MASE Foundation UG

MASE  Foundation UG


This was our inspiration to help this doctor and his small clinic after Christopher Stampar witnessed death due to their shortcomings. Such nice people, he and his wife living without so much we take for granted.
This is awesome.

MASE Foundation is community based majorly working on health challenges, improving sustainable lively hood and nature conservation with others

Operating as usual

Help the MASE Foundation fund girls' education, organized by Jacqui Doughty 05/10/2021

Help the MASE Foundation fund girls' education, organized by Jacqui Doughty

Help the MASE Foundation fund girls' education, organized by Jacqui Doughty WHO WE ARE AND WHERE WE ARE The MASE Foundation Education Fund-… Jacqui Doughty needs your support for Help the MASE Foundation fund girls' education


Rich to us via WhatsApp and other social media platform

Rich to us via WhatsApp and other social media platform


Kiburarara kisanga village in kasese district was hit by herd of elephants and destroyed all their crops to ash , our sister Nika Hussein donated food to families that were hit and atotal number of 160 families recieved on the food among the food shared was posh, and one bar of soap , beans . Watch the video by masereka adidas @masefoundationug @implementation ideasforus Uganda

Photos from MASE  Foundation UG's post 28/04/2021

We are happy to share with you all , our daughter masika bridget completed her degree in business computing and Management today and attended her graduation ceremony 28 th april 2021 however it was virtual due to guideline of covid 19 . She has been very good to us. Her mum léft her in hands of mase to push her education at the age of 3 years after her death , glory goes back to God that has grown up and completed her degree . Her story motivates the foundation to start an education fund to help more girl child who are prone to alot of suffering in the world /uganda as you know educate girl child empower nations . Masika has passion of helping people in need who have passed in her situation .she requested the mase foundation to connect her to a job in abroad so that she can work more money to make her dreams achieved . You could be out there and you want to know more about bridget Masika please in box us for more updates.


It gives great joy to interact with lovely young children who are very happy despite them living in hard situations of living but still happy . Yesterday we visited community in eastern uganda called Namukunyu to go empower one family with health information and we concentrated more on diet and hygiene plus seeking medical intervention early before diseas becomes worse . And on our way we mate group of young children who were gathered in the next home good enough one child was our usual patient at the unit and told fellow young ones that doctor who treats me so they had to follow us on our way . We loved the interaction . When you help child you are sawing seed in the head . And mase foundation will be soon be supporting young vulnerable children acquire quality education . You may be out there and you want to support child acquire quality education especially girl child who are forced in early marriages as result of lack of school fees plus poverty in homes. Inbox us and we shall guide you how to recieve your support. Note that all people in the world deserve good styles of life and it's through education that we can change the world from worst to best


Hey our friends please join the move to kick out covid and empower community with right info about covid and fight stigma among families

[12/23/20]   The management and staff of Mase medical clinic in kamuli town wishes you a merry Xmas and prosperous new year . Enjoy it with care ensuring that you consider standard operating procedures , washing hands , masks and social distancing.we love you all our clients


Hello to you all our supports we are happy to inform you that our patient nalugonda who was diagnosed of cellulitis was discharged having spent 2month with her , our medical team suggested abiospy should be taken to screen cancer and it turned out negative .so this woman was taken care of my the medical clinic team at free cost and we are happy has been successfully and improved . We thank the medical team at mase clinic for having given in it time to rescue the helpless old woman . So you may be out there and you want to donate to the cause of Mase medical clinic service we are offering to the community you are most welcome . We introduced malnutrition corner for the malourused babies so your donation will reach to the local person . Feel free to reach us on our page to reach


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Happy independence day to you all our friends enjoy your day thinking about this old lady under our care at the unit for quick recovery and need your prayers and necessary psychological support


IDEAS For Uganda

presentation on malnutrition presentation done by adidas and zalika

Naigaga zalika avolunteer @IDEAS For Uganda presenting on malnutrition @ the hive meeting in eastern uganda buyende district in the local language , she trying to assses the knowledge of community members


IDEAS For Uganda

We are happy to inform you all that on 9th Sept 2020 IDEAS For Uganda team under the aegis of IDEAS For Us successfully hosted a Hive meeting in Eastern Uganda to ignite local solutions to local problems.
HIVE/Think-tank is an IDEAS' community participation approach that seeks to mobilize local communities in identifying local sustainable solutions to the problems that affect them.

The major problems identified in the Eastern Uganda HIVE Meeting were malaria and malnutrition. IDEAS team including Masereka Adidas, James and Naigaga Zalika went on ground in Namukunyu sub county, Buyende District to mobilize and empower community members on malaria prevention and good Nutrition practices through information dissemination.
The team disseminated information on;
-Dangers and signs of Malaria
-Causative agents of Malaria and
-Causes of Malnutrition, and good nutrition practices .
The meeting involved a plenary discussion to generate views on the community based feasible solutions to the problems identified.
The Community suggested the following remedies to the challenges identified as below;
-Supporting them with Insects/mosquito repellent tree seedlings
-Period information dissemination on prevention and treatment of Malaria
-Supporting them to establish backyard gardens to deal with malnutrition challenge
-Linking them to organizations that support acutely malnourished Women and Children.
@action IDEASForUs [email protected] implementing Masereka Adidas , Sinamakosa , Paul, Paddy, @Lubwarts, @Frank baghesi


Hello to our dear friends we are excited to share with you all this good news . Yesterday 21/07/2020 shall be memorable day for Mase medical clinic in kamuli eastern Uganda , Uganda police kamuli branch donated a hand washing red container to Mase medical clinic located in the heart of kamuli town in appreciation for the great work done to saving lives for the community members and boosting our efforts to fight covid 19 .this equipment was delivered by the police officer called Joshua . Big ups to the district police commander , regional police commander , and the main police headquarters in kampala for such great innovation. It looks small by mere looking at it but will save lives . And this will be put in corner where all patients will access to wash hands .big ups to the president of Uganda for the good management techniques of covid , we salute you and your team . Hands up for you Mr President of Uganda # sending greetings and love from Mase medical team @action masereka [email protected]



Lee Perry (IDEAS Chief Operations Officer) Interviews the leaders of our IDEAS For Uganda branch, Sinamakosa Isaac and Masereka Adidass.

They discuss water purification and vertical farming projects, and more.

Learn more and support their work at

[04/10/20]   Hey friends for God loved the world that he gave us his only bigotten son Jesus Christ that whoever believes in him will never perish but have evalasting life, as you celebrate this Easter holiday remember us at Mase medical clinic located in kamuli eastern Uganda we are whole heartidly helping to treat community members of the general illneses despite the Covid 19 being so threatening to human life with limited resources . As you celebrate this holy week remember that at our clinic we are in urgent need of ahaematology analyzer that does complete blood count and it costs 5500USD to have it installed at our unit . You may be out there and you feel like giving to communities that are in real need . Reach to us via our WhatsApp line +256702928366.or wire funds through send wave to that line. We know it's hard time where resources and food is in scarcity yet human health is paramount. 06/03/2020

MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program 2020/2021 at Makerere University | Opportunity Desk The MasterCard Foundation and Makerere University have partnered to offer scholarship to 1000 bright youth from Africa to study at Makerere University


Mr kagawa under going treatment at Mase medical clinic being attended to by our orthopedic surgeon and he appreciated the care And services rendered to him , he advised me that if we could build ahospital we could save many lives in this community .are you swell wisher of Mase medical clinic or support combine with us and have the medical unit constructed so that we help thousands of people . The space is not enough .

[01/18/20]   Hey friends today 18th Jan 2020 is birthday for Mr masereka Adidas . You are all Invited to enjoy with him on this golden day and this day will be dedicated to raise some funds to raise money buy haematology analyzer at Mase medical clinic located in kamuli district arural district in eastern Uganda . So your gift however small it is will save alife . Most children hear die without being checked their blood count to aid the medical personel diagnose and they end up dying un diagnosed so your support is very important on this day and our goal is to raise $ 6400 . Reach to us via email [email protected] or Whatsapp +25702928366

[12/24/19]   The Mase foundation in Uganda wishes all our friends , supporters merry Xmas and prosperous new year . Remember to use mosquito net in case you are in Uganda because malaria is too much and it can affect your help and we at Mase medical clinic we are conducting research on malaria distribution join the move , enjoys your holidays season

[12/13/19]   Hey to you all our viewers especially scientists ,malaria is now so rumpant in this eastern region especially along the bases of river Nile like kamuli and government is doing it's part to provide medicines plus recommending more campanies to manufacture more malaria drugs but now am challenged by scenario that child is treated today finishes all the recommended doses of treating malaria but after two weeks the child comes back again with severe signs of malaria including Anaemia .Am wondering where the problem is coming from ?could it be the problem with the manufacturers?or Nurses and doctors giving wrong dose or care takers not using mosquito nets? This argument comes following afriend of mine called innocent an experienced teacher in kamuli district administered all the required anti malarials but after few days child developed again persistent fevers yet the whole course of malaria has been given . Then after innocent comes to our mase medical clinic /centre to visit our medical doctor who ordered for malaria test and complete blood count ,our lab test done showed child has 12 malaria parasits and increased white blood cell count pointing to malaria and bacterial infection. This intelligent professional teacher went ahead to consult and repeat tests in multiple clinics to find out could this be true or false results ????then finally ended in the hands of consultant in Jinja who ordered the same investigations at Nalufenya Jinja still the results showed malaria and bacterial infection . Am writting this message for the world , researchers , campanies manufacturing drugs, doctors and the concerned agencies to intervene ? Are we safe with these medications or substandard ? Why should child recieve all required doses and still has MALARIA? This has stimulate me and team to come up with research on malaria and find out where is malaria much concentrated? Recently screened 300 children in medical camp with rapid tests and only to find 170 children with malaria ?????


Hey to our friends we are happy to inform you that on 5th December 2018 we successfully conducted an outreach to screen young children with malaria and HIV plus general assessement we found out that among the 300 screened 160 had malaria and HIV/AIDs only few children were found on HIV treatment like two but the majority was we're HIV negative. Malaria is spread through abite my infected mosquito. Children with malaria present with high fever ,headache,joint pains ,loss of appetite and some of these children remember don't eat well as required so malaria end up causing anaemia which in most cases complicate to death. So viewers in Uganda take your child for malaria test and use mosquito net while at home, cut the bush around your house, Drain stagnant water that act as breeding areas. To the welwishers support this move of eliminating malaria out of Uganda and to those willing to support you are requested to boost us with medical equipment like haematology analyzer that does blood count so that we are able to detect the blood levels and other medical supplies including malaria, visit our medical clinic in kamuli town eastern Uganda ,or reach to us through our page we shall welcome your help ,advise and prayers

[11/17/19]   Hey to you all our friends and followers , Mase medical clinic located in kamuli district Eastern Uganda is seeking well wishers to help us donate to us haematology analyzer, and oxygen concentrator to help in diagnosising children we treat and mothers , we get challenges refering these clients for these services yet they don't have immediate transport or money to travels to long distances where these services are. The available near by health units are overwhelmed by the large numbers of patients and some end up dying on line un attended to , so if we have these equipments we can save alife. Your donation you can change alife of arural Ugandan child and who die because they lack oxygen and even when their blood count is not done. When we are treating child or any one complete blood count is very necessary to aid in the diagnosis of patient. 10/11/2019

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U.S. Embassy Kampala

The United States Agency for International Development Mission to Uganda (USAID/Uganda) is seeking applications from qualified entities to implement the #USAID/Uganda Local Service Delivery for HIV/AIDS Activity. Eligible parties interested in submitting an application are encouraged to read this NOFO thoroughly to understand the type of Activity sought, application submission requirements and selection process. Link here:

Any questions regarding this NOFO must be submitted in writing to [email protected] to the attention of Mr. Admir Serifovic, Agreement Officer and Ms. Janepher Nabitosi, Acquisition and Assistance Specialist.


Rotary Club of Udaipur Meera

#worldpolioday 24 October
One of the major focus area of rotary is to end polio.and we are not that far too achieve it.Today to send out the message loud Rotary club Meera had a March at fateh Sagar.and we are glad we were successful in that to spread the awareness about rotary 's contribution for this cause.....we extend thanks to all the members who joined us in morning
Team Meera
#Rotaryinternational #District3054 #Rotaract#interact #Endpolionow#Peopleofaction


Hashem Al-Ghaili

The stages of human development. #Biology


Hashem Al-Ghaili

The stages of human development. #Biology


Great memory

I was very happy to become the first International Board Member of the Mase Foundation, a private medical clinic run by one of my best friends in Uganda, Masereka Adidas, who is striving to provide quality medical services to local community members in Kamuli and throughout Uganda. My next major effort after donating a water filtration system during my visit to the clinic, is the installation of a complete solar system which my family is currently funding. Here I was meeting with Masereka, his wife Michelle who runs the clinic with him, and other board members to discuss their challenges, opportunities, and a pathway forward.

Masereka Adidass MASE Foundation UG


Hey friends today 18th Oct 2019 our dear director Mr masereka Adidas has graduated as senographer majoring in ultrasound scan at ecurei mengo affiliated to Jefferson university in USA,and now permitted to practice ultrasound as senographer, among the areas specialised in is obstetrics,tropical medicine, abdominal scan, scrotal scan and small parts , thanks for all your prayers and support . Hands up for world Bank and ministry of health that off

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Mr kagawa under going treatment at Mase medical clinic being attended to by  our orthopedic surgeon and he appreciated t...
Mr Christopher Stampar delivering speech  to community members during the launch of hepatitis B in kamuli @mase medical ...




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