Wontwer Health Center Alwa T/C Kaberamaido

Wontwer Health Center Alwa T/C Kaberamaido


Meet Stephen Ochan
Stephen is one of o ur nurses who is serving diligently to ensu re that the quality of life of o ur community is improved.
Stephen also doubles as o ur financial controller .He is a ve ry humble man and Loves God a nd puts clients at the center of H is concentration
May God continue blessing y ou brother Stephen
corona virus is re al so decide now to avoid ha nd shake. Stay safe ,Stay healthy
In today's menu we introduce to y ou Isano Milly.
Milly is our in char ge . We call her" Imata Pa co" ( a mother) she loves h er profession so much and takes operation al care of all the staffs in t he facility and the district where we repo rt .
Just come and inquire abo ut her ,you will find her immediately.
CORO NA VIRUS is real so let's a ll take care
corona virus has been confirmed to be in Sou th Africa. please let's stay alert a nd vigilant
Hello everyone
In today's get to kn ow our staffs ,
We bring you Sekan do John. John is our laboratory personn el as well as our administrator.
Emuron Jo hn is a very dedicated person w ho is very tough on diseases, He c an not let things go, He tri es all His best to look f or disease causing agents without mercy ,
Jo hn loves God so much and He Alwa ys shares the word of God wi th clients and even during morning devotio ns. When you come by ,just a sk for John you will find h im in the laboratory department.
Brother John we pr ay for God's hands of protection up on your life in your daily endeavou rs.
Good day everyone !!
Today again is a gre at day
In today's Get to kn ow our staffs . we introduce to y ou Ikae MILDRED,
Nurse MILDRED is o ne of our staff who pioneered t he initial operation of this facility. Mo st people call her our last bo ne because of her body size. S he is highly loved by the communi ty . She loves God and lov es working with patients under no supervisi on at all.
Sister MILDRED may G od continue helping you in your dai ly duties!!
In today's get to know o ur staffs
Meet Awinyo Solomon, Solomon is o ur managing director. He has great passi on for health and believes in t he healing power of God ,
The quali ty of life in this community h as improved through the initiative that he Found ed . God bless you Solomon
happy new year to all o ur esteem clients. May this year bri ng more of the spiritual health a nd physical growth
where are you located
am ecn can i b grant ed opportunity.
God Bless U And G iv U Alift From Wea U Start ed

Wontwer medical center is a christi an not for profit health facility offeri ng quality services to patients at a cheap er cost

Operating as usual

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Won- twer health center celebra te this day ( international nurses d ay ) with all the entire glo be . Great cheers form all o ur nurses , thank you for savi ng lives of our community


Your health is our pride. We exi st because you gave us opportunity to ser ve you better

Photos from Wontwer Health Center Al wa T/C Kaberamaido's post 23/07/2019

Photos from Wontwer Health Center Al wa T/C Kaberamaido's post


This weekend we shall learn mo re about Vaginal candidiasis.
.This is one of t he most annoying vaginal infection that wom en struggle with quietly . so st ay in touch with this page on h ow to deal with the above devil .

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Together we can chase malaria
We we re very happy this afternoon to recei ve the spray man from IRS progr am who worked in all our war ds

Timeline photos 14/06/2019

Stay alert


Typhoid fever(Enteric fever)
👉 It is a bacteri al infection characterized by fever and spre ad through contaminated food and water . Howev er following the treatment ,about 10% of patien ts relapse and up to 3 % beco me chronic carriers of the infection
📖 Typhoid is caused by a bacter ia called salmonella typhi and salmonella paratyp hi A and B
How do you kn ow that you could be suffering fr om Typhoid ( clinical features)
✔ Gradual ons et of chills and malaise ,headache, anorex ia, epistaxis,back ache and constipation
✔ it alwa ys occurs in about 10 - 15 da ys after infection
✔ Abdominal pain
✔ Temperature ris es in steps
✔ Relative bradycardia is comm on ( low heart rate)
✔ Delirium a nd stupor ( acute confusion state)
✔ Tend er splenomegally
✔ Other complication includes perforati on of the gut
✴ Stool culture
✴ Blood culture
✴ Wida ls agglutination reaction
💦 If you a re confirmed to have typhoid ..your doct or may prescribe for you one of t he following medicines according to the severi ty
💦 The treatment duration is alwa ys 15 days
💦 Ciprofloxacin, ceftriaxone, ofloxaci ne, perfloxacine, Chloramphenical,
💠 Early detection
Proper faecal disposal
💠 Use of cle an water for drinking
💠 Hand washing
💠 Go od food hygiene


Over the weekend . Stay tu ne to our news letter on Typho id fever..
let's meet there.


it is also called undula nt fever,Malta fever or abortus fever
👉 A bacteri al infection of acute or insidious ons et. common as an occupational disease amo ng people working with infected livestock or associat ed with fresh animal products
⏩ Brucella abort us ( cattle)
⏩ Brucella melitensis ( goa ts and sheep)
⏩ Brucella canis ( dog)
Brucella skis (pigs)
clinical features
✏ intermitte nt ( fluctuating) fever
✏ Aches and pains
Orchitis ( Inflammation of the testes)
Osteomyelitis of the vertebra ( uncomm on but characteristic)
Other diseases that may prese nt like brucellosis are.
➡ Typhoid fever
➡ Malaria
Trypanosomiasis ( sleeping sickness)
➡ Tuberculosis
➡ Oth er causes of prolonged fever
Your blood wi ll be taken as a sample f or complement fixation test or agglutination te st ( BAT)

Isolation of the infectious age nt from blood ,bone marrow or oth er tissues by culture
Treatment or management
👉 If y ou test positive for Brucella .Your doct or will prescribe for you some medicin es which include
Doxycycline for 6 wee ks plus either gentamycin or streptomycin injecti on for a period of 2 weeks
or ciprofloxacin for 2 weeks for peop le who are 8 years and abo ve but for pregnant mothers your doct or may prescribe for you cortrimoxazole or rifampic in
⭐ Drink only pasteurized or boil ed milk
⭐ Careful handling of pigs ,goats,do gs and cattle if a person h as wounds or cuts
⭐ Also provide veterina ry services for domestic animal
This information is f or education purposes but not for yo ur self medication .
Gentamycin and doxycline is n ot used by pregnant mothers
if y ou are sick seek medical attention f or proper treatment
Your health is o ur Pride


This week stay tune for o ur news letter on brucellosis.

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Meet Peter from Amolatar district w ho got involved in a road traff ic accident resulting into multiple fractures of h is left femur. He stayed with us f or three months and now today he is aga in very happy that the pain is a ll over as he is being discharg ed home . We thank God f or him so much . Mob lo ve to you Peter . Greetings to ho me people in Amolatar district

Timeline photos 11/02/2019

( Posted with permission)
We shall do whatev er it takes to save our communi ty. This Mzee is one among o ur clients with multiple fractures who a re currently receiving proper treatment at o ur health center.
We are ve ry excited that our ultimate vision is comi ng to pass ,to see all o ur entire community live with quality liv es and affordable health .We give glo ry to God for all this developmen t


Today 19/01/2019 we have celebrated o ur first anniversary of our operation to o ur community in Kaberamaido, Dokolo and Amolat ar. We thank God who has broug ht us this far Ebenezer.
As part of o ur 5 years developmental work plan we ha ve managed to achieve very many thin gs .including procurement of the health cent er land , installation of many diagnost ic equipments ,expansion of the health cent er , accreditation of our premises , sta ff development and appraisals
We want to sincere ly thank all the entire community f or embracing the services and the enti re staffs fraternity for working hard in t he spirit of God fearing .
Tomorrow we sta rt a new journey to serve y ou better ..in case we did n ot meet your need in 2018 we ho pe 2019 will make every thing n ew
With God every thing is possib le. Luke 1:37b.


As won-Twer health center we belie ve in the power of good heal th , political stability and Democratic governan ce of our country Uganda ,
So f or this cause therefore appeal to t he responsible authority in the government to

Timeline photos 16/08/2018

Our sign post has finally g ot a new look according to t he directive from the Uganda Allied heal th council . we have now confo rm to the standards and the backgrou nd color coding required by the Alli ed health council


we shall be releasing our ne ws letter about vaginal candidiasis late th is weekend . Stay alert to re ad through the facts about this comm on condition affecting many people this da ys .

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The first set of our staf fs plastic IDs are finally out a nd these are the samples how th ey look like. They are always hang ed on their necks for easy identificati on

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Our devoted health center staffs rea dy to serve the community

Timeline photos 17/06/2018

During the training on immunization he ld at the facility conducted by t he in charge EPI Alwa HCIII. Kaberamai do . The facility has been accredit ed by the district health office to off er free childhood immunization every Wednesdays. We gi ve glory to God for this developme nt


there is an outbreak of vir us disease in Dr Congo so ta ke care and report any suspicious hemorrhag ic fever to the health facility ne ar to you
Thank you


Do not ever Tampa wi th any small swelling in your ne ck . Just refer to the speciali st for proper management


we venture into the current mode rn diagnostic technology using the new sophisticat ed machines to enable us treat y ou better
# Yourhealthisourpride

Photos from Wontwer Health Center Al wa T/C Kaberamaido's post 29/04/2018

Photos from Wontwer Health Center Al wa T/C Kaberamaido's post

Timeline photos 20/04/2018

know more about sickle cell ..h ow it comes about

Timeline photos 21/03/2018

our staffs will get you servi ce started just as soon as y ou enter .we value both your presen ce and time while with us
# Yourhealthisourpri de


lumbar lordosis is the degree of h ow exegerated one has spine curvature. Ladi es have a greater lumbar lordosis th an men especially the pregnant ones.
its most ly physiological and it was not suppo se to cause any pain but in ca se the inter vertebral spaces are reduc ed too much and the upper vertebr al columns are rubbing and leaning on ea ch other ,,then a person will sta rt experiencing pain in the lower ba ck because of too much weight exert ed by the upper body complexity.
Your doct or will take a lumbar sacral xr ay to diagnose whether you have lumb ar lordosis or not associated with reduc ed inter vertebral disc spaces.
# Yourhealthisourpride


Happy women's day


HIV does not have any cure.
H IV does not mind whether you a re an orphan or not.
HIV does n ot know whether you are a bo rn again or not
HIV does not kn ow whether you are rich or po or
HIV will get you when y ou mess around
HIV will weakened and ki ll you when you don't seek medic al attention
protect your life and stay health y


Malaria still remains the most dangero us killer disease. Together we can do somethi ng to prevent it from claiming ma ny lives. Do whatever it takes to rema in healthy


Breaking news#
Mowsey Radio is dead
As heal th center we would like to conv ey our heart felt condolence to t he family of the late Moses Sekibo go aka Mowsey Radio


ulcers are open sores th at develop on the inside lining of yo ur stomach and the upper portion of yo ur small intestine. the most common sympt om of a peptic ulcer is stoma ch pain.
Peptic ulcers include
1. Gastric ulcers- th at occurs inside of the stomach
2. Duoden al ulcers- that occurs on the insi de portion of your small intestine ( duodenum)
T he most common causes of peptic ulce rs are infection with the bacterium helicobact er pylori ( H.pylori) and long te rm use of Aspirin and certain oth er pain killers such as ibuprofen a nd Naproxen sodium. Stress and spicy foo ds does not cause peptic ulcers, h ow ever they make your symptoms worse
Sympto ms of peptic ulcers include the following ;
burning stomach pain
-Heart burn ( epigastr ic pain)
-Feeling of fullness, bloating or belching
-fat ty food intolerance
.... Next week don't forg et to read about the management of pept ic ulcers





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