Matende General Investments Uganda Limited

Matende General investments is a flagship subsidiary of Matende Group of Companies. It deals in All Produces and grain processing , Poultry and Diaries etc

The company Matende General Investments (U) Limited is a private limited liability Company incorporated and governed by the Company Act under the Laws of the Republic of Uganda. Matende General Investments is the Flagship Company of Matende Group of Companies. The Company deals in Agribusiness and General Merchadise

Operating as usual

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As we celebrate, World Food Day, we at MGI Agribusiness Company we need to show case our business intervention in food production and processing, today we shall just show a gallery of our Tomato Commercial farm, in Jinja. We are advancing farming technologies and soon advancing food processing technologies not only in Tomato processing but also in grain fortification and processing. Let's embrace Agribusiness for a Sustainable food Security in Africa

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Happy 59th Independence day to all Ugandan


The directors, management and staff of Matende General Investments Uganda Limited sends our deepest condolences to our Tanzanian brothers and sisters,it's a hard time indeed .let's remember them in prayers


Happy new year 2021

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Ask yourself if you are independent? Before you ask whether your country is independent too. As we celebrate the 58th Pearl of Africa Independence, we should strongly fight to liberate ourselves from Poverty, ignorance, corruption, undemocratic politics, tribalism and strings from multilateral organisations like IMF, World bank etc to mention but a few. We are still slaves in our own motherland. The strungle for Independence has never ended but continues.... Happy day of Celeration for the Part 1 Liberation of our Country, but Part 2 of the struggle has never been achieved. Lets strive for the betterment of our Country. I love Uganda.

For God and my Country

Signed by the Youngman with a hat who hails in Jinja City, Busoga's Capital


Do you have Quality Charcoal?, we are buying bulk due to our huge customer demands. Please contact us


Agribusinesses have boomed more than ever before during this corona virus lockdown

Photos from Greening Uganda's post 05/07/2019

Photos from Greening Uganda's post

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From being a Customer to being a Shareholder of Stanbic Bank Uganda Limited. Am pround to attend this years AGM and reports indicate a steady progress and an assurance to shareholders of future of our investment into the bank. Ugx 97.5Billions to be paid out per Ordinary Share 2018 showing an increament from 90Billion of previous period.

Today's Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Stanbic Bank held at Kampala Serena Hotel has given me light and confidence that the decision i took in 2014 to invest in buying shares through my companies Matende General Investments (U) Limited and Matten Empowerment Finance Limited through Equity Stock Brokers Limited a subcidiary of Orient Bank was a viable idea.

Buying Stock and Treasury Bills on Stock Market are business investments that have been ignored by many people especially the less educated. However even those educated have lacked information regarding the investment.

These investments are controlled by Uganda Security Exchange (USE), Capital Market Authority (CMA) & Bank of Uganda (BoU). However, there are brokers who helps to connect you to the regulators and in process of buying of shares forinstance Equity Stock Brokers Limited among others.

One may ask, how do i benefit from owning shares and buying Treasury Bills (TB). There are many benefits forinstance; 1. Growing in stake (shareholding) of the company. 2. You can acquire aloan using your stock as security. 3. You recieve dividends annually as long as company make profits. 4. Recieve contracts and awards which improve on your reputation among other benefits. Unlike stock, TB is an assured investment with no risks incurred. It operates like a fixed account and normally for a period of one year.

You can buy shares or TB as an individual or as a Company. The companies listed on Uganda Stock Market includes but not limited to Stanbic Bank Uganda, DFCU Bank, National Insurance Corporation, UMEME, Uganda Clays Limited, Quality Chemicals Limited, KCB Bank etc.


We have opened up a retail shop at Kayuga Mafubira, Please come and buy at Cheap prices



While giving his speech in a business forum, One rich man said in Luganda that “Omugaga atundatunda nyo” literally meaning that “a rich man always has something to sell” and he went ahead and said that “Omwavu agulagula nyo” meaning “for a poor man every time is in need of buying something”. While analyzing this I discovered why we as Africa and Uganda are still poor because every time we want buy something that China has made, something that German has made or England. One would ask his/herself why is Kenya developing so fast, Kenya has reduced buying too much and instead has turned East African Common market to be its sole market. Make some research around markets, Kenya and China has got more products on Ugandan market than Uganda itself, and if we are to develop as Uganda we are supposed to embrace production.

Coming to individual levels, we are poor because we buy a lot and sell either few or nothing at all. Ask yourself if you are not selling, then where will you get money to buy for tomorrow; is it that you will be depending on Salary? No wonder that’s why all Salary earners are the poorest categories in this study. You can only develop financially by having multiples of things you sell than having multiples of things to buy.

If you cannot sell, then avoid buying. My advice would be to begin producing locally what you would have bought from a Seller. For instance if you have nothing to sell, why do you buy food? Stop buying food and begin producing for your consumption, at least you can save what you would have spent to buy posho, beans etc. While saving on buying food, then you will generate capital which you will use to produce more food and begin selling some. Indeed if every one of us had something to sell to another, then all of us would be financially independent and no one would beg the other.

Returning to X-mas and Happy New Year Celebrations, its few days to the celebrations and many across the world have prepared to spend volumes of cash on that day, but my question to you is that what have you prepared to sell on that day? Giving myself as an example, from 2014 up to 2010, I was making lots of money on those days annually through taking Photography and Videography and indeed I benefited from these seasons as I could make seasonal profits to a tune of Uganda Shillings 300,000/= to 500,000/= from that season alone yet many would have spent lots and lots and by January they are already crying of poverty while some of us who had something to sell were jubilating after the season.

Many cry “money is lost, money is lost” after the Season, the truth is, those people only buy but they sell nothing in that period. Apart from photography, there is a lot businesses you can do in this season like trading in edibles, clothing, drinks, lodges, car special hire among others. Why would you buy and have nothing to sell. Let us all wake up and run away from this syndrome of buying more and selling less or none.

For and on behalf my myself and family, I wish everyone a Merry X-mass and a Prosperous New year 2019


Geofrey Matende
Geofrey Matende
[email protected]

Chairman and Founder
Matende Group of Companies
Matende General Investments Uganda Limited
Matten Empowerment Finance Limited
Matt Consults and Research Group - MCRG
Matende Community Support Foundation
Matt Printery & Publishing House (MPPH)
Mount of Olives Nsuube Adventist Institute - MONAI
YMCA Entrepreneurship Centre, Jinja

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Like we have always said, agriculture should not be left behide. We should fully exploit it.

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We embrace agribusiness, we deal in sugar plantation

Timeline Photos 29/05/2017



We are grateful for the nature of our land, it's a rainy season and we have heavily invested in agriculture. Let's exploit the pearl of Africa


In this Easter festive season, we wish all our stakeholders joyous celebrations


Christmas is a season of great joy: a time for remembering the past and hoping for the future. Uganda, the Pearl of Africa has a bright future; but the future is in the hands of the next generation of leaders and let us pray to God to give us leaders that shall make Uganda great again. Never give up and never lose faith. The Lord reigns for ever (Psalms 146:10).
May the glorious message of peace and love fill you with joy during this wonderful season? Merry Christmas hristmas and happy and prosperous 2017.


With this new months of October, we extend our thanks to all our customers for supporting us


We the Directors, Staff and Management of Matende General Investments Uganda Limited, we to extend our sincere Regards to all our clients and partners across the Globe who have worked with us in the previous years 2015. We also wish you a fantastic and prosperous new year 2016 and we call for more support in business.

Chairman Board of Directors


We are making a research on Bamboo project as seems no investors have yet Invested in it's growing and production in our country.


Soon we shall be laughing our group website

it will be the overall site for all our subsidiaries. Long live

Matende Group of Companies


Nakawa, Jinja Road Kampala

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