in your life. Meet you at the top.


One way of saving money when constructing an apartment is to build vertically than horizontal. The whole space above your house is full of plots!


I love you all for liking this page. May God increase your territories today and be granted your desires in Jesus name.

InstantMobileCash: Changing Lives 17/07/2017

InstantMobileCash: Changing Lives

InstantMobileCash: Changing Lives Learn how to turn UGX 102,000 into UGX 409 million in one year with our automated airtime retailing system. Helps you retire quickly


This is the time for Ugandans sincerely. Its a matter of embracing businesses that are related to digital framework.
Check out on a business like Instant mobile cash and see if well embraced you will remain the same.




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