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[03/22/16]   Well Well Well.
Easter is here
and many may be having tech issues
Give us a halla. Post or inbox and we will get back to you


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TwiDan - U Ltd. 15/01/2016

How to choose the best memory card for your Smartphone - So, today we take you through what do you need to know before buying a memory card or also known as microSD cards.

[11/15/15]   Hello every body
It has been a long time coming
But we are back
please send in your requests so we may assist you 06/10/2015

Android 6.0 Marshmallow Coming on October 5, These Devices Will Get the Update First Google has announced that it will begin the Android 6.0 rollout on October 5 and it'll be coming to many older Nexus devices.


Interesting Engineering

the apple pencil

Here’s everything you need to know about the new Apple Pencil.


Wove Band Flexible Display Wearable First Look!

this is for all the smart watch geeks

Earlier this week, we gave you first details on the Wove Band by Polyera - today, we can actually show you the device. Josh brings you the first full look at...


Maintenance and up grade of a mini desktop. This was custom built for a compact fit.
Love the heat sink configuration utilizing one fan 27/09/2015

Two-factor authentication: What you need to know (FAQ) - CNET

Two step verification, what is it all about and is it worth it Twitter's got it. Apple's got it, too. Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon have had it for a while. But why's two-factor authentication important, and will it keep you safe? 27/09/2015

This is how Shazam is shaping the music industry "We're a wonderful connector between fans and artists," Daniel Danker says. 27/09/2015

Old net addresses run out in US - BBC News North America has officially run out of its stock of old net addresses. 27/09/2015

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg pledges refugee camp internet access - BBC News Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announces plans to bring the internet to refugee camps, as part of a campaign for universal connectivity. 25/09/2015

30 Incredible Pieces Of Wisdom From Nikola Tesla

on this day quotes from one of the greatest inventors on earth Nikola Tesla is often called the man who invented the 20th century, and there are lots of good reasons for that.

[09/21/15]   we just received a message from a member Joseph Collin Muendo

"hello my laptop overheats how can i keep it cool"

When your computer starts over heating then there is a number of reasons that could be causing it to do so, we would first like to address the problems before giving you the solutions the solutions so as you can prevent this from happening

Air Flow and Heat Transfer
Computers have vents, heatsinks and fans to help get heat out of the computer to keep it cool, the most common problem is when these components are not working efficiently causing the heat not to be dissipated from the computer properly due to clogged vents or faulty fans. Perform maintenance on your computer to remove Dust and vent clogs

Dying Batteries
There are plenty of different types of batteries, and many different schools of thought on battery maintenance and life span, but one thing that seems pretty unanimous is that batteries aren’t meant to be stored at 100% or 0% capacity. I know plenty of people who buy laptops and always keep the charger in, never actually using the battery. You can definitely expect to kill your battery’s health this way, since you’re essentially storing the battery when it’s full. Bad batteries don’t just give out really quickly, they can generate heat.

Persistent Overheating
If you’ve taken the air vents and battery out of the picture and you’re still having problems, then you might have a more persistent heat issue. Sometimes a dusty hard drive can cause heat problems and data loss. Some laptops just “run hot,” even without a major load on the CPU. Try cleaning out these areas as best you can before you move on to another solution.

We at TwiDan (U) Ltd offer maintenance services for your computers to help you avoid such problems and also cooling products like external fan cooling pads

-always keep your computer elevated
-avoid putting your computer on soft surfaces like blankets this blocks vents


What is your take Mac or Windows


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Consumers have been promised futuristic, fast-charging batteries for a long, long time now, but if Qualcomm is to be believed, we won't have to wait too much longer.

The company announced on Tuesday that its new Quick Charge 3.0 technology is capable of reviving the average smartphone battery and bringing it to 80 percent of a full charge in just over 30 minutes. Many smartphones today take roughly three times as long to do that.

Qualcomm's Quick Charge 3.0 is approximately 38 percent more efficient than the second version, which is found in several flagship Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Xperia Z4. The new version will launch with select Snapdragon processors, including the 820, which Qualcomm revealed will support a blindingly fast 600 Mbps LTE-Advanced connection.

Still, as impressive as a 300-percent increase in charging speed is, waiting 35 minutes for an 80-percent charge is still small potatoes compared to the battery-charging advances we've been promised in the past. Given that researchers already built a battery that fully recharges in just 10 seconds, 35 minutes will feel like a lifetime.

[09/14/15]   Hello new members, how are you all doing
this page gives you an opportunity to ask for all your
Tech questions, we promise to answer and give you solutions, news and content. have fun and don't forget to ask


LG's 1mm OLED Wallpaper TV

LG Display continues to be the leading pioneer in flexible technology - debuting its new flexible TV panel at an event in Korea this week.

18 inches wide, the screen offers high definition viewing – but can be rolled up into a 3 cm radius without damage to the screen or technology.

The screen was made possible by its OLED, or organic light emitting diode, technology, which allows it to be lighter, thinner and more flexible than standard LCD screens.

At an event in Korea earlier this week, LG demonstrated its newest flexible display screens, which are 55 inches wide and paper-thin at 0.97 mm thick, and weigh just 1.9 kg – all the while still offering high definition. Attachable to surfaces via magnets, the new screen can be fitted to curved walls.

LG exhibits its 0.97 millimeter (0.04 inches) thin OLED-TV prototype. It sticks to the wall by using magnets. More info at 14/09/2015

This Animation Shows You Exactly How Many Internet Cables Are Under The Ocean

Ever wondered how the internet is received all around the world? While few of us still connect directly via an ethernet cable thanks to the invention of Wi-Fi, the internet is still delivered around the world through cables, most of which are deep below the sea, as this video by the Business Insider shows.

This undersea cable network stretches 885,000 kilometers (550,000 miles) – enough to circle the globe an astonishing 22 times. It weaves all over the Earth transmitting 99% of international data, sharing everything from the best pie recipe to the latest trades on the world's stock exchanges. Ever wondered how the internet is received all around the world? While few of us still connect directly via an ethernet cable thanks to the invention of Wi-Fi, the internet is still delivered around the world through cables, most of which are deep below the sea, as this video by the Business Insider…


Want faster wifi? Here are 5 weirdly easy tips.

how to make your wireless signal stronger

We've been putting our routers in the wrong place this whole time. Subscribe to our channel! Find many more wifi tips here: http://www.v... 14/09/2015

Children to build robots at MTN Juniors Robotics Camp When I was a kid I always tinkered with stuff, often leaving them inoperable because I didn’t really know what I was doing, but on occasion I actually tinkered enough to fix a radio that had been written off or something like that. That a little boy can grab a screw driver (or table knife… 10/09/2015

Nuke all your computer passwords, says Intel exec (INTC)

Intel's Promise to eliminate passwords
this is a must read Let's face it: no one likes passwords. With all the different websites and devices you log into, it's become almost impossible to keep track of all the passwords you have. But what if you could forget about passwords and log in instantly ...


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Shortcuts in windows

As you use your computer there are a number of shortcuts u can use to replace the clicking process hence somewhat increasing your productivity.
today i will walk you through some of the basic shortcuts u can use on your PC

have fun trying them and c if the work for you

Copy a selected item: Ctrl+C
Cut a selected item: Ctrl+X
Paste a selected item: Ctrl+V
Undo an action: Ctrl+Z
Redo that thing I just undid: Ctrl+Y
Select everything: Ctrl+A
Print: Ctrl+P


Switch between open windows; Alt+Tab
If you have lots of open windows and you’re not sure exactly which one you need, press Alt+Tab, and get a quick thumbnail view of all open windows.

Minimize the window; Windows logo key +Down Arrow
Minimizing a window is a sure-fire way to see what’s underneath it. And it’s fast to use the shortcut. If the window is maximized already (covering the entire screen) it’ll go to “normal” size. And if it’s normal size, it’ll minimize entirely.

Maximize the window; Windows logo key +Up Arrow
Maximizing windows works the same way.

Clear away everything and show the desktop; Windows logo key +D
Use this shortcut when you want to minimize a lot of open windows at once to check something on your desktop.

Compare and contrast in a snap; Windows logo key +Left Arrow or Right Arrow
Snap is the easiest way I know to compare two documents—or to write up something while also looking at a web browser.

Open Task Manager; Ctrl+Shift+Esc
This simple shortcut whisks you straight to Task Manager—without any intermediary steps.

Lock your PC or switch users; Windows logo key +L
This shortcut locks your PC and instantly displays the login screen.

Choose a presentation display mode; Windows logo key +P
whether you’re giving a presentation or are using multiple monitors, it’s simple to switch settings.

Zoom in, zoom out; Windows logo key +Plus Sign or Minus Sign
The Plus Sign key (+) zooms you in, the Minus Sign key (-) zooms you out. This lets you see small text on a webpage or to check out the pixels in a photo.

Search for files and folders; Windows logo key +F
In the past, finding a file could be like an archaeology expedition. But nowadays, search is really fast and thorough. Use this shortcut to get a search window, type in a few keywords, and presto, you’ll get your file.

Open a new instance of a program; Windows logo key +Shift+Click a taskbar icon
I like Internet Explorer tabs—but sometimes I want a whole new browser window. To get one, I click the Internet Explorer icon while holding down Shift.

And when you need it …get help; Windows logo key +F1
It’s the simplest shortcut out there. When all else fails, and you’re just not sure what to do, press F1. 07/09/2015

The Difference Between Antivirus and Anti-Malware (and Which to Use)

Antivirus is a confusing matter: it's called antivirus, but there are tons of other types of malware out there. those programs also scan for spyware, adware, and other threats? Here's how to make heads or tails of it all, and which tools you can trust to keep your PC clean.

We may be beyond the days where viruses made the evening news, but that doesn't mean that viruses and other malware are gone forever. They're there, more than happy to infect your computer and add it to a botnet or spam everyone in your contact list. On the bright side though, with some common sense, a good understanding of what you’re up against, and the right tools, you can keep your PC safe pretty easily. Antivirus is a confusing matter: it's called antivirus, but there are tons of other types of malware out there. those programs also scan for spyware, adware, and other threats? Here's how to make heads or tails of it all, and which tools you can trust to keep your PC clean.

[09/01/15]   Hello are you having a problem with your computer
contact us and we will fix it for you 31/08/2015

WhatsApp for Android updated. Here are the new features

Are you an Android user, WhatsApp has finally rolled out v2.12.250.

The update which has come after a month of beta testing brings a number of new features. Are you an Android user, WhatsApp has finally rolled out v2.12.250. The update which has come after a month of beta testing brings a number of new features. These new features give you more control over your messaging options with the new update, and also gives you more emojis and decreases the amou…

[08/31/15]   "Hello TwiDan. Please I need help concerning being tagged onto pornographic links and pics. The last time I was tagged I was able to untag myself by reporting the photo as pornographic. But this time the report button/ option does not work and I am unable to untag myself. Is there a way to go about it?" We will Guide you step by step

First thing we suggest is you change your password immediately Just incase your account has been Hacked, this practice is good to maintain the security of your account as we many times forget to logout

Step 2
Go to the settings of your account, on the left side menu select timeline and tagging,
Under the section who can add things to my timeline on the main screen, select review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your time line, turn this option on
Under the section How can i manage tags people add and tagging suggestions , review tags people add to your own posts before they appear on facebook. on facebook. on

Step 3
head on to privacy section on the left of menu
under the first segment, select review all your posts and things you're tagged in then select use activity log
it will open the activity log here you scroll down and identify the post then delete it

Hope this step by step guide helps you out

[08/31/15]   Many times we encounter privacy issues on social media,Being tagged in explicit post is embarrassing especially when you are not aware and it spoils your image. today in we will help address this issue

[08/29/15]   Well i would like to ask any one of us to give us a topic in which we can expound on and explore. I would like to make it as relevant to us as possible instead of posting random things Random things

[08/29/15]   Well Well, the weekend is here and we have managed to Hit our target of likes on this page. I would like to Thank each and everyone of you have become members of this family, and have also encouraged others to Join.



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