Action for Liberty and Economic Development

Action for  Liberty and Economic Development


Is Taxation Theft? The Question of Consent! Whereas a number of political philosophies could consider this radical.
Well, Taxation is considered a social contract between the state and the public or oughts to be a Voluntary Act (Voluntary Taxation).
True or False??
And What is your take, We bring you a hinted discussion with a renown Libertarian international speaker and Leader from the US Mr Daniel Berhman an Experienced and well informed individual about the Subject of Freedom and Liberty.
Join us @ this next serie of the Liberteach Africa Series
On African Justice media via zoom
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Dan Taxation Is Theft Behrman For Governor of Texas
Action for Liberty and Economic Development
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We’re delighted to announce our partnership with Action for Liberty and Economic Development, a brilliant Entebbe-based think tank dedicated to promoting a free and prosperous society in Uganda and beyond!

To find out more about our partners, visit:
Here is a portal of entry into the divine economy theory.
Here is the model that is at the center.
And it's FREE !!!

The CIR - Centro Ilustración Republicana and LANKIF organize the conference in honor of the outstanding Nobel Prize winner Milton Friedman, promoter of open and prosperous societies:

Liberty and Liberalism

Mg. Lucas Ghersi (Peru)
Nkegwa Laurent (DRC)

Poor nations have managed to enrich themselves with free markets and low taxes. Unhindered for innovation and creativity.

With the collaboration of the "Ludwig von Mises" Study Circle, CITEL and the web magazine República Liberal.
“Liberty Camp is the start of all beginners in the liberty movement,” recounted Makerere University student Claire Nesiga, who views the camp as a possible catalyst for further development of a sustained movement in East Africa. Action for Liberty and Economic Development

1.distribution of food relief to 2 districts among them is Kampala and wakiso.

It has failed (the government) to even distribute to a half a million people in one district.

This means that the exercise is on a snail pace and not efficient to the starving Ugandans.

Their is a price of attempted madder for a person to share what he or she has to the next door person.

The process of food distribution is characterized by looting of food by officials on the task force.

In addition to that, there is also repacking and packaging of the food relief for sale.

The delay of distribution of the relief in lockdown were over 95% are unemployed is intensifying the starvation.
Those who are working in trade and won government contracts are having civil war hence interference in the quality of the food.

The ones allowed to operate have to close business by 4:00pm to be saved from flogging from security agencies when on way back home.
As if that is not enough, their is no weekly accountability to the public domain as per the grants and food donations to the task force.

Government should provide guidelines for a free distribution of food from individuals privately hence to family will slipped hungry.

To be continued!
Such policy will not only reduce choice of goods at market but also get many business men and women out of business. I agree that our locally made products need domestic market but should be able to satisfy a consumer freely rather than imposing them on consumer.
Such intervention may increase corruption and selective privileges to businesses which have contacts to the political power.For example the president's brother Gen Salim Saleh is in business of producing tiles and beverages locally,but he may seek for monopolistic powers from government because of his closeness to Central planners.We should really let the market operate freely because such interventions will cause zero sum effect on our economy by letting one gaining while others get into loss.92% of the traders importing tiles are Ugandans who employ local people and even make good money out of the business.

ALED is a libertarian think tank which promotes free market,rule of law,limited government , property rights,education and entreprenuership.

Operating as usual


Speaking at National Media Group Tv.

Ease of Doing Business.
Action for liberty and Economic Development in partnership with the Chamber of commerce has been able to break some barriers that raises the cost of business.
-Bringing business Registration and licensing near to the business.
-Making it easy for businesses to reach the utility service providers like electricity(umeme) and Water(national water and sewerage corporation).
-Reducing on paper work in processing business.

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Taking Ease of Doing Business to the Media.
Today we talked to the Media Lab and NTV on our project "Ease of doing business in Municipality" which focuses on identifying barriers that makes the cost of doing business high in Entebbe.We told the media that the Municipality Ease of doing business will guide the policy makers and advocacy groups on where to put efforts inorder to promote a favourable and enabling environment to business.


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Obwananyini Ku taka.
Working with local councillors,local courts , women and children organization in promoting and defending property rights to vulnerable people (widows and orphans).ALed is working with other community advocacy groups in extending legal services in defence of ownership and transfer of land in the community of Entebbe.
ku taka

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Promoting Property Rights at Good Deeds Day in Entebbe City.Defending and promoting property rights or economic freedom is what we had to offer and even explain at the Good Day event at Mayor's Garden.

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ALED is working on the first project that is focusing at raising awareness on the advantages of economic freedom and Markets among the policy makers, academia , civil society and general public of Uganda.The economic freedom audit is organized by ALED with the grant from the Atlasnetwork and support of Fraser Institute.The audit will also give the economic trajectory of Uganda that will enable participants and public to see how Uganda is doing against the region, world and top 10 averages in economic freedom in 42 dimensions, and provide world-class policy examples for improvement.The Economic Freedom Audit project will be launched with a two days conference starting from 28th - 29th June ,2022 in Kampala Uganda.
Partners will be ;
-Office of the President of Uganda
-Uganda National chamber of commerce
-Uganda Law Society
-University of Kisubi


Obwananyini Ku taka project is seeking to strengthen the strengthen property rights through helping vulnerable people like widows and orphans to land title,survey and register their land.The increasing homelessness , destitute living and conflicts in community has been caused by lack of strong property rights institution.
This Saturday on 19th March 2022 Aled is inviting the community of Entebbe to attend a Land Rights Community Forum that brings lawyers,surveyors and district land board officials to help and guide the community on Land rights.



Every Saturday with the Jonathan Gullible International Readers Group: Uganda, Sri Lanka, UK, USA.

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Women's Day
ALED and Mtindo organized an education workshop on women and property rights in society.The workshop is a response to the call to promote and uplift the dignity of women through breaking barriers to land ownership,entry in market and individual liberty.

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Having book reading fun , confidence, barbecue , building ,story telling ,self Expression and dancing with the True Vine Youth Ministry happened on 7th ,March 2022.


Another great session of the Jonathan Gullible Readers Group International talking about Chapter VII with examples of government abuse of eminent domain in Uganda, Sri Lanka, and USA.

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Engagement with the mayor of Entebbe on how to create economic opportunities for the City.


Great session at Jonathan Gullible International Readers Group today with many from all over Africa, United Kingdom, China, and US! Join us every Saturday.

Action for  Liberty and Economic Development updated their address. 25/02/2022

Action for Liberty and Economic Development updated their address.

Action for Liberty and Economic Development updated their address.

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Twogere Civic Space with Entebbe One Online platform.
A great conversation on the role of politicians in the society with senior journalist and director of Entebbe Post Mr Henry Luburwa,Director of communications for Mission4water and John Mugabi Socrates the executive director of Action for liberty and Economic Development.
"Giving to much responsibilities has proved to be disappointing to the lesser but destructive to the bigger extent.Civilization is as a result of individuals learning to cooperate with each other and produce or exchange value without force"John Mugabi Socrates.

Director ALED, Mugabi John talks about the land policy and Rule of Law. 18/02/2022

Director ALED, Mugabi John talks about the land policy and Rule of Law.

Director ALED, Mugabi John talks about the land policy and Rule of Law. The Fundraising drive to help Entebbe One purchase a professional digital camera is still on, we humbly request you to support..All funds can be sent by mobi...

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Our executive director John Mugabi Socrates having an impact assessment workshop with Municipal Development Forum and municipality technocrats on the Public Private Partnership policy.The proposal to revisit and amend the PPP law which still limit the private sector to fully contribute and participate in the development of the Municipality was presented by the director of ALED.The current laws do not allow the private sector or individual to improve or construct a road or fixing lighting on the road even if it is for safety.The Municipal Development Forum working with ALED think tank are working on developing a policy draft that will open up development of the city to the private sector.

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Rule of Law Club-Entebbe leadership was elected on 26th January 2022 at ALED head offices in Entebbe.The rule of law club is a community of volunteers who are passionate and eager to promote rule of law at grassroots.The rule of law works direct with Uganda Law Society to ensure to ensure to ensure justice to every individual irrespective of his gender, culture, political affiliation and sex at grassroot.

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Students Dialogue on rights including access to information ,sharing opinion and exchange information . Students a the very cornerstone upon which a responsible and civil society is built for prosperity to happen.Thanks to Entebbe Comprehensive Secondary School and Global learning for sustainability for partnership.

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We have signed a memorandum of understanding with the Nkumba University Rotaract Club (a youth wing of rotary).The MOU will focus on the partnership and collaboration based on promotion of free Enterprise, Innovation , research, advocacy and activism that promote prosperity.

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Using talents to promoted values of a free and Prosperous society.
Musicians participating in the Twogere Song Contest aiming at Promoting freedom of expression meeting at ALED offices in Entebbe.

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Young people in Uganda inspired into business by Libertarianism and free market ideas.Free market education classes by ALED has exposed hundreds of high school, university students,young professionals and community youths to economic freedom, self-interest, competition and private property.

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Promoting free speech at Universities in Uganda will provide a foundation for active citizenry who can challenge bad laws and policies through debates or rebuttal.The director outreach has designed programs in different universities and colleges to promote and defend free speech.


Free market ideas promoted by Linda Whetstone inspired Innovation,Profit making and Peace in African community.

In Memoriam: Linda Whetstone (1942-2021) — Institute of Economic Affairs 04/01/2022

In Memoriam: Linda Whetstone (1942-2021) — Institute of Economic Affairs

In Memoriam: Linda Whetstone (1942-2021) — Institute of Economic Affairs “I applaud your aim to build on the success of the IEA in Europe, America and further afield.” So wrote the Prime Minister to Antony Fisher forty years ago. No-one did more to fulfil that aim than Linda Whetstone. A vibrant network of now 500 think tanks in 100 countries, many very far afield in...

The Behavioral Experiment That Explains the Fall of Elizabeth Holmes—and the Horrors of Socialism 04/01/2022

The Behavioral Experiment That Explains the Fall of Elizabeth Holmes—and the Horrors of Socialism

The Behavioral Experiment That Explains the Fall of Elizabeth Holmes—and the Horrors of Socialism Dan Ariely, an Israeli-American behavioral economist at Duke University, led a dice experiment that may shed light on the downfall of Elizabeth Holmes, the 37-year-old entrepreneur who on Monday was found guilty of fraud and conspiracy. 



Are you a student in a Ugandan University?
Are you looking for internship placement in 2022?
Well, this is an opportunity for you to join an international organisation with chapters in African countries and allover World. (Studentsforliberty)
Well just express intrest using this application form and our team Well get back you.
Apply now because there limited slots and this is a highly competitive opportunity since last year we got over 500 applications.
to learn more about Studentsforliberty visit our website




DEC. 25, 2021 EST all day!!

You need to register but you will not be spammed.

(pic from our regular meeting on Dec. 18, 2021).



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Entebbe Youth for Change Dinner.
The 2021 Youth Dinner is organized by Action for Liberty and Economic in partnership with Uganda Students Leadership Advanced Program at Entebbe Conference Hall in Kitooro.
The CD of Ideas for a Free Society made the basis for the discussion on what youth need to equip themselves with if they are to change the environment to provide opportunities such as jobs , affordable housing ,improved health care , quality education and reduced crime levels that translate to improved standard of living .The youths agreed to undertake discussions ,meet-ups , dialogues and other engagements giving many other youths an opportunity to understand ideas which equip youths with knowledge that help them to advocate for what is necessary to grow the community and prosper.



Economic Freedom Nd Prosperity #Learn, Lead, Impact

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Book Launch event at ALED/Liberty Library.
On 23rd October,2021 an introduction to entrepreneurship book by Eammon Butler.
Thanks to all youths ,students organizations , Nkumba University, chamber of commerce, religious leaders and all entrepreneurs who participated in the book launch.
Thanks to Network for Free Society for generous support.



Dr John Byabakama ,the dean of School of Business and computing at Nkumba University affixing his signature on Book Launch Placard.
The Dean recommended the youths , university students,managers and every one interested in understanding the role of entrepreneurship in Society.


Photos from Action for  Liberty and Economic Development's post 24/10/2021

Action for Liberty and Economic Development with support from the Network for Free Society donates 400 book copies of introduction to entrepreneurship by Eammon Butler to Students for liberty-Uganda. Students for Liberty-Uganda is the biggest and only pro-liberty student movement in Uganda.
Introduction to entrepreneurship book
gives an insight on how entrepreneurship play a pivotal role in boosting progress, productivity and prosperity. It drives economic growth and create new opportunities.

Photos from Action for  Liberty and Economic Development's post 16/10/2021

Aled working with Uganda Law Society and Nkumba Law School launched the Entebbe Rule of Law Chapter at our offices.
The rule of law Chapter will work with the Uganda Law Society to educate the citizens on their individual rights and liberties.The chapter will also ensure that every citizen including vulnerables and poor have a right and access to legal redress.The rule of law Chapter will add on our efforts of promoting ideals of an orderly and just society.

Photos from Action for  Liberty and Economic Development's post 09/10/2021

Education Seminar for primary and post primary head teachers on national teachers Policy and entrepreneurship education in Entebbe Municipality.Aled working with Municipal Development Forum and District Education Office organized a half day seminar to discuss how to step up entrepreneurship and economics education that will create opportunities of innovation, business and trade within the Municipality.
We also donated a copy of introduction to entrepreneurship book to each headteacher who participated in the seminar.

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Speaking at National Media Group Tv.
Nkumba University Debate
Entrepreneurship and Economics course
Liberty Camp 2021 #ideas4freesociety
A student testimony .
Participant in Economics/Entreprenuership Course.
Televised  Entebbe Business Summit.
2019 Great Lakes Liberty and Entreprenuership Conference





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