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At Lux Garbage Collection Services we off er door to door garbage collection .Y ou donot have to wait

Operating as usual


Thank you for all the suppo rt our dear esteemed clients..merry xmas


Dear,if your garbage was not pick ed today our sincere will be pick ed tomorrow morning.thank you


who is taking way your garbage? nd out where the garbage man,boy dum ps your refuse! before its too la te


Welcome on board Canaan estate muko no branch...we are glad to have y ou and looking forward to working togeth er as we keep green the envirnme nt


The garbage bags have not be en consistent this month,our kindest apologies.Feb ba gs are being delivered and if y ou have not received yours kindly conta ct us .


The festive period is around t he corner,if you need extra bags ,kind ly inform us ..thank you


Welcome on board on new clie nt from Kireku,Janda


Bajjo,Kigunga,seeta,namilyango,Gwaffu,Janda,Akright- namugongo we are kn ow in your hood! contact us f or your garbage bags if you ha ve not gotten one !0706329608


Dear Clients, Always demand for y ou receipt when your paying your month ly garbage fee...don't give anyone money witho ut any receipt!


For our clients who have alrea dy used up the garbage bags f or the month,please get in touch a nd send another batch.
thank you


why do the so called eli te burn their garbage?


our have noticed that some o ur clients miss use the garbage ba gs when you are given the l ot for the month..we are thinking of changi ng the method of delivery...
do you pref er us to deliver the monthly l ot at once?
do we leave you wi th the garbage bags each day of collection?
yo ur response is crucial as we contin ue to serve you better!


To our clients , garbage ba gs for sept 16th16-oct are bei ng delivered to by our respecti ve relationship officers. in case you ha ve not yet gotten yours please don 't hesitate to contact us


The Danger Of The Slow Burn

H ow many times do we wrinkle o ur noses and wonder what that terrib le smell could be? It's usually a sma ll, smoky fire nearby heaped with plast ic bags, bottles and other household was te. Nothing that smells so foul cou ld be good for us, and we' re just beginning to learn how harmf ul the fumes of burning garbage c an be.

Recent research indicat es that burning household garbage at l ow temperatures can have a severe impa ct on the sexual development of childr en. The Lancet, a respected British medic al journal, published an article in M ay 2001 stating that teenage boys livi ng near incinerators had smaller testicles a nd females had smaller breasts than tho se living in rural areas. They can 't yet measure how much of t he stuff you have to breathe in ov er what period of time, but a correlati on has been established.

In the past 40-50 years, male reproducti ve functions have deteriorated measurably worldwide. Dani sh researchers led by Dr. Neils Skakkeba ek call this Testicular Dysgenisis Syndrome (TD S). "TDS may be caused by genet ic or environmental factors or a combinati on of both," states Dr. Skakkebaek. " As the rise in incidence of t he various symptoms of TDS has occurr ed rapidly over few generations, we mu st consider that adverse environmental factors su ch as hormone disrupters could be to blam e." Hormone disrupters, also known as gender-bendi ng chemicals, are compounds used in pain ts, pesticides and detergents that can disru pt natural hormones in the body, causi ng birth defects and other problems in huma ns.

These two studies a re of more than passing interest to us he re in Bali, where fumes from burni ng plastic and contaminated wastewater are pa rt of our daily lives. This resear ch was done in Europe and Nor th America; let's examine it in t he Balinese context. Modern refuse combustors ha ve tall stacks, specially designed combustion chambe rs and high-efficiency flue gas cleaning syste ms that minimize the impact of emissio ns associated with waste combustion. We don 't have these in Bali - garba ge is dumped in landfills, down riv er banks, off the beach at San ur or burned. Open burning is an inefficie nt combustion process and releases significant amoun ts of air pollutants, ash and den se white or black smoke. According to a stu dy done by Penn State's College of Agricultur al Sciences, open household waste fires bu rn at low temperatures and can resu lt in particulate emissions, heavy metal vapo rs, acid gases and other pollutants. Mo st of these are highly toxic a nd some can cause cancer.

T he open burning of residential solid was te in Bali means that toxins a re released at ground level. Unlike incinerat ed waste, fire in a barrel or pi le does not burn hot enough to destr oy the poisonous substances released by burni ng materials. Since there are no safeguar ds to capture the toxins in t he smoke, they are released into t he air. The smoke may include aldehyd es, acids, nitrogen oxides, sulphur oxides, polycycl ic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), dioxins, furans, oth er organics and volatilised heavy metals. F or example, treated wood wastes may relea se arsenic, PVC plastics may release hydrog en chloride, wood painted with lead-based pain ts may release lead. These pollutants a re all toxic to humans. The a sh from the waste may be contaminat ed with toxic chemicals such as dioxi ns and furans, PAHs, heavy metals a nd other potentially carcinogenic compounds. Some of t he ash will be carried off in to the atmosphere with the smoke plu me, while the rest will remain behi nd after the fire has been extinguish ed, polluting the soil and, potentially, t he groundwater.

The greatest heal th risk from the open burning of garba ge is to those closest to t he fire who may inhale the smo ke. Other individuals on-site and off-site m ay also be affected, depending on facto rs such as the distance to t he fire, exposure duration, amount and ty pe of material burned, individual sensitivity, e tc. The concentration of gases or particulat es and the duration of exposure c an have an acute effect on yo ur level of risk. Emissions from a bu rn become mixed with surrounding air, diluti ng them enough that, in most cas es, you can walk away without a ny obvious side effects. However, some of the se substances can immediately cause eye irritati on, lung irritation, asthma, or restricted breathi ng. Children are most at risk, sin ce they breathe more quickly than adul ts and absorb up to six tim es as much contamination.

A US Environment al Protection Agency study showed that garba ge burned in a barrel or he ap emits twice as much furans, 20 tim es more dioxin and 40 times mo re particulates than professional incineration with a ir pollution controls. Burning plastics, particularly P VC, results in emission of the dead ly poison dioxin. Dioxin is one of t he most toxic chemicals known to m an, and it is released by burni ng common household trash at low temperatur es. Dioxin and other chemicals are total ly invisible, and their health effects a re not immediate. Benzopyrene is another pote nt carcinogen produced by low temperature fir es. Open fire smoke contains 70 par ts per million of carcinogenic benzopyrenes, abo ut 350 times higher than cigarette smo ke.

PVC especially can cau se an immediate health risk. Less immedia te, but more lasting, are the environment al dangers that occur. The ash a nd soot, which may be dispersed by t he wind or leached by water, wi ll contain toxic contaminants. These toxins wi ll then be leached from any a sh remaining at the site. This cou ld lead to the contamination of surfa ce water or ground water, and unquestionab ly to soil contamination.

Th is is all pretty depressing. What c an we do? Be aware of t he hazards. Inform friends and staff. Reali ze that if we are not alrea dy separating and recycling plastics in o ur homes and offices, then we a re part of the problem. Soon I' ll be doing a story on a who le subculture that exists around recycling plast ic here in Bali.

Meanwhi le, if you have testicles or kn ow someone who does, you might wa nt to spread the word as f ar as you can locally. "Shrinking testicl es is just another item in t he growing litany of ailments connected wi th the burning of mixed rubbish," sa id Tara Buakamsri, toxics campaigner for Greenpea ce Southeast Asia, in a recent stateme nt.

My next door neighbo ur has recently refined his waste manageme nt system -- he brings his plast ic bag of garbage into our mutu al parking lot, pours in a jigg er of kerosene and sets it alig ht. Then he stands over it, inhali ng the fumes as he watches t he plastic melt and the tins black en. He'd probably make an interesting ca se study for a researcher with a s et of calipers.


It may be common practice, b ut backyard burning of garbage in op en containers can release dangerous pollutants includi ng dioxins, volatile organic compounds, and partic le pollution.Inhaling or ingesting even small amoun ts of these pollutants can cause ma ny dangerous health problems. Older people, sma ll children, and those with respiratory proble ms are especially vulnerable.
Dioxins can cause wi de range of health problems, including canc er. And ash created by backyard garba ge burning often contains toxic metals su ch as mercury, lead, chromium and arsen ic! stop burning garbage..


those who are dumping garbage in peop le plots and unoccupied lands .please st op this habit its shameful and sho ws where you grew up.would you be hap py in people dumped garbage in yo ur unoccupied plot of land..stop pretending a nd let us together control o ur environmnent


We are disappointed with the eli te class! when you give that garba ge to young boys and who don 't care where they dump the garba ge its a case of irresponsibility a nd i don't care attitude..
you need to tru st garbage companies to handle your was te because you are hurting the communiti es when the young boys dump t he garbage on the road sides! l et us handle your garbage


The Law of Money vs Ti me. If I asked you, between ti me and money, which one should co me first? Many will definitely choose mon ey. But that's a wrong paradigm. If y ou notice rich people, they focus on reclaimi ng their time. Poor people focus on savi ng money. For example, at a Ta xi stage, someone will waste hours waiti ng for a taxi that will all ow him/her at a lower cost. Ri ch people will use all their mon ey to reclaim time. You can't sta nd at a taxi stage simply becau se you want to save Shs.500 y et you are wasting 30 minutes. Ri ch people will put up with th at extra 500 and save the 30 minut es and square that 500. So t he law states: "In any situation, y ou would rather lose money than lo se time." Another section of the l aw states that never exchange your ti me for money, that's a recipe f or poverty. Rich people tend to p ut their income on a pedestal, a nd they are paid 24-7 whether th ey work or not, poor people a re only paid when they work. So inste ad of working more hours, look f or ways of reducing this hours a nd building multiple streams of passive inco me!


we love what we do wi th passion! Stop throwing your garbage in yo ur neighbors plot.Let us handle your garba ge .contact us now!


Good evening to you all


new offers for our executive clients!che ck your emails


Happy Ramadthan khalim to our mosl em clients


Buto and Kiwanga we are n ow in your areas.....if you have n ot booked your garbage bag ..what a re you waiting for! contact us n ow


we are hiring!
we are looking f or marketers and sales executives.
if you a re interested or you know some o ne who wants to try out h is skills contact us on 0706329608/0701555668 or ema il us on : [email protected]


we thank you for all yo ur support for the month of June.
Ju ly is here !
if you have n ot gotten on board what are y ou waiting for


Uganda cranes wins do not wor ry about the mess at Namboole
as usu al we will clean the place



Dear our esteemed clients in are as of Mbalwa&Namugongo areas.Due to the mayt rs day celebrations , the garbage wi ll be collected on tuesday.
Thank you &sor ry for any incoviences caused

areas.Due 27/05/2013


Our dear esteemed clients in Mbalwa,Namugongo,Namanve,Bweyogere,Bugolobi,Kasan ga we are greatful for your continu ed support.for any inqueries,complaint do not hesita te to contact us .Help us to ser ve you better. Nema


If you have any query,complaint &conce rn to our services .Kindly contact us to he lp us serve you better!


We continue to thank you f or giving us your garbage!we thank y ou 16/05/2013

Americans waste 40 percent of the ir food, according to study

how much food do you was te? Americans waste 40 percent of the ir food, according to study 16/05/2013

‘Picking Up,’ by Robin Nagle

worth reading New York’s sanitation workers are arguab ly invisible but unquestionably essential, Robin Nag le writes.


thank you all for your suppo rt
we appreciate you very much
lets ke ep our homes tidy as we b in it


We are hiring ;
sales executiv es & account managers.
Areas of residence& operati on; Kirinya,Namanve akright estate,Namugongo,Mbalwa,Bweyogere.
Able to read & write
Go od interpersonal &communication.
Interested individuals send only yo ur cv .


Thank you all for the support.
O ur business is our concern





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