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Mayerob Agecies Limited 21/03/2021

Mayerob Agecies Limited

https://www.mayerobagencies.com #NewWebsite

Mayerob Agecies Limited Mayerob Agencies is a company which offers a wide range of services to different people within Uganda taking into consideration the principle of value for money


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leeulwebs.com 01/09/2020

Your Tecno phone may be 'stealing' your data

Too bad for Tecno owners https://leeulwebs.com/articles/your-tecno-phone-may-be-stealing-your-data

leeulwebs.com A software that may be eating up your data and secretly registering you to unwanted subscriptions may be installed on your Tecno phone.

leeulwebs.com 28/08/2020

Microsoft Releases Surface Duo Smartphone and Neo Tablet

Microsoft releases two foldable devices

leeulwebs.com Microsoft released two new devices, the Surface Dual Smartphone and the Neo Tablet.

leeulwebs.com 09/06/2020

Use these two methods to make money with your Website

Do you own a website? Use it to make some money! https://bit.ly/3hadtCb

leeulwebs.com Read about the two main ways you can make money with your website. We also undestand the main reason why you started your blog is to make money - clean money. There's are tones of ways you can do it, we dug for you the two main ways.

leeulwebs.com 08/06/2020

Google gave you a reason to use "Google Meet"!

https://bit.ly/2UCimKP WORTH TRYING OUT

leeulwebs.com Many have recently jumped to the previously litttle known Zoom, a video conferancing app. This has seen massive improvements to the already popular platforms like Google and Skype. read about Google's Google Meet and how it compares to Zoom.


Dhar Mann

This car salesman is in for a big surprise.


Ozzy Man Reviews

Robbery fails

Here's me commentary on failed robberies! 🎙 follow Ozzy Man Reviews


Music Factory


OMG ! I can't believe what I just heard 😱

Inbox us for Paid Promotion, we can upload your Music covers or any type of videos too.

bbc.com 20/05/2020

Thousands evacuated after Michigan dams collapse


leeulwebs.com 19/05/2020

HDR mode in phone camera. When and how to use it

Become a pro photographer with you phone camera. Use HDR https://bit.ly/3cNkcPK

leeulwebs.com Learn how and when to use the HDR function on your smartphone. Shoot high quality images like a professional.

leeulwebs.com 16/05/2020

Uganda Covid-19 Cases hit 203!

#Covid19 https://bit.ly/365iEOB

leeulwebs.com Uganda Covid-19 cases hit 203. Truck drivers take lead!

leeulwebs.com 15/05/2020

Uganda’s Covid-19 cases jump to 160 in just two weeks!

#Covid19 https://bit.ly/2Z4Ivoi

leeulwebs.com For a time Uganda seemed to record significantly low Covid-19 cases compared to its neighbors. However, the trend seems to be changing as more and more cases are being discovered. By 15 May 2020 the cases discovered were 160.

leeulwebs.com 15/05/2020

One Plus 8 Pro camera sees through plastic!

Would you buy one? https://bit.ly/2WYyvKL

leeulwebs.com One plus released a smartphone with a camera filter that sees through plastics... and cloth! The One Plus 8 Pro


Try it...

leeulwebs.com 07/04/2020

Boris Johnson in 'Stable' condition - Spokesman

Boris is "Stable"

leeulwebs.com The British Prime Minister is reported to be in a stable condition. This comes after he was transferred to St Thomas' Hospital's ICU when his health deteriorated after contracting COVI-19 the disease caused by a coronavirus.

uk.finance.yahoo.com 06/04/2020

Pound falls as Boris Johnson taken to intensive care for COVID-19

Pound falls, Boris in Intensive care!! #Covid19

uk.finance.yahoo.com The pound had been trading higher against the dollar and the euro but fell sharply on the announcement.

news.sky.com 06/04/2020

Coronavirus: Prime Minister Boris Johnson moved to intensive care after condition worsens


news.sky.com The PM's health deteriorates but he remains conscious and has asked Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab to deputise for him.

leeulwebs.com 26/12/2019

YouTube's Wode Maya. Selling Africa to the World

Africa's best YouTuber? https://bit.ly/398DD4l

leeulwebs.com Read about Wode Maya, a famous African YouTube vlogger who travels around Africa reporting about its beauty and technology development.

leeulwebs.com 19/12/2019

Made in Nigeria Vehicles

#Nigeria Cars. Will you buy? https://bit.ly/38VGVYj

leeulwebs.com Over the years African motor vehicle industry has been dominated by foreign players. Auto makers from Japan, Korea, Germany, India and many others account for over 90% ov vehicle sales in Africa.


ITS RWANDA AGAIN and Again www.leeulwebs.com

Today Rwanda and Paris Saint-Germain announce a unique and innovative partnership inviting the world to be part of the country’s inspiring transformation. For three seasons, the PSG community and the world will have a unique opportunity to experience Rwanda’s breath-taking beauty, creative culture, innovative environment, and modern and distinctive Made in Rwanda products.
The unique partnership with PSG will convey Rwanda’s openness to welcome business partnerships from France and across the world and share the country’s many opportunities for investment. More here: https://rdb.rw/rwanda-paris-saint-germain-more-than-a-partnership/

leeulwebs.com 03/12/2019

NASA has found Crashed Indian Moon Lander

Good news, or bad news? #India https://bit.ly/2DIv3uG

leeulwebs.com India’s lost moon lander has been found. The lander crushed in an attempt to land on the moon surface back in September.

leeulwebs.com 03/12/2019

Akon is building Akon City in Senegal.

Akon building own City!!! https://bit.ly/2RfpNXq

leeulwebs.com You may think Akon’s stardom was last seen a decade ago with the ‘Lonely’ song. Well, his stardom is higher than ever before. The singer is putting up his own city in Senegal. The city is officially called Akon City.

[12/03/19]   Have you heard about Akon City? #ComingSoon on Leeul Webs

leeulwebs.com 28/11/2019

Ugandan Made Mobile Phone – What you Need to Know

[Made in Uganda] https://bit.ly/2QZrfNt 👏👏👏

leeulwebs.com East African countries are taking no chances in technology development. First, it was Rwanda’s Mara Smart Phone, the first African-made smartphone. Now it’s Uganda with the SIMI mobile assembly plant.

businessinsider.com 27/11/2019

Neil deGrasse Tyson called out Elon Musk on Twitter over the physics of the Tesla Cybertruck versus Ford F-150 video

And the fight begins #tesla #ford

businessinsider.com Neil deGrasse Tyson questioned the physics of Elon Musk's video, which showed his new Cybertruck pulling Ford's F-150 truck uphill.

leeulwebs.com 27/11/2019

The New MacBook Pro 16-inch is Discounted by Amazon

NEW MACBOOK DICOUNTED https://bit.ly/2OPPzhV #MacBook16inch #Apple

leeulwebs.com Hey Apple fans, you will be smiling when you read this. Yes, you can buy a discounted the new Macbook 16-inch pro from Amazon. Probably you’ve seen the reviews and wished to throw some money on it. The 512GB version was $2400.

leeulwebs.com 23/11/2019

Tesla’s “Unbreakable” CyberTruck.

Tesla's Cyber truck. The Excitement, The Embarrassment! https://bit.ly/2OGKU1R #tesla #teslacybertruck

leeulwebs.com On November 21st, Tesla’s Elon Musk unveiled the long awaited Tesla’s all electric pickup truck. The occasion that took place at near SpaceX HQs was attended by hundreds of Tesla fans and tech vlogers.

leeulwebs.com 21/11/2019

Ugandan-Made Electric buses to go on sale!

Uganda's Automotive Industry - a recap https://leeulwebs.com/articles/ugandan-made-electric-buses-go-sale

leeulwebs.com When you talk about motor vehicle manufacturing, countries like Uganda may never come to your mind. However Uganda has made a number of “firsts” in Africa when it comes to the automotive industry.


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leeulwebs.com 19/11/2019

Huawei receives another 90-day license

Extension - Again!!! #HUAWEI https://leeulwebs.com/articles/huawei-receives-another-90-day-license

leeulwebs.com On Monday 18th November, US officials granted another three months temporary license to China’s Huawei technologies Co Ltd. The New license will run until 16th February 2020.

leeulwebs.com 19/11/2019

Huawei “Ready to Ditch” Google

Are you ready for HarmonyOS? https://leeulwebs.com/articles/huawei-%E2%80%9Cready-ditch%E2%80%9D-google

leeulwebs.com The Chinese Tech Giant Huawei has recently lost patience towards the United States ban. In recent media interviews, Huawei officials have warned Trump and Google to either end the ban or risk loosing Huawei for good.

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