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Grazie al Comune di Montesilvano, al Sindaco e a tutti i partner del progetto STELLA MARIS LAB.
" Un incubatore d’impresa sociale diffuso e articolato sui 46 comuni della provincia di Pescara, questo è il progetto STELLA MARIS LAB.
Il Comune di Montesilvano è capofila del progetto, che riunisce patners pubblici e privati, passando dai comune più grande (Pescara) a quello più piccolo (Corvara),
L’innovazione del progetto è anche nell’attivazione di uno strumento innovativo, resiliente e unico di pagamento che affiancherà a sistemi che tradizionalmente siamo abituati a utilizzare.
Grazie al contributo della SatrtUp abruzzese Abrex srl, sarà attivato un sistema di pagamento innovativo, rapido e vicino al sistema produttivo locale che renderà unico il progetto".
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Hi any job for me??? Have a diploma in Business Studies ( Accounting) UCC Soroti

31 Dec 2018 is the DEADLINE to file tax return for the year ended 30th June 2018 and failure to file attracts a late filing penalty or administrative assessment

WHO is required to File
1. Companies
2. Partnership
3. Sole proprietorship
4. Directors of a company
5. Partners in a partnership
6. Individuals with business / rental income
That have registered for taxes, or have a TIN

Please not even if the business, companies, partnership, or individual did not make any sales or made a loss, ur still required to file Nil or loss

For any assistance, whatsap or call us on

❎All these are the provisions in the Income Tax Act of Uganda

We specialize in Tax Advisory, Accountancy & bookkeeping, Audit & Assurance, Business Management A


Demo Consult

Tax literacy is very necessary to all

Demo Consult We specialize in Tax Advisory, Accountancy & bookkeeping, Audit & Assurance, Business Management Advisory & Capacity building.


Demo Consult

Understanding Income Tax provisional returns for Companies and Penalties for Under-declaration of chargeable/taxable incomes.

A business registered as a Company is required by Law (Income Tax Act) to file two provisional returns in twelve months. For those Companies with an accounting period following the normal government of Uganda Fiscal year (Financial year), i.e July to June are required to file their first provisional return by end of the 6th Month (31st December) and the second provisional return by end of the 12th month (30th June) every year.

Other Companies with a different accounting period (called a substituted year of Income in Taxation language) are required to follow the same considering the end of the 6th month of the accounting period for the first provisional return and the end of the 12th month for their 2nd provisional return.

A provisional return is an estimate of chargeable income (hence tax liability) from your operations for a specific period as discussed above. A company’s chargeable income in the second provisional return should be 90% close to the company’s chargeable income declared in the final Income Tax Return. Quite often, when filing the second provisional return, this requirement is not put into consideration and it leads into penalties in accordance with S51 (2) of the Tax Procedures Code Act 2014 (TPC amended) for under declaration of the business’s chargeable income.

In summary, the penalty above is calculated as 20%*(90%*Final tax-Provisional tax).
For example, if you file and pay provisional taxes of 200m and in your final return the tax liability is 550m, the above computation will be as follows:
Penalty= 59m.

This means as a Company you will pay an extra 59m as a penalty in that year due to under declaration of your chargeable incomes in your provisional filing.

Engaging a tax qualified professional will save you and your business from these unnecessary penalties because all your tax affairs will be looked at and planned for in advance.

Not engaging a Tax professional is more costly to you and your business than the fees you pay to this tax professional.

Demo Consult We specialize in Tax Advisory, Accountancy & bookkeeping, Audit & Assurance, Business Management Advisory & Capacity building.


For audit and accounting job opportunities, just follow the link below.


We are looking for someone with at least 3 years in audit & assurance environment. If you are the one, please share your CV on the email address below.


Do not wait for 30th June deadline for filing your provisional returns for those with a Fin year running from July to June and your final returns for those with a Fin year running January to December


We are always happy serving with our services


To you all


To you all


Another opportunity is here, apply now.
We are looking for a dedicated, proactive and innovative accounts person to manage the day to day financial roles in our client's business. Duty location is Nakawa Kampala.

Rewards are attractive.


It's that other time of the year when every company should report or communicate to the govt thru URA the results from the business operations for the year 2020/21. Do not wait for the deadline pressures, act now.


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From the CEO Demo Consult , happy Independence day to everyone


To you all



By Dedan Mutatinensi

"In this world, nothing is certain but death and taxes" is a an old adage that means one cannot avoid the inevitable, that certain things in life are common to all people and cannot be avoided. Tax is one of those. Taxation is the price, we citizens pay for our government to keep running & to provide us with basic social services.

But if people must pay tax and they know they must, why are business people always in running battles with the taxman, in this case, Uganda Revenue Authority. Why cant they live co-harmoniously?

To increase tax revenue, URA is always in a constant upgrade of its policies & systems, both legislatively and technologically. EFRIS & DTS are some of those examples - good initiatives, no doubt but does the business-person appreciate or understand them? Can the businessperson be blamed, should the answer be no?

Some of these initiatives, even when they are meant to improve revenue tax collection, they inadvertently bring positive benefits to private enterprises, in the form of helping them put their books of accounts in order. With books of accounts in order, the business person is able to make informed decisions about his or her enterprise; can properly do their tax filings, and incase URA doubts, can effectively provide evidence to support his/her filing; but most importantly, proper book keeping helps to advance the element of the principle of separation i.e the owner marking a clear difference between him/herself and the business.

URA would be better off if it introduced some of these interventions after a thorough consultatitve process with its "clients" and a well orchestrated communication campaign so that its "target tax payers" be informed and prepare well in advance. URA must approach this issue with the knowledge that mindset change is a gradual process and so instant imposition of tax can be sternly opposed. This is what we have witnessed with the recent taxation on textiles, its opposition and ultimately, its reversal. As mentioned earlier, that could have been avoided with a better consultative process with the stakeholders.

That way, the taxman and the business person would live co-harmoniously.

The writer is a Tax Consultant at Demo Consult and can be reached using [email protected].


Know your business costs.

In a layman's language, business costs are anything that take money out of the business. Its in the interest of each and every business to minimize business costs in order to maximize investor's gains.

Whats the biggest cost in your business?
Taxes are proving to be the biggest cost to each and every business in Uganda today as shown below;

Income tax for companies is charged at 30% after every 12 months. For example, if a business makes a profit of 10m, the government through URA is entitled to 30%*10m=3m. The business remains with 7m. If this 7m is to be paid the the owner of the business as a dividend, the government again through URA is entitled to get 15% as WHT. That is, 7m*15%=1.05m.

This means that out of 10m, the government is taking 4.05m as taxes whereas the investor is taking only 5.95m.

In effect, this means that in accordance with Income Tax Act, the government is entitled to over 40% of your business profits.
My biggest question to all business owners small and big is, do we put in our efforts to plan how to manage this biggest cost to us?

Tax planning has become part and parcel of business systems and specifically part of a sound financial management system. For you to plan well for all your tax affairs with a purpose to minimize outflows through taxes, a tax expert/professional is necessary. Because, taxation is guided by the law, its not that everyone can interpret the law and advise appropriately. Let a tax expert be part of your consultants/business advisors in order to ensure business sustainability through minimizing tax costs. Lets all strive to pay our fair taxes.


For all the following services, Demo Consult is your one stop centre


Apply now, deadline is on Wednesday 18th August 2021


You maybe the suitable candidate we are searching for, apply now


For any business entity to prosper, measure performance, invest well and manage its financial resources well, proper and appropriate books of accounts/records have to be maintained.

With no proper books maintained, compliance risk is very high especially compliance with tax requirements. But also the risk of fraud is high. At Demo Consult, we help our clients build strong bookkeeping systems that will help management report timely but also safeguard the assets of the business. We pride in associating with businesses that plan and mind about compliance with the laws of Uganda.


If you are dynamic, innovative and proactive, you are the one we are looking for.


Its better you comply in time than facing the huge penalties


Try your chance now and join our team


In order to serve our esteemed clients better, we are looking for dynamic, innovative and proactive auditors/accountants with a bachelors degree in a relevant field to join our team. Send in your academic documents and CV to the email address on the advert below.


The deadline is on Wednesday 30th June 2021.


All VAT taxpayers, you can only claim your input if you have an e-invoice/receipt. With this, you need to emphasise on e-documents while buying anything from other VAT taxpayers.

VAT claims/refunds have been made easy since there won't be time time in checking and verifying supporting documents to these claims


We are looking for a young dynamic, innovative and proactive candidate to join our team of Financial and Tax auditors.

The candidates should possess a minimum of a diploma in Finance and accounting from a reputable institution of higher learning. ACCA/CPA level 11 will be an added advantage.


To our current and prospective clients,

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It's Tax time, prepare and file both your final and provisional income tax returns for 2019/20 & 2020/21 respectively


Electronic Fiscal Receipting and Invoicing Solution is a new system in the Ugandan tax laws (Tax procedure code TPC (Am) Act 2018. Under this system, once a transaction is initiated by the seller on an electronic device/URA/mobile phone web portal, the transaction is processed through the centralised receipting and invoicing system authenticated by URA and a receipt or invoice is issued to the buyer. This can be sent directly on to the buyer in a soft form or a printed hard copy.

Its implementation started from 1st July 2020. 3 months period was given for taxpayer sensitisation about this new system. The first phase is for all VAT registered taxpayers and all the other taxpayers will be brought on to the same gradually.
Effective 1st Oct 2020, to claim for VAT input or administrative expenses, the above category must support their claims with e-documents.

The implication of this is that URA will be monitoring business performance of such businesses in real time. This comes with both advantages and disadvantages to the businessman. However, note that this is a government policy, it cannot be fought successfully but rather it can be managed through proper prior tax planning. With such developments taking place in our business playfield, tax planning must be part and parcel of our business processes on a daily.

Let’s meet in October as we talk e-things, but you can also contact us for more discussion on the same matter.


C19 has shown both individuals & companies that its vital to have reasonable cash reserves 03/07/2020

Demo Consult

With our help behind you, you’ll never be in the dark on your business ventures. We’re experts at proactively managing your tax issues and can give you in-depth analysis about how your upcoming opportunities are likely to affect your tax position. We are experienced business and management consultants providing effective on-time professional support to business owners, Managers, organizations and institutions


Filing your tax returns on time is a good practice and saves you from deadline pressures. Act now now


Failure to notify change of ownership of a motor vehicle within 14 days attracts a penalty of 6m or 6 months imprisonment: New Law


Time is now to act or ask anything you would want to know about withholding tax & withholding tax/VAT exemptions. Unlike before, effective 1st July 2020, the exemption status will be valid for 12 months


Digitalisation of workplaces will continue apace. Either we are part of that journey or we run the risk of being left behind’


The ways in which a business creates value are influenced by its business model, its strategy, and the particular goals of the organisation


Across almost every aspect of business, professional accountants help organisations navigate challenging and competitive operating environments, thereby creating new value streams.


Amidst this COVID-19, dont forget about your businesses. Its time to plan ahead and re-organise our systems and processes. Soon we shall over come this and embark on our daily routine.


COVID-19 is a shock to the business community and to everyone. Lessons must be learnt so that we emerge stronger once this storm is gone. Lets re-strategise and organise ourselves better to easily manage such in the future. If it means having a training to make yourself or staff better, pliz do.


Amidst all these challenges, as a business you need to track all your transactions by keeping proper records.

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Amidst this COVID-19, dont forget about your businesses. Its time to plan ahead and re-organise our systems and processe...



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