ICT PRODUCTS & SERVICES LASTPRICE (U) Ltd is a fast growing limited liability company with special interests in providing ICT Products, Services and Solution.

We deal in various hardware, software, systems, applications and services that facilitate the electronic generation, storage, retrieval, manipulation, processing and distribution of information in a digital form. With over five years of experience, we have the passion and determination to deliver reliable, friendly and competent service to its customers. We have skillful and professional staff tha


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Owning a website is one of the latest ways of Boosting your business and way of reaching out to clients.
Today we share with you how much it may cost here

[09/08/16]   Quote of the evening:
If you think responsive's simple, I feel bad for you son. We got 99 viewports, but the iPhone's just one.
—Josh Brewer, March 10, 2010


Uganda can find better and more efficient TECHNOLOGY!

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Wishing Uganda Cranes Succes

[03/24/16]   10 Ways to Make Money on Facebook Fast

To most people, Facebook is no more than an avenue for meeting new people, socializing with friends and relatives, and catching fun in some other ways. But there’s more to Facebook than just fun: Facebook can be an avenue to make cool cash online.

If you are looking to start making money online with zero or little capital, then Facebook abounds with many opportunities that you can exploit. Here are 10 profitable ways you can make cool cash on Facebook without having to wait for long:
10 Proven Ways to Make a Lot of Money on Facebook Fast

1. Sell your products or services

If you have a small business and have already set up a page for it, then you can generate more sales through your page. All you need to do is iFrame your website, create a functional individual page for your products, and use tools like Amazon and PayPal widgets to collect sales. You will most probably need the services of a professional to get this setup done perfectly.

2. Affiliate marketing

After having built a massive followership on your page, you can start making money from it by promoting products that your followers will most likely be interested in. This is done usually by sharing review posts that have your affiliate links within them. Each time a fan clicks on your affiliate link to buy a product you promote on your page, you get a commission on that sale.

3. Direct ads

If you have a page with several thousands to millions of fans, another way to make money from it is to publish adverts for products and services that will appeal to your fans. How much you will make with this strategy depends on how targeted your page is. A page with active fans that are interested in one topic such as health or technology will attract more advertisers than one with no defined audience.

4. Sponsored posts

Sometimes, words bring better results than graphics. This explains why some advertisers will prefer spreading words of their businesses or campaigns using well-written posts rather than graphic ads. So, you can also make money by sharing such sponsored posts on your page. However, to make a decent income consistently with this strategy, you need a massive, active, and targeted followership.

5. Facebook management

You probably have observed that some celebrities, politicians, and other high-profile individuals are very active on Facebook, posting new updates daily or even multiple times a day. You wonder how these people get to do that, considering they are always busy, right? The truth is that most of them hire Facebook managers to help them engage with their fans or followers. You too can make a killing working as a Facebook manager for high profile individuals as well as companies.

6. Facebook surveys

Companies conduct surveys to gather consumer opinions about a new or existing product or service with the aim of getting more insight into what consumers really want from them. To conduct surveys companies approach either bloggers with huge followership, pages with lots of fans, or survey sites–provided those channels comprise their target customers. So, running surveys for companies is another way to monetize your page.

7. Facebook apps

If you pride yourself on having solid programming skills, you can turn this into cool cash by developing a Facebook application. The more valuable and helpful your application is, the more popular it will become, and the more money you will make from it. Your app could be a Facebook payment solution, an automatic posts publisher or any other thing that you think will solve problems for Facebook users.

8. Sponsored likes and shares

You don’t necessarily need to have a page to make money on Facebook. You can also make money with your personal Facebook profile provided you have up to thousands of Facebook friends. Since your friends will be more likely to read and share anything you post, some individuals and businesses are ready to actually pay you to promote their offers to your Facebook friends.

9. Facebook marketing

Because several millions of people visit Facebook daily, many businesses deem it a good avenue for generating leads. This explains why most businesses hire experts in Facebook marketing to handle their marketing campaigns on Facebook. Are you one of those experts who can help businesses convert Facebook followers and fans to customers? Then you should consider starting your own Facebook marketing agency.

10. page setup

Though Facebook is so user-friendly that anyone can use it without hassles, some people just can’t get around tasks setting up a page, using a Facebook app, and so on. You can make money by helping individuals and business set up not just pages, but attractive and professional ones.

[03/02/16]   Improving your cyber security…

Depending on the particular industry and the size and scope of the business, cyber security can be very complicated and require specialized expertise. However, some simple steps can help protect your business infrastructure.
LAST PRICE Uganda has a number of useful guides and also suggests the following:
• Use anti-virus software and keep it up-to-date.
• Activate the software's auto-update feature to ensure your cyber security is always up-to-date.
• Don't open email from unknown sources.
• Be suspicious of unexpected emails that include attachments whether they are from a known source or not.
• When in doubt, delete the file and the attachment, and then empty your computer's deleted items file.
• Use hard-to-guess passwords. Passwords should have at least 8 characters with a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters as well as numbers.
• Change passwords frequently.
• Do not give your password to anyone.
• Protect your computer from Internet intruders by using firewalls.
• Don't share access to your computers with strangers. Check your computer operating system to see if it allows others to access your hard-drive. Hard-drive access can open up your computer to infection.
• Back up your computer data and consider keeping one version off-site.
• Regularly download security protection updates known as patches. Patches are released by most major software companies to cover up security holes that may develop in their programs.
• Make sure your co-workers know what to do if your computer system becomes infected.
• Train employees on how to update virus protection software, how to download security patches from software vendors, and how to create a proper password.
• Designate a person to contact for more information if there is a problem.


[02/29/16]   Growth of The Internet of Things.... .

According to analysts, the number of connected objects is expected to reach 50 billion by 2020. The ability to transform ordinary products into smart, connected objects is allowing businesses to generate new revenue streams and drive innovation. From optimizing business performance to creating new services or business models and improving quality of service, find out how your business can capture the value of the Internet of Things.

Enhance operational efficiency

The Internet of Things is raising standards in terms of operational effectiveness. New data collected from smart, connected objects is a gold mine for businesses and can be used to analyze the efficiency of internal procedures in order to meet productivity objectives and reduce costs. For instance, in supply chain operations, inventory management can be improved through real-time tracking of products in sectors such as retail, manufacturing and healthcare.

Increase quality of service and customer satisfaction

A lot of the value generated by the Internet of Things will be captured by customers such as businesses that use IoT systems to improve the efficiency of their operating processes and end users that benefit from increased quality of service and improved products. This applies to factories that rely on predictive maintenance to reduce machine downtime through continuous monitoring of performance, and by extrapolating learnings from the IoT data collected from other models.

Create new business models

With IoT solutions, businesses can generate new revenue streams by creating innovative business models. For example, smart, connected equipment allows organizations to switch to product-as-a-service models thanks to sensors that exact information on product usage. Likewise, insurers can provide clients with personalized pricing models with wearables that monitor healthy living habits and connected cars that track driving behavior.

Identify new services

The Internet of Things affords companies the ability to identify new services that increase the comfort, health and security of customers and employees. In stores, customers are benefiting from optimized shopping experiences thanks to automatic check-out processes and personalized promotions. In cars, connectivity enables new services thanks to applications used for route planning, real-time navigation and info-tainment. The connected car will also provide new features like remote disabling of stolen cars and automatic maintenance recommendations.

[02/27/16]   CLOUD COMPUTING:

Is your IT infrastructure supporting the business effectively? Does it create value or is it primarily a cost center? Consider the cost of owning your IT servers and hosting them on your premises, particularly when you need an infrastructure that can cope with temporary peaks or future growth. These demands drive up the expenditure on IT and reduce it to a cost center.

Cloud computing can offer significant cost savings in three main areas. The first is savings made in infrastructure and maintenance, as there is no longer any need to buy or manage servers. The second is through support and management, because your cloud provider will provide IT support and manage the application life cycle ensuring that all users get up-to-date features and security.

And, since cloud computing allows you to switch to an operating expenses-focused model, you’ll save there as well: you pay per use with no upfront investment. Computing power, storage and bandwidth are not over-provisioned, because you can buy exactly what you need, when you need it.

Cloud is the convergence of three worlds: consumers, business and technology. The rise of mobility, social networking and mobile devices has set the expectations of your employees at a new level. Your IT department must respond to nurture the talent your organization will rely on in the future.

Perhaps most importantly, cloud computing frees up your IT organization from the administrative requirement to host and manage infrastructure. This allows them to create value by focusing on strategic innovations and supporting the business.

Benefits of cloud computing
• infrastructure: no need to buy and manage servers
• maintenance: put your cloud provider in charge of IT support and application life-cycle management
• pay per use: eliminate CAPEX spending with on-demand services
• IT department: transform from cost center into value provider
• reach and flexibility of cloud: open up new business models and opportunities


Last price U LTD

Reach us on LASTPRICE (U) Ltd is a fast growing limited liability company with special interests in providing ICT Products, Services and Solution.

[02/02/16]   Our Values:

Leadership – “Finding the way”
Innovation - “Thinking differently”
Integrity - “Building trust”
Relationships - “Working with Others”

[02/02/16]   Our Mission:
"To create value for our clients by offering high quality ICT products, services and solutions at the most affordable cost"

[02/02/16]   Our Vision:
"To be East Africa's leading one stop ICT Service center"




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We deal in various ICT hardware, software, systems, applications and services that facilitate the electronic generation, storage, retrieval, manipulation, processing and distribution of information in a digital form.



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