Bwanga Progressive Old Students Association. - bposa

Bwanga Progressive Old Students Association. - bposa


Class 2014, where are you guys? Greeting!
I like that
We humbly send you greetings and invite Obs and Ogs of Bwanga Progressive Primary School. The year 2011.🔥
I wud lyk t wish all obz en ogz a merry Xmas en a prosperous new year ov 2k19
wasap #bwanga diehards
we are suddened to hear e loss or ob n og's father "
Akampurira Felix(2011) and Ninsiima Florance(2010)
our hearts are wd u n this tym ov sorrow~
school times
Hahahaha imagination gone wild.......
hi,am also win an og 2013

Bwanga Old Students Association-bposa Is aimed on communicating a common voice btn the old age stu Da leading PLE Excellencies 4 da last yearz

Operating as usual


BWAPOSA Class OF 2011 has finally done it...Grab your spot now. If your here and belong to the 2011 LEGENDS, tell a friend to tell and friend because trust me you ain't ready to miss this....brotherhood fraternity at heart. As BWAPOSA FRATERNITY in General, we are so proud of you guys, keep the candle burning 🕯

BWAPOSA Class OF 2011 has finally done it...Grab your spot now. If your here and belong to the 2011 LEGENDS, tell a friend to tell and friend because trust me you ain't ready to miss this....brotherhood fraternity at heart. As BWAPOSA FRATERNITY in General, we are so proud of you guys, keep the candle burning 🕯


On a very sad note, we are really grieved as a family and brotherhood and sisterhood of Bwanga Progressive Old Students Association to have lost one of our very own Ms. Namara Emily Macura year of 2009

Information obtained indicates that the Deceased’s decomposing body was discovered in her house in Namugongo although her door was intact.
“We got concerned after spending days without seeing her and decided to check her house to establish what could have happened to their neighbor” one of the neighbors who preferred anonymity.
Macura’s cause of death had not yet been established by the time of publication and Police was yet to release a statement about the death.
Her body was immediately rushed to the City Mortuary in Mulago.
The late Namara was a former student of Bwanga Progressive Primary School year of 2009, St. Joseph’s Girls Nsambya commonly known as JOGINSA and she had recently graduated from Makerere University with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work and Social Administration (SWASA).
The late Namara will be laid to rest at her ancestral home in Ntungamo district Western Uganda.
May her soul rest in peace, you will surely be missed


Year of 2010 are making it once again....we are really proud of you


Congratulations to our one and u really have made us proud...
Guyzz join us in celebrating the success of these adorable brothers and sisters Derrick, Julie, Esther, Osbert , Shrills and many more others...
Thanks so much for all the hard work and serving as the best examples to the young generation that follows.


Bwaposa continues to extend it's Sincere Congratulations to all it's members upon finishing up with the year 2018 and Wishes Each and every member a Happy New and Blessed 2019
We Grow And Serve


This is just a simple token to remeind us all as the Bwaposa community that our days are numbered and so each single day counts. It should also serve as a reminder to prepare you through this fresh new Year 2019 knowing that in everything you do We as the Bwaposa Community We Do Care.
Have a Blessed and Prosperous 2019
We Grow And Serve

[12/22/18]   Bwaposa wishes recognize the souls of our beloved ones who departed from us in 2010
Type R.I.P
Nkurunungi Gideon and the Friend


Message from our own beloved brother on behalf of the BWAPOSA community.
"Am sooo much proud of my OGs and OBs l have no regret for l am always in the right place some are founding families others working others graduating whatever the case maybe all are victors.
For our Graduands am not surprised of the achievement because only time was to see us the fruits of unending labour invested in the education. Your esucation is a dress rehearsal for a life thats your to lead. You have gone to university not to aquire knowledge and boss on others but to lead the corporate world,start where u are use what u have do what u can. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams live that life you have always immagined. So proud of u Racheal Kemigisha, Shanitah , Umutoni Catherine and others lighten up ua degrees and say l have made it fireworks for each one of us. Congrats from Timothy Niwamanya Vamos De Fiesta 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽"

Congratulations to our Diarest beloved. Your the light that shines for us.


Congratulations 🎊 to our Diarest beloved Rosebel Ekyasimire, P.7 2006 she also served as Head girl in 2005
Be Blessed as you Grow and Serve
As a family We are really proud of you and will continue to Pray for you Always.
Your a light to many so keep the glow way up high


Hey their everyone...
Now you can access our WhatsApp by following the Link down below

In case of any questions feel free to ask
Thank you family

[12/01/18]   2018, 2014 and 2012 Bwaposa family candidates.. I come here to congratulate you upon the successful finishing up with ur finals in ur respective institutional levels that is PLE, UCE and UACE. We really keep the prayers way high for your continued favour as they are marking your scripts and Proclaim maximum success in ur forthcoming Results early next year.
Otherwise as the #bwaposa community we wish to keep in touch with you so in case of any combined groups out their especially WhatsApp, you can inform us via message and we get you one of our informants numbers so us to keep you posted about any important notices.
Otherwise Stay Blessed
And Candidates this post is for you so feel free to comment down below your name and year if you don't mind.


Happiest birthday to our Dia sister Shanitor
May the Almighty grant you graceful years in abundance
Age like fine wine 🍷


Ohhh thanks To every one that made this day worth the celebration....
We keep to encourage all the others Bwanga Progressive OBs and OGs out their who haven't joined in this memorable brotherhood and sisterhood experience to make it up for the next Re-union episode for it's moments like this that make the bond Diamond
Hail Bwanga for ever, Hail the Brotherhood and Sisterhood Love, Hail BWAPOSA


Men of Value
Thanks for enlightening the occasion


Guyzz thanks for Keeping the Union way up


Bwanga Progressive Old Students Association. - bposa


The Annual BPOSA Re-union All-in nailed it
If you know, you know
If you missed, you lost
If you wanna miss again, then try next year


Be their....other years we are waiting for you..... If the did it so do you.... Year 2011 we are waiting asht


Hello guys am liking all the commitments that are coming up nowadays
Give it up to the 2011 community thanks for this

All 2011 Guyzz endeavour to attend


Heyoooo Bwanga Progressive year of 2010 candidates the reservations are on make sure you endeavour to attend in person. Otherwise you can contact the contact below for reservations and more information abt the Big event....
Will be waiting to enjoy ur company at the venue


Good morning all family 👪. Wherever you are jst know East West Home is best. The school of great treasures.Your Legacy still leaves on.


He who remembers him not is on the wrong side of lyf.

[05/13/17]   Hey Brotherhood sari 4 that rusty silence over time bt we all in here know it best that "East , West , Home is ideal or lets keep it "the best" btw i wud lyk thank you all for this support en would lyk to advocate for the continuous rekindling of that spirit in us for the Betterment and Preservation ov our Past(s)
That sole first enlightening to the great taste of the European Civilisation that found us in the great horizons of "Kiyeenje" under the fatherhood ov our one and only mutual DAD His Respect Mr Eng Silvester Kabwiite who is behind the foundation of this all en most importantly ALL OV US

With All Due Respect we and i personally thank all ov you out their who value this the same way i do

Thank you soo MUCH!!!!!

[01/20/17]   Hey guy warap with ur #posts nga they are sort ov #invisible keep on checking in....
B-) #Have_A_Blessed_Day B-)

[12/06/15]   Guyz u post in da group ur real Name en year ov leaving

[12/02/15]   Tsup guyz....cheers to our new members da #2015_UCE_Candidates.....woww!!!!!! Your all welcome

[10/03/13]   Guyz lyk ma page namwe

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