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By Dr Vincent kirabo
Animal production manager!
Smart agribusiness forum africa

Good morning farmers, our discussion about poultry farming starts today.

Poutrly farming is basically the rearing of birds majorly for their eggs meat and feathers. It's one of the cheapest project one can start with to change his or her life.

There are two types of birds kept here in Uganda ie the local birds and the exotic birds each of these containing different breeds
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Local birds .
These are basically our native chicken found in our local communities sm call them enkoko enganda ensoga enteso etc
These are basically kept for both meat and the eggs
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.They are resistant to diseases
.low growth rate
.dual purpose ie kept for both eggs and meat
.hardy birds
.sit on their eggs to hatch into new young ones
.basically kept on free range

LOCAL chicken play an important role in the livelihood of most rural families in Eastern Africa.

Despite increased use of commercial breeds by large-scale producers, around three-quarters of chicken in the region are indigenous breeds.

Facts about indigenous chicken
l Meat and eggs are tastier and preferred by most consumers to those from commercial breeds.
l Initial investment is less than that needed to keep commercial breeds.
l More tolerant to harsh conditions, including diseases, than commercial breeds.
l Can be fed on cheap, locally available feeds.
l When allowed to range freely, they need less supervised feeding or other care.
l Local markets are readily available for both eggs and meat.
l Droppings are rich in nutrients: can be used for composite making, pond fertilising and as feed for livestock.
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✍🏽How do I start?
l A farmer will need one c**k for every 10 hens
l Water and feed containers
l Housing space
l Laying nets
l Carton with ventilation holes
l A sisal sack or wood shavings
l A source of vaccine

✍🏽Selection of the breeding stock .
Select a hen that is broody, does not abandon her eggs during hatching and looks after her chicks well.
Select a healthy, strong c**k.
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Housing space (2mx3m) The poultry house can be used as a brooder basket for chicks, either inside or outside the house.
.House should be raised to protect birds from predators.
l Perches should be provided in the house for chicken to roost at night.
.The house should be well-ventilated.

✍🏽Improved management practices?
Provide a balanced diet. For example, a handful of maize or local fishmeal and some fresh greens in addition to scavenged feeds like insects, will provide a good diet for one chicken in a day.
Provide clean water at all times.
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✍🏽Collecting the eggs
.Provide a safe, dry, dark place for the hens to lay.
.Collect eggs daily; write the date on the egg in pencil and store with the broad end fencing upwards.
This helps to ensure the embryo develops properly.

Use only eggs that were laid in the last 14 days.
. Hatch eggs using the mother hen, another broody hen, a surrogate duck or an incubator.
.For hens, make sure the number of eggs chosen for hatching corresponds to the bird's body-size. All eggs must fit under the bird
. For successive hatching (the hen or the surrogate duck sits on eggs for two consecutive clutches), chicks are removed when they hatch and replaced with new eggs.
.After hatching, dispose of egg shells, clean the nest and transfer chicks to a brooder.
.Turn the eggs regularly, especially when using an incubator.
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You can use the hen that hatched the young ones or make a brood house for them.

Rearing chicks
.Provide clean water at all times in shallow, clean troughs.
.Provide soft feeds like flour from cereals or tubers.
.Allow chicks to roam freely when they reach three to four years old.
.Vaccinate chicks against newcastle disease when they are four days old.
Qualities of a good c**k, hen
A good c**k should have clear and shining eyes, alert and protective nature, clean, dry beak and nostrils, clean feathers around the vent, large size relative hens, straight legs, toes and without scaly. A fibrous hen should appear health and lively, legs less coloured in lay, clean, dry beak and nostrils, red comb, the breast born should not be too sharp, straight legs, toes and with no scaly.

✍🏽Chicken house
An ideal housing structure should have its two long side walls built up to 2.5feet to 3feet from the ground and the rest of the walls fixed with either chicken wire mesh or sticks for good ventilation. If possible the floor can be of concrete but, a well rammed soil floor is adequate for the poor farmers.

The walls should be smooth to avoid parasites from hiding in the cracks. This can be done by cement and sand or mixture of cow dung and sand to the low income people. The roof should not be leaking to avoid dampness of the litter.
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These are basically white in colour and kept majorly for meat production due to tha faster growth
Broiler chickens (Gallus gallus domesticus) are a domesticated fowl, a subspecies of the Red Junglefowl, bred and raised specifically for meat production.

Typical broilers have white feathers and yellowish skin. Most commercial broilers bred for meat reach slaughter weight at between 5 to 7 weeks of age, although sloper growing strains reach slaughter weight at approximately 14 weeks of age. Because of this young age, much of their behavior and physiology is that of an immature bird.

Broiler chickens in Uganda are normally kept successfully under the intensive system of poultry management. The intensive system also includes two subsystems:
the semi-intensive system, in which a small number of birds are produced in complete confinement, and the industrial system in which large number of birds are raised based on industrial principals where value is added to every unit of input along the production chain to give high value products (chicken) to meet an identified need particularly in urban markets.

✍🏽Feeding broilers
These are basically fed on the starter fed for 3 weeks and the finisher for the rest of the period
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✍🏽Common Poultry Feed Ingredients
• Maize bran
• Rice bran.
• Maize flower

• Fish meal
• Blood meal

Energy and protein
• Sunflower seed
• Cottonseed
• Grain by-products
• Groundnut
• Sesame seed
• Sunflower seed

• Lake shells
• Egg shells
• Vitamins
• Rice by-products

✍🏽How to mix broiler starter mash – Ingredients
• 100 Kg of Maize brand
• 30 kg Fish
• 20 kg cotton
• 8 kg shells
• 150 gms menthonie
• ½ kg calcium
• ¾ kg primix
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✍🏽How to mix broiler finisher – Ingredients
• 100Kg brand
• 25 kg fish
• 10 kg cotton
• 2 kg shells
• 2 kg bone
• 150 gm
• menthorine

✍🏽✍🏽How to Control Poultry Diseases on your Broiler Farm
👉As broiler chicken live closer together, your broiler chicken house floor should be covered with about Six (6) inches of litter (wood shavings or coffee husks).

You need to do your best to keep this litter dry because dump, moist and caked litter will bring diseases to your broilers birds and cause slow growth.

For this cause you thus need build a well ventilated poultry house and you should not leave curtains hanging. You also need to keep regularly turning your litter.

.Be sure to immunize your broiler chicken against the deadly New Castle Disease and Gumboro

.Avoid alot of visters on your farm

.control rodents and other disease vectors

Always follow the vaccination program.
Note and avoid using expired vaccines
Ensure proper storage and transportation of vaccines
Always use distilled (or boiled and cooled) water to prepare your vaccines
Give vitamins in water after vaccination

✍🏽✍🏽vaccination schedule for Broiler chicken
• 1st WEEK- New Castle 1 is given intra ocular, meaning the route of administration is by Eye drop.
• 2nd WEEK – Gumboro 1 is given by Eye drop as well
• 3rd WEEK – Give Gumboro 2 by eye-drop
• 4th WEEK – Give New Castle 2 in drinking water
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I will share about the layers and kuroilers next with in the course of the day diseases will follow and many more need questions on that So far and any more additions er allowed thank uu!
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Dr Vincent Kirabo
Animal productions manager
Smart agribusiness forum africa
[email protected]


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