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I am running business in Uganda from India. I want to sell my Google Admob account with revenue of 2500 USD.
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Title: Junior Mobile App Developer
No of Positions: 2
Duty Station: Kyanja, Kampala, Uganda
About Us
Nugsoft Technologies is an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) consultancy and development company that provides quality and customized computing services to corporates and businesses.
We are looking for competent individual to join our team as a junior software developer-Mobile applications
Key Responsibilities
• Meeting clients to identify their needs and liaising regularly with them
• Responsible for web and mobile applications design, development and deployment primarily for our clients
• Helping to drive adoption of various technologies at the company
• discussing the client’s requirements and the proposed solution with colleagues
• developing application programming interfaces (APIs) to support mobile functionality
• keeping up to date with the terminology, concepts and best practices for coding mobile apps
• using and adapting existing web applications for apps
• working closely with colleagues to constantly innovate app functionality and design
Desired Qualities and Experience
• Bachelors degree in Computer Science, Information & Communication Technology,Information Systems,Computer Engineering & Any other related course.
• Understanding of a software development cycle and Knowledge of iterative development lifecycle management and tools
• Previous exposure and clear understanding of at least one of the following mobile programing languages and technologies ; android studio,ionic,flutter
• Understanding and previous exposure web programing lanaguages Laravel php,Django Python,Angular Js,Vue Js,HTML5, CSS and any other related programming Language
• Familiarity with Database Management Systems preferably MySQL ,PostgreSQL,SQLite
• Portifolio of previously completed related work is an added advantage

How to apply
Qualified and interested candidates should submit a letter of interest and CV including three referees, email address and daytime telephone contact by email to [email protected] by 1pm on 27th June, 2020. Please include the job title in the subject of your email.
For any inquiries ,contact [email protected]
We are giving 30% discount on all website orders.Tell a friend to tell a friend ..Call/Whatsapp:+256 706 397621 Website:
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These a real guys of technology

Nugsoft Technologies is a Ugandan I.T company that empowers businesses and the community in Africa with suitable and affordable technologies that meet, simplify and exceed their needs

What We do;
Custom Software Development
Website design and development
Website hosting
Mobile Applications development
ICT equipment supply

Operating as usual


Our solution helps you track your business performance.
• Track sales(make sales,sales reports)
• Manage purchases
• Analyse sales
• Track stock
• Manage suppliers
• Manage expenses
• Analyse product demands
• Manage creditors
• Manage debtors
Detailed reporting of sales,purchases,profits made over specific period of time.
You can contact us on +256706397621(whatsapp) email [email protected]

Our solution helps you track your business performance.
• Track sales(make sales,sales reports)
• Manage purchases
• Analyse sales
• Track stock
• Manage suppliers
• Manage expenses
• Analyse product demands
• Manage creditors
• Manage debtors
Detailed reporting of sales,purchases,profits made over specific period of time.
You can contact us on +256706397621(whatsapp) email [email protected]

Photos from Nugsoft Technologies's post 25/06/2021

The COVID-19 Pandemic has presented all businesses with unprecedented challenges including a series of lockdowns. At the start of this 2nd lockdown, all schools were instructed to close. While closure of schools greatly affects business in these institutions, it also presents an opportunity to evaluate, try and ultimately adopt state of the art technology and solutions, one such solution is SchoolMonitor. Greenfield Secondary School Masindi acquired SchoolMonitor to ease it's operations and our team was on site to train and onboard users. SchoolMonitor extends a platform where schools can manage finance, academic, discipline, sickbay and HR records, among others. The software has the new curriculum fully integrated and supports payment options like SchoolPay. Call us on +256 (0) 706 397 621 or log onto today to request a demo. Don't be naive, let us digitize your school process by process

Photos from Nugsoft Technologies's post 11/06/2021

The joy in knowing that you have the most reliable hardware, software and expertise to serve your clientele can never be equalled. This is evident at Global Dental Clinic Gulu who recently acquired ClinicPlus to manage their facility records better. A quality health facility needs an equally effective hospital management software if they are to perform excellently and with ClinicPlus, Global Dental will offer even much better services. ClinicPlus allows proper management of patient records, doctors, appointments, finances, lab services, pharmacy, to mention but a few; all on a secure, seamless platform. Call +256 (0) 706 397 621 or visit to book your installation

Photos from Nugsoft Technologies's post 11/06/2021

Mwena Hardware Ibanda is the latest entrant in the POSCream Universe. They chose efficiency, they chose better customer service quality and yeah..... They chose higher profitability. Nugsoft was onsite to onboard users in an exciting exercise. POSCream is a Point of Sales Software that allows Hardware stores, Supermarkets, Retail/Wholesale shops and several other businesses to manage their sales on a comprehensive platform that has features for expenses, short expiries, stock management and reconciliation, reports and graphical analysis, user management with various privilege/rights levels, among others; all provided on a cloud solution with support for a mobile app. Visit today or call +256 (0) 706 397 621 for details on setting up

Photos from Nugsoft Technologies's post 04/06/2021

Do you run a Health facility? Do You care about it's financial performance? Do you want to have a clear picture of all that happens at the facility even while You are away? Does service quality mean a lot to You? If your answer to any or all of these questions is yes, then call Us today for ClinicPlus setup and join RINAMO Health Centre Kakumiro, among several others who have chosen to stay ahead of the health services provision industry. Our Team was onsite in Kakumiro to train and enroll users at the facility. ClinicPlus provides a platform for efficient management of a health facility with reliable features for proper patient clerking, appointments and doctor, lab management, pharmacy, expenses and several other useful features, all on a single user-friendly platform.
Call Us on 0706 397 621 or visit to request a demo


We shall be giving out 2Months ClinicPlus Trial Version to all interested Facilities from 1st May-31st May,2021.Book today.Call/Whatsapo:+256 706 397 621.

Photos from Nugsoft Technologies's post 06/04/2021

Equatorial College School, Ibanda Acquires SchoolMonitor.
Last Month, Team Nugsoft installed SchoolMonitor 3.6 at Equatorial College School – Ibanda and trained users and staff on system usage. Equatorial College joins a multitude of schools that tested SchoolMonitor and decided that it is the most suitable software for managing all their school operations, owing to its reliability, solidity and user-centeredness. SchoolMonitor extends a robust school management platform with features for managing Academic records, finance records, discipline records, budgets, staff and sickbay records so whether you run a mid-sized school or a large environment with a big population, you can trust that SchoolMonitor will reduce the volume of your work and increase accuracy while at the same time improving revenue collection, all in a centralized setup.
Would you prefer to be the school that wish they had SchoolMonitor or the one enjoying all its numerous advantages? Call us today on +256 393 228 457 to arrange for a detailed chat or visit to request a demo. Digitize your School with SchoolMonitor

Photos from Nugsoft Technologies's post 26/03/2021

Jerusalem Institute of Health Sciences goes digital with SchoolMonitor

It is now a new style of business operations at one of Lira’s top institutions, Jerusalem Institute of Health Sciences. This is after they chose SchoolMonitor as their school operations management software. Phrases like “First wait, your tuition has not yet reflected”, “You will get your results next semester after we’ve computed marks”, "Let's go to the store and confirm stock", and “First bring all your receipts we confirm your balance”, just to mention but a few, are things of the past. With SchoolMonitor software, all the school’s business is centralized. Academics, Finance, Sickbay, Inventory, Discipline and more are all managed on a single portal with user access restricted using unique logins. Why acquire results software, finance software, inventory and human resource software independently when you can have all in a single well-built suite?

Team Nugsoft was on ground to onboard users in a wonderful experience that saw users show appreciation of the features and value that SchoolMonitor brings to an institution. If you own or run a school, do not just read this, pick up the phone and call us on +256 393 228 457 or send us a Whatsapp message on +256 706 397 621.

You could also log onto to request a demo or physically visit us at our offices in Kyanja, off Gayaza Rd

Photos from Nugsoft Technologies's post 21/03/2021

Nugsoft Deploys Poscream at Malakal Hotel Kitgum .
POSCream, the most comprehensive Point of Sales software from Nugsoft Technologies continues to create business efficiency across the Country and the newest witness to this fact is Malakal Hotel Kitgum. Malakal Hotel offers hotel and conference facilities in a spacious environment with great ambience so they chose POSCream to improve service quality,efficiency and performance tracking. The Nugsoft team was on ground on March 7th ,2021 to deploy and train users how to use Poscream.All operations at Malakal Hotel Kitgum are now handled by POSCream which simply means all processes are now more effective than before. Do not lag behind, be like Malakal Hotel and call us today to have your business enrolled on the most secure, cost-effective and user friendly Point of Sales Software in the land.
We are on +256 393 228 457. You could also use Whatsapp on +256 706 397 621 or visit us at, our team will be ready and delighted to work with you as you start a new digital chapter at your facility!

Photos from Nugsoft Technologies's post 05/03/2021

Nugsoft Deploys ClinicPlus at Philima Medical Centre.
Last week, Team Nugsoft did a fresh deployment of ClinicPlus Hospital management Software at Philima Medical Centre in Nalya,Kampala. ClinicPlus has increasingly become the most reliable and trusted clinic/hospital management software that every medical facility should have. ClinicPlus is a comprehensive, secure, efficient and user friendly hospital Management Software with features for reception, Patient profiling ,accounts/billing, Doctors , Pharmacy, Lab and Tests management, and a host of several convenient functionalities; all designed to provide smooth usage and greatly improve operations in every environment it is deployed in.You can order for ClinicPlus by contacting us on +256 (0) 706 397 621 Or visit Us at for more information.Our offices are in Kyanja,Kampala.

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If you operate a clinic, medical centre, health centre or hospital?ClinicPlus has got you covered. ClinicPlus helps you to keep track a=of all your operations right from receiption,clerking,accounts,lab,prescription,pharmacy,etc. See what ClinicPlus has for you
● Register new clients and clients biodata to the system
● Editing and updating of clients biodata
● Adding new clients visit to their existing profile.
● Adding more services(procedures, lab investigations,radiology,consultation,etc) to the client as judged the clinician
● Enable Clinician to clerk patients (taking patients notes and history/ Record diagnosis and History)
● Patient profiling (Track history ,results history and prescriptions of specific patient on various visits)
● Add multiple visits to same client without duplicating client biod data
● The doctor can prescribe medication to patients, this module directly communicates with drug inventory section
● Add procedures and other services to client
● Add lab test services to patient
● Manage , add new lab tests ,results and result options
● Track which lab tests were made between specific period of time
● Trace patient lab results, automatically generate individual patient lab results report
● Generate reports of tests made between specific period of time
● Generate reports of tests that either turned positive or negative between specific period of time
● Receive payments for both Lab services and prescription.
● Automatically generate payment receipts.
● Pharmacy transactions are also recorded here.
● Enable drug dispensing via pharmacy section
● Stock levels tracking
● Credit sale management
● Manage stock purchases
● Automatic notification on drugs running out of stock
● Direct linkage with doctor’s prescription
● Short expiry batches notifications
● Automatic receipt printing on drugs sale
● Restocking reports.
● Pharmacy sales reports
● Manage debtors (track patients that receive services on credit)
● Generate payment receipts automatically for each payment received from a client
● Generate reports of revenues received by service type(eg payments from lab tests,consultation,drugs/pharmacy,etc)
● Generate patient visit report from system
● Generate individual lab results from system
● Generate combines lab results report from system
● Payment analysis report(Analyse which payments came from which servuces and when)
● Generate reports of revenues received by service type(eg payments from lab tests,consultation,drugs/pharmacy,etc)
● Generate cash flow statement
● Manage staff member.
● Assign staff access rights to the system
● View position of each staff and roles
● View Audit trail of a given staff.
● Update staff profile and access rights.
● Manage expenditure categories
● Record each expense incurred at the facility
● Track expenditures made between specific period of time

Call/Whatsapp +256 706397621 Email: [email protected]

Photos from Nugsoft Technologies's post 11/01/2021

On Friday 08/01/2021 Nugsoft Technologies deployed an information management system and trained users in Dokolo District. The system will manage farmers and farmer groups for TRAFORD. TRAFORD is an organization that aims at transforming rural areas and is currently using agriculture as a tool to boost revenue among farmers and foster development.
The system will work hand in hand with the TRAFORD Mobile App to ease extension services delivery to her farmers. The system and the App will among others help to manage farmers and famer biodata, track different value chains that farmers engage in in specific seasons of the year, relay real time SMS on weather forecast, post harvest handling, advisory information, farmer workshops and meetings, track activities like group trainings and workshops, among others. This well help TRAFORD to easily manage and keep track of their farmers and staff and most importantly, improve service delivery especially during and Post-COVID-19 times. Your organization or Company greatly needs such solutions too as they help to improve efficiency, add value and guide you in making informed decisions backed by data. You can visit our website or contact us [email protected] Call/Whatsapp +256 706 397621

Photos from Nugsoft Technologies's post 09/01/2021

On Monday 4/ 01/ 2021 Our team deployed our POSCream Point of Sales Software at Kinoni Hardware in Masaka and trained users. 2021 is year that every business MUST change how they do business, its time to go digital. POSCream helps your business track and manage stock, sales, debtors , creditors, expenses and most importantly; analyze general business performance thus guiding business owners and proprietors in making informed business decisions. Over the last one year, POSCream has proved to be the most affordable, reliable and user friendly Point of sales software used by Supermarkets, Wholesale and Retial shops, Hardware stores, Pharmacies, Restaurants and Bars, among others. You too can get POSCream for your business today. Contact us on +256706397621 (Call/Whatsapp); Email:[email protected]; Website:


This is what your school needs in 2021

This is what your school needs in 2021. School Monitor is the ideal solution to help you manage your school operations

[12/31/20]   As we usher in 2021, our prayer for you all is that it brings forth blessings of good health, love, happiness and prosperity. A Happy New Year to all our Customers, Partners, Service Providers and the General Public


This is how it went down at the Nugsoft Technologies End of Year Party.............. From Football to Swimming, Pedal boats, ZipLining, Dancing and A Scavenger Hunt, it was an amazing day out. Lots of fun and activities that got us shedding off all the fatigue gathered post-COVID.
This is Us, We Are Nugsoft


We wish You all a warm/ happy festive season


We are proud to be associated with NARO in a partnership that saw us build the first ever Freshwater Biodiversity Portal for Uganda. This is the one stop center for all Freshwater Biodiversity data across Uganda, developed in conjunction with NAFFIRI. We were well represented at the official launch held at the Imperial Royal Hotel on Friday 4/12/2020


Freshwater Biodiversity Portal for Uganda

Follow the launch of Freshwater Biodiversity data portal for Uganda

Joint launch of the freshwater biodiversity data portal for Uganda


Nugsoft Technologies's cover photo


Nugsoft Technologies's cover photo


In photos with us is Mr.Katumire Elias the Head Teacher of Biguli SS, Kamwenge. His school was Nugsoft’s first client in business when they acquired Nugsoft’s school Monitor system to streamline their operations at the school in June,2015.Last week he visited us at our Kyanja based office for yet another business opportunity. Since 2015,School Monitor has proved to be the most reliable and trusted school management system. Nugsoft Technologies has expanded to provide a variety of business solutions including Poscream Point of Sales, MfukoPlus SACCO software, ClinicPlus hospital system among others. You too can acquire school monitor to digitize operations at your school


Nugsoft Technologies's cover photo


The team behind Freshwater Biodiversity data portal for Uganda.


Ebyo byebiruma abayaye


Nugsoft Technologies's cover photo


Nugsoft Technologies's cover photo


School Monitor V3.6 is ,its better than before.


We are giving 30% discount on all website orders.Tell a friend to tell a friend ..Call/Whatsapp:+256 706 397621 Website:

The offer comes with 1year free hsoting ,domain name and 15custom emails

Our Story

Nugsoft Technologies is the top ICT firm in Uganda delivering quality service at affordable rates. Since 2012 we have expanded our service offerings to include web applications developemnt, web hosting, domain registration, email services, mobile app development, online payment solutions ,Search Engine Optimasation among others.

We are the best and the most affordable web design Company in Uganda. We create stunning and more professional websites than our competitors in East Africa. Try Us today and we are sure of exceeding your expectations.We are a group of motivated, trained, talented and dedicated professionals; we place our clients’ needs and expectations above and beyond everything else, while maintaining diligence and integrity in all our dealings. Our

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This is what your school needs in 2021
We are giving 30% discount on all website orders.Tell a friend to tell a friend ..Call/Whatsapp:+256 706 397621 Website:...



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