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Smart Remote Management Solutions for Connected Assets Galooli is a leading innovator of Remote Management & Energy Efficiency solutions with a distinct focus on maximizing fleet and electric power performance.

Built on more than a decade of experience and expertise, our cutting-edge SaaS solutions offer machine learning-based platforms that translate multivariate data points into bottom-line results in battery life extension, preventive maintenance, and overall cost-cutting targets.

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Galooli's 5 tips to reduce your carbon footprint

Galooli – Creating Remote Visibility Across a Country during a Pandemic 18/11/2021

Galooli – Creating Remote Visibility Across a Country during a Pandemic

Galooli – Creating Remote Visibility Across a Country during a Pandemic Galooli successfully launched our solution in a company first completely relying on remote communications and local assets in India...


At Galooli, our primary goal is to put the power and control in the hands of the customer, because time is money.

This begins at remote monitoring and management, and extends to independent control over data collection rules, access controls for data, SDKs, and live alerts.

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Galooli – What is all the fuss about? A brief guide to Renewable Energy in 2021 21/10/2021

Galooli – What is all the fuss about? A brief guide to Renewable Energy in 2021

Galooli – What is all the fuss about? A brief guide to Renewable Energy in 2021 Renewable energy is any of a group of sustainable sources of energy that are constantly replenished naturally. These include...


Time is money, and keeping track of and altering access controls for each SDK and API can be exhausting and time-consuming.

Now, our Customer Portal can provide this access management in a quick, easy-to-use interface to provide control to only the IPs you want.

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Having an overview of an energy asset’s performance is paramount to business continuity.

In many cases, energy monitoring solutions only catch the tip of the iceberg when it comes to revealing valuable data.

Galooli bridges this technological gap by revealing the data under the surface, providing actionable insights to maximize performance and efficiency.

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Galooli – Agnostic Remote Management and Analytics - A Tale of Two Solutions 03/10/2021

Galooli – Agnostic Remote Management and Analytics - A Tale of Two Solutions

Galooli – Agnostic Remote Management and Analytics - A Tale of Two Solutions The capability to effectively monitor and manage large numbers of sites in real-time is invaluable in remote regions. Galooli took this one step further.... by offering this added value in actionable insights and agnostic integration sans additional hardware


Galooli now supports the Enatel SM36 rectifier! Another major step for our fully agnostic energy management solution.

Rectifiers are part of the backbone of optimal site operations.
Not all of them are created equal, which is why agnostic monitoring capabilities are so important.

Galooli’s solution includes full support for Enersys, Delta, Eltek, Huawei, Emerson, and now Enatel modules .
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Easy remote maintenance: fewer trips, maximized OPEX savings!

Galooli’s Maintenance Report offers predictive maintenance alerts and actionable data for mobile and on-site energy assets.

These reports allow our clients to predict when maintenance will be needed to limit unnecessary expenses, potential downtime, and ballooning OPEX and CAPEX costs.

Using Galooli’s solution, you can also put your organization’s green energy goals at the forefront by decreasing fossil fuel use and carbon emissions while maximizing alternative energy.

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Your data is always safe with us!

For Galooli, it is paramount that our clients feel by using our solutions, they are enhancing and making business operations safer, not intrusive.

To ensure this, we released the option for managers to customize and secure our solutions for access only during specific day and hours.

These can be completely tailor-fit per organization, so users aren’t forced to conform to standardized templates or manage irrelevant data collection.

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We are always looking to expand our horizons, and this time it's in North America!
We have opened up a new official North America branch, with these efforts being led by industry mainstay and our new VP of Business Development, @David LeClaire.
Galooli will continue to push the envelope of possibility with remote management of energy assets towards cleaner and efficient business operations.
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Galooli's innovative dashboard for Lithium-Ion Batteries!


Live voltage recommendation


Galooli - Maximizing Energy Efficiency


Proper generator maintenance is a key factor in ensuring productive energy management of hybrid and telecom sites. Galooli is proud to introduce its new Maintenance Report that makes the process of generator maintenance faster, easier, and more efficient than ever. The report adds to a variety of Galooli products that maximize the performance of energy sources, increase their lifespan, and minimize operational expenditures.
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As a fleet operator, ensuring good driver behavior can save you up to 20% of fuel annually's operational costs.
Galooli can help you get a clear understanding of where your drivers excel and underperform.

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Run your energy sources and manage your power sites smartly and smoothly by Galooli’s RMS solutions.
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Our remote management solutions for connected sites maximize energy utilization, sites’ uptime, and OPEX savings while considering environmental concerns. In other words, our solutions are designed to minimize energy loss, power drops, carbon footprint, and the need to send technical teams to the site to maintain the systems.

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We’re thrilled to launch Elara - our newest and most advanced RTU. It’s compact, smart, and of course agnostic. Our new Elara is a key factor in our remote management solutions for connected sites. Elara maximizes energy utilization, sites’ uptime, and OPEX savings while taking into consideration environmental concerns.

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By using our patented technology, you can be certain that the battery on your site runs smoothly, smartly, and efficiently.
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Pick your vehicles, set a time range, and get all the information you need to get about your fleet by one click. The Deep Dive tab in the new Fleet Space allows users to reconstruct vehicles’ route(s) during a selected time range. It’s fast, smart and simple. Tracking and monitoring vehicles was never easier.

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First Comes Fleet!

We’ve recently begun to launch a series of new Galooli Spaces. The first space we launched is the Fleet Space, which provides fleets managers and end users a fast and simple way to know everything they need to know.

Learn more on Galooli Spaces and the Fleet Space at >>



Our new platform - Galooli Spaces - has been launched! We’re truly thrilled to introduce a whole new level of user experience. The first space - the Fleet Space - includes, among other things, new visualization, and some of our best IoT and predictive analytics features.

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Remote Monitoring Systems (RMS) are not just about OPEX savings. RMS is crucial when it comes to saving lives in times of nature and other disasters that cause disruptions for telecommunications (as in the case of some recent wildfires in California).

Our VP of Business Development talked about the topic in an interview he gave to RCR Wireless.

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We seek to provide our users what THEY need most. As part of the transformation toward a full web-based solution, we created
Galooli Spaces: A new fast and simple platform that includes all the information YOU need in one place, including interactive maps and charts.
The launching of the first space – the Fleet Space – is scheduled for February 15th.



According to Shahar Milman, our VP of Business Development, “2020 has demonstrated how crucial remote management solutions are.” Milman talked about the topic in an interview he gave to RCR Wireless.
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The countdown is on:
The launch of the NEW Galooli Spaces is scheduled for Feb. 15.
We’re so looking forward to boosting our UX to a whole new level.
Stay tuned...



Galooli geofencing systems increase asset’s safety and security, as well as guards’ performance by sending automated alarms whenever a vehicle enters or exits predefined borders or locations.
You set the points of interest (POIs). We just help you stay focused on them.
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Galooli’s Remote Management Solutions (RMS) for
connected batteries enable site operators to control and monitor their power sources from anywhere, anytime!

Our cutting-edge technology maximizes OPEX savings:
- Saves 75% of site visits for maintenance purposes
- Extends battery life by 30%
- Prevents theft by 90%

Contact us for more information >> 25/01/2021

Podcast: Remote asset monitoring is critical as workers go remote Contact Us: Monitoring Analytics for Sites and Assets(with Douglas Green on Telecom Reseller)In a year when we have witnesse...



Run your energy sources and manage your power sites smartly and smoothly by Galooli RMS solutions.
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Users of lithium ion batteries: Galooli can save you time, and a lot of money. Our RMS patented technology allows you to read, analyze, and run battery performance from anywhere, anytime.

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Our Story

At Galooli, we believe in providing a unique model of innovative, creative and high-quality products and services, enabling customers to utilize to the fullest potential their operational resources and assets, thus giving them a competitive advantage.

Galooli’s end-to-end solutions and products provide customers with real-time tracking, monitoring, and control of vehicles and assets, thus enable significant cost reduction, better customer service, and safety operation. Galooli is a one-stop-shop for customer's needs in terms of safety, security and operational cost reduction.

Galooli’s customers are widely ranged from logistic operations through security solution providers to private ones. The systems involve, according to customers’ needs, integration to vehicle systems and a wide range of accessories and sensors, enabling optimized and effective solutions.

Basing its business on the best human assets, Galooli's team is fully dedicated to the success of its customers. Dedicated to providing the very best products and services, we are also committed to establishing long-term relationships with our growing customer base.

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Our Smart way has stretched to the Bodaboda Industry with SmartCycle 24/7.#GalooliUganda #GalooliKenya #GalooliNigeria #...
Data Analytics for Effective Lease Management
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