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Contact us for your Physical& Electronic document management,Offsite&Onsite-Archiving,On-line backup and much more. Call 0776355365/ 0791913154

PAPERLESS. Scanning your documents may be the Archiving solution that suits your requirements, your office will no longer be cluttered with files and paperwork as everything you need is returned to you in digital pass worded format.You can also trust us with your inactive Records and let us store them for you in the first commercial Offsite Archive in Uganda!


Timeline Photos


Timeline Photos


Timeline Photos


Do you need off-site storage? Let us keep and manage your Records & Documents for you. Our Archive is dedicated to your off-site storage needs! It is the first commercial Archive in Uganda!


Finding the humor in what we do.....


Why do you need Record & Document management?

*It is a quick and smarter way to find critical Information

*Control creation and destruction of Records&Documents

*Create and comply with Records Retention Policy

*Save and protect vital Information

*Improve efficiency and productivity

*To ensure regulatory compliance
This March,contact us for your Records & Document management needs.


Our newly purchased security cameras will guarantee a secure environment for your documents. We also have a 24-hr security guard.


Our newly purchased Smoke Detectors which are just about to be installed to create a secure Archive for your documents.


Our special,secure and easy to carry Archival boxes.Do you need to free up precious space in your office? Off-site or On-site storage is what you need. We have just the right space for you in our Archive based in Ntinda Industrial Area!


The Interior of our high speed Kodak scanner.


The rear end of our Kodak scanner!


The front view of our scanner!


the side view of our scanner!

[01/31/14]   january has ended! this february, contact us for your records&document management needs!


our kodak i3200/i3400 scanner!


Three Keys to Going Paperless

1)>> Consolidate the Inboxes! - There is no more important daily task list of the average professional than checking the number of inboxes that we have. The key to the paperless office, therefore, is to consolidate the number of inboxes that we have

2)>> Sign up for Online Billing & Banking

3) >>Scan, Store & Retrieve - Paper is one of the most frequently used of the media types that we deal with on a regular basis, and it happens to be one of the most space consuming, inefficient ones. If legally possible, scanning documents can be a great alternative to maintaining hard copy records.



[01/22/14]   While physical volume of records will continue to be reduced through greater and greater information packing density, the number of records grows faster than the rate of disposal, and the need for maintaining accuracy of information, effective indexing, correct retrievals, and application of retention scheduling does not diminish.

[01/22/14]   Of all our national assets, Archives are the most precious; they are the gift of one generation to another and the extent of our care of them marks the extent of our civilization. (Arthur G. Doughty, Dominion Archivist, 1904-1935)

[01/22/14]   Let Records Management take you... from heap to harmony... from chaos to control.

[01/09/14]   "Because they have taken no inventory, most organizations have no way of knowing what all their information assets are and where those assets are located." (Information Management Associates, Inc.)
Control your Records before they control you.

[01/09/14]   Information which is not communicated is valueless. Information which cannot be found is worthless. The value of Information is directly related to its accessibility...what do you think?





Timeline Photos


Kuskhani Technologies wishes YOU a......


Consult us for your Records,Document Management and IT needs


90% of your company`s memory exists on paper!!!!!!Contact us if you need help to:

[12/17/13]   Increase business efficiency by reducing document and records search time!!!!!!


We deal with Records from their creation to disposal!!!!


How easy is it for you to retreive Records and Documents?

[12/11/13]   According to two South African Researchers Mpho Ngoepe and
Patrick Ngulube, when a records-management
system breaks down, the consequences for corporate
governance are serious. Typical symptoms
include the following:
• Monitoring systems are inadequate and information is
difficult to access.
• Votes ledgers are not kept properly and an important tool
for expenditure control is lost.
• Accounts are not produced on time, rendering them of limited value for expenditure control and monitoring.

[12/11/13]   Did you know about the Anti-money Laundering bill of Uganda? The Anti-money Laundering regulations 2010 require Financial Institutions to:
1. Have Records on customer identification
2.Maintain these Records
Financial Institutions are supposed to maintain for a minimum period of 10 yrs all necessary Records to enable them comply with information requests from competent authorities. It says: 'The Records referred to shall be kept in sufficient form to permit reconstruction of individual transactions including the amounts and types of currency involved so as to provide evidence for the prosecution in criminal proceedings'.


going beyond....


Our well-equipped warehouse is a suitable solution for your #OffSite Document Storage>>>with a new level security and management for all kinds of information/records....CONTACT US TODAY...http://kuskhani.com/contact.php

[11/18/13]   Raising the potential in document management solutions across East Africa and beyond...Kuskhani Technologies now reaches Kenya with AJA...http://www.aja.co.ke



*Onsite Document Scanning on demand
*Sorting and Classification(Physical document management)
*Electronic Document Management
*Online Hosted Archive
*On-line backup
*Off-Site Document Storage


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