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We deal in all types of safety and work wear items.

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Another happy client.. Thank for your business Saraya East Africa Co., Ltd.


BREAKING: Chest Warders back in stock at only 220000. Grade A


For all you Personal Protective Equipment PPE at very affordable and attractive rates:

1 Imported Coveralls (assorted colours)
2. Locally made coveralls (both short and long sleeved)
3. Overcoats/Dust coats (Assorted colors)
4. Safety Harness (Both single and Double Lanyard)
5. Safety Boots/Shoes
6. Leather Gloves
7. Rubber Gloves
8. Chemical Gloves
9. Disposable masks (3ply)
10. Re-usable Masks (2 and 3ply)
11. Face Shields
12. Security Guard shoes
13. Raincoats
14. High Visibility Vests/Reflector Vests
15. First Aid Kits (personal, 15 people, 25 people, 50 people and 100 people)
16. Industrial Chemical masks and respirators
17. Steel Toe Gumboots
18. Regular Gumboots
19. Fire Extinguishers
20. Emergency blankets
21. Batons or Tonfas for security Guards
22. Security Berets
23. Construction/ Work Helmets (Vented and Regular assorted colours)
24. Riding Gloves
25. Heavy Duty Motorcycle riding suits
26. Cold Room Jackets
27. 2 Piece Coveralls (shirt and Pants)
28. Reflective Tape Rolls (Grey, Green and Orange)
29. Road Cones
30. Warning / Barrication Tape
31. Cut Resistant Gloves
32. Work Goggles/Glasses
33. Welding Shields
34. Welding Glasses
35. Life Jackets
36. Security Guard Uniforms
37. Worker / Office uniforms
38. Reflective Straps (orange and Green)
39. Chest Waders/ Sewerage Gumboots

And may more items.. Visit us at Zai Plaza, Luwum street or you can text or call us for any inquiries.


Now available, GRADE 1 Safety Jogger work/safety shoe with ankle protection. BESTBOY 1 European standard at only Ushs. 120,000/-

Hurry while stocks last.


FFP2 and N95 masks now available. Limited stock. At only 370000 a box of 20pcs. Hurry while stocks last. Call or Whatsapp 0771800818


New stock now available. For all your safety wear needs. Find us at Zai Plaza, Luwum street Shop. G23 or you can call for any inquiries.


How smart are you Security Guards? We have and make security guard shoes at very affordable prices.. Discounts for bulk purchase. Give your guards and workers a smart look with our durable shoes.


Did you know all safety boots/work shoes have a life span or expiry date whether in use or not?
Do you know how to check for it before you purchase that boot?

Do not lose your hard earned money out of ignorance, such small details matter a lot. A quality shoe can get spoilt or damaged in a day or two if it has reached its expiry date.

Talk to us.. And we'll help you make the right choice with our variety of work shoes.


Do you work in a pretty hot workplace?
Do regular reflective vests/jackets make you feel uncomfortable?
Is the weather too hot for you to wear a proper reflective attire?
Are Reflector jackets too small or too big for you?
Are you tired of looking for a fitting reflective vest9
Do not put your life at risk.. Safety always comes first.
Try our adjustable reflective/high visibility straps.
At only UGX 25000.

We do deliveries too.


Are present when a worker is exposed to any chemical preparation in the workplace in any form (solid, liquid or gas). Some are safer than others, but to some workers who are more sensitive to chemicals, even common solutions can cause illness, skin irritation, or breathing problems.

1. Liquids like cleaning products, paints, acids, solvents – ESPECIALLY if chemicals are in an unlabeled container!
2. Vapors and fumes that come from welding or exposure to solvents
3. Gases like acetylene, propane, carbon monoxide and helium
4. Flammable materials like gasoline, solvents, and explosive chemicals
5. Pesticides
(source: safetyline)

The side effects of working in such environments without adequate protection especially for the air you breath are not immediate and are 90% of the time irreversible.

Do not put your health at risk, always protect yourself with our wide range of quality nose masks and eye protection at very friendly prices.


High-visibility jacket/vest, sometimes known as "hi-viz" or reflector Jacket, is any clothing worn that is highly luminesence in it's natural matt property, or a colour that is easily discernible from any background. Most comanly worn on the torso and arm area of the body. Most industrial employers require it as a type of personal protective equipment (PPE). In Uganda, it's a crime to get into any construction site or workstation that has moving vehicles without wearing one of these. And all employers are obliged to enforce this at site.
Visit or Contact us for all kinds of quality Reflective jackets at very friendly prices.


High-Visibility vests or Reflective Vests. These can be used in work areas, promotions and advertisement. Very effective day and night. Friendly prices. Inbox for details.


Light-duty single nasal respirators are now in stock at friendly prices.


Also available are genuine Garret Metal detectors/ scanners.. At only UGX. 150,000 comes with a free battery.


Now available .. 3M 8210 (N95) high quality nose Masks. At only 40,000 UGX per box of 20 Masks. #safetyfirst


World Of Safety Uganda's cover photo


High quality and long-lasting KAKSWEAR Safey Boots available in different sizes.. Kindly DM for more details and pricing.


Have you ever thought of why it is important and a must to wear Safety Boots/Shoes at a work place??

The importance of wearing safety shoes cannot be stressed enough. These shoes and footwear are equipped with safety features such as fortified toes to safeguard your feet in case a heavy object falls. If you work in a construction site or have to carry personal protective gear, safety shoes are a must.

Here are 5 Real Life Advantages:

1. ​Protection from Falling Objects

If your work requires you to carry heavy objects or you work in a place where there is a lot of heavy machinery, vehicles and power tools, accidents can occur. If you wear steel toe boots, your toes will be protected in case one of these objects falls on your toes.

2. ​Cutting and Puncture Protection

Do you work in an environment where there are sharp objects around? If that’s the case, you’ll need heavy duty shoes with thick materials and toe protection. Construction sites are good examples of this, so you’ll need protective shoes here.
Logging boots and heavy duty work boots are designed with cut resistant material to protect your feet. These shoes are also waterproof, provide ankle protection and have water repellant properties.

3. ​Safeguard from Electrical Currents

Other reasons we need safety work boot is for electrical protection. Electricity carries a lot of potential risks such as shock. Workers without safety shoes could also suffer from static electricity accumulation, producing sparks.
You can reduce this possibility by wearing safety shoes with non-conductive properties. Rubber, leather and other materials are good choices as they don’t conduct electricity. Protective safety shoes, conductive footwear or those with anti-static properties are necessary if you work in places where there is a lot of potential static buildup. As long as you wear these shoes, it’s going to cut down the static that will build up in your body.

4. ​Prevent Falls, Trips and Slips

Slips, tripping and falls can occur in any workplace, resulting in injuries. As an employee you can protect yourself by wearing safety shoes or boots to the workplace. If you’re an employer, having your workers wear safety shoes will provide them with the protection they need.

5. ​Fatigue Protection

Safe shoes are ideal for workers who spend hours on concrete and other hard surfaces. Walking or standing on those surfaces induces fatigue. Your feet suffers a lot of pressure as do your back and legs. The situation worsens if you don’t wear the safety shoes.
By wearing safety shoes, fatigue will be reduced. You’ll feel more comfortable as they provide cushioning as well as support for your arch. There are different types of work boots, but what the good ones share in common is their ability to make your feet feel more comfortable.
Safety shoes reduce stress and muscle strain, plus they also strengthen your muscles and make you less vulnerable to fatigue. The muscle protection offered by these shoes also provides protection for your legs, knees and lower back. In other words, safety shoes do more than just protect your feet.
#SafetyFirst. Protect your body


It is mandatory for every work place to have a first aid kit/box at all times. Do not put your life and your employees lives at risk. Accidents happen.

We have different sizes of kits that can handle from 5-100 people. Prices are negotiable.

Know your rights.. Demand these. #SafetyFirst



Did you know?

In accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act, it is the responsibility of an employer to provide instruction, training and supervision as is necessary to ensure health and safety at work of his workers.

Source: § 13(2c) of Occupational Safety and Health

Do not be taken for granted, know yours rights. #SafetyFirst


Heavy-duty full face gas/chemical masks available for just just 450,000 UGX without a cartridge and 500000 with a cartridge/filter. Protect your life! #SafetyFirst


Did you know?

Free Protection

In accordance with the provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, it is the responsibility of employer to provide free protective equipment including clothing to the workers involved in hazardous work. The type of PPE needed varies depending on the nature of work being performed. The right use of PPE reduces risk of accident and the adverse effects on health.

It is also a duty of the employer to provide instructions for the use of personal protective equipment and make sure that they are used whenever required.

Source: § 13(2g), 19, 91 & 95(7) of Occupational Safety and Health Act 2006

Here at WOU Uganda we provide you with various options of protective wear to ensure safety at your workplace. Always remember.. #SafetyFirst nothing is worth your life and health.


World Of Safety Uganda


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World Of Safety Uganda



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