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Great healthy salads, esp the chicken salad!
Good work.
i like it
Thank you my friend for invited me
I love fruits

FrutsExpress is a food and beverage company and in everything we do, we look to champion healthier individual lifestyles. We aim at continuously creating innovative ways of delivering nutritional value.

Our products are farm fresh, delicately prepared Frutsexpress was founded with a determined spirit and a lofty objective: "To champion healthier individual lifestyles, while leading the way for socially conscious businesses. Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: Growing up, it was common to be surrounded by the sound of cheerful kids and days in the trees. Ffene jambula or gauva, all

Operating as usual


Some mornings... Apple, Spinach, Lemon and fennel seeds🥬🍹.... this cud be urs in 30minutes 😉... WhatsApp 0700457826 #healthyliving


Getting your favourite detox juice and salads just got a lot easier. We are now on Glovo. Download the app now and order for your favourite Natural Food

Getting your favourite detox juice and salads just got a lot easier. We are now on Glovo. Download the app now and order for your favourite Natural Food


The 5 day detox Challenge is here!! Starting this Monday Get a full cleanse with 2 litres of specialized Smoothies per day for 5 days, delivered daily at 100k.. and get your health goals back on track... Call or Whatsapp 0700457826 to get started

The 5 day detox Challenge is here!! Starting this Monday Get a full cleanse with 2 litres of specialized Smoothies per day for 5 days, delivered daily at 100k.. and get your health goals back on track... Call or Whatsapp 0700457826 to get started


This should be you😋... get ur chicken salad lunch instantly... call or WhatsApp 0700457826


Season greetings from Fruts Express


#Funfact: The body mostly heals and detoxifies at night so it’s advised that you eat your dinner early .
Detoxing is important because it removes the useless toxins from the body and leaves you with a clean
and healthy body!
What better way to detox than to juice those toxins away!
Here at fruts express your health is our business and that is why we make the detox juice and even
deliver to wherever you are! You just need to place your order .Call us on 0700457826.
Have a lovely day healthy people


Natural hair is beautiful, it’s your Exquisite crown!!

Your hair speaks volumes for you when it comes to impression! Whether it’s short, kinky, straight or curly, Invest in your natural hair.
Take off time to look after it like you do with your body or your clothes. Watch it’s growth, nurture it and invest in it!

Here are some free ways to love on your hair (Naturally)!!!

First things first; wash your hair frequently. At least Twice or Thrice a week.
Keep your natural hair neat regardless of how you choose to have it, short, long, kinky, afro or
straight. Just keep it neat!
Oil it with natural oils every now and then to keep it healthy and moisturised. Olive oil is really good for natural hair!

AloeVera, Avocado, sheabutter, Ricewater and honey are really good for hair growth and healthy
Minimize the heat you apply and if you must, please use a heat protector before applying heat to your natural hair through blow drying or ironing it.

Eat healthy! As much as this sounds far fetched but if you love your natural hair and you desire healthy hair, the secret is in eating healthy!
Also be mindful and consistent with the hairproducts you use for your hair! Be very particular with products for your natural hair.
Queens and Kings, your hair is your Golden Crown!
Wear it proudly as you take care of it!


Keep that diet going smoothly with a chicken salad.
Contact us on 0700457826 to place your order


Take care of your body today by ordering a healthy Salad from Fruts Express.
Your body will be yours much longer than your car or any other possession you have. Take care of it too by investing in it!
Eat healthy and Exercise!
Call or WhatsApp: 0700 457826.


New month, start afresh 🤗


Benefits of eating salads

A Natural Source of Fiber.
Load up on Salads for Weight Control.
Build Strong Bones.
Improve Muscle Performance.


Benefits of the 3 day detox plan.

Give your Digestive System a Rest.
Boost Your Energy. Within the first two days you'll start to feel a wave of difference in your energy.
Say goodbye to inflammation.
Contributes to weight loss.
Helps in hydration.


Fruts Fruts Express health tips;
Did you know that apples are more effective than coffee at waking you up in the morning😯


What is on your plate? Mine is a chicken salad 😋

Share a picture of what you are having for lunch today 😉


The benefits of detox juice;
Better Health
Improving Digestion
Increasing Energy
Reducing Inflammation
Boosting Hydration
Helping with Weight Loss
Clarity of Mind
Repair Damaged Tissues


How do you like your salad?
Should it be a beef, chicken or vegetable salad?
Well we g*t it all😌😋



We have all heard the saying, "when life gives you lemons, make a lemonade!"
Well lemons are a very healthy fruit.
They contain over 20 anticancer compounds and may reduce risk for
certain cancers by up to 50%.
You may use lemon in your water warm or cold for a better taste of you may just slice it and eat it.

#health tips


Let's normalise eating healthy 💯


A healthy juice cleanse can provide healthy trace amounts of fiber and vitamins while you are limiting your calories.



Healthy is the fun way.
Get your detox juice today.
Contact us on 0700457826



Did you know that avocado juice helps in improving digestion, decreasing risk of depression, and protection against cancer!😲


Rejuvenation of both the body and mind are both essential for you.
Sleep rejuvenates the body, silence
rejuvenates the mind, healthy eating rejuvenates the body, quality time with loved ones rejuvenates
the soul.
Also try to make time for silence each day preferably early morning when all is quiet.
Practice all of this for better and happier days!
Happy new Month.


Anyone who says a salad is not a proper meal clearly hasn't tried this one.
With grilled chicken, avocado, tonnes of veggies and a killer dressing, this delicious salad is guaranteed to satisfy the hungriest of stomachs😋

Order this mouth - watering salad to be delivered to your convenient location to sort your lunch.
You can Call/WhatsApp: 0700457826


Its DETOX TUESDAY... Buy 1 L Detox Juice and Get 1 FREE at only 15k, with absolutely FREE DELIVERY within Central Kampala. Simply Call or whatsapp 0700457826. Todays Ingredients:

Spinach - 1
Kale - 1
Bittergourd - 1
Chai Seeds - 25g
Cuccumber - 2
Cayenne- 1/4



Did you know #Carrot_Juice helps in bile secretion that helps to burn fat and therefore aid weight loss!
Adding Half Apple, orange and ginger can also help improve the taste and well as its effectiveness.

Carrots are low in calories, full of fibre and are one super food for weight loss. Due to its high fibre content, one glass of carrot juice will keep you stay full but also enable you achieve your health goals.

Get yours today by simply calling or WhatsApp 0700457826.
You can as well find us at Conrad house opposite shell jinja road.


Why you need to flush away those toxins!!!!

Detoxing involves removing toxins from the body.
Just like any other system the "kasasilo" needs to be gotten rid of.... For a Clean and Healthy body system.
Detoxing also improves one's immune system. This is why detoxing often is as important as bathing every day 😁😁

Don't argue with me... Go and make a lisaach (research) instead don't just come😂😂😂😂

#detoxing benefits
#natural living
#fruts express detox
#health is wealth
#Monday vibes


Exercise alone doesn’t gurantee you a healthy body!
Stop the excuses and;
Eat healthy
Love yourself a little bit more everyday!
Be kind
All these give a healthy and peaceful mind that and a healthy body starts with a peaceful mind!
#health is wealth
# health goals


Our finalist children are going back to school and they have been out of school for a while now how
about we feed them with food that helps the functionality of their brain
Here are some of the foods that improve brain functionality;
1. Green vegetables for example spinach,nakati and skumawiki
2. Fatty fish
3. Nuts
4. Green tea and coffee
5. Berries
6.Hot chocolate
Let’s feed our children’s minds back to better functionality! It’s been a while since they have been out of
Success to all finalists from the fruts express family.
Contact us on 0705 894258 for all your healthy eating needs

#healthgoals2020 #health #foodie #instafood #foodporn #frutsexpress


#Tulimu struggle osaba posho & beans!
Get yourself a tasty fish salad at only 15,000 shillings and say bye to the day's struggle the fruts express way!
Call us on 0705 894258 for quick deliveries!

#healthyeating #healthgoals2020 #saladsofinstagram #instafood


Juice away those toxins!
The time is detox hour! Cleanse your body system in a much interesting and sweet way!
Detox juice doesn’t have to be sour! It just has to do the job which is to take out all those toxins!
Order detox juice on 0705 894258
And get it delivered to where ever you are! #detox the fruts express way
#detox Tuesday
#health is wealth


The liver is responsible for detoxing the body and it does a good job but ever thought why you need to detox artificially?
Say with our detox juice
Detoxing supports the liver while doing it’s job making that easier!
Also detoxing through juicing adds nutritional value to the process of detoxing more like shooting two birds with the same stone.
Detoxing through juicing also makes the process much more interesting and bearable!
Juice away those toxins the fruts express way! Give us a call on 0705 894258 to deliver your detox juice today.
Have a blessed and toxic - free week!

#health #frutsexpress #healthgoals


Let us unite against breast cancer, sharing this info could save a friend #breastcancerawareness #alllivesmatter #supportingwomenwithcancer


Salad away the week!
It’s Friday healthy people! Get yourself a tasty chicken salad at only 15,000 shillings and say bye to
the week the fruts express way!
Call us on 0705 894258 for quick deliveries!


Vegetarian day special!!
What is the day today? It is vegetable day!
Our amazing vegetable salad is available at only 12,000 UGX!
Vegetables are important since they are low on calories and fat but rich in vitamin!
Order our vegetable salad and eat your way to healthiness!
Call us on 0705 894258 to place your order and let us deliver right at your doorstep!
#veggie for life
#vegetable salad


Yellow pepper, red pepper... chop chop is time for some salad magic🧚🏽🥒

Our Story

Musoke was a 32 year old Ugandan man living in Mutungo Kampala and working in a prestigeous corporate company. His story is one of a common, yet silent tragedy turned into an inspirational motivation for an idea that would change lives. On the face of it Musoke was a happy successful man but in many ways his life was far from comfortable. You see Musoke weighed 120 kgs and all sorts of complications had burrowed through his well being, health and pockets. His colleagues called him the "King Kong of Mutungo". Like many people, you must be saying Musoke was careless and let things spiral out of control. However his story is more ordinary than we may think..

Growing up, like many Ugandans he was surrounded by the sound of cheerful kids and days in the trees. Ffene jambula or gauva, all these tasty treats made him into a man of steel. As he went well into his early 20s he nolonger had time to go to the market, too busy for exercise while in pursuit of the Ugandan dream. Fast food meals, yummy snacks and oily rolexs became a constant on his menu.

It wasn't long before memory loss, fatigue, blotting and constant headaches became a common theme. Doctors appointments were more frequent! Plus his weight was spiralling out of control. Adding 5kgs.. 10kgs.. 20kgs.. Panicking he set unattainable dietry goals, he didn't know what to do but the trend had to stop.

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Yellow pepper, red pepper... chop chop is time for some salad magic🧚🏽🥒
Some days are tastier than others.... Get ur tasty healthy Chicken avocado salad for Lunch at only 15k FREE DELIVERYTo o...
Get you favorite detox recipe: cactus, aloe Vera, spinach cuccumber at a  DISCOUNT.... FREE DELIVERY.. to order call or ...
Break those unhealthy habits, achieve your goals
Break those unhealthy habits, achieve your goals
Merry Christmas
What Vegetable Do You See?




Conrad House, Kampala Road

Opening Hours

Monday 08:00 - 18:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 18:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 18:00
Thursday 09:00 - 18:00
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Saturday 09:00 - 18:00
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