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Did you know that including a sense of urgency in your headline does decrease your CTR. These could be words such as "need" "now".

Most of what we do is predicated on Awareness & Thoughtful connections which build trust in the long run. Value First: Every Business can grow online.

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For how long should I A/B test my campaigns?


QN: Can I run a pixel Ad, without a pixel code attached to it?

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Should I optimize for Video views or conversions to get the most out of my campaign?

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Why does Facebook keep on rejecting my Appeals?

->Pause any active appeals going on.

->Consider speaking with the support for direct help and Feedback.

->Make sure the information about it matches the one on your legal documents.


What to do in case you lose access to your Instagram account or page!

If you lose access to your possessions, you must first establish legal ownership, which goes through Facebook for it to be valid.

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How do you optimize your Facebook Ads?

Redial Media added a button to help you learn more about them. 11/01/2022

Redial Media added a button to help you learn more about them.

Redial Media added a button to help you learn more about them.

Redial Media updated their website address. 11/01/2022

Redial Media updated their website address.

Redial Media updated their website address.


Did you know that Bad Grammar leads to your email being seen as SPAM!



Are you aware of the different email terms as they might be presented your way?


Do your campaigns Qualify?


🔎 Get new leads For your Business Today⏰.

Grow your clients base with us, Connect with your ideal customers that need your products/services.

At Redial, we believe in hitting the business goals.

You'll be amazed at how many clients you'll be getting.

Contact us now to start getting clients for your business!


s there a limit to the number of leads you may produce each day while running Brand Ads?

There is no limit to the number of leads you may produce unless you are limited by your budget and targeting capabilities, not to mention your messaging.

When creating a target list for the leads you want to attract, double or treble the target because not everyone who signs up will be your ideal customer.

PS: The image featured in this post is a screenshot from one of our current Leads Generation campaigns, which is still active till further notice.


We recently made a full video commercial and promoted it online to the Ideal Audience.

The Commercial was meant to offer a peak over what will be happening at the event and leading to taking action through a form designed together with a payment gateway setup!


Redial Media updated their address. 02/11/2021

Redial Media updated their address.

Redial Media updated their address.


We developed a comprehensive social media plan and branding strategy for @JARA CRAFT NATION

JARA is a one-stop-shop for crotchet and beaded items in Uganda's capital, Kampala.

Teenagers, Youths, and Babies are the primary focus of JARA. JARA offers a wide range of products, including handbags, jumpsuits, dresses, swimming costumes, and much more.

Our task was to create a fresh online identity that would increase brand recognition and generate leads.

We spoke with a few acquaintances who proposed various brand names before settling on JARA CRAFT NATION. The main focus was on the founder's personality as well as the industry to which the brand is connected.

We then went on to create a brand logo that includes two font styles: Montserrat and Hansief.

In three paragraphs, we generated a concise description of the Brand TM.

After that, we built a new page and an Instagram handle called jcraftnation.

Finally, we devised a monthly strategy that includes a content tent, advertisements, and much more.

We're confident that by the end of August 2021, we'll be able to achieve our objectives.

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After one of our clients Facebook profile was locked 🔑, which meant it couldn't be accessed, more so none of his business assets, he could manage.

Among the unreachable assets involved the pages, As accounts, Business manager accounts and so much more.

All this put the brand on hold, in the end after a full week of reviewing the account, we were able to resolve everything.

We share both screenshots in our 2 & 4 slides.

Lastly share with us your most challenging moments while using Facebook.

@ Kampala, Uganda

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A while back ⬅️ we received the above 🆙 notification 🔔 from one of our Faecbook profiles, which clearly states thatunt was l locked due to suspisious activity, taking place.

The @redialmedia team 👥 has already begun devising means of solving this challenge.

In the mean time sharexpert experience with Facebook in the comments.


Happy Eid Mubarak.

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Facebook Ads should only reach a specific audience

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Communication can be complicated if you don't understand what's being said. This is an especially aggravating circumstance.

Furthermore, we meet a significant number of people in the internet world, such as on social media. Now, to save your silence will share with you a free tool that you can use right now to instantly translate any sentence.

@ Kampala, Uganda

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Spammy activities on social media can break your brand ™️ and loss of your ideal audience.

Today we share with you our best 4 splits to spammers in all directions.

@ Kampala, Uganda

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Perseverance plays a strong role in the entrepreneurial world. Do you agree?

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Creating titles for online publications is a difficult task to complete.

With this, a solution to overcoming the complexity and getting some ideas on how to get started is required.

Now we'll be using a special tool for this topic, which is designed to meet all of your needs. This tool is completely free to use, and in just a few minutes, you can generate over 100 different titles for your publications.

So just scroll and enjoy as we explain every aspect of using this tool, and by the end, you should be able to begin creating.

Finally, please share your thoughts on this tool, and if you use any tools to generate topics, we'd love to see them.

#creativeindustry @ Kampala, Uganda

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This guide will show you how to improve any title, whether you're creating a new social media post or a blog.

Today, we'll be using some of our favourite tools to make the process easier. The tool that will be unveiled will improve your copywriting skills in all forms.

We believe you'll be able to write your next headline by the end of this guide. Make sure to tag us so we can take a look.

Finally, give this guide a score out of ten.

@ Kampala, Uganda

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Did you know?

Facebook provides less attention to content that arises from YouTube.

Facebook wants to dominate the Video Space by doing so, it has to surpass youtube as its leading competitor.

Have you ever pushed out YouTube content? Via Facebook, and pit of 10 how we'll do it perform.

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With a proper work ethic you can achieve everything
☺️ .

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Traditional marketing costs more to maintain than social media marketing.

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In the real world, how do you find your ideal target customer? Let us pause for a moment to reflect.

If you're having trouble determining who your ideal customer is, today's publication will provide some insight and point you in the direction of creating Ads that are tailored to that specific audience.

We are confident that today's publication will be extremely beneficial. Don't forget to share your thoughts in the comments section, and we will respond accordingly!

@ Kampala, Uganda

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Images used on the internet require one thing: they must be clearly indexed. This is also true in the social media space. There is only one way to go about this, and that is to add Alternative text or Alt text to any image (s) used.

By including Alt text, you increase your chances of being seen by search engines, as well as readers, customers, and visitors. Today we will go over Alt text briefly, and if you need any additional assistance with adding Alt text to any of the areas mentioned, please leave a comment.

@ Kampala, Uganda


May you live to enjoy a new beginning in life!

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Although content is king, context is crucial. Are you familiar with that concept? If so, today's publication is for you because it will discuss the importance of being loud on social media and the positive results you can achieve as a brand.

Furthermore, as a brand, you must stick to what works for you in the long run.

@ Kampala, Uganda

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May you live to enjoy a new beginning in life!

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    Due to algorithm changes and increasing competition, results in the social media realm, and potentially in the digital landscape, take a long time to appear.

    Truth be told, despite being in the same industry, every firm is unique, which necessitates being distinct on social media. As an agency, we concentrate on developing a brand that stands out from the crowd while also attracting the customers you require.

    Building a brand on social media is similar to raising a child from a youngster to an adult in that it takes time, devotion & attention. To help you establish your brand online with actionable ideas to take your business to the next level, borrow our brains today.



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