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Fleet Monitoring Systems Ltd (trading as FMS Africa) is an existing business entity specializing in At FMS Africa Ltd, we offer tracking solutions.

We track and monitor mobile (vehicles, ferries) and immobile (generators) fleets. Other Contact Details:

KENYA: +(254)737-200208
UGANDA: +(256)701-850058
TANZANIA: +(255)688-328394
RWANDA: +(250)733-489862


In the and Industry, FMS Africa Ltd grants construction companies a
bird’s-eye view of equipment utilization, alerts & accidents with one platform.

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SAY NO,To accidents and death!
By using our FMS Solution which prevents drivers from , alerts owners when vehicles reach maximum allowed speed.

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Not sure of your operator's behaviour?
According to a 2016 study, video can reduce fatal crashes by 20% & injury crashes by 35%.

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Become A Partner 19/10/2022

Did You Know That The Africa System Market Is Projected To Reach USD 26.53M by 2027?

Join our reseller network and share in this business opportunity.
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The flow of traffic is one every fleet driver has to master, with our service, we enable you get fast, automatic . Enjoy the platform that adapts to current traffic flow.

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When employees use one vehicle separately, how best can you safeguard the fleet from unauthorized use?
Fms-Africa Ltd 's feature allows you to monitor who’s driving & how a driver abides by work & rest requirements.




You can Save money on by easily sorting journeys into business & private trips with our service. You will claim reimbursement on & detect private errands by your truck driver.

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Ignorance of a vehicle's mileage can lead to & .

With Fms-Africa Ltd you can have a detailed service job checklist for timely notifications & reminders. You can Schedule jobs, manage the service checklist etc.

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Lately, is so common, What are the common causes of this vice?


Are you spending so much on these days?
Monitor & with our seamless service. Learn more:

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The Power In Analytics!

Fms-Africa Ltd d gives your business eye-pleasing graphics, charts & vivid tables which allow you to properly analyze business processes, improve forecasting, identify critical points & take steps in the right direction.
such as; ...

1. Reports on everything. ie expenses, fuel etc
2. Key performance indicators ie productivity, revenue etc
3.Payroll and taxes ie Time with trips, activity logging etc


How to drive customer excellence?
A common question among brands doing .
, helps you increase & with excellent & fast customer service.

1. Online delivery tracking
2.Transparent field operation.
3.Faster order management
4.Increased customer satisfaction

For more information;

cc. Geotab Teltonika

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The Field service /mobile workforce management that
Fms-Africa Ltd offers has impressive features like Smart communication.

It Harmonizes communication between field team & back office to drive agility and growth. Streamline data collection and improve field performance.

It enhances work in ways such as;

1⃣. Eliminate paperwork
Fms-Africa Ltd digital forms were designed with field force daily operations in mind. Instead of wasting time on filling out and correcting paper forms, go digital
to add and receive data in several clicks.

2⃣.Documents, attachments, signatures
Let deskless workers attach any files and pictures
to prove a job well done, share feedback or report a
problem. Obtain electronic PODs with e-signatures.

3⃣In-app chat
Replace phone calls & a myriad of messages with a single chat. Ask questions to get notified about any changes & resolve disputes without paying extra:
●All conversations kept securely in one app
●Delivery &read receipts
●Safe driving: chat messages read aloud.

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Field Services help to Streamline workflow as well.

At Fms-Africa Ltd we offer this service to businesses and its done through automating routine operations, Empowering mobile workforce to complete more orders and cutting operating costs to increase revenue.

More info;

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How Can brands enhance the visibility of field operations?
Below, we show you how!

Your business can increase efficiency with transparency &real-time data.

1️⃣Precise locations
With Fms-Africa Ltd you can Track locations of mobile workers online or generate reports for past trips, Detect deviations from routes, timewasting & personal trips.

2⃣.Working statuses
Visualize field team activities with custom statuses, e.g “on my way”, “at the warehouse”, etc. Spot available employees for urgent orders.

3⃣Check-in: proof of visits
Mark locations and capture pictures of customer
visits. Monitor late arrivals and track performance.
Browse through comments from employees.

4⃣Mobile forms
Review task forms as soon as they have been filled
in. Control and improve service quality, employee
performance and customer satisfaction.


has got lots of interesting features and the other one is;

"Alerts on everything important".

This feature helps businesses to instantly learn about key events, react to changes on time with instant automatic alarms and to Customize notifications.
Door closing/opening; For managing fleets such as .
pressing; This alerts the emergency services centre in case of an accident.
Route deviations; This alerts the management incase of a diversion from the planned route.
Case intrusion; This is activated when the interior of the system is accessed.
Tow detection: Gives alerts when a vehicle is towed.
Geofence entrance/exit: alerts management in case the vehicle goes beyond the designated geographical demarcations.
Temperature regime change: Incase of temperature fluctuations outside pre-set norms, an alert is given.
Fall detection; Its used to detect fall down events for assets such as Vehicles, Motorcycles etc


How much do you know about the History of GPS technology?


With over 1100+ GPS tracking devices closely supported. You can effortlessly scale up your business, reach customers with different business needs and requirements with our hardware-independent platform.

Contact us for more info via;
Email; [email protected]
Phone; (+256) 200909900


The industry should try implementing tech in such as Geo fencing. It's a great tool for companies with various benefits i.e reduced costs, improved safety for assets and efficiency & can even address requirements.

Watch more of the services we offer HERE:


Efficient Fleet management solutions require taking caution and at FMS, we help you monitor your vehicles and trips better.


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It's a lot more than just and remote monitoring.
It has a number of features, such as;

1.Future-proof GPS Asset tracking
This feature delivers efficiency and uncompromised security of assets even if they're taken to most remote locations, Streamlines manual operations and helps your business to make data-driven decisions.

2. Real-time Data
Seconds matter when it comes to high-value assets. We empower clients with profound real time visibility, such as:
✓Location Statuses
✓Battery life
✓Engine hours
✓Container doors opening / closing

Other features include;

3. and POI.
4.Alerts on everything important
5.Over 1100+ devices closely supported.
6.GPS hardware activation gone automatic.
7.Remote management.


Fleet management involves a number of services most of which we offer.
One of them is Map Visualisation, it could work well for Logistics(Truck and Travels) which helps to visualize fleet positioning and tracking status, Marine Vessels which gives near-shore vessel positioning.

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Join our Reseller Partner Program. All you need is a registered company, laptop, internet and $1000 to get started.

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Start your journey to self-employment with FMS reseller partnership. Pay a one-time Refundable deposit of $1000 and get FREE branding for your new GPS Tracking platform, training and 24/7 support.

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Looking for a new opportunity to expand your financial horizon?

Check out our new reseller partnership program.

All you need is $1000, a registered company, a laptop, internet and you can make money from anywhere in Africa.

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Introducing the FMS reseller partnership program. All you need is $1000, a registered company, a laptop and internet to start a GPS Tracking business from anywhere in Africa.

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One way to better monitor your Car’s location and greatly reduce the risk of theft is by installing a GPS tracker.
A GPS tracker on your car offers peace of mind. You can see where your car is and its performance at all times.

Call or Whatsapp: +256772753829

Happy New Month!

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Frank is a busy business man. By the time he came to us, he had just started focusing on his cargo company, but things were starting to run out of hand…
drivers were stealing fuel, the cargo would sometimes disappear and the generator at the upcountry office was new but dysfunctional.

Last year we worked with Frank, installing real-time fleet tracking and generator fuel management. Now he can lay back and enjoy life as an entrepreneur with real-time tracking of all the company assets on his phone.
Want to be like Frank?

Give us a Call: +256772753829

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We're providing you with real-time GPS tracking of your movable assets right at your fingertips.

✔️ Control Engine Regulation
✔️ Geo-Fence Alerts
✔️ 24/7 Monitoring Access
✔️ Playback History
✔️ Powerful Web & Apps Console
✔️ And more
Talk to us: +256772753829

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GPS (Global Positioning System) technology is one of the most innovative inventions of our time.

As it continues to advance, more fleets around the world are using it to get driving directions and to monitor their assets.

You can have on-time information of any of your assets using a GPS Tracker from FMS Africa LTD. Get more information about us through our website

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“Fleet management allows companies to organize and coordinate work vehicles with the aim to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and provide compliance with government regulations.”
We help businesses maximise the use of their vehicle assets for better results. Are you in the transport business?
Call us on +256772850055 and let us help manage your fleet.

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While other business owners are operating blind and do not know the whereabouts of their assets in transit, you can easily monitor your status of yours using a GPS Tracker from FMS Africa. Knowledge is power, know the status of your asset on time.

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Every organisation and company must have a standby generator to ensure a smooth transition in operations in case of power cuts.

Generator tracking ensures that losses are minimized and all operations are complete.

Generator tracking includes fuel monitoring, engine hours, battery voltage, run hours, fuel levels etc. You can access the real-time tracking data with the help of FMS Africa LTD. Call +256772850055 for more information.

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The biggest expense for your company's commercial fleet is probably fuel.

If you save money on fuel, you drive HUGE savings for your company. That's where FMS Africa comes in! We help you manage and monitor how much fuel you are using.
Call +256772850055 to start managing your fuel usage.


Agunde-gunde Omuterega, Magulunyondo, Beene, Sabassajja Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II.

Obuganda buladde.

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