Connect Uganda-2Technology

Connect Uganda-2Technology

Skybe Inc. is specifically for providing computer tech services to the community. Software dev't, Graphics solutions, Maintenance and others.

Operating as usual

[11/19/20]   Be safe my people.
Lets unite in this hard time

[04/14/15]   A duo core processor HP laptop with 2GB RAM and 320 hard-disk is on sale. 15.7 inch, with windows 8.1. It has one issue....the bartery works for 10 minutes. The price is 500,000 U-Shillings only. "Whats Up" ör call "Hikmah" on 0783 899 333

[03/05/15]   Good mng everyone, i hope the change comes today in your life. Amen...

[02/07/14]   Yes, ICT in small and big companies in Uganda is inextricably interwoven. We shouldn't say a word on the two separately; for a good and perfect meaning, we will have to talk on the two consistently. 20/11/2013

Microsoft's Xbox One reviewed

Microsoft's Xbox One reviewed

20 November 2013 Last updated at 05:01 GMT

Microsoft's Xbox One is to be released on November 22, between the Sony PlayStation 4's US debut on 15 November and its UK release on 29 November............. BBC Click's Marc Cieslak gets a hands-on look at Microsoft's offering in the first big console battle for eight years.


Euro Hack Trip - First Meetup

EVERY ONE who is interested to join the trip to Europe, can show up for our first official meetup. EVERY ONE is welcome - creatives, developers, bloggers etc from all African countries Details:

[10/23/13]   Hello fellas, is everyone Okay: Is every one maintaining, Let everyone code.

[10/02/13]   Hellow tech-Advancers: Here is one of the qoutes from one of the legendary coders:

.“ Debugging is twice as hard as writing the code in the first place. Therefore, if you write the code as cleverly as possible, you are, by definition, not smart enough to debug it. ”

- Brian W. Kernighan

[09/27/13]   Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer dances at tearful send-off:

Departing Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer has hosted his last company meeting - bidding a tearful farewell to employees he has worked with for 33 years.


William H. Gates III COL '77, LLD '07 Q&A | The Harvard Campaign Launch

Bill Gates Admits That 'Control-Alt-Delete' Was A mistake
We are confident that Bill Gates is a brilliant guy, but he just admitted to something that the entire world has known for decades.

Forcing early computer owners to simultaneously press the difficult key combination of Control-Alt-Delete to log on to their machines was a mistake, the Microsoft co-founder said in an interview at a Harvard fundraising campaign

Sanders Theater, September 21, 2013


Nokia Amaizing Technology of 2013 Must Watch it

This Is The Latest And Amaizing Technology Of Nokia Mobile Phones Please Watch it now Thankx
Uploaded By Nepster Toxic

This Is The Latest And Amaizing Technology Of Nokia Mobile Phones Please Watch it now Thankx Uploaded By Nepster Toxic


Apple fingerprint ID 'hacked'

Apple Touch ID fingerprint tech 'broken', hackers say

Hackers claim to have broken Apple's iPhone 5S Touch ID fingerprint recognition system just a day after the phone was launched. Computer hackers claim to have broken Apple's iPhone 5S Touch ID fingerprint recognition system just a day after its launch on Friday.

[09/26/13]   World's first 'carbon-nanotube computer' unveiled//

A team of researchers in London lead by Indian origin scientist has unveiled the first computer built entirely with carbon nanotubes. This would first be done in Connect Uganda-2Technology but un-fortunately, they.........


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Other Colleges & Universities in Kampala (show all)
Kisakye School of Beauty Kisakye School of Beauty
Universal Studio Building
Kampala, 256

your one stop centre for all your hair needs especially weaving, braiding, bridal services among is our mission.

St.james high School-Kirinya St.james high School-Kirinya
Kampala, 256


African Bible University African Bible University

To produce servant-leaders for Christ who will contribute positively to the communities of family, church, state and society

Institute of Procurement Professionals of Uganda Institute of Procurement Professionals of Uganda
Plot 39 Nakasero Road
Kampala, 34424

IPPU is the leading professional body in procurement supply chain management in Uganda

Promised land college school bulaga mitiyana road Promised land college school bulaga mitiyana road
Kampala Uganda
Kampala, 0703389103

its to help the needy to get better educational survices schooling for free and those with no families but its for the young generation for better life

Insurance Training College Insurance Training College
Plot 6-9 Okot Close Bukoto

The Insurance Training College (ITC) is the training arm of the insurance industry in Uganda.

1000BARS 1000BARS
Kampala City
Kampala, 256

Online show/episodes that Uses the art of music/Lyricism to spread positive awareness regarding social issues affecting the youth

Kampala, 256

A place where all former GBI students keep in touch, testifying of what God is doing in Each Person's life, encourage, Pray and connecting to further the Kingdom of God wherever God opens a door.

Clarke International University Clarke International University
P. O. BOX 7782
Kampala, 256

Clarke International University (CIU) (formerly International Health Sciences University) is a private non-residential university in Uganda. Our mission is to prepare students for global leadership and to be catalysts for transformation. #MakeAdifference

Ingenuity Ubuhlakani Ingenuity Ubuhlakani
Quantum Built Environment Is At Plot 81 Lake Drive Luzira, Kampala, Uganda.
Kampala, 1401

We provide engineering, project management and quality management services in and outside of SA.