Daily Health Matters

Daily Health Matters

The organisation is focused on health awareness, healthy living for better and fuller lives. It will be supported by health magazine titled Health Matters Today.

One stop centre for Health News Updates and Awareness Creation. Daily health Magazine will bring the doctor close to you, and provide health news updates for better daily health decision making.


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[01/05/18]   Retweeted KCCA (@KCCAUG):

Today, Katumba Erias (Nakasero Market), Senoga Isa (Mpererwe Market), Mutebi Isma (Nakasero Market), Kalyango Umar (Nakasero Market), Mulondo Bakka & Ssekate Ibrahim (Nalukolongo Market)—butchers found using a concoction of chemicals on the meat have been arrested. #KCCAatWork https://t.co/hoTF3i75lI

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Not completely shocking: Research says nitrate-rich vegetables, like spinach or beets, may lower stroke risk. https://t.co/FJxngzROcU https://t.co/Gc5cP0pcAi

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Fitness & Nutrition on Twitter

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🙌🏼 https://t.co/3aDNTrQkIU

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Pill power: Barbara Kemigisa has been #HIV+ for more than 10yrs, she uses empty ARVs bottles to encourage #Uganda-n youth stay HIV- #health https://t.co/td9Lfe8HMD

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New Cancer Machine finally arrives into the Country.
https://t.co/D7zTd3PIya https://t.co/AhbvKF5Jdz

twitter.com “New Cancer Machine finally arrives into the Country. https://t.co/D7zTd3PIya”

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Ambulance driver arrested ferrying passengers - https://t.co/IiTEIE4fGi https://t.co/FtEbC7D56f

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The cancer radiotherapy machines arrive for uganda 🇺🇬 cancer institute mulago.👍🏼✅👏🏼 https://t.co/ukLEaeEi0i

twitter.com “The cancer radiotherapy machines arrive for uganda 🇺🇬 cancer institute mulago.👍🏼✅👏🏼”

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My life https://t.co/0DWZlylUHZ

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Breastfeeding contributes to healthy growth & development, protecting children during their critical first two years & later in life.

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Appeal: Help Kyla, 3 get treatment in India. Was diagnosed with Cerebral Hypoxia after her & friends accidentally locked themselves in a car https://t.co/MVBzflfr8h

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#KCCAatWork installing traffic signals in Bwaise. These + other #infrastructure reforms will improve mobility, save you travel time & costs! https://t.co/LaqKfAXJQR

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No sweets, no cakes, no white bread, no chips, no fast food, no ice cream. Do it for 21 days = Results. Favorite if you're taking part.

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I have never fallen sick for 31 years, says Museveni https://t.co/LgjWUC4Iav https://t.co/lYHNxKzB37

twitter.com “I have never fallen sick for 31 years, says Museveni https://t.co/LgjWUC4Iav”

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"Breastfeeding is a mother's gift to herself, her baby and the earth." World breastfeeding week starts today. Raise awareness #WBW2017 https://t.co/B8fNBu3JpE

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What is heart failure (HF)? #RiseAboveHF

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Healthy habits https://t.co/MSCZ7yQqB5

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"A long series of middlemen...extract premiums as drugs pass from manufacturers to patients, while adding uncertain value." @SGottliebFDA

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#HappeningNow:Dissemination of HIV Self Testing Findings in Uganda under theme "Improving Access to HIV testing through Self Testing" https://t.co/JSnHSlyWMF

[07/18/17]   Retweeted Talk HIV (@talkHIV):

Jennifer, a long term #HIV survivor, has been in treatment for 20 years. #HIVTreatmentWorks & gives you the ability to pursue your passions. https://t.co/ytJEDdMhh7

[07/18/17]   Retweeted Gates Foundation (@gatesfoundation):

"If we lose our girls to teenage pregnancy, who will be the leaders of tomorrow?" -
@AnnmituAnn from @YoungMothersAF #HerFuture https://t.co/VpQuBAWl7v

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When consumers are informed about the nutrient content of foods, it can help them make informed choices to support healthy diets #CodexCAC40

bit.ly/CodexCAC40 18/07/2017

40th Session of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, Geneva, 17 - 22 July 2017

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Nutrition labelling is an important way of informing consumers on the nutrient content of foods #CodexCAC40 https://t.co/CdWUIbdzPQ

bit.ly/CodexCAC40 Members of the international food standards-setting body, the Codex Alimentarius Commission, are considering today the adoption of international standards and code of practices.

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25% of our daily sugar intake comes from soft drinks. Find out about other potentially surprising sources of sugar: https://t.co/SxS0JjN5DJ https://t.co/5ASDyh2SAC

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If you’re trying to get active, then the first step is walking. See how a 30-minute walk can go a long way! https://t.co/CipqSz1Fui

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According to a recent study, men who wore boxer shorts during the day and nothing to bed had significantly lower... https://t.co/0FdlTj0ljl

bit.ly/2v5TiNL?utm_me… 16/07/2017

Health ministry intensifies campaign against open defecation | NTV

Retweeted NTV UGANDA (@ntvuganda):

Health ministry intensifies campaign against open defecation. #NTVNews https://t.co/gVp4RrPkbU

bit.ly/2v5TiNL?utm_me… Hoima, Buliisa, Nakasongola, Namayingo, Napak, Mayuge, Nakapiripirit, and Sironko are the districts that have joined the list of districts with poor sanitation behaviour.

[10/03/16]   Retweeted SOS Villages Uganda (@UgandaSOS):

#TIP: A parent's relationship with their child will be reflected in the child's actions & behavior. Give them something good to imitate.

[09/27/16]   Know your Rights 8.

Right to a second Opinion.

Because treatments are continually improving, it is important to find someone who has experience with your condition. Many people seek the knowledge and advice of more than one doctor to confirm a diagnosis and evaluate treatment options. This is called a second opinion.

Every patient has the right to a second opinion with or without request or when requested as the per Ministry of Health Patient charter.

Most doctors understand the value of second opinion. This could be to confirm a diagnosis, understand existing treatment options or seek perspectives from different doctor specialties on your condition.

Do not fret, go get it.

[09/27/16]   Know your rights 7

Right to the get involved in medical research programmes.

Every patient has the right to decide whether to be involved in any medical research programmes.

This must be with your written consent. All aspects of such a research must be explained to the patient before hand.

Obtaining consent involves informing the subject about
his or her rights, the purpose of the study, the procedures
to be undergone, and the potential risks and benefits of participation. Subjects in the study must participate

[09/22/16]   Know your rights 6;
Right to refusal of treatment.

At times, the patient decides that enough is enough and I am not taking any more of these drugs or I am not going back to the operating table. At other times, after evaluating the probability of recovery, the patient decides not to undergo certain medical procedures. Do patients have a right to refuse medical treatment?

Every adult patient has the right to refusal of treatment, even when that might might put his/her life at risk so longer as it does not put the life of others at danger.

This refusal must be communicated verbally with a witness or in writing. The patient must be mentally competent to make this decision and all relevant information about the treatment and its alternatives must have been provided.

The decision must be voluntary without the influence of friends, relatives or hospital professionals. The patient can also in writing make future treatment refusals to cater for a period when they might become mentally incompetent. This writing must be clear and properly state what treatments must not be performed on him/her even when this might endanger his/her life.

The medical practitioner can however proceed with the treatment if the patient is evaluated as mentally incompetent and if reasonable grounds exist to suppose that after receiving treatment, the patient will significantly recover and give his/her retrospective consent.

When the refusal of treatment by the patient or his/her authorized representative interferes with the provision of adequate treatment according to professional standards, the relationship between the patient and the health provider shall be terminated with reasonable prior advance notice.

The right to refuse treatment stems from the fact that every individual has the right to autonomous decision making so long as that decision making does not harm others.


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Know your rights 5:
The patient's right to medical records.
The Uganda Patients charter, Third draft 2009 states that every patient has a right to receive a copy of his/her medical records from the health facility.

The Ministry of Health is the custodian of all medical records but the patient retains a right to be provided of his own records when requested.

On March 26 2014, in a court case by Micheal Mubangizi and Jeniffer Musimenta (in photo courtesy of IPS) Vs Mulago Hospital, where the couple were demanding for complete medical records at the birth of their twins, where the whereabouts of the second twin was under dispute, the High court ordered Mulago Hospital to furnish the couple with outstanding medical documents, a registry of children delivered on the same day as Babirye and her sister, a list of health workers then on duty and a copy of the DNA test.

This ruling set a precedence on the patient's right to access to his/her own medical records.

The Constitution says that everyone shall have a right to information held by the state so long as the information does not put the security of the state at risk.

The medical records should be kept by the Ministry of Health for 25 years and 3 years after death of the records' owner.

[09/20/16]   Know Your rights 4.

The Right to Emergence Treatment; Every person has the right to receive emergency treatment at any medical facility unconditionally, without first having to make payments for the care.

The hospital to which the patient is taken must be seen as making positive attempts to provide this emergency care and advise the patient to an appropriate facility if they don't have the required facilities.

The effort to save a person needing emergency care should be the top priority of not only the medical professional but also of police and any other citizen who is connected to that matter or happens to notice such an incident.

Emergency treatment should be instantaneously given with the aim of preserving life, of stabilizing the patient. Accident victims, patients with a cute pain, a pregnant woman at risk of losing her life and the unborn child must be given instantaneous care to save the life.

The right to emergency care is irrespective of whether the patient has insurance cover, has the ability to pay immediately, or has other reimbursement facilities.



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