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Akamai Personal Finance


I still remember when James and Joy came to our organisation for the financial literacy class, by then i was struggling making savings...i remember Joy asking us to list our assets and liabilities...i hardly had anything on my asset side and neither did i have any savings....i was CHALLENGED after their training........
Am proud to say that as i speak now i have a successful running business and at-least have more than a million in savings...have managed to accomplish this in 4 months......THANKS 2 JAMES & JOY......Keep it up AkamaiGlobal

Akamai is the leading provider of business and financial management consulting services to small and


Do not save what is left after spending; instead spend what is left after saving


Money is important during retirement, therefore having a nest egg helps. But more important is maintaining social relevance: having people who value your opinion and company even when your signature is no longer sought.

James Abola is a business and finance consultant, trainer and coach. E: [email protected]


It is never too late and there will never be the perfect time – “The hunter who waits for the perfect time to throw his spear spears the tail of the animal” (Luganda: Linda kigweyo afumita mu kira.
Luo: Junge weko icubu gwok). From the book Make Sense of Your Money.
To order your copy contact me on T/W: +256754472109. E: [email protected]


When it comes to handling money, it is those who combine good planning with implementation that will become successful.

From the book Make Sense of Your Money. To order your copy contact me on T/W: +256754472109. E: [email protected]


Otto was a man with 'more month at the end of his money.'

From the book Make Sense of Your Money. To order your copy contact me on T/W: +256754472109. E: [email protected]


Why HR and Talent Managers ought to be concerned about employees money knowledge and behavior.
A brief story first.
It was about 11 am when the HR Manager was urgently summoned by the CEO. Seated in the CEO's office was the Finance Manager and a stranger. The CEO quickly sketched the facts. A senior manager in the organization, let us call him Mr Banja, had defaulted on a debt he got from the stranger who was a money lender. The money lender had got a warrant to arrest Banja but he wanted to spare the organization embarrassment if another way could be found out. When questioned Banja accepted debt and said the unpaid interest was almost equal to the principle. Both the HRM and FM also knew that Banja had a running bank loan that ate up 40% of his net pay.
Since then the organization finds time and money to provide financial literacy training and counseling to its staff.
The benefits:
✅ Better productivity, less time spent say on worrying about where to get school fees.
✅ Happier staff with less financial stress.
✅ Enhanced reputation for your organization when staff are financially sound.

James Abola is a business and finance consultant. E: [email protected]

What education is your child getting? 07/02/2019

What education is your child getting?

Soon after the release of PLE results and graduation ceremonies of public universities, I randomly met three Ugandans with experiences and concerns that made me ask the question: “What do parents in Uganda want their children to get out of the education system?”

What education is your child getting? Parents, educators and students need to ask if the education being provided today will give the student a fighting chance when they graduate


Wheelbarrows are commonly used to carry weight on building sites, courtyards and farms. The load a wheelbarrow carries and the distance it covers is dependent on the person pushing it. There are employees who behave like wheelbarrows.
✅ They lack initiative and only perform when pushed.
✅ The more they are the more wheelbarrow pushers (read supervisors) are needed in the organization.
✅ They appear to have low maintenance cost. After all the only part of the wheelbarrow which can be oiled is the wheel. The real cost though is in inefficiency of the organization.

Tourism: The missed opportunity 03/07/2018

Tourism: The missed opportunity

Our Team Leader's article in the paper today.

Tourism: The missed opportunity The good news is Uganda still has a lot of room to grow its tourism

RfP: Support to Agricultural Revitalization and Transformation (START) Funding Facility - UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) 21/05/2018

RfP: Support to Agricultural Revitalization and Transformation (START) Funding Facility - UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF)

Great opportunity for business development, project development and debt/equity financing for agribusiness investors in Northern Uganda. Deadline for submission: The deadline for submission of the investment proposals is 31st July 2018.

RfP: Support to Agricultural Revitalization and Transformation (START) Funding Facility - UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) Calls for ApplicationsRfP: Support to Agricultural Revitalization and Transformation (START) Funding FacilityMay 18, 2018Calls for ApplicationsNewsletter signup DetailsCategory:Calls for ApplicationsCountry:UgandaProgramme:Development Initiative for Northern Uganda (DINU)Language:EnglishPublish Date...


Five Reasons I Offer Financial Training and Coaching.

Reason 1: It Works

Executive who couldn't make ends meet.

My first coaching client back in 2006 had a serious problem. Although she earned a really good salary, by the middle of the month her bank account balance would be zero or near to zero. Out of desperation she looked me up after listening to my talk at a breakfast seminar.

When she told me her monthly salary, I literally got scared. Thankfully she was willing to listen and to commit to a plan of action.

Together we developed a plan that would enable the lady to critically examine her expenses for a month.

The plan worked very well and after a month my client had moved from saving nothing to saving Shs 3 million. After four years the lady opted for early retirement because she had been able to invest what she had saved over the period.

Couple who started a business

Stephen and Stella (names changed) participated in a class I ran for a group of married people. After the training Stephen and Stella agreed to start a business that Stella had been dreaming of for a long time. Stephen couldn't let me go until he had told what happened in the four years after the class.

I continue training, coaching and writing about money because I have seen it help individuals and families.

James Abola is the Team Leader for Akamai Global. Making people and businesses wealthy is our business. E: [email protected]

Photos from Urban Television's post 08/11/2017

Thanks Urban TV for the opportunity


When ends fail to meet


This week I was asked to speak to some 90 people who are losing their jobs within the next 60 days. I wasn't surprised by the gloomy reception I got from the audience at the beginning of my talk.

I have experienced job loss - it was sudden - I left home in the morning knowing I had a job and got back in the evening when the whole country knew that my place of employment had closed down for good.

I went through the phases of trauma: denial, anger, fear, acceptance and recovery; sometimes I would lose my footing or finger hold and fall back then rise up and claw on again. The experience has now receded but traces of it still linger in memory.

Over the years I have learnt one important lesson: whatever can harm you doesn't have to harm you. A slap on the back could provide unexpected propulsion.
Cats have the uncanny ability to always land on the feet provided they get a distance of 30 cm. That is remarkable agility. Continue developing your agility in a world where economic conditions can change very quickly.
James Abola
Akamai Global.

Photos from Akamai Personal Finance's post 03/04/2017

Graduation of the Business and Money Literacy Class held at St Kakumba Chapel Kyambogo. The testimonies from the students was very heart warming as they spoke about the effect of the course on their time management, business acumen, savings and managing expenses. Mwesigwa Emmanuel

‘Innovation is a commercialised business idea’ 01/03/2017

‘Innovation is a commercialised business idea’

Innovation is a commercialised idea


‘Innovation is a commercialised business idea’ My friend has even gone a step further and tried to implement some of his ideas. Now, does my friend qualify to be described as innovative?


Finance for Non Finance Managers

If you are an entrepreneur or manager with non accounting training; supervising finance staff and making financial decisions can be a nightmare.
You don't have to continue living in financial hell find peace.

Call or WhatsApp +257754472109 for details of our February 2017 course.


If you can't understand how it makes money then you won't know when you are losing it. Apply to Bit coin; forex trading etc. Akamai Money Tip.

Timeline photos 01/02/2017

Nothing was wrong with January neither will February be a month for financial miracles. You have to plan and manage your money better.

That’s why for the 3rd year running I will be offering an online Personal Money Management Course through the WhatsApp platform.

The course will run for 8 weeks. Every week we will have two - 1 hour group learning sessions at a time suitable for the majority of registered participants. See more details below and let me know if you are interested. Send WhatsApp inquiry to *0754472109.*

How feasibility studies help your business to succeed 04/01/2017

How feasibility studies help your business to succeed

A friend has some money and a vague idea of business to invest in. How does he determine his next course of action?


How feasibility studies help your business to succeed A friend has some money and a vague idea of business to invest in. How does he determine his next course of action? Many people will proceed to start the business basing on the assurance of a friend

Timeline photos 29/12/2016

The 25 year old graduate whose fees you paid is jobless and lacks initiative.
It doesn't have to be like that. Enroll the S4 or S6 leaver in our January 2017 Money Headstart Course and change her/his future for the better.

Timeline photos 28/12/2016

Timeline photos

Photos from Akamai Personal Finance's post 11/11/2016

We spent Friday 11th November with the top management of Cipla QCI discussing operational efficiency and doing team building.

Photos from Akamai Personal Finance's post 11/11/2016

The 2016 P7 Leavers Financial Literacy Class in progress. The children love it. We are going full steam on Monday 14th November.

Timeline photos 03/11/2016

We are holding a free demonstration class on 10th November. Book now

Timeline photos 25/10/2016

We salute parents and relatives of S4 candidates. May the exams be the doorway to a bright future for the students.

Timeline photos 19/10/2016

Timeline photos


Culture of bad customer service

It is difficult to eradicate a culture of bad customer service that is why it should not be allowed to grow in the first instance.

Culture of bad customer service There are several ways that organisations portray poor customer service

What next for Uganda’s rolex? 30/08/2016

What next for Uganda’s rolex?

James Abola's article on the Rolex.

What next for Uganda’s rolex? Some people hold the fear that as long as government had nothing to do with it, the Rolex industry was doing just fine. However, now that Rolex has national recognition, government might appoint a


Financial literacy sessions with the team of Rapid Advisory Services

Photos from Akamai Personal Finance's post 01/08/2016

Moroto, Karamoja. Saturday 30th July 2016.
I had the privilege of speaking to more than 80 youth at a career and entrepreneurship seminar organised by St Phillips Cathedral Moroto. The title of my talk was long: What one must do to start and run a profitable business.
I got a s**a in appreciation.


You can earn from previous earnings

Compound interest simplified

You can earn from previous earnings Albert Einstein is reported to have said that “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it ... he who doesn’t ... pays it.” Let us try to understand compounding through two school friends John and Jacob who are both 10 years old. At the boys’ last birthday, J…

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