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Bringing the Information era closer to youth through Strategic Digital Communications


If you want people to talk about your product or company on social media, you need to spare ample time by regularly posting content that can amplify your brand online for more visibility.


Create a human connection with your audience through documentary-style content that can also spread the vision of your business.

A documentary can also be highly shareable with more people, whether they're potential customers or not.


Your customers expect you to have a website which is a crucial step in establishing credibility & trust.

If your website is higher in quality in terms of it's features & navigation, customers are more inclined to trust you and the services that you offer.


Strengthen your brand online by consistently posting content that hugely impacts your audience.


It's been 60 years of freedom and may we always join hands to work harder and make our nation a better country with each passing day.

Happy 60th Independence Day to all Ugandans.


Faraja Digital is sending out a call to all young actors out there who would want to showcase their skills and talents in our upcoming film projects.

This might be the opportunity you've been waiting for.


This can be an opportunity for you to be on the big screen if you’re an ambitious young actor. Don’t miss out!


Video marketing has been proven and tested and can bring high rewards to your business if done the right way. The big question of the day is, "Why Video Marketing?" Find out more by clicking the link below.


When we talk about faith, suffering for the sake of our belief in God, the perfect example we can look at are the Uganda Martyrs. We celebrate them today.


Success doesn't disappoint those who are always in the pursuit of it regardless of the circumstances they're going through.


We have servers that can host your website hence increasing your presence online and help you achieve your goals. Get in touch for more details.


Both timely and evergreen content are necessary for posting on your social media platforms because at the end of the day, both types of content inform and entertain your audience.


Congratulations to this year's graduands. it's a journey worth celebrating.


We're hiring a passionate Digital Media Editor who can be able to explore his creativity while working with us.
Link to the full job description


Telling stories through video is what we do.


Creating amazing content is great but it becomes useless if it's not promoted effectively on the various social media channels. Place your focus where it yields more desired results.


They both hurt but you've got to choose one.


Take the notch higher by using high-end equipment like camcorders, action cameras and external microphones, etc and a stable internet connection to livestream to your audience with the best possible picture quality.


Brand photography is the practice of taking professional images that fit with your brand's visual identity through colours, tone, theme, and more. Such images can include photos of your team, and products, etc. The rewards from brand photography can be high if done consistently.


Stay away from small minds and associate with those that think big.


Marketing leads are the gateway to having actual customers that can bring more profit to your company by buying your products and services. But how effectively can you acquire these leads and stay in business? Click the link for the full article.


Testimonials provide evidence to your prospective customers that you offer a great service or product and such a marketing tool can be your ticket to acquiring another customer.


Content marketing consists of a wide variety of valuable information rather than just a blog.


If you believe you can do something and set your mind to it, you can turn that thought into reality by achieving it.


May Allah's blessings of success and prosperity always flow into your lives. Wishing you a blessed Eid al-Fitr.


Happy Labour Day to all the hard working men and women out there. Thank you for always giving your best to every work.


Branding is more than just a logo and brand colours. It goes deeper than that. When you know what branding actually is, you will reach heights in your business you never thought you would. Click the link for the full article.


Show up and get the work done...very well.


A well-designed and developed website earns you a positive first sight impression from visitors online who can later turn into your customers. Have a website that will earn you the online credibility that you deserve.


There is always content that resonates best with your audience. The only way to know that is by try and error so that you can find the right fit.


Always have a plan to reach your goals in life. Moving aimlessly through life makes you lack the purpose of what you want to achieve. Have the faith and courage to push on until you succeed.


Congratulations on acquiring a new customer, but do you have a plan in mind on how to retain that customer so that you can maintain the cash flow in your business? 5 simple tips have been laid out to help you keep your customers around forever.


In this digital era, there is no excuse for being uninformed. All you got to do is go to the internet and search for whatever it is you're looking for. It's that easy.


Documentaries speak volumes when it comes to telling your story visually since your audience can emotionally connect with the story that you’re trying to narrate. Reach out today if you want to tell a story that you can’t wait for the world to see.


A precise well-described subject line in your email campaign captures the attention of your audience who will be compelled to open your emails & know the offers presented to them increasing leads on your end.


Today, we remember Jesus Christ's sacrifice and give thanks for the peace and love that he brought to our world. Wishing you a blessed and holy Easter Sunday!


It's 2022 and you're in need of more business customers that you can serve and cover up for the losses made during the pandemic. The article described in the link below shares 5 strong tips that can help you get back on track.


Live streaming keeps your online audience engaged with an event that's happening in real-time & that can be good for your online presence & business growth in general. If live streaming is the kind of service that you're looking for, we got you covered.


If you don't post consistently on social media, your prospects will barely know that you exist. And if they're to engage with your content and you don't respond, they will assume you don't care about them hence ignoring your future posts.


"You don't start things and not finish them. YOU DON'T QUIT." - Kevin Hart


Social media has become a strong tool for marketing in this day and age. As a small business owner who is still figuring out a way to market & sell his products/services online, the link below leads you to all the answers you need.


Branding Archive 6...
In order to sustain your brand & maintain a strong core brand identity, rebranding can be a good option. A logo redesign & business partnership for instance can make you more appealing to your audience and also link you to new customers respectively.


B2C businesses deal directly with people who need content that's engaging & fun rather than focusing on sales only.
B2B businesses on the other hand need to prove to their customers that they're knowledgeable about what they do hence sharing valuable industry content


Brand storytelling can be seen in social media, content marketing, video marketing, and online advertising, etc. All these forms of marketing can be used by organisations to use emotional and authentic brand stories that can call for the audience's reaction.

Faraja Digital updated their business hours. 03/04/2022

Faraja Digital updated their business hours.

Faraja Digital updated their business hours.


The beauty about digital storytelling is that it amplifies some of those voices that are rarely heard by the masses. Such stories carry the weight that can transform & inspire people in society.


Content that is entertaining humanizes your brand, makes you relatable and hence makes your customers smile.


Got an event that needs to be documented? We got you covered with our videography services. Reach out on 039 488 4176
077 247 2724
075 192 4322


If you gradually establish a good reputation, you steadily build a connection with your customers, employees and the general public. This all happens in the way that you communicate your key messages that resonate with them emotionally.


Sometimes consumers look for the inconsistencies in your business and find an excuse not to do business with you. Therefore marketers need to keep the narrative/branding of their organisations consistent & authentic so that their customers don't get confused.

Your Strategic Digital Communications Assistant

In your work, one of the most relevant work we can do with you to enhance the work you are doing will be mainly on Strategic Communications. As mentioned above, in the bid to fundraise for our projects we wish to offer you our services. Please take some time to read about Faraja Digital below;

Thriving in a digital economy eliminates the protrusion of discomfort, and that is why Faraja Digital is here for all your Strategic Communication Needs in Information Management. We are your Virtual Assistants focused at making sure you and your audience communicates effectively. In your service, we create, manage and share information hence amplifying your impact giving you more access and control on the digital space including the online community where all our societies are connected. Our services are categorized under three main segments 1) Digital Storytelling, 2) Social Media, and 3) Creative Websites. We offer you true value for money, remarkable content, creative work that is unique and of high quality. Browse through to book a service with us.

Digital Storytelling

They say a picture speaks a thousand words so we can also say a video says it all. We understand your need to reach out to your audience and interactively communicate as effectively as possible. Through our service, we create amazing tailored content to specifically suite your needs and more. Under here, we have products such as;

Videos (show all)

Faraja Digital is sending out a call to all young actors out there who would want to showcase their skills and talents i...
Telling stories through video is what we do. #digitalstorytelling
"You don't start things and not finish them. YOU DON'T QUIT." - Kevin Hart#MondayMotivation




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