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Hi do u also provide concultancy on mobile hacking?

An IT company that deals in supply, Design, Solution and maintenance of computers.

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during this lockdown, Comptia is giving away a free course that you can take for starters in information technology.
Follow the link and register to take the course In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, CompTIA is offering free e-learning for CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF+) and other resources for displaced workers, students, career changers or anyone else who has ever thought about working in information technology.


Makerere University Business School

Have you applied to join the most prestigious Business School in the Region?

Worry not you still have a chance, 2 days remaining to have your dream come true. Come to MUBS today and we help you apply for the business course of your choice today. Application window closes Tomorrow 16/06/17. Don't miss when u still have a chance.

[05/15/17]   [ALERT] Ransomware Attack Uses NSA 0-Day Exploits To Go On Worldwide Rampage, Read on how to keep your organisation safe. Here is what happened
Here is just one example: The IT systems of around 40 NHS organizations across the UK have been affected by a ransomware attack. Non-emergency operations have been suspended and ambulances are being diverted as a result of the attack.

Non-health focused organizations around the world are also being affected, including Spanish telecommunications firm Telefonica which reported a serious issue affecting its internal network as a result of a cyberattack earlier today. The strain is called "Wanna Decrypt0r" which asks $300 from victims to decrypt their computers.

Bleepingcomputer said: "Whoever is behind this ransomware has invested heavy resources into Wana Decrypt0r's operations. In the few hours this ransomware has been active, it has made many high-profile victims all over the world. According to Avast security researcher Jakub Kroustek, Wana Decrypt0r made over 57,000 victims in just a few hours.

The ransomware's name is WCry, but is also referenced online under various names, such as WannaCry, WannaCrypt0r, WannaCrypt, or Wana Decrypt0r. As everybody keeps calling it "Wana Decrypt0r," this is the name we'll use in this article, but all are the same thing, which is version 2.0 of the lowly and unimpressive WCry ransomware that first appeared in March."

Sky News Technology Correspondent Tom Cheshire described the attack as "unprecedented". The ransomware appears to use NSA 0-day ETERNALBLUE and DOUBLEPULSAR exploits which were made public earlier this year by a group calling itself the Shadow Brokers.

Looks like initial infection vector is a phishing/macro email.

According to CrowdStrike's vice president of intelligence Adam Meyers, the initial spread of WannaCry is coming through spam, in which fake invoices, job offers and other lures are being sent out to random email addresses. Within the emails is a .zip file, and once clicked that initiates the WannaCry infection.

But the most concerning aspect of WannaCry is its use of the worm-like EternalBlue exploit. "This is a weapon of mass destruction, a WMD of ransomware. Once it gets into an unpatched PC it spreads like wildfire," he told Forbes. "It's going through financials, energy companies, healthcare. It's widespread."

Given the malware is scanning the entire internet for vulnerable machines, and as many as 150,000 were deemed open to the Windows vulnerability as of earlier this month, WannaCry ransomware explosion is only expected to get worse over the weekend.

If you can apply this patch immediately.

In the mean time, harden yourselves against this threat and ensure that all systems are fully patched with the "MS17-010" security update (link below) and remind all staff to Think Before They Click when they receive any out of the ordinary emails 27/04/2017

Delhi University could add Facebook course to English degrees - BBC News

It should be a social network course, not only facebook English literature students at Delhi University may soon study how to write good Facebook posts. 24/03/2017

IAAF: IAAF World Cross Country Championships

IAAF world championship event here in Kampala on sunday, Find details here 24/03/2017

IAAF: IAAF World Cross Country Championships

IAAF world championship event here in Kampala on sunday, Find details here 24/03/2017

Hacker hostage crisis at ICANN secret key ceremony! (on TV) | Domain Incite - Domain Name Industry News, Analysis & Opinion One of ICANN's Seven Secret Key-Holders To The Internet got taken out as part of an elaborate heist or something on American TV this week. In tense scenes, a couple of secret agents or something with guns were forced to break into one of ICANN's quarterly root zone key signing ceremonies to prevent… 24/11/2016 21/11/2016

[10/27/16]   What is your greatest accomplishment?
An example of how you should not answer this question:
"Hmmm…greatest accomplishment? I'm not sure I have a greatest accomplishment. Most of the projects I have been working with have been canceled, but no fault of my own. We usually get ready to deliver something and then the project funding gets pulled and we are never able to actually deliver. So then we all scramble to get moved to another project before we get targeted for layoffs. Some people at our company aren't as good at that as me and they've ended up being laid off. But I'm a survivor and I've been able to avoid the layoff ax all these years. So that's probably my greatest accomplishment is that I haven't been laid off in spite of all of the projects being canceled. I'm pretty good at laying low and staying out of the spotlight."

[10/25/16]   Undergraduate degrees may be awarded with “Honours” (abbreviated in brackets (Hons)). Some, however, may be without honours; these are then referred to as “Ordinary” or “Pass” degrees. A degree with Honours indicates the successful completion of all (or most) of the modules.

Therefore, if you have been awarded a good degree (1st, upper 2nd in some cases) with Honours it is highly recommended to use it as a selling point of your academical achievements by clearly stating your degree classification on your CV. 13/10/2016

Story of every I.T company


Mzansi TV

Hahahahaha lolest 19/07/2016

FULL LIST! Makerere University 2016/17 Private Admissions for International Students - CampusBee

Makerere University has released the admission lists for International Applicants for the Academic Year 2016/2017. Makerere University has released the admission lists for International Applicants for the Academic Year 2016/2017. The lists have various courses that will be taken up by students from other parts of the world who are interested and applied to pursue their education in Uganda’s biggest public univer... 18/07/2016

FULL LIST! Kyambogo University 2016/2017 private admission lists - CampusBee

FULL LIST! Kyambogo University 2016/2017 private admission lists Kyambogo University has admitted more than 11,500 former A-level students to various courses on private sponsorship, for the 2016/17 academic year. According to the list released by the academic registrar’s office at the weekend, the number of private students admitted per course ranges from one to…

[06/18/16]   When A student wants to go home early, what he did

Recently, he shared a story about a bomb threat that had been emailed to a high school headteacher. The perpetrator sent a threatening note to the school headTeacher declaring that
the bomb would explode at 1 p.m. and warning him to evacuate the school. He received the alert at 11 a.m., leaving him with only two hours to
investigate the crime and advise the principal on the best course of action.
He quickly began issuing emergency subpoenas to Internet service providers and
traced the email to a computer in the school library. At 12:15 p.m., he confronted the
suspect with surveillance tapes showing him at the computer in the library as well as
audit logs conclusively proving that he had sent the email. The student quickly
admitted that the threat was nothing more than a ploy to get out of school a couple of
hours early. His explanation? “I didn’t think there was anyone around here who
could trace stuff like that.”
He was wrong.

[06/18/16]   A trusted partner is only a trusted partner as long as it is in your mutual selfinterest
to be friendly and cooperative toward each other. Eventually a
partnership might sour or become adversarial; then, your former partner might
take actions that pose a threat to your business.

[06/15/16]   7 Fundamentals of Success and Happiness Only You Can Deny Yourself

Life's biggest frustrations and disappointments come from expecting too little of yourself and too much of others. Expectations shape all of your relationships, including in the workplace. By setting your expectations for yourself and living up to them you reduce your dependency on others for your sense of worth and satisfaction.

Counting on yourself greatly reduces your frustration while increasing personal freedom for yourself and others. It is the only way to develop the seven personality strengths necessary for success.

1. Self-awareness.
Self-awareness is your ability to correctly perceive your own emotions as they are occurring. When you are self-aware you are keen to your emotional tendencies across situations. You know which situations trigger certain emotions and are able to predict this with a reasonable amount of accuracy.

When you are not self-aware you tend to overreact angrily or fearfully when others don't meant your expectations that they walk on eggshells, read your mind, anticipate your feelings and never step on any of your triggers.

Bottom line, people cannot read your mind or take care of your reactions. Believing otherwise will destroy your sense of self and the morale of those you interact with. People cannot not know how you feel until you speak up. You must communicate with others regularly and effectively. You will find yourself traveling quickly on the road to success when you productively communicate what you’re thinking and feeling.

2. Self-approval.
Seeking agreement and constant approval stifles your personal development while greatly compromising those you depend on to make you feel good. Commit to owning your thoughts, feelings and ideas without depending on anyone else for approval to feel good about them or not.

Life is not meant to be an endless “audition” for the role of meeting the expectations of others. Don't create a dynamic where those around you have to prove something to you or make things up to you if they don’t live up to your expectations.

The more you approve of yourself and your decisions, the less approval and agreement you need from others. Dare to be yourself, dare to follow your own aims without comparing yourself to others.

To be successful you must never view someone else’s success as your lack of progress.

3. Self-worth.
You live in direct opposition of who you genuinely are when are caught up in trying to be the versions of yourself you believe others need and want you to be. You may not feel worthy to some, but never take for granted you are irreplaceable to others. Demonstrate worth by keeping company with those who appreciate you, rather than staying stuck on those who reject you.

Remember, no matter how good you are, there will always be a certain percentage of people you meet and work with who will not like you no matter what you do, how nice you are or how hard you work. When you truly understand your worth you will never vie for a position. When it comes to your success, you will not negotiate. You have a take-it-or-leave-it attitude.

Related: Be Ready to Pounce When You Finally Hear 'Yes' for the First Time

4. Self-sufficient.
Learn to live your life from your own sense of accomplishment, duty and responsibility. Do not hope for others to change. Refrain from trying to control or direct others. Focus on the changes you need to make to reach your desired levels of success, confidence and self-sufficiency.

Waiting for someone to change takes you out of the driver’s seat of your own life. Don't wait for someone else to take you to the level of success you desire. That is a miserable prison to put yourself and others in. Be self-sufficient. Stay aware of your emotions and any unrealistic expectations you have of others.

The more competent you are, the less you need and expect from others, the easier you are to work and interact with.

5. Self-respect.
Truly powerful people never explain why they deserve respect, they simply do not engage with those who do not respect them. People will only respect you to the extent you respect yourself. Personal freedom, confidence and success come through your own self-development and learning. Accept that sometimes the best thing you can do is say “no.” Act on the internal signals telling you that you have reached your capacity in a situation. Set the boundaries necessary to keep you in a place of self-respect.

You will suffer if you expect that others will, or should, respect you no matter what. Have faith in who you are and a willingness to act upon it. Never ask anyone to do for you what you can do for yourself. When you practice self-respect you give yourself the opportunity to be happy and successful all around.

6. Self-acceptance.
You are human. Approve of yourself in spite of deficiencies. When you have self-acceptance you become aware that others are also human. You stop expecting them to fit into your vision of who you think they should be. You no longer get angry when they fall short.

Focus on personal development. Seek ways to make your life rich, exciting, accomplished and happy, regardless of the holes in your Swiss cheese. Living this way reduces your need to control others. You become a healthier person to interact and work with. When you stop expecting too much from others you begin to appreciate them and depend more upon yourself to reach your goals.

7. Self-love.
Life is challenging because anything and everything outside of you is temporary. Stop needing life to always be OK. Embrace your good qualities and be aware of, and in progress with, your more challenging traits. There is always personal growth to be done. It is your dualities and complexities that make you interesting and inspiring to others.

Living to pleases others is not self-loving, it is self-diminishing. There is no path to success through being an underling.

In life you are measured by your ability to overcome adversities and insecurities, not avoid them. When you are aware of yourself you see yourself as a work in progress. This type of humility gives you a deeper understanding of others and their own humanity. As you focus on growth, and how to be more successful through changing yourself, your sense of control and confidence increases dramatically. Success is not about you being OK and all-put-together. You have to commit to yourself the most when you feel most challenged.

All these fundamentals begin with the world “self” because you are the only person who can develop these qualities. Other people or situations are rarely going to be exactly who or what you want them to be. Hope for the best and let go of any attachment to perfection. There is a direct correlation between your happiness, success and satisfaction and what your thoughts manifest for you in the form of relationships and opportunities for achievement.
By SHERRIE CAMPBELL-Psychologist, Author

[06/15/16]   You can learn the most from building a business than reading about it

[06/02/16]   Uganda introduced the students' Loan scheme for students at the university, Please those who want the forms can download them here. for both private and government universities

[05/27/16]   What is IP spoofing?
When a computer outside of your network pretends to be a trusted computer within the network, then, this action by the attacker is called IP Spoofing.


Amazing quotations & videos zphs atpr

Very true heart touching vdo
Once watch teachers should understand the problem students r coming frm poor background.

[05/13/16]   Facebook Mentions-What it is
Strictly for the one-percenters among us: Facebook Mentions, the service for verified users of the global social network, is now available for users with Android devices.

The app isn’t open to all, you need that elusive blue tick of verification/fame to get it. That’s because it’s designed to give verified users a way to easily share public status updates, photos and videos with fans on the go — all without spamming their actual friends along the way. Mentions will only post publicly, to fans and followers, but — crucially — it is also the designated app for live video streaming. (Live broadcasting was initially just for famous people, but Facebook began gradually rolling it out to all users last month.)

Facebook launched Mentions for iOS way back in July 2014 so it’s certainly taken the app, which is marketed at “actors, athletes, musicians and other influencers,” some time to make its way to the Android side of mobile.

So, in summary, if you’re an ambitious young TechCrunch reader, you won’t need to dump your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or Xiaomi Mi Note when you make it big as a celeb, famous tech founder

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Do you still need a car garage inside your house?




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