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Earthlite solutions is a software and web development company. We design and host websites. We also develop customized software for your business according to your needs.

We design websites that suite your needs. whether it's a company site or a personal site we do it all. With our team of dedicated programmers we get the job done in no time at all. W all develop software that help you in managing your business.At earthlite solutions when you need it , we code it.Located Tusky's makerere ,Level3


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[01/22/14]   Remember the two benefits of failure, first of all, the old way doesn't work, secondly, failure gives the opportunity to try a diffrent approach.


Earthlite solutions

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Timeline Photos


Timeline Photos


Timeline Photos



Smartphones Diagnose Cancer
Researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Systems Biology have developed a smartphone-enabled Diagnostic Magnetic Resonance, DMR, device described as the world’s smallest cancer diagnostic system which has an accuracy rate of 96 percent compared to 84 percent for biopsy.

Presenting the device last week at the mHealth Summit in Washington, D.C., Dr. Roderick Pettigrew Director of the National Institute of Health’s National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering, said the handheld DMR device was evaluated in a clinical trial of 70 patients with suspected abdominal malignancy.

In a presentation entitled “State of the Science in Research on Mobile Health Technologies”. Pettigrew recalled that in a recent clinical study, the mobile-enabled diagnostic magnetic resonance had an accuracy that was more than 12 percentage points higher than the conventional “gold standard” of biopsy.

“We were driven to develop this device by two factors – the exquisite sensitivity of magnetic resonance techniques like MRI and the desire to detect cancer in very small cell samples,” he stated.

Patients in the study underwent a biopsy in addition to a minimally invasive procedure known as fine needle aspiration, a mini biopsy that collects cells rather than tissue. Specimens collected from biopsies were sent to a lab for standard diagnostic testing, while the aspirates were run through the DMR system in what Pettigrew described as a “chemistry lab on a chip. Not only did the DMR provide more accurate cancer diagnosis, but it arrived at its results quicker by enabling quantification of multiple protein markers within an hour instead of three days.“This smartphone-enabled technology is superior technology (to standard diagnostic procedures) and is an example of the type of rigorous evaluation that we need to establish the real value for these mobile and wireless tools,” Pettigrew said.


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Galaxy Note II Gets Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Update

Samsung has released the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update for their new Galaxy Note II smartphone, and the update is apparently being rolled out in stages to various devices.

The Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update brings a range of new features to the Samsung Galaxy Note II, you can see a list of the new features available for the handset below.
Some of the Android 4.1.2 new features:

Android 4.1.2 – JZO54K
New Additions in Notifcation Toggles
Notification Panel can now be customized
Brightness Slider in Notification Panel Can Now Be Disabled
Multi-View Can now be disabled
Browser Is Smoother Then Before
Status Bar has been changed from Grey to Black
Continues Input in Samsung Keyboard (Like Swipe or Android 4.2 Keyboard)
New Ink Effect On Lockscreen
New Group Cast Application


Student group to take Facebook to task in Irish court
Facebook's alleged violations of European data laws are to be scrutinised in court by a student group.

Europe v Facebook is unhappy about "half-hearted solutions" following an audit by the Irish Data Protection Commissioner.

The group says it will take the IDPC to court for what is sees as failures to implement the changes.

It believes the case could eventually go to the European Court of Justice.

"If we get these things before the courts, it is very likely that it goes all the way to the European Court of Justice. Such a case would be a landmark for the whole IT industry," said Max Schrems, the spokesman for Europe v Facebook.


Shape-shifting robot made by MIT scientists
It may not look like a character from the Transformer franchise, but a tiny robot made in the US is able to change shape.

Built at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), it uses magnets to mimic molecules that fold themselves into complex shapes.

The research could lead to robots that could be reconfigured to perform many different tasks.

But one expert said a lot of work was still needed



With Grand Theft Auto 5 now confirmed thanks to the GTA V trailer which was released a few months ago we look at all the news, trailers and rumours surrounding the upcoming Rockstar title.

[11/21/12]   How to remove virus from you flash drive
1) Disable autorun(autoplay).
2) start>Run.If your flashdrive is in e:drive then type
dir /w/a.
If there is Autorun.inf,Ravmon.exe,svchost.exe etc...
3)Then open command prompt and type attrib -r -a -s -h *.*
then del filename.
for ex,if you want to delete autorun.inf then type del autorun.inf
Now virus is remove from your pen drive...

[11/21/12]   Are you stack and can't get into your pc or you want to recover a password
1) Start PC in safe mode.
2) Open Run window(Start>Run) then type controluserpasswords2
3) Now you will change username and password
4) After that click Administrators user account and press
Reset password
5) Set your new password and confirm.
Now your password will be changed.


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The latest statistics from research firm Strategy Analytics peg Samsung's Galaxy S3 as the world's most popular smartphone model, holding 10.7 percent of the global smartphone market in the third quarter.

According to the research firm, Apple's iPhone 4S was relegated to a close second place with 9.7 percent of the market after two years at the top of the list, while the iPhone 5 held just 3.6 percent of the global share.


why should we use paper work for data storage when u can get a simple, cheap solution to that?
Lets also move forward as the technology move.
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Acer needs to shut up about Microsoft tablet

Acer may only be hurting itself by criticizing Microsoft.

The Taiwanese company, best known for its low-cost Netbooks from several years ago, has been one of the most outspoken opponents of Microsoft's new hardware push since the software giant first revealed its plans in June. Comments have ranged from pleas for Microsoft to change its plans to predictions Surface will flop. The common theme is that Acer believes Microsoft should stick to what it knows -- software -- and leave the hardware to its partners.

The problem with that criticism, though, is that it makes Acer look like a sore loser, kind of like a tennis player grousing over getting beaten by his former doubles partner


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How to print anything from anywhere: Your ultimate guide to mobile printing

Printing anything from anywhere is no longer fantasy. In fact, it's often a necessity if using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop is an essential part of your daily workflow.

Cases in point: You receive a huge spreadsheet attachment on your smartphone, and need a way to view the document without squinting. Or you revise a PowerPoint deck just as your plane lands, and need to print it before you arrive at a meeting. Or maybe you’re just staying with family out of town, and need to print a boarding pass directly from your phone.

Whatever the case, wouldn't you like to send a print job to the printer you spot down the hall, or to a printer in an office superstore down the block? Or how about sending a document from San Francisco to your own printer back in Chicago?
Epson's iPrint app lets you print photos or documents, save to cloud storage, and more.

Mobile printing technology makes all of this possible. Printers with wireless or Web connectivity can communicate far beyond a specific user or work


Google offers new voice search

How voice search technology listens to and spits out information is a complex endeavor, but Google has attempted to explain what mechanisms make its voice search app work in a new research paper it posted earlier today.
Basically, it boils down to data, and lots of it.
According to Google, more data improves all Web services. This may seem obvious, but for better speech recognition, it doesn't only mean a sheer amount of data but also how that data is organized. Google's voice search technology mainly uses data from anonymized queries on to get the information it needs."The language model is the component of a speech recognizer that assigns a probability to the next word in a sentence given the previous ones," Google research scientist Ciprian Chelba wrote in a blog post today about the research. "As an example, if the previous words are 'new york,' the model would assign a higher probability to 'pizza' than say 'granola.'"


Microsoft sued over Windows Live Tiles

Microsoft is already facing lawsuits related to the just-launched Windows, with an operating system technology designer accusing Microsoft of ripping of its patent for "tiles."

SurfCast, in a complaint filed yesterday in a U.S. District Court in Maine, said Microsoft infringes one of its four patents -- No. 6,724,403 -- by "making, using, selling, and offering to sell devices and software products" covered by SurfCast's patent. That includes mobile devices using the Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 operating systems as well as PCs using Windows 8/RT.


Review of the Apple's iPad mini

Starting price:
$329 with 16GB storage (Wi-Fi), $130 extra for LTE cellular

A sweet-spot size; Kindle-like portability; full compatibility with all iPad and iPhone apps; good battery life; and a price that's pretty low (for Apple).

This is the only new iOS device without a Retina Display; it's not as fast as the newer, larger iPad.

Who should buy it?
Anyone who wants to save money, obviously, since it costs less than the fourth-gen iPad. If you don't mind not having a Retina Display, or are considering a second iPad...or if you have kids...or if you're a heavy public transit commuter...the iPad Mini is a very tempting pick.

Recommended storage:
16GB should be fine for many, unless you plan on storing lots of games, graphic novels/textbooks, or videos.


LG Working On webOS Based Smart TV

It looks like LG are working on a new smart TV, although it would appear that LG are looking for an alternative to Google’s TV software, and may be building a smart TV on HP’s open webOS platform.

Open webOS Professional Edition is a version of webOS offered by Gram to OEM manufacturers, and according to a report by webOS Nation, LG are working with Gram to produce a smart TV that uses the webOS platform.It looks like LG are working on a new smart TV, although it would appear that LG are looking for an alternative to Google’s TV software, and may be building a smart TV on HP’s open webOS platform.

Open webOS Professional Edition is a version of webOS offered by Gram to OEM manufacturers, and according to a report by webOS Nation, LG are working with Gram to produce a smart TV that uses the webOS platform.


Microsoft has released a new version of Skype for Windows and Mac, the new version is Skype 6.0, and this is the same version that is headed to Windows 8 later this week, and it comes with a range of new features.

Some of the new features in Skype 6.0 included to ability to log into Skype with either your FaceBook account or your Microsoft Account, you can now also send instant messages to your friends on Windows Live Messenger direct from Skype

[10/25/12]   A video game designed to help children with serious anger management problems has been produced by a US hospital.

Rage Control uses a device placed on a child's finger to monitor heart rate - if it gets too high, they lose the ability to shoot at enemy spaceships.

The player must learn to keep calm in order to play the game successfully.

Researchers said the game led to "significant decreases" in anger in the children studied.


We have been hearing rumors for a while that Microsoft may be working on a Surface Windows Phone smartphone, although there has been no confirmation on this from Microsoft.

Microsoft will however be releasing more hardware under their Surface brand in the future, what this will be remains to be seen, but Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer told the BBC the following.


Rovio has released an update for one of their Angry Birds games, Angry Birds seasons, the latest update is in time for Halloween and it is called Haunted Hogs, and brings 30 new levels to Angry Birds seasons.

The update is available for free to owners of the existing Angry Birds Seasons game, on Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android also also the PC, have a look at the video below.


Rovio has released an update for one of their Angry Birds games, Angry Birds seasons, the latest update is in time for Halloween and it is called Haunted Hogs, and brings 30 new levels to Angry Birds seasons.

The update is available for free to owners of the existing Angry Birds Seasons game, on Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android also also the PC, have a look at the video below.


Microsoft Word 2013 New Features
Within a few months microsoft has unveiled many products like windows 8,windows office 2013 & one of the most famous tablet called Surface tablet.
The latest office 2013 launched by microsoft has many changes in excel,powerpoint and word.Some new features of microsoft word 2013.
1. Microsoft office 2013 can be used on multiplatform like Tablet,Smartphones & laptops.
2.The new ms word enables you to read and edit a PDF can open a PDF file in word and see the original formatting
3.The new word offers users the ability to searchfor videos and view them directly without leaving the document.You can also embed the HTML code of a video in the document and watch videos right away through
4.Connectivity & Cloud Feature


Bogus Apps Litter Android With Malware

Android is quickly becoming the victim of its own popularity. The most widely used mobile OS on the planet also is the biggest target for mobile malware. "What's happening is the bad guys are downloading good applications, like Angry Birds, and republishing them under similar names with trojans and malware in them," said Trend Micro CTO Raimund Genes.By far, the most prevalent way to deliver malware to Android handsets is through fake versions of legitimate apps.




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