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Interesting facts about Leopards.
Their scientific name is called Panthera Pardus.
They move their cubs one at a time.
Their spots are called Rosette.
Their lifespan is about 21-23 years.
In Uganda, they are found in Mburo, Murchison, Kidepo and Queen Elizabeth National Parks.


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The final highlight of 2023 was a trip to western Uganda which Philo Global Tours and Travel Ltd organized for Train Up a Child International School (Najjanankubi compass) which was very smooth.

We arrange group tours for large groups, including organizing trips for schools. With the guidance of our expert staff, we select the most eye-catching and educative spots that will give you or your child memories and lessons of a lifetime.

The year of 2024 has begun. Teachers, parents, school administrators and scholars out there, don't look elsewhere. We've got you covered.



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We wish you the very best of Christmas and the new year of 2024.

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The enchanting Batwa pygmies of Bwindi Impenetrable forest, also known as “the keepers of the forest”
For over 60, 000 years (a start according to anthropologists), the indigenous forest people lived in harmony with mountain gorillas. They are believed to be some of the first inhabitants of the earth and the east African great lakes, hence making the Batwa the first tribe in Uganda.


A prestigious morning with the Karamajongs. Performing the lovely Edonga for their guests the dance symbolises more than you could imagine is mainly performed by youths after prayers and on the full moon or any happy ceremonies


Welcome to Kidepo Valley National Park The true African wilderness. Where you have a view of wildlife harmoniously living in their natural habitat.
You encounter buffaloes, waterbucks, kobs, zebras, warthogs and many others....

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Did you know!!...
The Karamajongs and the masai's have some similarities in what they wear. Young Karamajong men wrap the coloured squared sheets around pair it with a vest called “eplan” , they are usually with bright colours. The older men, tie the coloured sheets that can also be called “lesu” across their bodies over the shoulders. The dress code isn’t complete unless complimented with a stick called “ebela” and a stool known as “ekicholong”. The stick symbolises their main economic activity of pastoralism and stool for resting when tired They also wear shoes as sandals made from car tyres. These they call “ngatangai”.

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Gomesi is the most popular Ugandan tradition wear also known as busuuti or bboodingi. It is originally a kiganda traditional dress but as time went on its a in every part of Uganda. Women wear gomesi to all kinds of events let it be sad or happy.
It could be a funeral, a wedding, a graduation, sworn into office.
The gomesi is a work of art that has been evolving over time and is normally in silk, chiffon or satin with silk being the most expensive.

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Malewa is an essential delicious in Eastern Uganda prepared by the Bagisu in Mbaale.
The dish is believed to have been discovered during Mt. ELGON clashes in the 16th and 17th Centuries. The migrants from South Africa sought refuge in the caves of the mountain. Life was hard and they often became hungry all day. Their desperate need for food and survival led to the discovery of Bamboo shoots.
The bamboo trees grow around mountain ELGON and harvested when still tender. They are then smoked, dried for preservation. It is believed that people who eat it live longer because of its nutrition value and due to this belief, it is served to people who visit as a sign of respect and love.
It is cooked with either g.nut paste or simsim paste.

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Eshabwe is a class of clarified butter originated in Ankole and commonly used as a condiment
Eshabwe is a prestigious source made from aged cow ghee , water and rock salt
It is served as a source with any food of preference like millet bread, matooke, sweet potatoes, or posho.
Eshabwe should be served cold.

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Rwenzori batis is a bird species seen in the montane forests in the Great rift valley. It can be spotted in an attitude of 1450m to 3400m above sea level.
The Rwenzori batis is a small black and white bird and sometimes birders can confuse it with a chin spot batis as they are the same size and share the same habitat.
This bird can be seen in south-western Uganda in areas of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mountain Rwenzori National Park, Kibale Forest National Park, Semuliki National Park


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Meet Nahan's Francolin,the little dark forest wildwolf.
This is a small dark forest bird with a white barred chest and a red face mask and bill.
Though shy and a little hard to observe you're likely to find this Uganda bird in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Budongo forest and Mabira forests as she hurriedly crosses forest paths.

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With us you get to see the Karamoja Apalis which is around 11cm in height and its ash-grey with a short whitish super cilium, the inner secondaries have a whitish patch and the under parts are creamy white which you’ll commonly find in pairs or small groups actively moving through the foliage as they search for food.
The nominate race is found in Uganda. You can watch these while you visit the Kidepo National Park, and around Mt Moroto.

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The Kivu ground thrush (Geokichla piaggiae tanganicae) is a bird subspecies native to the Albertine Rift montane forests. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist montane forests. It is threatened by habitat loss. It is currently considered a subspecies of the Abyssinian ground thrush.
It can be seen on the waterfall of Buhoma Gate of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park where it has been seen both in the dry and wet season.
It responds faster to it’s call when taped in the forest but sometimes can be silent.
It can be seen in the morning as it likes to be talkative in the morning and evening while feeding and on the afternoon you can get it feeding along the trail.

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Did you know!.....
Riding a water bike is even simpler than a conventional bike because you don’t have to keep your balance, as it is built like a catamaran with two floats that make them incredibly stable.

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Did you know!...
The Shelley's crimsonwing, also known as cryptospiza shelleyi, is a beautiful small brightly coloured bird. It is about 13 cm long and among the most sought-after birds during a safari in Uganda.
Very few people have an opportunity to see this bird since this rare species is on the IUNC Red list of threatened species.
This bird can be seen in the areas within the Albertine rift mountain such as Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda.

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The papyrus gonolek (laniarus mufumbiri) is one of the most sought after birds in Uganda. It is a medium sized shrike some 18cm (17inches)long.
It has a specialised habitat requirements being restricted to papyrus swamps. Not yet threatened species but it has become rare due to habitat loss and population. It can be seen in Mabamba swamp

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The Regal Sunbird is a small sunbird characterized by its olive-green upper plumage. Notably, its sides, from the breast to the flanks, are adorned with a striking yellow coloration, and it boasts a relatively shorter bill with a vibrant red hue that extends from the breast down to the vent.
This exquisite sunbird species can be encountered in high-altitude regions, primarily within the eastern section of the forest, in the Ruhija area of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.
You may also encounter this sunbird on your way to the Mubwindi swamp.

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African fin foot (podica senegalensis) is a reclusive red billed water bird that is widespread in quiet lakes and rivers with overhanging vegetation. Its around 6-7 cm in height.
The Ugandan bird ranks high on many birdwatchers' wish lists. You can regularly see it on a boat trip on Lake Mburo, the crater lake on Jacana Lodge in Queen Elizabeth National Park

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The Green-breasted Pitta" Pittareichenowi" though not globally threatened, is a very shy species, and is not easily seen by any birder to Uganda and Africa as per say it is rarely seen and a very difficult bird to find despite its extremely large range and thus does not approach the thresholds for Vulnerability under the range size criterion as evidenced but its conservation status in the central African countries with the best sightings in Uganda at Kibale Forest National Park with the population suspected to be stable in the absence of evidence for any declines or substantial threats. It lives, well camouflaged, in the lowland tropical forests lying between 1100 to 1400 meters above sea level and photographing one of these little-guys is a bird lovers dream.

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The shoebill is also known as a “king whale- head” because of its enormous head size the shoe bill is named after its shoe like bill that can grow up to 24cm in length and 20cm width. Even though they can weigh up to 6kgs, they can stand quite easily in floating vegetation while hunting for fish.
It can be sighted I’m Murchison falls national park , along the bank of River Nile around the Delta spot and Mabamba swamp

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A prestigious morning with the Karamajongs. Performing the lovely Edonga for their guests the dance  symbolises more tha...
Welcome to Kidepo Valley National Park The true African wilderness. Where you have a view of wildlife harmoniously livin...
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