Hans Research & Consultancy Ltd

Hans Research & Consultancy Ltd


Talented in qualitative & quantitative research @ Hans Research & Consultancy Ltd
Talented in qualitative & quantitative research @ Hans Research & Consultancy Ltd
Talented in qualitative & quantitative research @ Hans Research & Consultancy Ltd
Talented in qualitative & quantitative @ Hans Research & Consultancy Ltd
Talented in qualitative & quantitative research @ Hans Research & Consultancy Ltd
Talented in qualitative & quantitative research @ Hans Hans Research & Consultancy Ltd
Talented in qualitative & quantitative research @ Hans Hans Research & Consultancy Ltd
Talented in qualitative & quantitative research @ Hans Hans Research & Consultancy Ltd

We are a research based Consultancy that deals with national and I Hans Research & Consultancy Ltd is a research based Consultancy that deals with national and International researchable world issues.

It started in 2006 as a small academic research based consult by individual researchers. HRC carry out research and consultancy about basic and applied research in peace and conflict issues, politics and institution administration, education, human rights and governance participation, child rights and protection, youth and women development, climatic change and development, Natural resources-Oil,

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Energy Loss in Water Utilities

Photos from Hans Research & Consultancy Ltd's post 11/02/2021

In effecting strong bricks by coffee husks

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Tree Nursery Management Practices

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Mounds & Ridges: The UN Recommended Methods for Cassava Production!

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Intricacy to Social - Cognitive & Self - Efficacy among Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) learners in Rural Secondary Schools, Uganda.

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Adoption & application of some of the Climate SMART Agronomic Practices


Only behaviour, honesty and openness serve towards your way!


Only behaviour, honesty and openness serve towards your way!


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It was nice approach to revise the current mobile tax to 0.5. However, there are other services whose policies need to be revised. A case on water, health and electricity.


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Hans Research Consultants 27/07/2018

Hans Research Consultants

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Hans Research Consultants Hans Research & Consultancy (HRC) Ltd is an independent research consultancy that provides research and consultative services to International and Non-Governmental Organizations (I&NGOs), Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) Government Departments and Civil Servants, Institutions of Learning, Local Go...


For Policy Research, Policy Advocacy & Lobbying, Monitoring & Evaluation, Cross-Sectional, Longitudinal & Case Study Surveys | HRC is Here For You.

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Research makes us what we are? We have become pure scholars through discovery, innovation and invention. Please, join us!


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HRC inform and motivate people to take action in their local community activities, national and international work through research. We work closely with constituents, departments, government institutions, Non-Governmental Organizations on the ground. We are planning to extend borders all over African countries and later outside the continent. We welcome participation of all people in our research activities. The levels of participation of our work are presented as follows:

Basic and Applied Research

The search for and application of new knowledge is cardinal to HRC. Research is carried out at all levels of human life and race. This is done by a group of experts who own knowledge and methods of research to be carried out at a certain time. Usually, research is carried out as assigned by individual, national organizations, government departments or international organizations. Most researches carried out are done having presented a fundable research program proposal and the donor or any agency takes kin-interest for financing. Whatever case, the people must participate in research activity by either providing necessary information or convivial atmosphere for research. That's why your participation remains fundamental for the success of any research.

Consultative Work

Attention is made onto the people in need. Due to wider experience on various topics herewith, individual, groups, departments, organizations and institutions such as education do consult with us on matters of concern. HRC teams, due to experience and approaches to issues at hand move to action whenever called. At the office, daily consultations are done with consult-administrator who at the same time allocates time to individual groups according to their specialties and concerns. At the same time, peoples' participation is important.

Workshops and Seminars

These are carried out as avenues to disseminate researched information in accordance to the needs and directives. Usually, HRC organize workshops or seminars to public officers, students, youth and women to receive quality researched information. Most students attend research seminars and workshops to gain approaches to research. Whenever an institution approaches HRC, a workshop or seminar is organized and information is disseminated to the recipients. At times we meet parents, teachers and students over the strife caused in schools. Such information is directed onto behavioral change since institutions such as schools face defiant workers or students. Individual participation is outstanding in listening, acquiring, encoding knowledge and contributing to their experience.

Grassroots organizing and advocacy

HRC involve in spreading researchable knowledge and gaining widespread support from people so as to change mindsets and influence policymakers. HRC calls upon leaders, organizations, departments and government officials to attend or host an event to raise awareness and educate community on situations that need our attention. Soon, HRC is starting a program of signing petitions and writing letters to government stressing the welfare of the people at grassroots. This has come due to long experienced conflicts over the welfare and deviant behaviour that has been witnessed.

-Individual and Congregational Membership

HRC respects both individuals and congregations in spreading our mission and supporting the work we do. In fact we cannot do it without you! We always update members, people and keep them informed on our happenings.

Political Advocacy

There are barriers that prevent the spread of information to grassroots communities that are vital to political activities such as participation. HRC therefore focus on lobbying for policy changes in order to remove such barriers and support just and peaceful communities that seek to understand the functioning of their government.



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