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Car Parts and Accessories Store in Uganda. 21/02/2019

Car Parts and Accessories Store in Uganda.

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Car Parts and Accessories Store in Uganda.


Nissan Leaf Electric @ $4800 CIF Kampala

You can now buy this car from any Japanese website. Its fully electric, charge it from home overnight like a phone and drive for a week. Do not worry about the parts as it does not break down easily. No oil, coolant, ATF, engine parts, filters..... Only worry about the suspension and body parts. The battery and Motors go on forever. Just make sure you buy one with a good battery. In case you need a part, we can have it delivered within a week.


WHY Electric Cars are the Future

The days of Gas Guzzlers are numbered. The internal combustion engine (ICE) is a dead man walking.” The transition has just begun, but the move from ICE vehicles to electric will happen sooner and more quickly than most people suspect.” Here’s why…

Battery Costs Continue To Go Down

“Lithium-ion batteries cost $1,000 per kWh in 2010. By 2017 that cost had fallen to $200 per kWh, and it won’t stop there.

Battery Capacity Continues To Go Up

“Lithium-ion batteries are increasing in energy density at a rate of 5–8% per annum. … The Tesla Roadster, which launches in 2020, has a stated range of 1,000km. When electric vehicles have a range of 1,000km, it is the ICE vehicles which start to have a range problem.” Just a quick glance at the range of today’s electric vehicles show this trend clearly — if others continue to follow the leader (aka Tesla), range should continue to steadily improve.

Electric Car Battery Packs Have A Long Life

It’s reported that, “Contrary to what many believe, the batteries in electric vehicles don’t degrade over time (or over miles/kilometers driven either). This is a graph of the battery capacity of Tesla Model S/X vehicles, and it shows that after driving 270,000km (roughly 168,000 miles), the batteries still had 91% of their original capacity. … The bottom line is that the batteries lose about 1% of capacity every 30,000km (18,750 miles). This means that the upfront cost of an electric vehicle can be depreciated over a far longer time lowering the vehicle’s total cost of ownership significantly — EVs will just keep on working. Having said that, this data is specific to Tesla batteries — we will have to wait to see how other manufacturers fare.”

Electric Cars Are More Reliable

And, don’t forget: “Another factor in favor of electric vehicles is that they are far more reliable. The drivetrain in an ICE vehicle contains 2,000+ moving parts typically, whereas the drivetrain in an EV contains around 20. A quick scan of the top 10 cars repairs of 2015 is telling. Only one of these faults can happen to an electric vehicle. It makes you wonder what would happen if an EV driver was forced to go back to a gas car.

Electric Cars Are Cheaper To “Fuel”

Electric vehicles are typically significantly cheaper to fuel as well (unless you happen to live somewhere that has particularly cheap petrol and extremely expensive electricity). And with the price of oil going up 50% in the last 12 months, finding somewhere with cheap petrol will become increasingly difficult.”

Ice Car Resale Values Will Collapse

Already electric vehicles and hybrids have become the fastest selling used cars. As this trend continues, forecasts show that, the resale value of ICE automobiles is going to collapse… why would you buy one today? Think about that for a second. Why would you buy an Internal Combustion Engine vehicle today, if its resale value in 3-4 years will have fallen significantly? You wouldn’t. And when people start to realize that, the market will flip. And it will happen quickly. Sooner than most people think. Will your next car be an EV?”


In the world’s largest car market, China has passed a law which requires any vehicle maker to obtain a new energy vehicle score of at least 10% by 2019, which rises to 12% by 2020, and on up to 20% of sales by 2025. As a result of this announcement, all the major OEM’s have suddenly found EV religion.” Tesla, already ahead of the curve, signed an agreement with Shanghai Municipal People’s Government to build its first Gigafactory outside of the United States in China.


Subaru Parts are now available on The entire stock from Kampala Motors. If you know your part number, just type it in the search bar.


Open a free Vendor Account on to sell your Car parts and accessories. Do not keep dead stock. Someone out there needs it. We will help you sell.


Order Volvo Parts Directly from our Dubai Based Site . Goods Will be shipped directly to you at affordable shipping rates.


Uganda May not Benefit from OIL

The success of the Tesla fully electric car has revolutionized the Motor Car Industry. With a full charge it can travel 215 miles comfortably. Tesla has so far sold 300,000 cars. This has created a cold war among the leading car manufacturers to produce electric cars. In the next few months, many car manufacturers will be releasing their debut electric models. Volvo announced that by 2020 all models will be electric or Hybrid. China announced that all cars should be electric by 2030 and Europe by 2040. The US is now the second largest producer of Oil after Saudi Arabia. They have realised that their reserves will soon have no value. The price per Barrel of crude oil will soon fall so low that it would not make economic sense to produce it.

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Cars that will give you a Headache.
The Mercedes A-Class (1997-2003) has problematic automatic transmissions. Their manual transmissions are even worse because they are clutchless and over engineered. The Land Rover Freelander first generation has overheatng problems. Both the 1.8 and the 2.5 petrol both overheat. The diesel is OK. The 2.5 Petrol comes with Automatic transmission which is also problematic. The first Generation Ford escape is not a Ford. Its a Mazda and parts are very hard to find. Most parts can only be found in Thailand. Beware!!

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These Toyotas are not Toyotas. The Passo is a Daihatsu Boon, the Cami is a Daihatsu Terios and the Duet is a Daihatsu Storia. Much as Daihatsu is now owned by Toyota, parts for these cars are very hard to find and are not compatible with most similar size Toyotas.


The 2018 Prado gets a new face. News from, the parts experts.


Order parts for Hybrid Vehicles. Contact us at

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Mercedes Maybach Vision 6 Cabriolet is all electric. It features batteries mounted at the floor which power a 750-hp electric motor and provide for 200 miles of driving range. Under the 6 Cabriolet's long hood, it looks like there's fitted luggage and a picnic set, rather than an internal-combustion engine. news


Contact us at to order Honda Parts from Japan UK and the US.


Mercedes X-Class 2018 Double Cabin Pickup. Service Parts will soon be available on


Original Toyota Filters now available on the straight from Toyota Uganda at the same price.


Front and Rear Brake Pads for this Jeep going Cheap. Inbox for price.


Ford Scorpio. Rare car, parts not available in Uganda. Contact the "Parts experts" if you have parts issues.

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Order for European Car Parts at Competitive Prices 27/10/2017

Your Source for rare parts Auto Parts and Accessories for Sale in Uganda


Contact Us for "Hard to Find" Parts


Filters for all Jeeps (Cherokee, Wrangler, Commander, Grand Cherokee) now available on 10/10/2017

Land Rover Filters now available on


Over 400 types of car Keys now available at

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Fiat Cinquecento. We can source parts for this car and any hard-to-find part.

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Order Parts from Dubai, USA and the UK on

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The New Volvo S90. You can order parts for this car on

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Jaguar, Ford Explorer, Land Rover, Volvo..... parts in stock on

Timeline photos 10/06/2016

If we can not find your part, then probably no one else can. Contact the parts Experts on .

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We sell Parts and Know how they work. Contact us if you have any Question on what might be wrong with your car.

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A huge Range of Bulbs now available on

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ZAP Maintenance-Free batteries now in stock on

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Have a leaking Radiator? Pour Radweld into it and the leak will be gone. Find it on for only 22,000/. We deliver to you.

Parts Experts evolved from 17 years of a vehicle repair and parts sourcing business. We do not just sell parts but know how they work and how they fail. We easily source hard-to-find parts from anywhere in the world at competitive prices.



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