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Seems like Ugandans enjoy abuse and think those who defend them hate them!


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Here are two things you can do to ease your business journey as a young entrepreneur.


Young preneurship Africa

[04/26/19]   Never ignore the problems you encounter in business with the hope that they will disappear. As a true business person, you are expected to find a solution.

[04/03/19]   When did you last sit down in silence, and went on a search deep within yourself to find your weaknesses. Many times we concentrate on changing outside factors in the hope that they will change our current situation for the better. But the bitter truth is that most of the time our biggest enemy is our own selves.

"He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened. " Lao Tzu

[03/22/19]   Fear, laziness and a talk without a walk have choked most of young aspiring entrepreneur's dreams. Fearing the unknown will not take it away. You have to get out of your comfort zone and take challenges head on. That's how you overcome them and get a step closer to what you are aiming at achieving.

It's our time young preneurs.


Young preneurship Africa

[09/28/18]   In whatever you do, don't look for ways to survive, rather put in all you got with thriving as your end goal.

[09/27/18]   Our young people are running away from Africa while the Chinese and the Europeans are running to Africa. This means that we are not equipping our youth with the right skills to see what those coming to Africa are seeing .”

[09/26/18]   Never get rid of your thirst to learn. Dont even let pride get in your way. Its very easy to think you know it all. But there's always something new to learn. Knowledge and the ability to have an open mind are the most powerful tools of engagement in the business world. #armyourself!

[09/26/18]   "What will people say?" The phrase that stops most people from making moves to achieve their goals.

[09/25/18]   One of the things that affect productivity is failing to set the time frame. Before you embark on doing anything, you need to set the time, when you want to finish it. For instance, if you want it done in two weeks, you also need to break it down to how many hours per day you will dedicate to doing that thing. During those hours avoid destructions. Unplug your phone, switch off your social media. #FOCUS

[09/20/18]   Avoid taking shortcuts when doing business. Focus on steady progress instead of trying to rush through the process. Remember, what goes up fast comes down so hard!

[09/20/18]   A new business is like a moving train. Every day it picks up speed.

[09/19/18]   One of the most productive thing one could do is taking time off to do nothing but think. Stop occupying your mind 24/7. Sometimes good ideas come when a person just takes a break and stares into space.

[09/19/18]   There's a spot for everyone in the market place. For example, even when other phone brands were already in the market, Iphone came and claimed a spot in the market. And after Iphone came, just when we all thought it would be the last, other brands are still emerging. Good news to you aspiring entrepreneurs, there's a spot for you in whichever industry you want to enter. Just identify the need in that industry and meet it. There's always a need!

[09/17/18]   Before starting a business, you need to do a survey. This will help you identify a need in society that you can meet. Just Dont snap out of a blue and start a business, make sure the service you intend to provide is needed in that society. #studytheintendedcustomerbase #providetheservicetheyneed.

[09/15/18]   We will always preach the gospel of sacrifice to anybody who aspires to join the business world. What are those things you have to let go of in order to reach your goals? Friendships, relationships? What is it? Take time to sit and think.

[09/07/18]   You are who you surround yourself with. This applies in everything especially in business. If you want to make it, avoid surrounding yourself with people who give half efforts in what they do and instead align with 100 Percenter's.

[08/26/18]   You cant become a successful entrepreneur while you still want to enjoy the comfort of mediocre behavior. Greatness has a cost. Your journey to greatness will cost you friendships, draw criticism to you and take away all your leisure most of time. Before you embark on any business, take time to reflect and ask your self if you are ready for the ride. If you come out with yes as an answer, go in with full force. True business people are a hundred per-centers.


Most people have a misconception that if they don't make it at something during the first attempt, they will never make it.

But that's not true, there are businesses that didn't profit during the first one, two or even three years of operating and yet later managed to reap abnormal profits.

There is a power in persistence. Just because it takes 60 days, a year, two or even three years doesn't mean you have failed. Rather, I encourage you to look at such a time, as a period when you are mastering your art, a time when you are figuring out which channel to take, what works and what doesn't work in your favour.

It is all about the approach and strategy and not about time frame. So for anyone feeling like walking away from a venture just because it hasn't worked out yet, I encourage you to keep going, if possible give 200% devotion to that dream and it will come true.


As we grow, we are advised by elders to make many friends but trust a few.

For those of you who believe in the Bible,
proverbs 19:24, says that "A man of too many friends comes to ruin ..."

Its on this basis that we tell you you to focus on quality instead of quantity of friends.

Now, you must be wondering what to use as a yardstick to measure the quality of a friendship.
Well, here's a rough guide on the type of friends to avoid:

1. The #taker: This one is like a Leach. They will prey on your generosity, suck you dry and leave you with nothing to give. Its easy to identify such a person during your time of need.

2. The #dramaqueen: This one always has something to complain about and can never admit that its their fault things went wrong. According to them, there is always someone else to blame. This kind of friend also has a habit of blowing things out of proportion!

3. The #ass kisser: This one makes it his or a her mission to please you. They are always ready to stroke your ego,they can never confront you with the truth even when they know you're wrong. Now, you must be sitting there thinking that there's nothing wrong with this, but hell yeah, something is terribly wrong with such a friendship! This person can't help you grow to your full potential because they will praise you even when you're being a mediocre!

4. The #running mouth: This one always has something to tell you about other people. They are like the community surveillance team. They have information about everyone and everything. The issue with such a person is that after telling you about other people, they will defiantly tell others about you.

# The list goes on and on and on, you can add on the list in the comment section.


Hello young prenuers! Do you ever sit down when your day ends and analyse the events that unfolded through out the day so that you can measure your productivity? If you haven't started this, we advise you to start doing it. Those goals you write down in your diary for the next day before you sleep, it's good to check and see if they were all achieved. And if you didn't even get to do one thing on your to do list, try to ask yourself why?? Are you slower than you have to be? Do you talk to much when you're supposed to be working? Are you surfing the internet so much, that it eats up time you could have used to do something else? Think hard and you will be able to solve the puzzle. Know what is stopping you from reaching your daily full potential.

[06/22/18]   Setting up a successful business venture will test your resilience , require you to get out of your comfort zone and need deep rooted commitment. But for some it also takes having a mentor and someone who believes in you. Someone who will tap you on the shoulder and encourage you to keep pushing on. This page has been formed to help those people who need guidance in growing their businesses.


Young preneurship Africa's cover photo

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Seems like Ugandans enjoy abuse and think those who defend them hate them!
Here are two things you can do to ease your business journey as a young entrepreneur.



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