D.R Vaccination Clinic-Namugongo

D.R Vaccination Clinic-Namugongo


I Want a yellow fever vaccine how much is it
You will get better, OB. God is great.
All year round, we provide you with the best tips and safe planning for your international or Travel vaccines, call us for all your vaccine inquiries.
Be assured of our proper understanding of Contemporary documentation for an everlasting vaccination record.

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Medicine and Healthy Living Health Education about medicine andhealthy living

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Some advice for you...

Some advice for you...

[05/27/21]   One reason to be careful.....
Government to Impose Second Lock-Down
News24May 26, 2021

The Ministry of health permanent secretary Dr Diana Atwine has warned that with the rising COVID-19 cases, some areas need to be urgently locked down if the COVID-19 second wave is to be contained.

“It cannot be ruled out because for us life comes first, if the public has refused to take the measures in place, I think a lockdown is a way to go, some areas must be locked down unless people really get to observing SOPs otherwise we shall get overwhelmed,” said Dr Atwine.

Speaking on the morning at NTV, Dr Atwine says they are soon going to engage with the president after thorough consultations with the experts for guidance.

According to Dr Atwine, the second wave is worsening adding that the Intensive Care Units are already full with public hospitals soon running out of space to accommodate patients.

“We are going to get to a level where hospitals must be left to critical patients, right now Entebbe is full, Mulago by yesterday we had 84 and by last evening the number should have increased to 100,” said Dr Atwine.

Atwine says the situation is worrying since the majority of the new infection are from young people.

“Two days ago, we got 187 cases in one day, so I can authoritatively tell you that the second wave of COVID-19 is here. Our ICUs and HDUs are full, we lost six young people in one week so be alert,” added Dr Atwine.


Inside India's COVID oxygen crisis

[01/25/21]   There has been a bitter debate between health workers and parents about the advert about reproductive health services running on TVs and parents think it's misleading while healthworkers think it's necessary. A friend of mine asked me for my opinion, I told him that it's quite hard for me to comment since I am both a parent and a health worker. However, basing on our community values, this I had to say;
But the advert is innapropriate to some age groups. It lacks PG. Since TVs broadcast to the whole family, I am scared that some of our little girls access info that's not meant for them. Secondly s*xuality will seem so obvious that girls only have to worry about pregnancy little knowing that pregnancy is safer than most STDs. That advert should have had the other side of cautioning about HIV, Hepatitis B, Cervical Cancer due to HPV, Gonorrheal, Syphilis and other STDs. Sincerely the advert is misleading. S*x education is a topic everyone of us has to approach carefully....

[01/25/21]   Start your day with a positive attitude. Good health starts with a positive attitude. Stress affects every body system; the way you think, the way play s*x, the way you talk, the way you reason, the way relate.....
Embrace every day with positivity....

Photos from Science Of Medicine's post 19/01/2021

Photos from Science Of Medicine's post

[01/12/21]   As we approach elections, I would like to remind you that; YOUR LIFE IS MORE PRECIOUS THAN ANYTHING. Please take care of your precious lives as your exercise your right to vote. We love you....

Photos from Health Education's post 11/01/2021

Photos from Health Education's post


How to Survive a Car Crash


Why you should not use a phone in bed

Here is something for you

[12/26/20]   Please, do not visit sick people this season without understanding exactly what they are suffering from....
U may become the next patient...
Be safe #Covid #Is #Real
Observe the SOPs


Covid 19 survivor

As the ministry puts in effort to eliminate Corona Virus from the country, let's understand that the Covid 19 Pandemic is real. Let's play our part as responsible citizen. Put on a mask, social distance, sanitize, wash hands and tell your neighbor to be safe. Listen to the survivor....

[05/29/20]   Following the recent floods, one thing we should pay attention to wherever you are is water hygiene. Many toilets and latrines were washed away. Even if you don't boil your water, please try to treat it. It's not safe to take unboiled or untreated water at a time like this. Take precautions and stay safe.


Infection spreading

How infections spread in hospitals

[03/15/20]   *Situation update worldwide, as of 13 March 2020 08:00*

Epidemiological update
Since 31 December 2019 and as of 13 March 2020, 133 860 cases of COVID-19 (in accordance with the applied case definitions in the affected countries) have been reported, including 4 967 deaths. The deaths have been reported from;

China (3 179), Italy (1 016), Iran (429), Spain (84), South Korea (67), France (61), United States (40), Japan (19), United Kingdom (10), Iraq (8), International conveyance in Japan (7), Germany (5), Netherlands (5), San Marino (5), Switzerland (4), Australia (3), Belgium (3), Egypt (2), Philippines (2), Albania (1), Algeria (1), Argentina (1), Austria (1), Bulgaria (1), Canada (1), Greece (1), Guyana (1), India (1), Indonesia (1), Ireland (1), Morocco (1), Norway (1), Panama (1), Poland (1), Sweden (1), Taiwan (1) and Thailand (1).

Cases have been reported on the following continents:
Africa: Egypt (80), Algeria (24), South Africa (17), Tunisia (13), Morocco (6), Senegal (6), Burkina Faso (2), Cameroon (2), Ghana (2), Nigeria (2), Cote Divoire (1), Democratic Republic Of The Congo (1), Gabon (1) and Togo (1).
Asia: China (80 954), Iran (10 075), South Korea (7 979), Japan (675), Qatar (262), Singapore (187), Bahrain (162), Malaysia (158), Israel (96), United Arab Emirates (85), Kuwait (80), India (75), Iraq (74), Thailand (70), Lebanon (66), Saudi Arabia (62), Philippines (52), Taiwan (49), Vietnam (44), Indonesia (34), Palestine* (30), Brunei Darussalam (25), Pakistan (21), Oman (18), Maldives (8), Afghanistan (7), Cambodia (5), Bangladesh (3), Sri Lanka (3), Bhutan (1), Jordan (1), Mongolia (1) and Nepal (1).
America: United States (1 663), Canada (138), Brazil (77), Chile (33), Argentina (31), Panama (27), Costa Rica (23), Peru (22), Ecuador (17), Mexico (16), Colombia (9), Jamaica (6), Paraguay (6), Dominican Republic (5), Bolivia (3), Cuba (3), Honduras (2), Guyana (1), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (1) and, Trinidad and Tobago (1).
Europe: Italy (15 113), Spain (3 004), France (2 876), Germany (2 369), Switzerland (854), Denmark (676), Norway (621), Sweden (620), Netherlands (614), United Kingdom (590), Belgium (399), Austria (361), Finland (155), Greece (133), Iceland (117), Czech Republic (116), Slovenia (96), Portugal (78), Ireland (70), San Marino (67), Romania (64), Poland (49), Russia (34), Estonia (27), Luxembourg (26), Croatia (25), Georgia (25), Serbia (24), Albania (23), Bulgaria (23), Belarus (21), Slovakia (21), Hungary (16), Latvia (16), Azerbaijan (13), Bosnia and Herzegovina (11), Malta (9), North Macedonia (9), Armenia (6), Cyprus (6), Moldova (6), Liechtenstein (4), Lithuania (3), Ukraine (3), Turkey (2), Andorra (1), Holy See (1) and Monaco (1).
Oceania: Australia (156) and New Zealand (5).
Other: International conveyance in Japan (696).

[12/31/19]   Happy New year to our esteemed followers


Charity Africa

Charity Africa a local charity organisation will be donating these few clothes to the children who were affected by the floods in Bundibugyo. They are few clothes but may mean alot to the affected children. Let's come together and support the affected people. #Oneblood

[12/14/19]   The country is currently facing a hike in the price of IV Quinine as well as scarcity. Link up with me at Shashi pharmacy and I supply u with Quinine. 0775159711

[07/23/19]   A big thanks to the government for saving the big cats. Thank you for working hard. A big thanks to the government for saving the Fish. Thank u for canning us the Fisher men like bustards. May God pay you back (of course not canes but fish). Yes you have done this because the "Big cats and the Fish brings revenue for the government. If the government used the same efforts to protect the drugs in public hospitals and health centres, would there be scarcity??? The answer is plain: No.
This government doest give a damn about our health. It cares about animals more than the citizens. Whether you die or live no one cares.





Instagram:- Http://Instagram.com/itsyogasana


I know some of you are wondering why of all things I am discussing rabbits now. Well, most of the diseases that affect us are in one way or the other related to nutrition. Your body is what you eat. Rabbits have for long been recommended as a very healthy source of meat but we are stuck to red meat which exposes you Cancer at the same rate as to***co smoking. Its high time you started considering rabbit meat instead of red meat. Anyone interested in rearing rabbit, we have them at affordable prices. Inbox this page or WhatsApp 0775159711




Happening in Kampala Next Year.. Mark The date

Mark your calendar for the first African Hepatitis Summit 2019.


Ministry of Health- Uganda

The Prime Minister of Uganda, Rt. Hon. Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda launched rotavirus vaccine into the routine Immunization Schedule. The vaccine will be available FREE of charge at all Health facilities around the country.

Rotavirus vaccine is safe and can be administered simultaneously with other routine infant vaccines. It is given orally and requires two doses at 6 and 10 weeks of age, with an interval of at least 4 weeks between doses.

Rotavirus infection is the leading cause of diarrhea in children under five and it is highly contagious. It poses an exception to typical diarrheal disease management rules. While improved access to clean water and better sanitation and hygiene practices are vital to preventing most diarrheal diseases, they have done little to disrupt rotavirus infection. The virus may cause severe, dehydrating diarrhea in young children and, in untreated cases, lead to death.

An estimated 10,637 children under five years of age die in Uganda each year due to rotavirus diarrhea.

Rotavirus vaccine will have a significant impact on reducing diarrhoea in children in Uganda and will result in a number of lives being saved and medical costs averted.

Read more at: http://www.health.go.ug/content/uganda-rolls-out-rotavirus-vaccine-routine-immunization-schedule

[02/19/18]   Are you aware that Neglected diseases are rising day by day? Find out if you have signs and symptoms of Bilharzia or Fillariasis and go for medical check up.


Not giving up on your life involves thinking bout your health in this dynamic era, a generation of super bugs, stubborn species of organisms, VACCINATION puts you on the lead in the cancer fight.

#NoHep 2030

Vaccinate your family, spouse and your students for a safe generation


Being healthy is having your whole aspects of life working optimumly. Vaccination again hepatitis B reduces your chances of getting it. Take a step, know your status and vaccinate. Its really dangerous

Hepatitis B is an incurable infection.

Join in the fight against Hepatitis B.

Come get vaccinated and protect yourself against Liver Cancer or Liver Cirrhosis(shrinkage) due to hepatitis B infection.

Happening this Friday 8th September 2017 at Makerere Universiry


Travel medicines and international vaccines are one of the commonest health concerns when you are planning to exit the country, book today for your best advice and golden shot.


thevaccinemom.com 18/08/2017

Vaccines 101 – The Vaccine Mom


thevaccinemom.com Vaccines 101 When a germ such as a virus or bacteria enters your body, your immune system goes into battle. It makes antibodies that locate the germ and launches an attack to fight it off. After the antibodies have attacked they stick around in the body to protect you if the same germ enters your bo...


THIS IS A RED LIGHT, always seek the first step to vaccinate your at risk children regardless of their immunization status.

PRESS RELEASE: Measles Outbreak confirmed in Kampala and Wakiso Districts.


How the World Hepatitis day charity walk went .


We appreciate so much our clients who drop by about their vaccination concerns and appointments, we will always keep you educated by all means to keep the disease fight on.


Ministry of Health- Uganda

Today is World Hepatitis Day!

This year, this day is held under the theme "Eliminate Hepatitis".

What is Hepatitis?
Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver. There are 5 main hepatitis viruses, referred to as types A, B, C, D and E. Hepatitis B and C lead to chronic disease in hundreds of millions of people and are the most common causes of liver cirrhosis and cancer.

Hepatitis A and E are typically caused by ingestion of contaminated food or water.

In Uganda, Hepatitis B is the most common. This is transmitted through blood and infected body fluids. This can occur through; Direct blood-to-blood contact, Unprotected s*x, Contaminated skin piercing instruments e.g. needles and from an infected woman to her new born.
Other possible routes of infection include sharing sharp instruments such as razors, tooth brushes or earrings.

High Risk Groups include;
- Health care workers and emergency personnel
- Infants born to mothers who are infected at the time of delivery
- Household members of persons infected with viral hepatitis, - Individuals with multiple s*x partners, past or present
- Individuals who have been diagnosed with a s*xually transmitted disease
- Illicit drug users
- Men who have s*x with men
- Sharing sharp instruments in traditional medicine/healing or cultural practices.

Signs and Symptoms of Hepatitis B may include;
- Joint Pain
- Fever
- Loss of Appetite
- Nausea and Vomiting
- Weakness
- Fatigue
- Abdominal Pain
- Dark urine
- Yellowing of Skin (Jaundice)

If you develop any of the above symptoms, seek medical advice immediately.

Prevent Hepatitis by;
- Get tested
- Get vaccinated
- Seek treatment
- Demand safe and sterile injections

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Why you should not use a phone in bed
Covid 19 survivor
Infection spreading



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