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During this coronavirus pandemic, City Ambulance is on full alert & well prepared to handle any suspected coronavirus cases as well as responding to any other medical emergencies or transportation.

Contact 24/7 dispatch desk: 0414 240 158, 0392 177 174, 0704 009 098. Email: [email protected].

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Happening nowKabira Football Tournament at kabira country club
26th March 2019

DEFENCE/UPDF Wazalendo SACCO holds 13th AGM

The Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs (MODVA) and Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces (UPDF) Cooperative, known as Wazalendo Savings and Credit Cooperative Society Limited (WSACCO) comprising of Seventy Thousand Eighty Seven (70,087) members, held its 13th Annual General Meeting (AGM) under the theme: “ Empowering the Member to Realise his/her Networth and Belonging to WSACCO.”

The meeting of members, through their representatives, that ran from 25th-26th March 2019, at the Uganda Military Engineering College (UMEC) in Lugazi, Mukono District, was aimed at sharing and reviewing the performance and operations of WSACCO for the year ended (January to December 2018) and to forge a way forward for the coming year.

While opening the meeting, the Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) and Chief guest Gen David Muhoozi noted that WSACCO is like a teenager that has performed exceptionally well before becoming an adult.
“We have done well and we should maintain and improve the welfare of our members,” Gen Muhoozi told members, adding that it is the duty of the leadership to maintain the sound relationship with WSACCO to provide reliable solutions that can fight poverty.

He said there must be trust between the leadership and members to have a SACCO that can transform the lives of its members and not just accumulation of figures.
“We need to come up with smart innovations, build strong consensus with members, understand the critical importance of the SACCO and design simple and clear messages to all members for WSACCO to do even better,” the CDF observed.

Gen Muhoozi advised WSACCO Board, Supervisory Committee (SUPCO) and Management to work together so as to realize the objectives of the WSACCO. He further encouraged members to invest in assets that generate income (commercial buildings) as opposed to investment in luxurious items that score short term benefits.

According to the WSACCO Board Chairman and Deputy Commander Land Forces, Maj Gen Sam Kavuma, WSACCO provides an opportunity for the UPDF fraternity to come together and accumulate a fund that will better their welfare and prepare them for life after retirement.

He noted that with effect from the 12th AGM at Colline Hotel in Mukono, the society’s monthly retirement savings on salary increased from 7% to 10% which were followed by a reduction in the refinancing period from 75% to 50% and a reduction in interest rates from 15% to 13% with effect from July 2018.

Maj Gen Kavuma added that the society’s asset base stood at 271.1billion against 219.1billion in the last financial year and mainly attributed this growth to the rolled-out re-financing that enabled members to access more loans on top of their existing loans.

He further encouraged members to continue saving tirelessly by revisiting their enterprise selection and investing in real assets that generate income to fill the liquidity shortfall. “Any Ugandan who exploits the country’s green cover, fertile soils, favorable climate, abundant water, forests and mountains, cannot fail to improve their welfare,” remarked Maj Gen Kavuma, adding that avoiding expenditure on fancy appliances and liabilities like luxurious cars will steer WSACCO members to a better economic status.

He mentioned that 17.6% of the net surplus in form of dividends will be payment to all fully paid up members. The Board Chairman decried the high rate of Absenteeism, technological challenges and retirement despite the reduced interest rates and surplus of 31.62 billion.

The Chief Executive Officer of WSACCO Brig Simon Ocan appreciated the Supervisory Committee (SUPCO) for their supervisory role, and the team spirit from the Management staffs who performed the assigned tasks and registered remarkable achievements.
He noted that the WSACCO registered numerous achievements despite the existing challenges like failure on delivery of new ATM cards, poor service delivery on the OTC platform by Post Bank Uganda and the halt on WazaMobile services by M/S Neptune and MTN in mid-December 2018.

He, however, called upon the UPDF leadership, Board, Management team and elected delegates to emphasize mobilization and sensitization of SACCO members especially in areas of accumulating savings, financial literacy and investment.

Members adopted and approved the proposal to issue bonuses to shareholders by appreciating the share value from UGX 10,000 to 15,000, extending the maximum loan period from 4 to 5 years, increasing the loan size from UGX 40m to UGX 80m, among others.

Brig Johnson Namanya was recognized as the highest total depositor for 2018, WO1 Omondi Kola Peter was the most successful loan user while Ms Grace Kansime emerged best depositor for 2018 among the civilians.

MTN also recognized some Commanders and Chiefs for their exemplary service to the nation.

The 13th WSACCO meeting was also graced by the attendance of the Deputy CDF Lt Gen Wilson Mbadi, UPDF Joint Chief of Staff Lt Gen Joseph Musanyufu, Commander Special Forces Command Maj Gen Don Nabasa, representatives from Uganda Prisons Service and various financial institutions, and local leaders, among others.
Well done Rajiv Ruparelia
Clarified and its clear .
Well done Afande Hasan kasingye
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PPDA Uganda on Twitter 06/07/2021

PPDA Uganda on Twitter

PPDA Uganda on Twitter “Guidance on Procurement during the #COVID19 period. #ProcurementThatDelivers 👇👇”


Tonight(10.00pm) on NBS Television
PPDA Uganda 's Director Capacity Building & Advisory Services, Moses Ojambo discusses the topic, " Investiment in the face of procurement huddles".
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This young man who calls himself Rashid Musa was arrested early last year in Zimbabwe while he was trying to find his way to South Africa. He is currently being in Harare Remand Prison Zimbabwe, a prison which also serves as the deportation Center for Immigration Zimbabwe. So prohibited immigrants and suspected criminals are both kept in the same prison and all sleep in the same cells.

Rashid didn't have a travel document at the time when he was arrested but the Zimbabwe government has issued him with an Emergency Travel Document (ETD) a one way travel document.

Unfortunately he doesn't have money to buy a one way plane ticket back to Uganda nor does he have any contact numbers of his relatives in Uganda.

Below are the details of his relatives;

Village : Bwaise
Province : Kawempe
Father. : Isabirye Wilson
Mother : Joyce Nakato
Sister : Tebasima Sarah - a teacher at Kyambogo College School

He says the faithfuls at Mandela Mosque in Kampala know him as well as worshipers at Pastor Senyonga's Church.

Please anyone who knows this young man or his relatives help me to contact them and let them know the plight of this young man. He is in a very bad shape.

Rasawood Bagaiga is my name and anyone that wants to assist him can inbox me here on Facebook.

Thank you very much Kakensa and whoever is reading this.

More about Rashid Musa, the names known to his Parents are "Richard Kigongo ".

He has a brother who was working from Owino Market commonly known as Papa Se though his real names are Daniel Ngero.



By Our Investigative Reporter
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By Our Investigative Reporter
-Juicy blockbuster extravaganza details LOADING, LOADING……
-A SHOCKER from Whistle blower …… LOADING
-Outrageous Business banking impropriety and unorthodox lending habits …. LOADING

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Daily Inspector

Factory Cleaners urgently needed in Saudi Arabia. Contact Namadda Professional General Services and Supply for more details.
Interviews are ongoing.

nilepost.co.ug 17/11/2020

MUBS lecturers criticize NRM manifesto, lay down tools over salary arrears - Nile Post

nilepost.co.ug Nile Post - MUBS lecturers criticize NRM manifesto, lay down tools over salary arrears News


Daily Monitor

These photos taken on November 16, 2020 show a journalist recording security operatives as they take positions to disperse supporters of Presidential candidate Bobi Wine who were in a procession after he had addressed a rally in Mayuge District
📸 Lubowa Abubaker


Capital FM Uganda

Prisoners celebrate increment of allowances from 500 to 1000 shillings.Earlier a skilled prisoner was earning Shs 500 per day but now will be getting Shs 1398, semiskilled who have been earning Shs 250 will get Shs 699 per day and non skilled from Shs 100 to Shs 280 as explained by Frank Baine the Uganda Prisons Spokesperson.
The inmates say the money will help them get basic needs and do some savings.


Radio Simba Ffemwe Mweffe

Abawagizi ba National Unity Platform - NUP basazeewo okuwuga okuyita mu kitoogo e Mayuge oluvannyuma lwa b'ebyokwerinda okusalako oluguudo nga tebakiriza bayitawo kwegatta ku Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert aka Bobi Wine.

📸 Photo Credit: Daily Monitor


NBS Television

John Katumba: The opposition side is trying to divert me. Let them do the talking, Katumba is serious. The mere fact that he collected signatures, paid UGX 20 million and traversed all these areas, what more do they need to know that I am serious?

#NBSMorningBreeze #NBSUpdates #UgVotes2021 #NBSPolitiCom


Uganda Police Force

Press Release

Police have noted with concern criminals using motorcycles that are attacking and damaging government owned vehicles while on the road.
The criminals are using improvised petrol bombs they hurl in the vehicles and metallic objects to hit on the windscreens.
Three incidents have been reported in different parts of the city including Katwe, Nateete and Busega.
We suspect that the criminals' intention is to force government to stop health guidelines against carrying of passengers by boda boda motorcyclists that government put in place to contain the spread of Coronavirus.
The joint security teams have identified five suspected criminals, who have been using these motorcycles and we are pursuing them.
One of the motorcycles is registration number UEU 391F.
The suspects attacked a government vehicle registration number UG 0450T on June 23, 2020. However, the occupants survived unhurt.
In the second incident, the suspects politely asked the driver of motor vehicle registration number UG 0182H to stop for them to cross. When the driver stopped, they pulled out a hammer and hit the windscreen. The criminals were unable to execute their crime and fled after their hammer fell in the car.
The third was conducted at Busega-Mityana Roundabout when criminals hurled a flammable liquid in the bottle in a government vehicle registration number UG 0199K, a Toyota Fortune on June 26, 2020.
This explosive busted into flames on the co-driver's side, but the public nearby extinguish the fire.
These actions are unacceptable.
We are using all the available technology at our disposal to have them arrested and charged with malicious damage to government property and other offences.
We appeal to anybody with any information that can led us to the arrest of these criminals to pass it in confidence to the nearest police station or ring the following numbers
0714668079, 0714667793, 0718452616, 0715986952, 0715989979, 0772858872
Below are the photographs of the criminals that we retrieved from our CCTV cameras.

SP Patrick Onyango


Will PPDA Uganda meeting with Uganda Manufacturers Association #PrmoteLocalManufacturers in public procurement?


All Round Consult Uganda

Happening Now at UMA Show Ground - Lugogo: PPDA Board Chairman, Mr. Julius K. Ishungisa has led the team form PPDA to meet the Uganda Manufacturers' Association Boarder to discuss ways of how to further promote local manufacturers in public procurement.


Breaking News:

President Nkurunziza of Burundi dies of heart attack.

In a statement posted on Twitter on Tuesday, the government announced "with great sorrow to Burundians and the international community" the passing of Nkurunziza, 55.

The outgoing president died at Karusi hospital after suffering a heart attack on June 8, the statement added.

In power since 2005, Nkurunziza was due to be replaced in August by political ally Evariste Ndayishimiye, who was declared earlier this month the winner of a May 20 presidential election.



Pastor Mondo.




More Covid-19 Patients discovered.

Ministry of Health has on Thursday June 4 said 15 more people had tested positive for Covid-19 as Uganda’s tally of confirmed cases rose to 522.

Four of the new cases are truck drivers who arrived from Tanzania via Mutukula while two cases are from Busia.

The Ministry of Health said nine cases are alerts and contacts to previously confirmed cases.

Of these, three are from Amuru, one is from Buikwe District and two are from Kyotera District, one from Nakaseke, one from Lira and one from Kampala.

Relatedly, 33 positive foreign truck drivers were handed over to their country of origin.

To date, the ministry of health says 82 people who previously tested positive for the virus have recovered and have been discharged from hospitals across the country.

Meanwhile, Gulu district chairman Ojara Martin Mapenduzi and journalists from four different radio stations have been placed under self isolation after coming in contact with a positive case.

Apparently, the Ministry of Health has started testing journalists who are covering COVID-19 related activities to ensure that they are safe and not able to pass on the virus.

Permanent Secretary Diana Atwine said since the ministry of health keeps testing themselves every two weeks, journalists are not tested for the virus and yet they interact with different people everyday.

“When you test negative, you become very careful. We want to ensure the journalists we work with safe,” said Dr Atwiine.

When government announced the national lockdown, journalists were allowed to continue working because of the role with provides to educate, inform and entertain and execute the watch dog service to the country.

In keeping the ministry ‘s and WHO guidelines of preventing the disease, most media houses themselves from getting their staff infected.




President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni reappoints Justice Kavuma.

Justice Steven Kavuma has been appointed by President Museveni as the new board chairman of the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

The appointment of Justice Kavuma was announced earlier today by Information and ICT minister, Judith Nabakooba.

“It is true cabinet on Monday, approved Justice Kavuma as the board chair for Civil Aviation Authority for a three-year contract,” Ms Nabakooba said by telephone on Wednesday morning.

Justice Kavuma replaces Eng Edward Mike Ndawula, whose three-year term lapsed last month.

Ms Kiryabwire and Mr Kubeketerya were retained from the old board.


Dickson Kateshumbwa Commissioner who has been in charge of Domestic taxes has thrown in the towel. Sources reveal that he has resigned but there are higher chances that he has been axed.


Office of the Lord Mayor, KCCA.

The KCCA Cabinet has resolved to suspend Trade Licenses, Market Dues and Commercial User fees.

The meeting Chaired by the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago arrived at the decision after a thorough assessment of the COVID-19 pandemic and its related effects and resolved that it is no longer viable to meet the KCCA Budgetary projections. The total KCCA Budget is 521Billion and out of the same, approximately 100Billion is expected to be generated from Local Revenue. Apparently, many city businesses need a jerk start and it may not be proper for KCCA to impose taxes during a time when these are struggling therefore it is resolved that;
1. Trade Licenses be suspended up-to 31st December 2020 and this grace period will enable the business community to get back to business.
2. Market dues be suspended up-to 31st December 2020. The Executive noted that majority of the urban poor ply their goods in the markets and they have equally suffered the consequences of COVID-19.
3. Commercial User fees be suspended up-to 31st December 2020. There was a proposal by the Minister to re-introduce commercial user fees for the taxis and boda-bodas in the City. The KCCA Executive body resolved that it would be ridiculous to levy fees from these bodies which have been out of business since March 2020.

Accordingly, these Cabinet Resolutions are going to be submitted in the Council by the Minister of Finance because the City Executive is duty bound to initiate policies and forward the same for the Council’s ratification in line with the law. The KCCA Budget will be scaled down and the Minister of Finance has been tasked to sit down with the Executive Director to work out the modalities of effecting this.

The Cabinet also realized that the Institution is faced with a huge crisis where it is currently operating without regulated procurement processes. The Amended KCCA Act repealed Sections 61-70 of the Parent Act which initially regulated the City Procurement and Disposal processes. However, this needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency by using the existing KCCA Act which provides a remedy in Section 5(4). And accordingly, in line with Section 17(d) of the Local Governments Act, the seven members of the Tender Board will be presented to the Council for approval as premised in Section 91 of the Local Governments Act.



No money.


Kazibwe Bashir Mbaziira in trouble over #Covid-19 talk.
Popular NBS TV and Bukedde FM radio presenter Hajji Bashir Kazibwe Mbazira was reportedly arrested on allegations of spreading harmful information regarding Coronavirus.

Kazibwe, who is also the President of the Uganda Journalists Association is alleged to have landed in trouble with the state security over his live phone intarraction on Bukedde FM’s “Ekirya atabaala program with two confirmed COVID19 positive patients undergoing treatment in Gulu Hospital.
In the the almost 90 minutes conversation, the two patients who were allegedly truck drivers cast doubt over the truthfulness in their status with regard to the disease. They stressed that inspite of them being confirmed to be positive for Coronavirus, they felt no any signs of sickness.

They also added that there was no any specialised medical attention equivalent to the gravity of the disease they are reportedly held for which makes them doubt the diagnosis.

Before the program time which is officially 6:00pm, Mbazira was forced to cut it short 18 minutes earlier, leaving his attentive listeners in shock.

“The moment he cut the program short before the official time, I just knew something was wrong. Hope you are safe KBM.” Commented one of the listeners.

As if he knew his fate beforehand, the Chief scribe posted on his page an hour later, castigating whoever was seeking to accuse him for revealing the information. He also suggestively questioned the truth in the facts availed by local authorities on Coronavirus, and cautioned them against trying to gag those coming out to speak about it but rather “clean their house.


Retired General Kasirye Gwanga needs our prayers. Apparently, the general is under ICU.

Let's pray for him.


People Power deserters Ashburg Kato and Ray Supasta have officially been welcomed into the NRM party. The duo was handed NRM cards and the function was officiated by the NRM Vice Chairman Moses Kigongo who welcomed them to the mighty party.


Daily Monitor

36 new COVID-19 cases confirmed. The total confirmed cases are now 317.

24 new cases are truck drivers-20 arrived via Elegu, 2 via Malaba and 1 was from Lia Point of Entry in Arua.

12 are contacts to previously confirmed truck drivers. All under




Lucky Mbabazi

The bad choices you make should not define your entire life,if you are still breathing then you have an opportunity to change your destiny.


If He can, why can't you?

dailystar.co.uk 29/05/2020

4 things Ole Gunnar Solskjaer must do to allow Jadon Sancho to thrive at Man Utd

dailystar.co.uk Jadon Sancho is a Man Utd transfer target this summer - but if he makes a big money move to the Premier League then Ole Gunnar Solskjaer would need to do everything in his power to allow him to thrive



During this coronavirus pandemic, City Ambulance is on full alert & well prepared to handle any suspected coronavirus cases as well as responding to any other medical emergencies or transportation.

Contact 24/7 dispatch desk: 0414 240 158, 0392 177 174, 0704 009 098. Email: [email protected].



Lubaga South MP content 2021 Mukasa Aloysius engaged in a practical prevention of coronavirus by giving out free masks and disinfectants to residents of Nalukolongo and Ndeeba


*Ham Enterprises takes on DTB over fraud* The Managing Director Ham Enterprises Hamis Kiggundu has given Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) an altimutum of 5 days to recover all the money “taken illegally” from their accounts or face legal action.

In a January 10, 2020 notice, Mr Kiggundu was incensed that DTB “unlawfully, fraudently without instructions recovered monies from their accounts”.

“The monies fraudently withdrawn from our accounts were over, above and in excess with a total excess of 29 billion Ugandan shillings unlawfully debited from our shillings account and 22 million United States Dollars unlawfully debited from our United States Dollar account,” reads the statement in part.

According to Mr Kiggundu, those are unclear debits in their account statement for the ten year banking relationship they had operated the accounts.

He further demanded for full accounts figurative audit, account reconciliation and a detailed explanation of the same and their certificates of tittles be handed to them.

“Failure of which leaves us no choice but to seek redress from the regulator or constitute legal action for remedies against DTB for recovery of those monies,” he said.

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