Office of the Leader of Opposition in Parliament

Office of the Leader of Opposition in Parliament


Elected Leaders share the duty to protect human rights with all organs and agencies of Government.


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Article 82A clause (1), Under the multi organisations or multiparty form of democracy,...


Office of the Leader of Opposition in Parliament Ibrahim Nganda Ssemujju CECU
The Speaker is the political head of the institution of Parliament,...


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The oversight role of Parliament gives MP's powers to regulate the expenditure of public resources.


Parliament of Uganda Office of the Leader of Opposition in Parliament CECU
Article 214 of the Constitution empowers the Parliament of Uganda to make laws providing for the organisation & administration of the police force & generally regulating the force.

What action has the Parliament of Uganda taken to stop the high cases of missing persons as results of the forces?


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The National Budget was read last week and this week on #AskYourMP we are breaking it down for you with a member of parliament.
Updates to follow.


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To what extent has Parliament addressed the immediate needs of the health sector in response to #COVID19.
We discuss this and more on our parliament radio show this week.


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This week on our parliament radio show we break down the response of parliament to #Covid19.
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I thought one of your functions is to check the so called n.r.m chetha if not govt, surfice to say we shall ask the people to act since the sovereign power belongs to them if you can't check this Draconian govt which is good for nothing.
The benefits Uganda stands to reap if Uganda Human Rights Commission - UHRC, Parliament of Uganda Office of the Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs joined the Coalition Against Torture in Uganda in lobbying the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Uganda, Republic of Uganda to ratify the Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture are enormous. Ranging from Torture Prevention and Accountability to strengthening the existing mechanisms in place as far as accessibility of places of detention is concerned in our Country, Uganda. Validity Foundation Refugee Law Project (RLP) National Coalition Of Human Rights Defenders - Uganda Democratic Governance Facility - DGF European Union in Uganda Austrian Development Agency The Human Rights Centre Uganda Citizens' Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda - CCEDU Alex Kigoye Esther Nabwire Grace Namatovu Legal Aid Service Providers Network-Laspnet Uganda Prisons Service -UPS Centre for Peace and Conflict Mitigation , Cepcom -Uganda Independent Medico Legal Unit IMLU

The South African National Assembly approved the ratification of the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture (OPCAT).
Join us as we talk #AntiCorruptionPledges live on our FaceBook page.

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Why is the update on National Voter Register important?

You ask?
Ask no more, Today 2 to 4 pm #AskYourMp Live on our page:


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Via: NBS Television

With the larger cut of the Ugandan Budget going to security, is this fair to taxpayers dear leaders?

Uganda Police Force Kampala Metropolitan Police Office of the Leader of Opposition in Parliament Government of the Republic of Uganda

The Office of the LOP is the administrative office of the Opposition activities in Parliament. For this 9the Parliament, the Office is maned by Nathan Nandala Mafabi, the FDC legislature from Budadiri West in Bugisu Sub-region.


This is a defining moment

Dear Ugandans, even as we continue in incarceration in our own houses, terror continues in the streets and all other places of human aboard in Uganda. The weaponry which have been pulled out of the armory, even Kony may never have seen. Well, I hope it helps them.

However, the Museveni State terror does not end in the streets. His government is now attacking forests with all the determination they can afford.

This afternoon, government has forced into and through Parliament, a motion to degazette Municipality and Town Councils forests across the country. After grabbing all the school, hospital, and other government institutional land all over the place, they are now going for forests.

Please, Ugandans, we must get ourselves out of this madness.


Today in history

On this day in 1979, the Tanzanian backed UNLF army took over Kampala from the Amin savagery regime. Unfortunately, 37 years later we have one of the same or even a worse dictatorial regime governing Uganda.

Fellow countrymen, there is no Tanzania that will back us up on this one. We must liberate ourselves.


We defeated a theft scheme in Parliament today

A supplementary budget for Mandamus (money meant for paying court awards in cases government loses in court) was brought in Parliament among many other requests. However, Hon. Cecilia Ogwal had prepared a minority report from the Budget Committee of Parliament which had scrutinized the supplementary requests which the Opposition used as a basis for defeating the theft scheme.

Apparently government was requesting for over 78bn shillings for clearing court awards which were not explainable; awards without supporting documents as to how they came about.

There was also another 14.8bn shillings which government wanted, part for the Ministry of Agriculture and another part for RDCs under the President's Office which lacked clear justifications.

By the expert leadership of Hon. Cecilia Ogwal and Nandala Mafabi in the debate, the House agreed with the Opposition's Minority Report that unless government can come out clear by means of adducing evidence for need of the money, it should not be passed.

We prevailed.

Thank you to Nandala and Cecilia Ogwal for the spirited fight.


Intolerance may soon meet intolerance

Since the Museveni regime will not tolerate us, the Oppposition playing our Constitutional mandate, we might be forced to take the struggle underground. And he knows what that means to any government.

How can you teargas babies, the elderly and the clergy because of traveling 400 kms to pray with an illegal prisoner, one you have detained without any charges for 40days just because he defeated you in an election ?


No more cutting down of any forest in Uganda

Yesterday the Shadow Minister for Internal Affairs, Hon. Muwanga Kivumbi tabled a Motion in Parliament urging the House to place a moratorium on any business that may lead to the cutting down of any forest until such a time when government brings to the same Parliament a regulatory framework for the same.

The NRM dominated House completely agreed with the Opposition and all resolutions proposed by Hon Kivumbi were adopted without any amendment.


(Issued on 4th, March 2016)


After the 2011 elections, all political parties (including NRM) concurred that electoral and political reforms were necessary in order to have free and fair elections in 2016.
Proposed reforms were generated by various political formations; including, the Inter-Party Organisations Dialogue (IPOD-consisting of all parties represented in parliament), National Consultative Forum (NCF- consisting of all registered political parties and led by NRM), Citizens’ Coalition of Electoral Democracy in Uganda (CCEDU) and the National Consultation on Free and Fair Elections (NCFFE).

In spite of the NRM having fully participated in the various formations that presented reform proposals to government (executive) and parliament, Mr Museveni, the final authority in NRM decided that no electoral reforms would be undertaken ahead of 2016 elections. That’s what happened.

All parties and persons participating in the 2016 elections, therefore, knew that the elections would be inherently not free or fair. That’s why opposition parties and elements from the NRM were engaged in protracted discussions seeking to devise an appropriate strategy for contesting in an inherently manipulated and unfair election.
This is why my candidature adopted the strategy of a Defiance Campaign. Our clear understanding was that this was an election organised on the premise of injustice. A political defiance campaign entails informing the population about the injustice and enabling the people to organise and confront the injustice.
It’s important to note that a political defiance campaign is completely NON-VIOLENT. It employs well-informed citizens to non-violently challenge the injustices in the electoral process; protect against various forms of rigging on polling day; and ensure that the peoples’ will is respected. This was the purpose of the “POWER 10” system that we organised during the campaign.

Polling Day:
A lot has been talked about events of the polling days, 18th and 19th February. The main problems during voting included widespread disenfranchisement of voters, especially, in Kampala, Wakiso, Jinja, Iganga, and Mbale, with more than 2 million registered voters; arrest of polling agents; pre-ticking and stuffing of ballot boxes; widespread and systematic voter bribery; and denying polling agents their Results Declaration Forms.
Tallying and announcement of results:
What is now clear is that all the injustices undertaken prior and during voting failed to deliver victory to Mr museveni. As soon the Electoral Commission begun to announce the results at the Namboole Tally Centre, the alarm-bells started ringing. It became clear that many of the results they were announcing were different from the ones announced at the polling stations.
When the pattern of inconsistency was sustained, on 19th February, we decided to address the media and draw the public’s attention to this. We’d previously alerted the country about a house in Naguru, Kampala, where, according to reliable information, manipulation of results from Districts was planned to take place. Ballot papers were also pre-ticked in this house.
It was at this point that the police stormed our Party Headquarterss and, under cover of teargas, arrested our Party President Maj Gen (rtd) Mugisha Muntu, FDC Mobiliser Ms Ingrid Turinawe and myself. Our Headquarters was taken over, ransacked and kept under police control up to now.

From 19th February (the day before the announcement of final results by EC) up to now, I’ve been under police detention- either in police cells or at my Kasangati home. Access to our Party leaders and lawyers was very limited.
Several of our District Party offices have also been attacked and hundreds of our Party officials and polling agents have been detained countrywide.
It is this Police/Military operation that crippled our effort of gathering evidence and evaluating it for purposes of preparing an election petition as provided for in the Constitution.

The Constitution gives an aggrieved parliamentary candidate 30 days within which to petition. However, a presidential candidate who’s supposed to collect evidence from 281 constituencies, exclusively by affidavit (statement sworn before a lawyer), has only 10 days to do so.
The stealing of the 2016 presidential election was so clumsy and exaggerated that the Police/ Military forces had to intervene directly to stop its exposure. Even biased courts like ours could not be relied upon to protect the fraud. That’s why the electoral process was overthrown! What happened is, for all intents and purposes, a military coup. Kampala remains under “siege”, with streets reminiscent of February 1971, in the aftermath of Gen Idi Amin coup!

It may be easy to fake results, but it’s not easy to fake people’s response. There was absolutely no celebration on the announcement of the fraudulent declaration of Mr Museveni as a winner of 2016 elections. Even NRM members knew that the EC announcement was not true!

Our results:
I can confidently inform Ugandans that we undoubtedly won the elections. Even with the unprecedented effort of the Police, Military and Intelligence Services to deny us our results, we now have enough to go by in claiming our victory.
We also discovered many clearly anomalous results- including over one hundred polling stations, in Kiruhura District, where 100% of registered voters cast their votes and all voted for Mr Museveni, without a single spoilt ballot paper!!
We also have horrific accounts of what happened in the Karamoja region. In most of the region, it was a military/police/mafia operation, rather than an election conducted by EC according to the law.
The way forward:
It’s on the basis of the information in our possession that we’ve demanded for an Independent Audit of the 2016 presidential election. This would mean that we would politically agree on a process of election audit that’s not presently provided for in the law, since the one provided was overthrown.
This would, basically, mean agreeing on independent auditors and supervisors that would work with representatives of candidates and the EC to carry out the audit. All candidates would commit themselves to respect the outcome of the audit. This can be conclusively done before the expiry of the current term of Government.

All peace-loving Ugandans, East Africans, Africans and members of the International Community are called upon to play a role in working towards the Independent Audit.
If this is not agreed upon, then we’ll have to proceed and exercise the mandate that was clearly given to us by the people of Uganda. We cannot let down the millions of people who supported our campaign, braved the harassment and intimidation, persevered in long queues without voting materials etc, and eventually delivered the victory.
We shall form government as mandated by our people- the Peoples’ Government.
This is the critical moment for our political defiance campaign. Let’s all remember that Government power comes from cooperation, submission and obedience of the population. If the population withholds it’s cooperation, submission and obedience, the government loses power.

I ask all our people to remain strong and vigilant, especially, members of Power 10. We shall call for non-violent actions that disempower the regime seeking to impose itself on our country. We may have to make some sacrifices and should be prepared to do so. I am confident that our people’s resolve to have non-violent change of leadership for the first time will become a reality in 2016.

One Uganda, One people!
For God and my country.


The biometric voting system is a fraud

No matter what M7 and Kigundu say about their attempts to check vote rigging, Ugandans know that they are a fraud. And so the highly acclaimed biometric voter machine is nothing but a joke.

The major challenge with the machine is that they are not interlinked. It can only read data fed into it. It is not possible to read what is happening in one machine at another polling station from one far away from it.

In fact even within the same polling station with several voting points, one machine @ voting area A cannot detect that a person has already voted from the voting area B.

Where the same data is fed into the gadget, say a whole district voter register, the machine will reject multiple voting by one voter only if that voter attempted to vote more than once through the same machine. But where the same voter moves to the next machine it will not catch him.

The question is how is such machine supposed to check multiple voting?


Up dates on FDC/Go-Forward Talks

1.For the past two days we, (FDC and Go-Forward and group) have been holed up in a negotiation meeting in yet another attempt to try and agree on a Joint Presidential Candidate (JPC) for the forthcoming general elections.

2.Today many anxious FDC members and leaders kept on calling me and other members of our team to find out how we had gone. We had only one answer for them, “Please wait, we shall get back to you later”.

The following is an update of how far we were able to go: I hope our members find it useful.

3.The otherwise very cordial meeting was adjourned about a few hours ago by co- chair Hon. Medard Sseggona sine die. The other co-chair was Augustine Ruzindana. Medard was proposed by GoForward while Augustine was proposed by FDC. The two teams were led by Dr Olara Otunnu and Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu respectively.

4.The meeting, which was a follow up of similar meetings held earlier in Nairobi and UK, had to be adjourned because we had once again reached an impasse. Both sides could not agree on a JPC.

5.Because of time element , given that Presidential nominations are due on November 3and 4, we agreed to move on and have the two candidates nominated while we continue the contacts and exploring possibilities of future cooperation most especially on vote protection and resisting partisan and unconstitutional police actions during the on-going electoral process.

6.When the negotiations hit a stalemate, FDC proposed alternative B as a fallback position; of both candidates testing the ground after nomination and then two sides meeting again to review the situation. The Go Forward team said they would to go back and consult on the proposal.

7.Both sides also agreed to focus efforts on our common political opponent, the rogue regime, and to stop attacking each other through unhelpful media wars.

8.Pushing for our candidate as a better option, FDC President Maj.Gen. Muntu argued that Dr Kizza Besigye who had been elected by the Party National Delegates Conference, had for 15 years demonstrated his consistence in the struggle for democracy, had a more popular appeal, has millions of voters and supporters behind him despite being rigged out of victory, has strong party structures behind him and was unlikely to suffer any more surprising state -trumped –up court cases.

9. Muntu argued that Besigye was therefore a better bet for the JPC and while he offered GoForward and the Parties backing candidate JP Amama Mbabazi the Executive Premiership plus 60% of cabinet positions. They said they had come to the negotiations with the mandate to secure the Presidency not anything else.

Wafula Oguttu Philip,
The TDA Spokesman.


Engaging Government on Electoral Issues

Tomorrow, 23rd Oct. 2015, I'll lead a team of 5 Opposition leaders to a dialogue with government on matters arising from the electoral processes so far. The meeting will take place from the Office of the Prime Minister in Kampala starting at 9:30am.

My delegation will include Hon. Okumu Reagan, Hon. Medard Ssegona, Hon. Muwanga Kivumbi, Hon. Benson Obua and Hon. Abdu Katuntu. The government team will be led by the Rt Hon. Prime Minister, Hon. Ruhakana Rugunda.

I hope we can make a headway on these unnecessary and illegal harassment by the Police and other state security agencies including the so-called Crime Preventers.

May God bless Uganda.


Activists Civil Disobedience is a Virtue.

When we resolved to make a relentless case for our rights to mobilise and organise as a registered party, the FDC, some people fell short of calling us mad. They were of he view that we were obliged to obey Police orders as and when they are issued no matter right or wrong they are.

But we remained steadfast that we will not respect crap!

They said we stop our campaigns until we get permission from the police. To them, we were a confused bunch of activists.

Today, we have moved up to Bigiri, the unnecessary interruptions notwithstanding. In Bugiri we opened our district office and addressed a rally without any notification or what other prefer to call permission to or from police because we know that the law does not require us to do so. Where we have done so in the past, it has been out of curtsy.

From Bugiri we moved to Tororo and here we expect to address a rally as well.

Like Dr. Besigye said in Bugiri, "we are gong to win these elections, not by compliance but by defiance."

Freedom is never given, it is demanded and we'll do so with unwavering resolve.


The opposition is civil and mature

Over the years, accusations have been labeled against the members of the opposition and their civic action. They have been labeled hooligans, terrorists, thugs and so on.

On the other hand however, our arguments have been consistent. We have laboured to explain and assert that we are just engaged in civil rights actions as permitted in the constitution. This largely fell on deaf ears especially of our detractors. They deliberately refused to see sense in our arguments. We'll now with the emergence of real terrorists may be now our actions will be appreciated.

Never have any members of the opposition torched anyone's house or shop or office in years of civil activism. But when the NRM members woke up to the reality of rottenness in their party and therefore the country, the result is what you see in the picture.

Dark times await us ahead yet so near.


Is the state falling apart?

Reports of leaflets dropped in Bombo barracks urging the forces to side with the people. What's the implication?

Senseless arrests of members of a legally registered party going about doing their businesses. Note: a registered political party or organisation does not need permission of the police or any authority to conduct public functions according to the POMA law.

The fights in the NRM where party offices are burnt and now the NRM chairman of Luwero's house burnt down.

These spell difficult times for our country as we always warned.

Let's all be alert.


Matter of National Importance

Police brutally: what is the relevance of the Police in our politics?

Wafula Oguttu Philip
Leader of the Opposition in Parliament

October 14, 2015
Rt. Hon. Speaker, Saturday 10th Oct. 2015 was yet another dark day in our struggle for democracy and good governance in our country. There was an attempt to assassinate or harm the FDC Presidential aspirant, Rtrd. Col. Dr. Kiiza Besigye together with other party leaders including several MPs he was travelling with, through an engineered road accident.
Rt. Hon. Speaker, I was part of the party team. We were traveling to Rukungiri for an FDC party rally tailored for the identification of candidates and mobilizing the population to participate in the FDC primary elections. We drove in a convoy and leading was my own car.
An ambush by the Police was carried out in Kyoja swamp commanded by the Masaka RPC, Maxwell Ogwal. Ogwal waited for the LOP’s two vehicles and that of Hon. Taaka Kevenah to pass then he ordered his officers to quickly throw tyre cutter spikes across the High Way. This was in front of the speeding car of Hon. Amuriat who then braked suddenly and several vehicles behind him came ramming into one another with others like that of Hon. Ssemuju veering off the road. The result was multiple crashes of literally all vehicles in the convoy.
The IGP, Kale Kaihura said he is the one who had ordered the assumed road block at Kyoja and police have gone ahead to lie that there was a road block. There was no road block at Kyajo swamp.
The police said we were going to commit a crime in Rukungiri. So where was the scene of crime that we were arrested for? Was it in Rukungiri (our destination) or the accident scene in Kyoja or where we were stopped in Kanyarereru?
Rt. Hon. Speaker, had it not been for the mercy of God and the expertise of our drivers, you would now be marking the darkest of your history by having several Members of Parliament lying in State here at the same time, gruesomely murdered by our own police.
Rt. Hon. Speaker, what drives the mind of a Police Officer to suddenly throw a big, metallic and dangerous object on the road as a way of stopping a speeding car? What else could have been the intention if not wanting to kill us?
Anyway from Kyoja, more than 100km ahead, at Kanyareru in Kiruhura District we found a road block where we were held for close to six hours before the arrests. MPs were roughed up, held by their belts and bundled up into police pick-up trucks. Hon. Mwiru particularly was slapped, pushed and literally thrown onto the pick-up.
One of our party Secretaries, Ms Futuma Naigaga Zaina was particularly arrested in the most brutal and dehumanizing manner. She was undressed, dragged on the tarmac, thrown on the pick-up and tied like a goat.
Where is the respect for our mothers and sisters? Where is the respect of our Human Rights as citizens of this country?
The arrests were made without any pronouncements by the police of the law broken. They were meant to stop us from reaching Rukungiri more than 200km away. They were meant to stop the homecoming of FDC Presidential aspirant Dr. Kiiza Besigye.
We appeal to you Hon. Members of Parliament, especially you of the ruling party; you may never know when and how this devil reaches your door. Open your eyes and be very careful. If some of us do not see any wrong in these barbaric acts by our police then we are in an abyss of hopelessness.
Police killings
More than 100 innocent people have been killed by the Police under Kale Kaihura’s tenure as IGP. These statistics can be easily added up even by the newspaper accounts of events. Yet we have not seen even one officer or man of the Uganda Police charged and conclusively tried for any of these murders. Why? Why do we tolerate and keep quiet about this impunity as leaders?
The recent Constitutional Court ruling came in timely.
We are going to start sueing these perpetrators of violence, molestations, and all other crimes as individuals. Lies and murder propaganda will not protect these criminals in our police uniforms.
Rt. Hon. Speaker we wish to request this August House to set up a Committee to investigate the conduct of Police over the years.
Meantime, we urge the Minister of Internal Affairs to cause a meeting between the political leaders of all parties and the police leadership to iron out these major security threats orchestrated by supposed guarantors and protectors of our security.
Don’t force us against the wall. FDC is a legal party doing legal party work during, after and before elections. Indeed we are participants in the forth coming elections. You cannot invoke POMA to stop our activities. Section IV of POMA exempts registered parties and organisations from seeking permission from police to conduct their activities.
I beg to move




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