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Kalitunsi Mengo
Other Hospitals in Kampala (show all)
Mengo Hospital Mengo Hospital
Albert Cook Road

SURS Healthcare SURS Healthcare
Ben Kiwanuka Street
Kampala, 256

We are a mordern Medical Center offering Quality and Affordable Medical Services to our clients Learn more about us: Our Services :

Bushira Medical Centre Bushira Medical Centre
Kate Falawo, Kawempe, Bombo Road, Kampala
Kampala, P.O. BOX 22213 KAMPALA

Bushira Medical Centre is a non-profit organization

Dynamic Medical Imaging Dynamic Medical Imaging
Kampala, +256


Uganda Cancer Institute Uganda Cancer Institute
3935, Kampala
Kampala, +256

The only National Referral Cancer Centre in the Country! We have a very active research agenda on cancers.

Jc-Lema Jc-Lema
Jc Lema Medical Clinic Mutungo
Kampala, 256

Chapman Doctr's Clinic Chapman Doctr's Clinic
Ggaba Road

Gen medical care services, medical consultation, laboratory services, minor surgeries, antenantal and family planning services,HIV/AIDS counseling and test

Kaana Babies & Children's Clinic Kaana Babies & Children's Clinic
Konge Post Road

Pediatric Practice

Bethany Women Hospital Bethany Women Hospital
Plot 16 Chorley Crescent Road Luzira

Bethany Women's and family hospital aims to become a benchmark for women's health and their families through a holistic approach in Africa