Freshvine christian book store ug

Freshvine  christian book store ug


Do you guyz have Life in the spirit all four volumes.
Hello do you have books on church history and preaching?
i directed some one to pick my copy of the book i wanted but got lost, is it possible for u to deliver to Workers house
Hello , i am in need of christian books on child birth- devoitionals through out pregnancy. ie Supernatural child birth , what do u have , let me know the prices as well am in Mukono
Hello, do you have the beginners bible and rainbow good news bible?
Hi Racheal,Like your page
ur nice
A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.”

we have a variety of christian material Bibles, books, movies,music, gifts etc

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Get into God's words by using devotionals. We have

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We got ourselves kids covered

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Changing the world starts with changing the mind. Invest in knowledge and you will be wise

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No matter what the whole world is going through we can still enjoy our everyday life with Joyce Meyer

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Hello great leaders,
Are you desiring to understand the supernatural and prayer, meet the man anointed in revealing things of the spirit in fiction form by reading his most requested for novels

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You mind should not be locked down, get inspired, educated, motivated and guided by getting yourself the best literature needed during this trying time


Roman's 12:2 (InternationalChildren's Version)says Do not be shaped by this world, but instead be changed within by a new way of thinking. Then you will be able to decide what God wants for you. And you will be able to know what is good and pleasing to God and what is perfect.

Fear, worry, anxiety or insecurity can be let in or kept out by us through right or wrong thoughts. You alone have the power to open your mind and let fear in or close it out. It's not the media or politicians who make us fearful but we chose what to let in. Our minds are like doorways.

When the enemy tries to sneak in with a thought that's detrimental or against the WORD of God, we need to say NO. And right now you have a choice to make. Whose report will you believe from this day forward?
Is it the one of the Lord or the one of the enemy?

Have a lovely day

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With toddlers still at home lets limit what they watch by improving their library with this selection

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Get bible bags at affordable prices

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The best leather bible bags at reasonable prices

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Enjoy books written by some of our favourite preachers.

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Are you looking for godly advice, books are the best advisers contact us 0787464687


Everyday with Jesus march/April 2021 is available at multinet (former freshvine) call 0772845344/0787464687

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2020 has been with surprises we never anticipated but nothing was or will ever be a surprise to our Lord.
He is all knowing
He is all sufficient
And He alone can direct us in the coming year because He has already lived in our future.
As you enter the new year, may the Lord almighty stand before you to make a way, beside you to take your hand and behind you to watch over every step you take in 2021.

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Decorate your home with inspiring messages


Hello Family next year's devotionals avaolable


Hello family next year's devotionals are available


its been a while
Today in stock we have communion supplies like:


Our goal is to offer our customers with the best products at reasonable prices within the shortest time possible.

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Remember to visit us on Kampala Road for a wider range of Christian resources.
Bible bags are now available


Because you trusted me, I will preserve your life and keep you safe. I the LORD have spoken. Jeremiah 39:18.
When the announced the COVID-19 outbreak most of us didn't know what would happen, when they announced the several lock downs we become discourage and scared of what tomorrow may bring, when they lifted the lock down on businesses traders are confused because they don't know how to revive their businesses. But it makes a very huge difference if we are in fellowship with the LORD JESUS Christ. When all seems confusing and our day turns out to be night, we can face the challenges with faith and not fear.
So Keep in fellowship with the Lord is you want to remain sane in these depressing times.
Have a blessed day

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Praise the Name of the LORD.
We bless the Lord for your lives.
And for those who have lost loved ones our hearts and prayers are with you.
Now because we are in a season where everything is uncertain it's very important to trust what you take in.
The best and only option you have right now is the Word of God.
On that note we have been able to access the following study bibles and many more.
Please come visit us on kampala Road opposite fido dido.
Or you can reach us on 0772845344/ 0703980328


With so much uncertainty, fear,worry and anxiety overwhelming our hearts because of what the experts are predicting.
We seem to be having no hope for tomorrow. They say, "businesses are going to close because of bankruptcy, many are going to loose their jobs."
Truth be told man knows what's happening or how to stop it or what the future holds apart from God our creator because He is Lord of all and Lord over all.
Only God Almighty knows what our future holds or when this will end.
But thanks be to God for He lives in the future.
We are to put our trust, hope and future in Him.
Abide in Him and He will make us fruitful.


For our momentary, light distress( this passing trouble) is producing for us an eternal weight of glory(a fullness) beyond all measure!
So we look not at the things which are seen, but at things which are unseen; for the things which are visible are temporal ( just brief and fleeting), but the things which are invisible are everlasting and imperishable. 2 Corinthians 4:17-18
What a challenge and a so counter - intuitive, because often our first response is to worry and utter out our fears and asking 'God why are you doing this? Or even to look solely to human advice and man made solutions to find relief or release from suffering when instead we should be asking God for His strength and intervention, turning our spiritual eyes to His power and grace which is sufficient for us.
This pestilence that everyone is trying to figure out is to a certain degree a reminder to all of us to focus in the right place.
Thank God for the ban on gathering coz this is the time we have to understand that salvation is personal.
Let's use this time to renew, revive and also grow our relationships with both God and our families.


Praise the living God who had watched over us and He is not about to stop.
But just a heads up instead of buying these sanitizers which are not effective I would like to recommend dettol which is very effective both the liquid and the bar soap
It has always been effective even to prevent the spread of corona

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Please visit us and get some of these great books.
We are located on kampala Road opposite Fido dido
Call us on 0703980328 or 0772845344


In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ. Phil 2:5
Yesterday I was caught in the middle of some battle between two non believers.
One I care about and another someone I know.
All I could do is to pray but I realized that if I had opened my mouth to pray I realized that the mind I had was angry.
Reading this verse just brought me to repentance because my mind was not in the right place that would glorify God.




Plot 83/85 , Park Royal Acarde , Opposite Fidodido Upstairs Upstairs Kampala Rd

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