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Divvee Social is a Social Membership Network that combines the power of social media, along with the revenues of the multi-billion-dollar mobile apps indus

Divvee Social is a Social Membership Network that combines the power of social media, along with the revenues of the multi-billion-dollar mobile apps industry, the products and services industry, and the influence of individuals across the world. This powerful network provides true solutions and real value to empower and reward those who are focused on achieving their dreams

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Divvee.Social Somalia updated their phone number. 05/09/2021

Divvee.Social Somalia updated their phone number.

Divvee.Social Somalia updated their phone number.

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#44counted imaginably I labeled myself to be (the future founding father of great Somali republic possibly) in a day dream,
precisely achievable timely, if all stakeholders act accordingly in order, considering that all elements don't have equal power when it comes to decision.

hierarchy of power possession has to be put in place that is to say, order from butom up is needed surely to heal the wounds. Other factors remain constant because there is detailed policy already set by me, surely power has to be brought back to ordinary Somali citizens.

Timely to re-establish the fragmented and collapsed great Somali 🇸🇴republic is seemingly impossible considering territorial boundaries imposed and set by conquest quite many years back, ultimately due to widen human rights protection by Amnesty International freedom of expression and assembly we can initiate talks in form of dialogue with all United Nations member states in the forthcoming assembly to decide the destiny all ethnic Somalis scattered around the world 🌎. And put time frame 🖼️ exactly In a collective way.

Surely I have seen a window 🪟 of hope in March 2017 inside a very dark tunnel which was (make somalia 🇸🇴 great again) but that same quote was used by former US president Donald J. Trump but it almost went the other way round and it didn't work for him timely.

Finally to exercise my due right as an extraordinary Somali citizen I request with highest due respect to our head of state Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo to be included the Somali delegation in forthcoming #76UNGA to negotiate other head of states and government in the sidelines.


Written by: bashiir bacaraar
Kind regards

[01/29/17]   Hey divvee nation
Thank you for being part of of this life changing concept, i know you out there waiting for updates eagerly.
Here is on this page we are committed to give you latest updates from corporate but as per now we have issues that we are working on and as soon as we finish up what we are doing we will let you know, we aware of your contribution for this concept your passion your love for Rank And Share thanks for your patience.
Send your suggestion on message button.
#RankAndShare #TheLove #YouMakeTheDifference

[01/24/17]   .Hello Divvee Nation.
we have not given you updates from corporate for the past two days we are sorry for that,,,, big apology to the entire divvee family
we will post corporate updates for those and the one of today very shortly stay connected.... thank you
#RankAndShare #TheLove #YouMakeTheDifference


21th January corporate update
#RankAndShare #TheLove #YouMakeTheDifference


Update from corporate on friday January 20th 2017
#RankAndShare #YouMakeTheDifference

[01/20/17]   20/01/2017
Corporate update. Please update your profile .
#RankAndShare #YouMakeTheDifference


Here is how your profile will looks like, go to dashboard/ back Office and edit your profile. Tomorrow we will have profile picture uploading.
#RankAndShare #YouMakeTheDifference


Hey divve nation this is today's corporate update on profile updating
#RankAndShare #YouMakeTheDifference


Corporate update from the founders
#RankAndShare #YouMakeTheDifference


1) Yes, to start, it's 5 APPS/Videos per hour and up 5 devices. So that's 25 per hour that you can do. Multiply this out and it is a maximum of 120 APPS/Videos per device for the whole day and 600 APPS/Videos maximum if you use 5 devices.

2) The points on the APPS/Videos will range from 3 to 30 points each. We won't be able to tell prospects what to expect on this and #1 until we actually see for ourselves. But at least we have something we can say now and I can start to write new materials.

3) Okay, now listen, we are not supposed be talking about points in money terms because money needs to be taxed and Divvee is trying to keep this part tax free. This will help us a lot by opening our market to people on Welfare/Food Stamps, Unemployment, Disability and Social Security. These points and the rewards for the points will not count as income and that is why the company is staying away from talking about the points in money terms. However, as soon as they state how many points it takes for a Visa or MC Gift Card, everyone's going to know, so...

4) I've already figured out that each point is now worth 6.66 cents. No one has verified my math but you can check it. Just take the 750 points it takes to pay the $50.00 enrollment and multiply it by 6.66 cents and there you have it. Look at the items you can get with your points, do the math and you'll see I'm right. So, I fully expect that a $100.00 gift card will take 1500 points.

5) The points per APP/Video will vary from 3 points to 30 points. Again, this is on your own Rankings.

6) So, take what we know in #1 and #2 above and play with the math. That's all we can do right now until we're actually Ranking and Earning Points ourselves. But let's start somewhere and say we do 5 APPS/Videos an hour on 2 devices, for 8 hours. That would be 80 APPS/Videos in a day. Let's say those APPS/Videos have an average of 5 points each attached to them. That would be 400 points, right? And that would be a $26.64 value in gifts. Multiply that times 30 days and that would be 12,000 points total, a $799.20 value in gifts. Play around with the math any way you want, but again we will have to wait to see what the reality is.

7) Now, here's where the really big money is: You will still earn 10 cents to 25 cents on every APP/Video your downline members Rank! Of course you have to be qualified according to the Compensation Plan, but start playing with these numbers and surely you realize that some members will be earning 5-figures a month right out of the gate. Some will be earning 5-figures a week! Oh, yes! It's "WAKE UP" time!

8) Some products and services will pay as much as $4. Plug that into your downline!

9) Remember, the untaxable points are earned on your own Rankings. The taxable income is earned on your downline members' Rankings.

10) To earn on your downline, you need 1 Personally Sponsored Member for your 1st level, 2 PS for your second, 3 PS for your 3rd, and so on all the way down to 10 PS for all 10 levels. These members need to Rank at least 100 a month to keep you qualified and you need to do at least 100 Ranks a month yourself. Because of the commissions earn, it's easy to see that leaders will only be doing the minimum because their teams are so large they won't have time for Ranking.

11) Yes, it's time to wake up! Start a list of who you'll be going to about Divvee and start going down that list right now. Do not wait! And it's fine to bring in Free Members. You'll earn the same as in #7 and when they have 750 points that can pay their $50.00 with it. Also, Free Members pay commissions 10 levels up, so Free is going to be great too!

12) Until I have new Marketing Materials, just change what you've been using and roll with it. Add Jeremy's new video which you can find posted below and in Files at the top left side of this page. It doesn't have to be perfect yet. Just change the important things... and go! And especially if you want to be in Club 1000.

Get excited, everyone! This is all coming together! Fasten your seat belts because Divvee is going to be the best ride of your life!
#RankAndShare #YouMakeTheDifference


Today's corporate update can't wait this to kick off divvee up.
We shall keep on updating you matters concerning divvee here because corporate releases a video every day at 5:00 MST(mountain standard time) about how they are progressing. Please like the page share the information with your friends and get yourself up to date. Have a good day
#RankAndShare #YouMakeTheDifference

[01/17/17]   NETWORKER$! OMG! WAKE UP ON THIS ONE! Microsoft is Involved... Google Store... Apple Store! Microsoft has actually given this company 20 MILLION Dollars Worth of Software F...R...E...E!
Microsoft Programmers are downloading it all F...R...E...E... too! And a Presidential Candidate's Company just signed a contract with this company! Oh, and just in -- 2 other major Billion-Dollar Companies are now involved too!
Yes, Microsoft has given this company 20 Million Dollars of software because they know how good this is! Yes, it is International and Perfect for Online Marketing and Social Media! Google Store, Apple Store, Disney and Best Buys are all on board with this company too! Hello!
Now this should really get your attention! Look at the money!
With just 5 people, you can earn up to $3750 per month! YES! Just 5!
With just 10 people and you can earn up to $7500 per month! YES! Just 10!
With just 20 people and you can earn up to $15,000 per month! YES! Just 20!
With just 50 people and you can earn up to $37,500 per month! YES! Just 50!
You simply use Materials that have already been Proven to work and Methods that are easy for Everyone to share this with others!!
Get this! It's $25.00 one-time! What? Of course, you're saying "How?" just like everyone else in the whole wide world, of course! Wait until you find out "How!" It's A Big "Wow!"
Email me back, for Complete Details! Our group already has members in Uganda, England, France, Canada and The Philippines! We'll show you how! We're ready to bring in "The World!"
Come on! This is going to be fun... and oh-so-very, very... Very Prosperous! And, we have just perfected a F...R...E...E... way to build this. Let's bring in the world together!


Hey divvee nation this is today's corporate update.
#RankAndShare #YouMakeTheDiffrence

[01/17/17]   Divvee


Corporate update from founder
#RankAndShare #YouMakeTheDifference


Corporate updates in English and Spanish
#RandAndShare #YouMakeTheDifference


Troy and Richard latest corporate update
#RankandShare #YouMakeTheDifference


Richard smith and troy muhlestein giving latest update from corporate


How recover
And more on dovvee.social
#rankandshare #youmakethedifference


Divvee.Social Somalia's cover photo


Divvee.Social Somalia


Divvee.Social Somalia

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Bashiir Bacaraar’s Academy is an institute of higher learning ie (MAADI), languages and (ALQURAN) mainly BBA provides deeper understanding of quran BBA and its comparrison with mordern scientific findings BBA furthers looks at todays global challenges socially economically and politically.

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21th January  corporate update #RankAndShare #TheLove #YouMakeTheDifference
20/01/2017Update from corporate on friday January 20th 2017#RankAndShare  #YouMakeTheDifference
19/01/2017Hey divve nation this is today's corporate update on profile updating #RankAndShare  #YouMakeTheDifference
Corporate update from the founders #RankAndShare #YouMakeTheDifference
Today's corporate update can't wait this to kick off divvee up. We shall keep on updating you matters concerning divvee ...
Hey divvee nation this is today's corporate update. #RankAndShare #YouMakeTheDiffrence
Corporate update from founder #RankAndShare #YouMakeTheDifference
Corporate updates in English and Spanish #RandAndShare #YouMakeTheDifference
Troy and Richard latest corporate update #RankandShare #YouMakeTheDifference
Richard smith and troy muhlestein giving latest update from corporate
How recover 1.password 2.usernameAnd more on dovvee.social #rankandshare #youmakethedifference



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