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OctaLTE Technologies Uganda Ltd is an IT firm offering a wide range of ICT services to all the sectors ranging from Individual businesses to corporate and Government agencies. We have established our selves to offer the most and CONVENIENTLY RELIABLE IT SERVICES in the sector with our wide range of services that will promote efficiency and growth of every business.

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[10/23/17]   Hello westnilers, hope all is well wherever you are? this time am inquiring on there services being offered by WENRECO in yo district whether its satisfactory and if not. what do u think should be done? whats yo take and view on this issue?


West Nile we go


OctaLTE Technologies Uganda Ltd

[06/21/17]   westnilers wat do u guyz have to say about the just conclude game btn PBA vs KCCA @ Greenlight Stadium Onduparaka, Arua. Whats de future of our own PBA?

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[04/04/15]   With All The Preparations Set For Easter, We Would Like To Wish You A Happy Easter Celebration And Call Upon All My Moslem Brothers To Join Hands With Christians And Fight Terrorism In Uganda To The End!! Take Care And Remember To Stay Away From Evil As We Celebrate!! #Easter2015

[03/31/15]   now dat rain is back in westnile i hope we shall increase our food basket in de region my fellow farmers in region.

[01/22/15]   Helo West Nile, Any News From Your Area?

[01/05/15]   Coming Soon On West Nile We Go .... 101 Things U Did Not Know About WestNile, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015

[12/10/14]   Today is Jagenda Edward's birthday the D.O.S of kiira high sch

[03/28/14]   Rain iz back westniler


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[06/27/13]   NEBBI

Nebbi youth association profits from mushroom growing

A group of youth in Nebbi Town has started to realise the benefits of a mushroom growing project they started in 2011. The two year-old project has been steadily progressing through the support from local communities in Pubidhi where it is located.

Facing unemployment yet they had completed their studies at various institutions of higher learning, the 30 young graduates mobilised Shs800,000 to start their Eden Trust Mushroom Growers Association.
They said the capital was raised through contributions by members who showed commitment to the project.
The managing director, Mr Christopher Agenorwoth, says the aim was to empower unemployed
youths through income generation activities.

“Our motivation is that there is ready market, which has given us morale to expand to DR Congo and neighbouring districts; Zombo and Arua,” he added.
Last year, the association made a profit of Shs400,000 after deduction of the cost. Fred Wod Lol, the sales manager, says they are selling products at subsidised prices to attract more customers and keep them in case their competitors come in. But the focus is also on the larger market in West Nile region.

However, there are limited funds to support this. The youth group needs about Shs10m to support expansion as well acquire a machine for seed production, which costs about Shs2m to install. Currently, they buy mushroom seeds from Uganda Mushroom Growers Association at Shs30,000 per kilo, which increase their costs. Also, the site also lacks piped water since it is far from town but they make use of River Namthin, which is closer.

The association intends to get some funding from Nebbi Town Council to strengthen their operations. The acting community development officer, Mr Peter Kerunega, says they will benefit from Community Demand Driven (CDD) funds since they have showed commitment in their project, which will be an eye opener to the other youths who are unemployed in the district.

[06/27/13]   Westnile Region

West Nile leaders debate oil royalties

District leaders and civil society organisations in the West Nile sub-region have made recommendations to the Public Finance Bill, including a demand that a clause be included to compel the Government to save 20% of oil revenue annually.

This, they said, would cater for unforeseen effects after the oil resources have been exhausted.

They also suggested that the Government begins punishing Ministry of Finance officials for the late release of funds. They argued that the delay results in a lot of money being unspent.

“MPs should have been sent to consult the public on this important Bill instead of the Marriage and Divorce Bill,” Arua district LC5 vice-chairperson Sunday Ayikoru said.

She said proper management of oil revenue is of paramount importance to the economy and appealed for the fair sharing of the royalties.

Ayikoru said the Bill in its current form contains loopholes that could have dire consequences on the economy if not addressed beforehand.

She was opening a one-day dialogue organised by the Rural Initiative for Community Empowerment (RICE) with support from the International Alert held at Desert Breeze Hotel in Arua town on Friday.

The leaders also discussed the recently launched report on governance and livelihoods in Uganda’s oil-rich Albertine graben which revealed a high level of ignorance of the laws governing oil and gas exploration plus land use.

Peter Magelah Gwayaka, a researcher from the Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment (ACODE), an independent public policy research, analysis and advocacy think-tank, predicted a contentious debate among the parliamentarians on the royalty sharing clause.

“If your MPs go there to sleep, you will lose this money because they are a minority in the House and there are people suggesting that you should not get the 7% royalty,” he said.

The Government has already released a list of 25 districts to benefit from the 7% royalty, which is the percentage proportion of the level of production of the district divided by the total level of production of all the districts involved in oil production.

[06/27/13]   Westnile Region

Power extended to West Nile

In Summary

Getting wired. The development that follows pressure from the region’s leaders, will see economic activities boosted and thousands of residents enjoying reliable power supply.


At least 2,500 new people in West Nile will soon be connected to the electricity grid running from Nyagak I Power Station in Zombo District.

According to Mr John Kinungi, the distribution manager West Nile Rural Electrification Company (WENRECo), the connections will be made by the power company under its grid extension project.

Under the project, at least 350km of 33KV transmission lines and a total of 210km of Low Voltage line will be constructed. WENRECo will also put up a total of 150 distribution transformers to serve its new customers.

Today WENRECo, which is a subsidiary of Industrial Promotion Services Uganda, serves up to 4,000 customers with power from the newly-constructed Nyagak Power Dam.

The new customers will increase the number of customers to 6,500.
Mr Kinungi said works on three major transmission lines would be undertaken, including construction of a transmission line from Nyagak–Nyapea-Zeu-Zombo to Vurra Custom Boarder town.

“This section will give an added alternative power evacuation route to Arua and beyond should we have a fault on the existing Paidha-Nebbi-Bondo-Arua power line,” he said.

The second will be the Arua-Koboko transmission line through Nyadri (Maracha District headquarters), with massive benefits to trading centres along the route, especially Maracha Mission Hospital.
The same line will be extended to Yumbe Town, with a T–off to Oraba on the border with South Sudan.

The third will be the Nebbi-Pakwach line with benefits to trading centres (promoting commercial start-ups) and branching to Panyimur, Parombo-Angaba areas.

The grid extension project follows persistent calls by Terego County MP Kassiano Wadri and Ayuvi County MP Bernard Atiku for WENRECo to extend power to rural West Nile to benefit thousands of people.
In an interview, Arua Municipality Mayor Charles Asiki said the West Nile region was now enjoying stable power, which is good for economic development.

“More industries are coming up because of the grid power. Outside Arua Town, some people are putting up a water bottling factory, a large scale bread manufacturing factory is also coming up and just outside town on your way to Terego, an investor is building a juice factory, which will all rely on this electricity,” the mayor said.

[06/27/13]   NEBBI

Children sacrifice school for money

Revelations indicate that school-going children stay out of school to look for money to buy scholastic materials.



It is a school day but 11-year-old Paul Ogentho, a P4 pupil in Nebbi District is carrying bamboo nests to guard goats from destroying trees in people’s gardens.

For a month, working from 7am to 6pm, Ogentho is paid Shs5,000.
Like Ogentho, many children are engaged in businesses to get an income to pay the additional school fees levied by UPE schools and also buy scholastic materials.

“I do not feel ashamed walking from Pawong Parish to the town selling these things because I have no alternative,” Ogentho says. He adds: “When school started this year, I asked my father to give me money to buy school materials but he told me to do what other people do to acquire the necessary items because he did not have money.”

Ogentho’s home is about five kilometers from Nebbi Town. He sells the bamboo nest at Shs1,000 and on a good day, he can sell four. His parents say they are not financially stable to provide for them.
Although parents do not see it as being against the law, this practice is part of the many instances of child labour. Many children are seen selling food items, firewood and pots even during class hours.

Child abuse
The International Labour Organisation defines child labour as work that deprives children of their childhood, their potential and their dignity.

Children who engage in the practice are not able to follow lessons to their logical conclusion because of their absenteeism.

The head prefect of Anyiribu Primary School in Arua District, Perry Akecha, says: “Some of us here miss school because we need to help people fetch water, cook, look for firewood, especially at funeral. This makes us lose class time.”

[06/27/13]   West Nile teachers appeal to govt for better welfare

Despite an increase in their pay, teachers say they are limited by the reduced education budget.


Government has been tasked to fulfill its promises of ensuring that the teachers’ welfare is improved.

During the World Teachers’ Day last Friday in Arua District, the teachers said they were not satisfied with the recent salary increment because it does not meet their needs coupled with the high cost of living.

Uganda National Teachers’ Union chairperson for Arua Municipality, Mr Philip Andama, said quality of education was still poor and attributed it to the reduction of education budget, congestion in class, among others.

“You cannot say that you increased money when there is unequal distribution of this (pay) and others (teachers) are not getting it because their names have been deliberately deleted,” Mr Andama said.

The district chairperson, Mr Sam Wadri Nyakua

urged teachers to act professionally.
“This disease of heavy drinking is mainly by the men, if we drink like that, what kind of support do we expect from other stakeholders, how do we expect to be listened to and be respected?” Mr Nyakua asked.

In Koboko District, the teachers said there was no reason to celebrate the day when they have missed their salaries for three months. Obongi County MP Hassan Fungaroo appealed to the teachers to remain united in order to change their situation.

[06/27/13]   Alcohol abuse: West Nile’s silent killer


Alcohol consumption is embedded in most traditions that seem to have been transmitted over generations. Each year, alcohol consumption in Uganda is on the rise. Intake of colossal amounts of potent gins and other forms of crude liquor in mostly poverty-stricken rural communities and urban slums has raised health alarm.

For the West Nile sub-region, the allure of alcohol is something to ponder for anyone interested in the dynamics of Ugandan cultures.
From Adjumani, Arua, Koboko, Maracha-Terego, Moyo, Nebbi and Yumbe districts, men, women and children hold alcohol in special regard. Farmers, civil servants, school children and even expectant mothers would rather pool under a mango tree and drink the day away than engage in activities that raise the standards of living in their communities.

Going for the cheap drink
And we are not talking about bottled beer, we are talking about the relatively inexpensive, home-distilled waragi or enguli that have alcohol fractions upwards
of 40 per cent.

Others will keep on sucking the sachets of waragi, kwete, enguli, malwa, Kasese and even keep on changing the joints. On the face of it, it is rather difficult to explain the strong love for liquor in this part of the country.

In Madi sub-region, there are two beliefs about the power of alcohol. First, when a baby is born, the first thing the parents put in its mouth is a local brew. And when the baby reacts, the parent will know that he or she is healthy. Others say it is to let the baby know from day one that it is one of the most popular drinks consumed in the area. However, the reasons for drinking in this part of the region are no different from any other part of the world.

Inadequate parental supervision, unemployment, poverty and the availability of cheap alcohol are some of the reasons given by the residents here.
For John Adubango, a 23-year-old S4 dropout, the only thing that can keep him busy is drinking.

“I have failed to find a job and have been staying at home idle for about three years now. I learnt drinking through a friend who offered me a sachet of waragi. I now wake up at 5:30am and head to the bar,” Mr Adubango, a resident of Adjumani Town Council, says. “I sometimes do some petty jobs such as loading bricks on trucks and earn between Shs5000 and Shs10, 000. Unfortunately, I spend all the money on drinks,” he adds.

Mr Adubango says he has made friends who buy him alcohol when he doesn’t have money.
“The bad thing is that two of my friends were fired from their jobs because of drinking.”

Ms Josephine Apio, 32, a resident of Nebbi Town, says: “I find it affordable to buy a sachet of waragi. It also relieves me of stress because I failed to get a job since I completed tertiary education two years ago.”
But alcohol has taken its toll in many ways among the residents.

Deaths reported
For instance, a report by Adjumani Town Council in June last year indicates that at least 10 people have been killed due to heavy consumption of alcohol since 2010.
The disintegration of the family is most troublesome. The RDC Adjumani, Ms Agnes Akello, says heavy drinking is responsible for family breakdown in the sub-region. “There are many complaints registered here of overdrinking and so men do not take responsibility of their families. This trend should stop,” she said.

The laws on the sale and consumption of alcohol also do not do help attempts to stop the practice. Following the rising cases of death from alcohol abuse, Adjumani Town Council resolved that bars should only open after midday. It also resolved that residents found drinking and selling alcohol before midday be arrested and subjected to community work and those who evade the instructions be prosecuted.

However, these laws seem not to have been implemented. Some bars are open 24 hours and seven days a week, most especially in areas around institutions of higher learning, parks, workplaces among others.

In Ofua Sub-county, Adjumani District, people found drinking early morning are fined Shs30,000 each. They are also made to do community work for at least four hours but this has not had much effect.

In Arua, a 2008 Education Ordinance empowers leaders to arrest and discipline children who engage in alcohol taking. Implementation of this law has failed.




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