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I was invited as discussant on tourism matters at the national dialogue on African Continental free trade area by the ministry of trade Uganda and UNDP.

Whereas opening up to free movement of services and products across africa is super idea, I think Ugandans need to know what this means to them individually and nationally.

The above agenda puts in competition every opportunity you as an individual or us as a nation have now. If a job is advertised in uganda, someone from Namibia will be free to compete with you. The government guys negotiating aren't putting theirs up for competition.

The intra Africa trade( Africans trading amongst themselves) stands at only 16% and Africa trading with the rest of the world stands at 84% and here imports are higher than exports.

Nigeria for example imports milk worth over usd 600m, Ghana imports over usd 200m of the same a year from France and yet milk here goes to waste. Uganda would benefit.

A Nigerian millionaire recently told me, they buy pineapples at usd 7 and yet not as sweet as Ugandas pineapple. He said, I have never eaten a pineapple as sweet as a Ugandan pineapple anywhere in the world.

In uganda pineapples go for as cheap as 500 shillings and that means 10 pineapples go for less than usd 2 during high season of harvest. This discourages a farmer from farming and yet there is a market able to pay higher prices.

When it came to tourism, I said, in 2018 for example, Africa received 67m tourists into the Continent and that represented 7% growth from 2017 according to a report by Jumia. That represented only 5% of the world's tourism in 2018

The earnings from 67m tourists that visited Africa only represented 1% of the total world earnings and 29% represented business tourists and 71% adventure tourists in spending power. Out of 67m, I don't believe we got even 400k, we need to work hard.

Countries with national carriers like Ethiopia experienced better growth. By the 2017, Ethiopia had taken over from dubai as the Africa regional hub and they experienced over 48.7% growth in numbers according to jumia travel.

Improvements in intra Africa travel by flights would see tourists spend more time in Africa because they would visit more than 1 country at the time. For example Russians are flocking into Zanzibar now and with Uganda airlines flying into zanzibar, with a good marketing strategy, we would have part of that business using Uganda airlines.

Studies indicate that by 2035, over 300m Africans will able to travel across and that will skyrocket intra Africa tourism but Uganda to benefit, we need to start strategizing now. Nothing just happens and if you don't plan then you plan to fail. This is kind of knowledge that should be examined in our universities.

Yesterday I told the audience that if we marketed Uganda so well, we would increase revenue in the area of invincible exports. 1m tourists visiting Uganda and each eating 2 eggs daily for example for say 8 days, Uganda would have exported indirectly 16m eggs. Think about that impact.

NB: you should always be a moving billboard for the business you are involved in like the picture below.

Photos from Amos Wekesa's post 06/11/2021

Photos from Amos Wekesa's post

Photos from Amos Wekesa's post 06/11/2021

Photos from Amos Wekesa's post

Photos from Amos Wekesa's post 03/11/2021

Photos from Amos Wekesa's post


Yap, woke up in kibale national park this morning where Primate Lodge Kibale NP is the main lodge and yes part of Uganda Lodges Ltd. .

Yes, I had 2 boiled eggs and porridge ne black tea which had lemon and yes, however much you work hard that's all you might eat for breakfast.

For you to have courage to continue working hard, look beyond how much breakfast you can eat, home you sleep in and cloths you wear, yes car you drive.

After such breakfast, while chatting, we go around all the rooms inspecting each one and discussing what needs improvements to make. At dinner, was chatting with some clients about the lodge.

I found for example @Lisa Marsden who travels to Uganda at least 8 times in a year bringing guests and while chatting, I could tell she was very happy about the changes made at Primate Lodge and the team running the place.

Always be in touch with what you are involved in. Never try to be more important than what you are involved in.

Bolt says I trained for 4 years just to run 9 seconds and some people just give up after 2 months of not seeing takes time, keep grinding buddy.

KRN Supplies and Services Ltd updated their address. 30/10/2021

KRN Supplies and Services Ltd updated their address.

KRN Supplies and Services Ltd updated their address.



Train yourself for what really matters, because it is not going to be something you will enjoy, at first.

I will never forget the first time I had to fast; by the end of the day, it felt like I was going to faint! Then I trained myself to fast for up to three days; I ended up just lying on the couch!

Within a few short months, I had trained myself to enjoy fasting, and found myself living “a fasted life”— I could go for weeks!

So back to everyday things:

A Pastor friend once said to me: “It only takes 21 days to make a habit stick. Give yourself good habits.”

What do you read [that is, if you like to read at all]?

You can train yourself—30 minutes every day—reading a serious book. Before long, you will be an avid reader!

I read a brief article a while back, for example, which said the essential part of being a good mentor is asking the right questions. [I'll put the link below]. As I know some of you in both the #Junior and #SeniorClasses are now also mentoring others, I am going to share some key questions they said mentors should ask.

Let's talk...

# What Does Success Look Like To You?
# What Is The Outcome You Want?
# What Do You Want To Be Different In Three To Five Years?
# What Are The Obstacles You’re Facing?
# What Can You Control?
# What Are The Options You’ve Come Up With?
# "Tell Me More" [you'll have to read the article] and finally, no surprises here...
# What Are You Reading?

I didn't need to read that article to know these are good questions, but I thought most of you would find it useful and interesting. I'd probably add a few more questions like:

What do you watch on TV? On YouTube?

What newspapers do you have on your phone?

How many sport games will you watch this weekend? Can you reduce them, and use the time for something else?

Do you have the discipline for these small changes?

“If you have been wearied by the footman what will you do about the horseman?”

Don’t be overcome by smaller challenges of life; prepare yourself to deal with the true challenges!

Image caption: @yswildlifephotography

When I first started this platform back in 2013, most of you were cubs, just getting started. Now look where some of you are! Even if you're still a cub in experience, you have a #LionMindset. You are #SolutionSeekers hunting... for opportunity to #Innovate and to create profitable businesses.

It's about time for all of you to join larger professional online communities like LinkedIn, if you haven't already. LinkedIn is one place where you can do research and find some really useful cutting edge articles, shared or written by peers in your own industry. I myself just joined LinkedIn again a few days ago [to be a good example to you], but I haven't had time to write a post yet. I will keep you posted!


I thought I was the first mugisu from Bukokho Lwakhakha to see wambabya falls then I find Umukuka Denis Masese Nasese from my village at the same falls.

I also discovered that Umukuka Denis follows this page and has been doing for a long time and that saved me challenges.

I started taking pictures of wambabya falls but I happen to be standing infront of the dam. A guy with a gun approaches me and I greet him politely and asks why I was taking pictures.

I said well, I love the falls and there isn't any signposts saying don't take pictures as we discuss Denis arrives and he is excited to see me. The askari walked away slowly and didn't see him again.

We agreed that tourists must visit this place with little restrictions. Denis is going to make sure that happens.


Today I woke up and reflected on life something I do often and I advise everybody to do. Reflecting on life can help one improve some things about themselves.

During our family holidays this week, we had great conversations especially before and after Dinner with lots of laughter. I got learn a few new things from the young ones.

I realise the boys want to do military courses for at least for year and they both gave reasons why they want to do that. Children keep changing their interests and all they need support.

Like any family, we have our issues but I have largely gotten lots of support from them over time and that's important for a father and an entrepreneur.

It's not immediate alone, I have lots of support in different ways from social media and outside from business to neccesary connections. You have seen me appreciate some people here a number of times. No one grows on their own.

Last week with all the managers of Uganda Lodges ltd, it's clear that I couldn't run all those places by myself. Even when they appreciated the fact that I kept business going during the last 2 bad years. They played a key role.

On Tuesday night, after dinner my son kylan says Dad, I don't think we as a family have appreciated you enough. He adds, know we do. These guys aren't a very demanding family.

They haven't pushed me into things I can't afford especially during the formative years and that's something every entrepreneur needs. They have prayed for me always, checked on me during my travels without any conditions.

Photos from Amos Wekesa's post 19/10/2021

Photos from Amos Wekesa's post


#Reflection: “Don’t look for a leader; you lead!” [My grandmother]

__"I must do something" solves more problems than "Something must be done"...

As I walked around my grandmother’s rural homestead years ago, I was shocked at how dilapidated it looked. I wondered why so many of my relatives from the city, who all had means, simply did not do anything.

“We must do something about this, Grandmother,” I consoled her.

Then she smiled gently and said to me: “That is what you all say. If it is ‘we’ it will not be done. It will be done when you say, ‘I must do something about it’.”

Then she added: “I only put my trust in someone who says, ‘I will do something’. Don’t look for a leader; you lead. The others will follow.”

My grandmother died at 106, and she was already in her late eighties when she said that to me. It was such a stinging rebuke because I knew that I was shirking responsibility to act.

So, I went off and began to buy materials, month after month; here a little there a little—until it was done. I was still working as an employee at the time.

Would you be proud to invite me to your village, or would you be embarrassed because you have been waiting for someone else in your family “To do something” or better still “THE GOVERNMENT”?

Guys, as entrepreneurs, let’s get serious about the challenges we see around us. Time is not on our side. And not everything requires you to have a political stance. In this post I am talking about entrepreneurs like us, not politicians!

“Just do something, now.”

Last week one of you here wrote me a comment saying:

“A great man once said, ‘I must do something solves more problems than 'something must be done’. "

This statement has changed me a lot. Anytime I see a situation, I first ask, what can I do about it? Thanks chief for always reaffirming this".


This was my reply in case you missed it:

I love this statement so much!

“I MUST DO SOMETHING—solves more problems than—SOMETHING MUST BE DONE”!

It reminds me of a time I came from the funeral of a staff member who had died leaving small children, and his wife was also ill from the same HIV that had killed him:

“Something must be done about those children, otherwise they are lost,” I kept telling people.

“Surely there should be a government program?”

“What about the man’s relatives”?

One day I got into the car and returned with my wife to visit the widow:


I will never forget that woman’s face. And with that we set on the path that would eventually help more than 300,000 orphans and vulnerable children so far. My business was still small at the time, and I often struggled.

__There is no problem that you are seeing that you cannot contribute a solution.

Perhaps others will see what you do and will do something also.

Maybe you can work together, but YOU start. I know some #SeniorClass and others on this platform have joined together to try to solve some really big challenges, right where you are. I don’t say it that often, but I am so proud of what you all are doing, in Nigeria and other countries.

In Africa, a lot of problems don’t get solved because we make them look so big in our minds, and we make ourselves as citizens and entrepreneurs so small and insignificant.

There is only one thing worse than, “WE must do something" and that is pointing to someone else and saying "YOU must do something". For action to really begin, try: "I MUST DO SOMETHING!"

I believe each and all of you here have the courage to say, “I MUST DO SOMETHING”.

Image caption and credit: Nigerian entrepreneur Ifedolapo Runsewe saw a problem and since 2020 she's been busy solving it... with innovation and vision. Ms Rusewe's company, Freetown Waste Management Recycle, manufactures another kind of "black gold" than Nigeria is usually known for. In this image, her workers are starting the #Process to recycle used tires, transforming them into floor tiles, paving bricks, children's playground products and other in-demand items. She already has 128 employees! With thanks to Reuters for photo. This story is what I mean by "doing something". Wow.


Today with managers of different Lodges under Uganda Lodges Ltd.

They are in Kampala for training but I have the privilege of taking them out for lunch at a place of their choice.

From left to right; Grison Muhindo( manager Primate Lodge Kibale NP), Obuki ( manager Budongo eco lodge), Rita Natwijuka( manager simba safari camp ltd), David Magyezi( manager Elephant Plains Lodge - QENP and last Martin nsubuga( manager MV kazinga)

Part of the reason we shine!

Photos from Amos Wekesa's post 12/10/2021

Photos from Amos Wekesa's post



“For the times they are a-changing...” [Bob Dylan]

Twenty-five years ago, the idea that a black African could start a company which would grow big enough to operate outside the national borders of the founders was dismissed as crazy! Those of us who believed it was possible spoke about it in whispered tones.

If you went to a village in many parts of Africa and told people that you were an entrepreneur [“businessman or businesswoman”], they would either hide their children, or chase you out. Certainly, they would not have welcomed you!

The idea of a black person actually “investing” in something was considered a bad joke.

I remember arriving at the airport in an African country a few decades ago and being asked why I had come. I answered: “I want to invest.” Within minutes I was bundled off for more intense interrogation!

As far as they were concerned, I was a criminal or worse—a terrorist! I told the leader of that country recently what happened, and we both laughed loudly, before he said, “Seriously, I need you to invest, and help me mobilize investors.”

And, of course, I agreed!

One of the biggest challenges we also faced back in those days, was we were often seen as representing white people—“fronts”—because they believed only white people had the brains to do anything of significance! That is totally gone, except amongst those for whom the trauma of colonial dominance lives on!

Now being sixty, I sometimes chill out with friends from across Africa sharing “war stories” from the early days of Continental Entrepreneurs: Those who dared imagine that they could set up businesses in other African countries.

Today there are now scores of successful companies started by Africans that operate continentally, and many that operate even outside Africa! Africans are now investing well earned money throughout their own home countries, across Africa, and the world.

__People in our countries see entrepreneurs as creators of jobs, and wealth!

“For the times they have changed”… [and are still a-changing!]

Now I want YOU to become “Continental Entrepreneurs, in your thinking, and in your actions” [if you aren't already].

This starts by being welcoming to entrepreneurs from other regions and countries. If you feel resentful towards other Africans for setting up businesses in your country, then why should they ever have to accept you and your own?!

Building Africa's century, together, is already in progress. While there have been a few delays because of the pandemic the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement, for example, was created for people like you on his platform, entrepreneurs and investors looking for markets of... 1.3 billion people, with a combined GDP of 3.4+ trillion!

We owe it to people like "The Arch” who prayed and cried tears and spoke out courageously for decades to see Africans break the chains of oppression and stand tall in the world. Now it's your turn to break lingering chains in your MINDS about how high you can fly and how far Africa can go.

“The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind [#Mindset] of the oppressed,” wrote the late Steve Biko decades ago.

What is your own dream?

Shout it Out!

“It is the appointed hour of the vision...”

Image credit: Chris van Rooyen, Lower Sabi, Kruger National Park, South Africa.


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