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Home - Great Ugandans Yoga is a a holistic exercise for the body, mind, soul and one’s entire existence. These and many such lessons were broken down by Cissy Nansera, a Ugandan yoga practitioner aka yogi, a travel enthusiast, and a blogger at the Ethereal Outlook blog. Here are her 10 Great Lessons. Everyone has their...

How Previous Ebola Outbreaks Helped Uganda Respond to COVID-19 01/09/2020

How Previous Ebola Outbreaks Helped Uganda Respond to COVID-19 For many public health workers in Uganda, responding to disease outbreaks of epidemic potential in not new. This is because the country has been in preparedness and response modes for quite some ti…

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DEAR PARENTS THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING US - Young Engineers - Kampala , Uganda The young engineers pioneer class just finished there second term. Here are some of the pictures of

Here’s How to Recover Your Immune System in Only 15 Seconds! – Explained by a Russian Doctor 30/08/2017

Here’s How to Recover Your Immune System in Only 15 Seconds! – Explained by a Russian Doctor If you find yourself constantly suffering from the flu or any colds, then that just means one thing: you immune system is weak and needs a serious boosting. Everyone has had a weakened immune system at

‘e2 Young Engineers Uganda’ Announces Second Holiday Package – Red Pepper Uganda 22/06/2017

‘e2 Young Engineers Uganda’ Announces Second Holiday Package – Red Pepper Uganda has announced the commencement of a new holiday programme for children especially those on the International School Curriculum.

Photos from Young Engineers Kampala Uganda's post 26/05/2017


Young Engineers - Kampala , Uganda 07/04/2017


Does your child fall in the 4-15 age category? Then here's your chance to nurture them into the next generation of Ugandan scientists and innovators. Visit for details on how to get involved

Young Engineers - Kampala , Uganda Young Engineers - Kampala , Uganda



You get a feel if A'level history- European history to be exact- if you read it!


I have been either closely following or actively involved in World and African political events for the last 56 years. In those 56 years, I have noticed many happenings, behaviours, etc. One of the groups that I have observed with interest are the Western “Liberals”, “Leftists”, etc. In particular, I have noticed the confusion, ingratitude and, therefore, danger of these groups. Liberals are supposed to be people who are not conservative and hardliners in economic, political and social issues. Leftists are supposed to be progressive as far as the same issues are concerned. In order to keep this piece brief, I will not go into the history and details of Western Liberalism and Leftism. That should be for another day.

Suffice it to say that the freedom fighters from Africa, who have been fighting colonialism, neo-colonialism, slave trade and marginalization for the last 500 years, would have counted the Westerns Liberals and Leftists among our automatic allies because these should be people that should be fighting for freedom and justice for all peoples, including the formerly Colonized Peoples.

Instead, we notice confusion, ingratitude and, therefore, danger from these liberals and leftists. Let us start with the confusion. During the US campaign, I noticed President Trump using the words: “convergence rather than divergence”, while handling international affairs. That is exactly what the Western Liberals and Leftists should have been looking for. Instead, we would spend endless hours arguing with the Western Liberals on matters on which we cannot have convergence bearing in mind that our societies were still pre-capitalist and traditional while theirs have been industrial for centuries now. These are issues to do with family, forms of democracy, homo-sexuals, central planning versus economic liberalization, etc., etc. One had to control irritation to politely get through these meetings. Yet matters of convergence were there and uncontested: fighting extremism and terrorism (narrow-mindedness and indiscriminate use of violence); modern education in natural sciences and social sciences; the emancipation of women; trade; democracy; etc. This is what, in brief, I regard as the confusion of the Western Liberals and Leftists. I do not want to say much on this because I want to get to the next two points and space is limited. Nevertheless, by the Western Liberals trying to impose all their views and values on everybody in the World, they generate not convergence but divergence and even conflict.

Owing to the confusion of these actors, it leads them to two other mistakes: ingratitude and, therefore, a danger to peace in the World. As colonized Peoples, the Africans were greatly assisted by two earth-shaking events in the last century: the October Communist Revolution of 1917 in the Soviet Union (Russia) and the Victory of the Communists in China in 1949. You should remember that by 1900, the whole of Africa had been colonized except for Ethiopia which Musolini would soon add on the list (in 1935). Colonized by whom? By the Western Countries (Britain, France, Portugal, Germany and Spain). The Communists, on the other hand, in both Russia and China, were totally opposed to Western Imperialism and were for de-colonization. They opposed Imperialism by word and action (support for the Liberation Movements)

The greed and flawed logic of the Western Imperialists soon led to two World Wars (the 1st and the second ─ 1914–18 and 1939 – 45). How? In 1453, the Ottoman Turks captured Constantinople (Istanbul) and, therefore, blocked the overland trade route opened by Marco-Polo in the years 1272 - 1275. The trade was mainly in silk and spices – very much in demand in Europe at that time. Now, the Ottoman Turks cut off this route.

The Europeans had, therefore, to look for sea routes either around the massive African Continent or through the unknown Western Oceans ─ the Atlantic and the Pacific. Frantic efforts by Western rulers to go by sea around Africa and over the Western Oceans, were soon rewarded. In 1492, Christopher Columbus landed in Cuba, discovering for the Europeans a new continent occupied by the American Indians. This new continent was North and South America. In 1498, Vasco Da Gama went around the Cape of Good Hope and spent the Christmas day at Natal. These two events should have been very beneficial to humanity if it was not for two weaknesses: the greed of the Europeans and the bankruptcy of the African Chiefs as well as the under-development of the indigenous Peoples of the Americans. The bankrupt African Chiefs would not organize us to resist slave trade and colonialism. In fact, many of them actually assisted both. Especially for Africa, both slave trade and colonialism would not have been possible, if it was not for the collaboration and bankruptcy of the African Chiefs. Owing to the social under-development of the Indigenous Americans (the American Indians), they were exterminated by “the Christians” from Europe, using war and disease. It is an amazing miracle of God when I go to the UN and see the very American – Indian face of Evo Morales, the President of Bolivia. So, some American – Indians survived in sufficient numbers to generate a President from among themselves!! How great God is even in the face of evil!! I have never had a chance to talk to him. What language do these Indians speak? Do they still speak their indigenous languages? Therefore, in the four centuries between Columbus landing in Cuba and 1900, three most terrible things had happened to the non-European children of God: the indigenous People of the Americas had been exterminated and their land had been taken over by “the Christian” Europeans; millions of Africans had been up-rooted, taken into slavery in the Americas or perished in the process; and the whole of Africa (except for Ethiopia) and much of Asia had been colonized by European Countries (Britain, France, Spain, Holland, Portugal, etc.). The Europeans had polluted the efforts of the explorers that were looking for the sea routes to the East. Unlike Marco Polo who opened a trade route to the East for the flow of silk and spices, the Europeans now unleashed conquest, slave trade and even extermination on the People of the three continents: Africa, Asia and the Americas.

Nevertheless, the Colonized Peoples, initially betrayed by their bankrupt chiefs, were beginning to organize themselves. The ANC of South Africa was, indeed, founded in 1912. I attended their Centenary celebrations in Bloemfontein in 2012. In the USA, by around 1905, people like Du Bois, later on joined by George Padmore, started agitating for Pan-Africanist ideas. It is this re-invigorated resistance by the African and other colonized peoples that formed the first pillar of our ability to regain our freedom. Indeed, Mahtma Ghandi was also in South Africa as a young lawyer when this awakening was taking place.

It is at this stage that the 2nd pillar of our freedom took shape: the sparking of the inter-imperialist war of 1914-1918. What were these imperialists fighting for? They were fighting over us ─ we the Colonized Peoples ─ the property of the imperialists. The Germanic tribes inhabiting the forests of Northern Europe, had defied the Roman Empire and contributed to its decline and collapse in 450 AD. By 1870, these tribes were still governed under 39 Kingdoms, Principalities etc. On account of the growing Junker pressure in one of the Kingdoms, Prussia, a war took place between Prussia and France in 1870. France was defeated by Bismarck and the German Kingdoms were united. A United Germany now cried foul on account of being “cheated” by the other European countries in the enterprise of having “Colonial possessions” – i.e. us. Germany demanded a “fairer” redivision of the World Colonies. That is how Bismark organized the Congress of Berlin in 1884 – 85 to solve this “problem” ─ the problem of being “cheated” as far as we the “possessions” were concerned. That is how Germany now joined the League of the Imperialists by being awarded: Tanganyika, Rwanda, Burundi, Cameroon, Namibia, Togo, etc. It seems, however, that Germany was not happy with the redivision. That is how, eventually, the 1st World War broke out in 1914. The results of the 1st World War did not please Germany and Germany, now under Hi**er, started the 2ndWorld War. The good thing was that the Imperialist Countries had been so weakened by their criminal wars, that the anti-colonial movement grew in strength. The Imperialists tried to re-establish control, but they were defeated in Indonesia, Indo-China, Kenya etc. This, therefore, was the second pillar that enabled our emancipation.

The third pillar was the emergence of Communists in the Soviet Union in 1917 and in China in 1949. These groups were anti-capitalist but also anti-colonialist. To the advantage of the Colonized Peoples, a big anti-imperialist camp had emerged by 1950. They opposed imperialism morally and also gave material support to the liberation Movements. Genuine freedom fighters in Africa can, therefore, never forget this history changing solidarity. When “Christian” countries from the West were enslaving us, these atheist communists supported our freedom and they never interfere in our affairs even today. These communists, especially the Soviet Union, did not only support our freedom, they also defended, at a great cost to themselves, the freedom of the imperialist countries themselves. Although the imperialist countries had intervened in the Soviet Union so as to defeat the new communist power, which efforts had failed between 1918 and 1920, by 1938, the pragmatic Stalin was calling on the West to form an Alliance with him to oppose German aggression. The Western leaders, on account of their narrow interests and myopia, refused. Soon Hi**er attacked Poland and overrun it; he had gobbled up Czechoslovakia in March 1939. He overran the whole of Western Europe except for Britain and Sweden. Spain, Portugal and Italy were Hi**er’s allies. Fortunately for the West and for us all, Hi**er made the mistake of attacking the Soviet Union on the 22nd of June, 1941. It is the Soviet Union that defeated Hi**er after alot of sacrifices with over 60 millionpeople dead etc. Hi**er, had to deploy 195 Army divisions against the Soviet Union compared to only 75 divisions in the West against the Western allies ─ the USA, Britain, France’s De-Gaulle, Canada, Australia, New-Zealand, South Africa, not forgetting the hundreds of thousands of African soldiers fighting for the Colonial Masters. The Western countries only opened the second front with the landings in Sicily in July 1943. This was after the defeat of the Germans by the Russians at Moscow (1941 – December), Stalingrad (1942-43) and Kursk (July, 1943).

It is this Soviet Union, that did not only support the freedom of us, the Colonized Peoples of the World, but saved the whole of humanity by defeating Hi**er, that is ever the target of the ungrateful, confused and, therefore, dangerous groups in the West. These groups were against the Soviet Union after the October Revolution in 1917, throughout the inter-war period (1918 – 1939), during the Cold War and even after the Cold War. It is unfair, it is wrong and it is dangerous for World Peace. True, the Soviets made their own mistakes. Why did they occupy Western Europe after the defeat of Hi**er? Would the mighty Red Army not have earned more admiration from the Peoples of the World if they had withdrawn from Eastern Europe in 1946 and left those People’s to shape their own destinies? They would not have, then, involved themselves in Hungary in 1956, Czechoslovakia in 1968 and there would have been no Berlin Wall. Why did Brezhnev invade Afghanistan in 1979? I was part of the massive anti-Soviet demonstration in Dar-es-salaam in 1968 following their invasion of Czechoslovakia. However, to me, who is not biased, those mistakes neither compare with the mistakes of the West, past and present, nor do they deem the great historic contributions of both the USSR and China to the cause of humanity in general and the African Peoples in particular.

The Soviet Union broke up to the wild acclamation of the groups in the West. They welcomed the break up but did not bother about the how. You, therefore, had residual and consequent issues to the break-up. If the old internal borders of the USSR were now to become the new international borders of Sovereign Countries that were successors to the old Russian Czarist Empire and the USSR, was it not necessary to discuss that phenomenon frankly and fairly? How about the mixed populations ─ Russian and Non-Russian? How were they to live thereafter? No, all that was none of the business of the Western governing circles. What was crucial was that the “enemy” was down. Moreover, all the positive contributions Russia made to global peace or can make now are of no consequence to these Western circles. Russia must submit to the dictates of the West. This is where the danger of these groups comesin. Russia is a very powerful country even after the break-up of the USSR. It is (17,021,900 km²) seventeen million square kilometers in land area ─ that is like almost combining the USA and China. The Communists developed Russian technology and it can develop more. To think that you can trample on Russia like they have been trampling on other unfortunate Peoples, is to be very reckless and dangerous to World peace. Yet there are so many issues on which all of us (Africa, the West, Russia, China, India, Brazil, etc.) agree: universal education; improved health; industrialization; freedom of Peoples; the emancipation of women; anti-terrorism; etc. Why not take advantage of these convergences? We who were colonized and brutalized by the Western Countries forgot and forgave those mistakes. Why can’t these countries of the West have a just and balanced attitude to the countries of the East that are growing in capability and getting millions of Peoples out of poverty?

This is where Mr. Trump comes in. He says: “Why do we not examine the possibility of working with Russia against common threats, such as terrorism?” The liberals then shout that Mr. Trump must be having a secret agenda with Mr. Putin etc. This is why we could think of looking into the possibility of talking about the Trump Therapy for strategic myopia and recklessness in the West.

Gen. (rtd.) Yoweri Kaguta Museveni



Friday, February 17, 2017



e2 Kampala Programs - Young Engineers - Kampala , Uganda 29/01/2017


e2 Kampala Programs - Young Engineers - Kampala , Uganda Young Engineers - Kampala  Programs Big Builders This fun and unique program is for young kids in pr

e2 Kampala Programs - Young Engineers - Kampala , Uganda 29/01/2017

e2 Kampala Programs - Young Engineers - Kampala , Uganda Young Engineers - Kampala  Programs Big Builders This fun and unique program is for young kids in pr

Timeline photos 29/12/2016


Timeline photos 25/12/2016

Merry Christmas from us at Young Engineers Kampala Uganda. Follow us on Twitter and Website: to enrol your child for the 2017 classes

Young Engineers: The Education Start-up that is turning Today’s Kids into Tomorrow's Inventors - TouchPH™ Official Website 22/12/2016


Young Engineers: The Education Start-up that is turning Today’s Kids into Tomorrow's Inventors - TouchPH™ Official Website We live in a communication driven world, and our ability to apply the rife information we get to produce results, …



Timeline photos 20/12/2016


Inspired by Bish Roland, let me tell the short story of my first phone. It is a drammatic one!

My first phone was a Motorolla. It was the size of a brick, fitted with an antena. It was donated to me by H.E Bonny Katatumba, father of Rugiirwa Katatumba and Angella Katatumba.

You should have been there. The year was 1999. I cried for two days.

Forget your powerbanks. It had no battery. I used to load it with dry cells, size AAA.
It drammatic powering attracted the attention of Orumuri gossip chief, Allan Kwame Kalangi, then, who profiled in a manner that turned me an instant celeb in Mbarara Town. Allan, I now need that story clip for my book.

I wish i can find that original form. I wish I can. How technology advanced so fast and furious!

I sold it to Bwebare John's brother, Nicholas Bwebare in 2000 for 30k in order to secure an Ericsson 628 from Johnson Byara Musinguzi which I later on sold to Mitoma RDC Guma Nuwagaba. How time flies.

You guys, bring back my gadgets and have your money back!!!

What was your first phone?

Photos from Arinaitwe Rugyendo's post 19/12/2016

Some of the models that our KIDS are building with during our educational enrichment programs! . Find out more about how your child can get invloved at


OUR PIONEER CLASS OF YOUNG ENGINEERS JUST BUILT A MOTORCYCLE. For More details on how your child can be part of this, log on or follow us on Twitter

Young Engineers - Kampala , Uganda 08/12/2016


Young Engineers - Kampala , Uganda Young Engineers - Kampala , Uganda



*What has Museveni sacrificed?
By Andrew M Mwenda


President Yoweri Museveni claims he appointed his wife as state minister for Karamoja because many appointees were rejecting the job (never mind only one person, Tom Butiime, turned it down). He also justified the appointment of his family members, e.g. his brother, Salim Saleh, to government positions as a sign of sacrifice, not privilege.

These statements are a product of both ignorance and arrogance: Ignorance because the president cannot see a clear case of conflict of interest, i.e. that he cannot be an objective or impartial judge of the managerial competences of his wife; arrogant because he places himself above human nature and as a kind of a god who can make judgements on people, including his family members, without bias.

Museveni claims he has spent almost 40 years in the selfless struggle for Uganda's emancipation. How come he has been unable to cultivate people who can help him develop Karamoja in a nation of 30 million souls? What special attribute does his wife, who has no professional accomplishments, possess that other Ugandans lack which makes her best suited to develop Karamoja? And how can God/nature be so mean to Uganda as to give these attributes to only his wife?

The recurrent theme of projecting himself and his brother as the only people who sacrificed during the struggle in Luwero is insulting. But it is this sign of self obsession that is responsible for the gross nepotism we see in the country today. Many people participated in the struggle, thousands lost their lives and many lost their limbs (Elly Tumwine lost an eye, Mugisha Muntu got bullets in his chest, Henry Tumukunde almost lost a leg, etc). Yet Museveni continually points only to his brother.

Many people who participated in the struggle would agree that Saleh was a courageous and brilliant commander. I personally find Saleh a man of extraordinary good naturedness, kind, generous, modest, empathetic with a quick and brilliant mind. But Museveni's attempt to accord his own brother a special status in the struggle at the expense of everyone else creates suspicion on both his intentions and the validity of his claims. It also betrays how strong the president's instinct for nepotism is.

The entire Museveni family have no accomplishments of their own which can form a basis for anyone to make independent judgements on their abilities. None of them has gone to Cambridge or Oxford, Yale, Harvard, MIT, Stanford or Princeton (not even Makerere University) and gotten a PhD in computer science, solid mechanics or bio technology and then proceeded to become a successful software engineer in the Silicon Valley, a cutting edge designer at Rolls Royce or patented a micro chip that can diagnose diseases in the human body. Without exception his wife, brother, son, daughters and all of them live off his patronage.

There is no doubt that Museveni is a man of exceptional qualities and ability. His has been an improbable journey from a family of poor illiterate itinerant peasants to president. His decision to launch a protracted armed-struggle to capture power is a statement of his strategic foresight. That he succeeded without much foreign assistance is evidence of his extraordinary organisational ability. His success at stabilising the political dispensation in a country that had literally fallen apart is a critical indicator of his exceptional leadership qualities. His decision to liberalise the economy that launched Uganda on two decades of sustained growth is evidence of his pragmatism. Finally, his initial success in projecting himself to Africa and the world as an enlightened leader has been impressive.

Yet, over the years, Museveni has also exposed the poverty of his personality and the parochial nature of his vision. By indulging in family rule, plundering national assets, stealing elections, destroying the institutional integrity of the state and spoiling our common patrimony, he has demonstrated that he is no better than other African dictators of old like Mobutu of Zaire, Omar Bongo of Gabon and Nassingbe Eyadema of Togo. His claims of sacrifice sound more ridiculous.

If Bill Gates successfully sought the presidency of the United States, he could legitimately claim to have sacrificed his iconic computer software business that has made him the richest man in the world to serve the American people. My friend Fred Balagadde (only 26 years) can claim that for his PhD, he developed a micro chip that can diagnose any disease in the human body, thus making obsolete the role of a doctor in human life. With a promising career ahead in a high-tech research firm in the Silicon Valley, he could claim sacrifice if he quit to come and serve as president of Uganda.

How about Museveni? He had accomplished almost nothing professionally or materially before coming to power to justify his claim that he is sacrificing by being President. His CV tells it all: Kyamate Primary School, Mbarara High School, Ntare School, Dar Es Salaam University (graduated with a pass degree), six months as a junior officer in the President's office in 1970, a teacher in a rural cooperative school in Tanzania, one and a half years as a Minister in a chaotic UNLF government, war lord (he prefers to refer to it as a freedom fighter, then President of the republic. Almost all his wealth has been accumulated while he has been in power.

Therefore, we have no evidence whatsoever that Museveni and his family could have lived a better lifestyle out of the presidency to justify this claim to sacrifice. Yet for whatsoever little sacrifice he may have gone through, Museveni demands exaggerated entitlements a residence that cost US$ 93m, an executive jet that costs US$ 8m per year to maintain and which he uses to fly his daughters to deliver babies in Germany, etc.

Lately, Museveni has justified his refusal to leave power on the grounds that Uganda still has serious problems which only he can solve. This is not a sign of self confidence. Instead, it reveals a deep seated complex born of fear that a successor may do a superior job and thus expose the myth of his greatness. It is this fear that has driven him to turn his family into cannon fodder in his reckless pursuit of power.

Ange Kagame: Never touch anything with half of your heart | Devex 08/06/2015

When a First Daughter begins to speak about Leadership in Africa!

Ange Kagame: Never touch anything with half of your heart | Devex It was an image that spoke volumes: On the fringes of last August’s U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, President Barack Obama welcomed heads of state to dinner at the White House. Most of the dignitaries brought their wives. Paul Kagame didn’t.

Buganda Vs Uganda:Why 2 Bulls Can’t Stay in One Kraal 05/05/2015

Buganda Vs Uganda:Why 2 Bulls Can’t Stay in One Kraal

Buganda Vs Uganda:Why 2 Bulls Can’t Stay in One Kraal By Arinaitwe Rugyendo It is now obvious to every Ugandan that Buganda Kingdom is determined to have its cake and then ask for more. This of course is dangerous because ‘progressive Uganda’ cannot allow a state with-in a state. But because Buganda went on the top of this agitation and is determined to clutch at anything to have its way, chaos was inevitable. [ 795 more words. ]

Can there be any Good side to Amin? 05/05/2015

Can there be any Good side to Amin?

Can there be any Good side to Amin? In the last four decades, any search for data from libraries and the internet on Idi Amin Dada, usually returns a picture of a blood-sucking cannibal, villain, dictator, killer and a beast of a man who presided over a reign of terror in Uganda. No search results have ever brought out a positive side of a man who ruled Uganda for eight years and kept it intact and insulated from any military aggression until it took an entire neighboring country’s military machine to dislodge him. [ 1123 more words. ]

Budget: Why New Ugandan Budgets are painted white 05/05/2015

Budget: Why New Ugandan Budgets are painted white

Budget: Why New Ugandan Budgets are painted white At the beginning of every financial year, the president, through his Minister of Finance lays a new budget before the speaker of parliament, spelling out a theme and his intended expenditure priorities. In effect, budget estimates are a sum total of the promises, hope, spirit, form and substance on which the president proposes to run the country in the next one year. [ 985 more words. ]

Here’s is the Crisis beneath the New Budget 05/05/2015

Here’s is the Crisis beneath the New Budget

Here’s is the Crisis beneath the New Budget The strangest thing about last Thursday’s budget speech by Finance Minister, Syda Bbumba, is that it silently shows that our economy is on the down-turn for many reasons. This is because never in the country’s history has a new budget ever set out to do the unthinkable in government business terms- cut taxes. There is no government which hates more money into its coffers. [ 898 more words. ]

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