MIT Consults Uganda

One stop IT Services provider & support for business in and around Kampala. Your one stop IT Services provider & support for business in and around Kampala.

Services offered include Networking, IS Audit, IT business solutions and consult. System Management services cover system administration,security, data backup and recovery, domain management and hosting, remote connectivity, user help desk, and preventive maintenance 28/07/2017

Microsoft Releases Windows 10 S ISOs For Rich Developers The ISO files for Windows 10 S 32-bit and 64-bit versions have been released by Microsoft. Developers can download, install, and test Windows 10 S on their machines. However, these ISO files are only limited to the developers who have a yearly MSDN subscription. 27/07/2017

CowerSnail — Windows Backdoor from the Creators of SambaCry Linux Malware Creators of SambaCry based cryptocurrency mining linux malware are now spreading CowerSnail Backdoor to hijack Windows computers. 25/07/2017

Job Search | Intelligence Careers Search for open positions in the U.S. Intelligence Community, including DIA, NGA and NSA.



15 minute Linux live response #LinuxForensics Book by Pentester Academy #amazon 23/07/2017

Top Hacking Sites, CTFs and Wargames To Practice Your Hacking Skills 09/07/2017

Microsoft Windows 10 has a keylogger enabled by default – here’s how to disable it 01/07/2017

Beware! Hackers Can Steal Your Windows Password Remotely Using Chrome 11/06/2017

How To Hide Files & Folders Inside Calculator On Android 24/05/2017

TOR Anonymity: Things Not To Do While Using TOR Being Anonymous online is the need of the hour, and TOR browser does that job quite efficiently and honestly. But there are some things that you need to keep in mind so that you don’t blow your anonymity while using the TOR network. 20/05/2017

WannaCry — Decrypting files with WanaKiwi + Demos – Comae Technologies Working Windows XP & 7 demos. #FRENCHMAFIA


Programming Geeks

Don't #WannaCry Then install GNU#Linux 15/05/2017

WCry/WanaCry Ransomware Technical Analysis | Endgame As we discussed Friday when this outbreak began, the WCry or WanaCrypt0r ransomware spread quickly across Europe and Asia, impacting almost 100 countries and disrupting or closing 45 hospitals in the UK. As the ransomware continued to propagate, I got my hands on a sample and quickly began analyzing... 13/05/2017

24 Hrs Later: What You Need to Know About the 'Biggest Ransomware Attack in History' The attack was unprecedented. 13/05/2017

Protect Against WannaCry: Microsoft Issues Patch for Unsupported Windows (XP, Vista, 8,...)

Well this must be bad To fix Windows SMB vulnerability that WannaCry ransomware is leveraging, Microsoft has just released an emergency security patch update for all unsupported versions of Windows (XP, Vista, 8, Server 2003 and 2008) 12/05/2017

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update announced Windows 10 Fall Creators Update comes as the big refresh for Windows 10. This announcement was done at Microsoft Build 2017 conference by Microsoft. 12/05/2017

Apache Cassandra: The NoSQL Scalable Database This article introduces readers to the Apache Cassandra NoSQL database, and provides them with use cases for which it is suitable. Apache Cassandra is a free and open source distributed, massively scalable database management system designed to handle large amounts of data across many commodity serv... 11/05/2017

How to Stop the Galaxy S7 and S8 from Setting Default Apps Automatically Android is all about choice: like the option to use different apps for different things, or to change apps with one tap. But on the Galaxy S8 (and S7 running Nougat), Samsung changed the option to… 05/05/2017

Preview: Arsenal v United

MIT Consults says Man U will beat Arsenal 0:2 # futurepredictionsAI We're back in Premier League action on Sunday - check out the latest team news, current form and more.


Tech Geeks


Any one remember this game.. ☺😉😆😄


Can big data be used to diagnose structural damage? #bigdata


Take Database for Developers When creating columns you need to choose a data type for them. This class gives a rundown of the common data types and their uses. 05/05/2017

What the future holds for the automotive industry 03/05/2017

Edward Snowden Develops Phone Case to Alert Users if Their Data is Being Compromised Former National Security Agency contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden designed a phone casing that can tell its owner whether or not their phone has been hacked.


Android Central

Checking out Google's new MODE watchbands



Know someone who wants to learn computer science?



Anonymous called for hackers to target websites and personal information belonging to Donald J. Trump.



Sources show significant gains by Windows 10 during the stretch when users reported upgrades completing without their approval.



Yes, self-lacing shoes like the ones in the Back to the Future Trilogy have arrived.



People report that they weren't given a chance to decline, that their PCs were crippled, that they can't use their systems until they submit to Windows 10.



Apple's iOS is a language teacher on the move.



5G is all the rage at this year's Mobile World Congress.



Oral-B has surprisingly little faith in your tooth-cleaning skills.



Both Facebook and Twitter in recent months have announced campaigns to eliminate activities by Islamic State extremists on their platforms by suspending accounts and deleting posts that promote violence and terrorism.




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