Tukole Art Cultural Inspirations

Tukole Art Cultural Inspirations


Trying to come up with such art
Contact me on WhatsApp please if interested
How is mi basket?
How is mi basket?
Do u guys have a WhatsApp number?

Arts and Inspirations

Operating as usual


Let us keep our community clean by removing all broken glasses by Up cycling them.
Kindly give support to Tukole Art cultural Inspirations (TACI) in regard to up cycling no matter how small it may be.Please spread the word!


Let us thank Milk Garage at Nataba kirinya bukasa road to give us the opportunity of making there art work towards Tukole Art Cultural Inspirations fundraising.
We're well coming any kind of support.


Our daily activities is are real film of our life.


There is nothing easy for easy, its good to persist until you achieve your goal.


Some of the community youths which attaining the skills of up cycling wastes into use full products.

[10/31/20]   It's impossible to know for certain just how many children spend their time living in the streets. Children end up on the street for a whole host of reasons. They may have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS or by war. They may be fleeing abusive households or homes where there's not enough food for the whole family.

[10/11/20]   Tukole Art Cultural Inspirations let us thank brother ''Dimma Mawejje Creations'' for supporting our cause of vulnerable children/street kids, young mothers school drops out and youths:

Have sent in my contribution towards the campaign using the airtel number provided by you.
Kindly acknowledge the payment!
Thank you


Up cycled hand bag for more information contact;
+256 787 010 994
+256 706 867 378


Whenever you don't abandon your dream but you hold it with your two hands, i mean ten fingers and you stand firm,always the sky is the limit .
Community women being taught at tukole art cultural inspirations to awake there art skills.


Today morning at Tukole Art Cultural Inspirations we are excited to have had a great moment of sharing and enlightening our community youths who are into construction.
Tukole Art Cultural Inspirations has managed to take them through Business startup knowledge concerning their construction company they would like to start.


Hope you are well and in good health.

It is a joy to share with you our new location.

Tukole Art shop/Design Studio; have shifted from Munyonyo to Kiko Land kirinya off Bukasa road kirinya bweyogerere kalogoyi stage.

You can find us on Google map.
We are open 24; 7 you're all most well come.


At Tukole Art Cultural Inspirations; (TACI); We believe that to rehabilitate and train street boys/girls Waste material management/up cycling and metal fabrication,Quality control production, Book keeping/to be innovative and creative.
So that they can tap into their creative energy and bring something into their lives that gives them joy and hopefully take that joy out to the world and share it!(With others at the different communities).
There Joy and hopeful will come from creating fun craft piece, or a beautiful art piece from wastes materials and metal fabrication.


Your utensils and TV stand, Tukole Art has got you covered.


Cross bags; in case you want to own one.
+256 787 010 994 or +256 706 867 378


Street children are poor or homeless children who live on the streets of a city, town, or village. Homeless youth are often called street kids or street child.

Around the all world we have more than 150 million street children (girls and boys) today – who, for one reason or another, spend most of their lives on the streets.

Street children can be found in a large majority of the world's famous cities, with the phenomenon more prevalent in densely populated urban hubs of developing or economically unstable regions, such as countries in Africa, South America, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia.


Nice wall hangings for the Restaurants, Motels, Hotels and for your sitting room and corridors.


Yes yes Tukole Art Shop Munyonyo; Is reopened they have cow horn earrings and bangles in different designs and colours not only those the shop is fully packet with art.


Tukole Art Cultural Inspirations; Empowering the community youths with the skills of fabricating charcoal stoves during the lockdown as well as quarantine.

twitter.com 08/08/2020

Einstein Rising on Twitter

twitter.com “Wishing you a nice #weekend wiith these talented youth of @TukoleArt transforming and recycling #plastic waste into valuable artistic product #SE4frica #SocEnt #Africansolutions #recycle #wastemanagement #planetearth #innovation #plasticfree #creativity #art #communitydev #Uganda”


Your dreams are your reality, just put them into consideration.


We got knowledge from the people who are surrounding us and they are the same to contribute on our rise and flow.
Tukole art cultural inspirations sowing the seed of metal fabrication skills to the street boys.


Tukole Art Cultural Inspirations: Empower street youth with metal fabrication skills.
Any parent, guardian, organization whatever category you like your sons etc to be trained the above mentioned program.
Contact = +256 787 010 994
Email = [email protected]


Today morning Tukole Art Cultural Inspirations had a great time meeting Prince Kiwewa Faisal the Founder of Bayimba Cultural Foundation at Lunkulu Island .


Tukole Art inspecting Bayimba Lunkulu Island Bridge in preparation for setting up a permanent bridge that we may enjoy the island often lay and also the sunset. #tukole lights #bird watching #music #dancing #festival #camping #tukole art #cultural #inspirations#artistc bridge.


This is a up cycled safari cape with holes for fresh air all the way as you enjoy the nature around you.


Let us keep our communities clean to avoid other diseases such as:
Diarrhoea etc.


All a long we know banana fibers we us them for preparing smashed matoke but this time round there up cycled into photo frames walk in at tukole art shop munyonyo and buy some for your memories.


We are still on program of reminding you to keep our communities clean, Instead of throwing paper every where the solution is here.
These wall hangings are Up cycled papers, acrylic and right wooden frame.
They will look so nice at your house, hotel sitting room and in the corridors of whatever you wish to hang it.


Have ever been their and you count the times you go for shopping and you buy polyphony bags for parking?
Here is a Up cycled plastic fiber kikapu(shopping bag) for you. Its not only to reduce on your expenses, but also to save environment (Green) get up and stand up for the maama (BUTONDE) nature.


Do you like your gift to be different from others your friend is going to receive on Her/His birthday, Wedding party? Okay any are the ceremony you just jump on safe boda to Tukole Art Shop Munyonyo next door to Miki's pub and pizzeria same fence.


Cow horn flower Cassels available at Tukole Art shop munyonyo next door to Miki's Pub and Pizzeria.


Tukole Art Cultural Inspirations's cover photo


Let us keep our communities clean by up cycling papers into useful products such Bowls and paper beads(locally called Acholi beads).


Today 28/02/2020 we had amazing day madam Nakayiza from Chibataka fashion designers visited tukole art shop at munyonyo next door to Miki's pub and pizzeria.


Crochet clutch bag now available at Tukole Art shop.

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Let us up cycle the waste material into wealth, also the humanitarians they been cycled.Some people they term it as Ssaa...
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Tukole Art live Workshop



Shoes,bags,belts,bracelets,natural seed jewellery and much more



Kampala Uganda; Kiko Land Kirinya Bukasa Road Bweyogerere

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TUKOLE ART CULTURAL INSPIRATIONS the social mission of tukole art cultural inspirations is to awaken the skills of women and children for their day to day life through training them art and craft tailoring and other activities
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